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Chief Inspector Daryl Palubiak has been building, inspecting and maintaining homes in the Carolinas since 1986.  That means you're getting somomeone with years of experience in all phases of home building and repair -- an inspector who knows homes inside and out!

We have developed a reputation for thorough and accurate reporting and an easy to read Inspection report filled with pictures and descriptions of defect items, as other information about the home, such as utility shutoffs, maintenance items you will want to address to keep their home in good order and safety items like expired smoke alarms and missing CO detectors.

We are one of the few inspection companies in the area that actually walk most every roof. As a licensed roofing contractor, owner/inspector Daryl knows what to look for, and the importance of making sure the roof  -- one of the most costly systems of a home -- is sound and properly installed.  We are able to do this with special equipment and a second person onsite to hold the reason many inspectors don't get on the roof.

Inspector Travis has years in construction trades prior to beginning his inspection career. With an eye for detail, advanced training on inspection techniques/non-destructive inspection and and a caring personality, Travis is a great addition to our team.

To help the business run smoothly,Carrie efficiently takes care of inspection requests, pricing and scheduling.  Kelly handles management of the business, report review and the relationship building that is the core of our business.  Our Team Inspecting approach means most appointments are attended by two inspectors or an inspector and an assistant.  Utilizing high tech inspection software allows us to complete much of the report on site, which can be reviewed with the client at the end of the inspection.  

In addition to home inspections for home buyers, we provide the following additional inspections:

Sellers Pre-Listing Inspections -
for homeowners prior to listing their home for sale. A great way to have an experienced inspection professional ltake a fresh look at your home so you can take care of small things you may have overlooked, as well as alert you to any larger items that you may be unaware of. These are usually found on the roof and in attics and crawlspaces. Finding out about any such issues early in the process means you can address them at your discretion and within your schedule, not under the contraints of a buyers Repair Addendum. While a buyers inspection will still likely find some defects to include in their report, a Pre-Listing Inspection typically makes you aware of more significant items, taking away alot of the stress/uncertaintly of the Buyers Inspection. 

Phase Inspections - we'll check the work being done on your home AS IT IS BUILT, rather than finding out about problems after it's too late.

Contractor Inspections - If you're not sure what you're looking at, let us check up on your contractor during any work / remodels.

Radon Testing - We are certified Radon Inspectors, and utilize the most current technology, with the Sun Nucler Continous Radon Monitor. If your home has Radon, it's not a huge expense to correct the ventilation and bring indoor Radon levels to acceptable levels.  In York County, SC, we are a Level 2 (out of 3 levels) as established by the EPA.  Testing is the only way to know if you are living with dangerous levels of radon in your home. Visit our website for more information about our services and homeowner/homebuyer issues, including Everything You Need to Know about Radon

Maintenance Inspections -  This is an important inspection that we reommend to most clients.  Here's why:  Most people don't check for potential problems with their home. But those 'little things' that would be caught in a maintenance inspection, left unattended to, can become major issues that can be costly to repair.  If you aren't on your roof, in your attic and basement/crawlspace, walking around the interior and exterior looking for signs of 'little things' -- chances are you will have things developing. And by the time that little hole on the roof becomes noticeable downstairs in the dining room, chances are - you've got a major repair on your hands.  We recommend maintenance inspections every 2 years for most homes.

Water Testing - If you use well water, and have not had your water tested in the past 5 years, do yourself and your family a favor by finding out what you're drinking.    Again, the analysis is a small expense that can save big expenses later to your plumbing system and your health. We offer 3 different levels of testing, from a basic screening to a full analysis of your water, covering  more than 100 components. 

Pest Inspections - Pest inspections will be scheduled with a licensed Pest Control Operator (PCO) - required by the state to write a CL100/WDIR Report /Termite Letter).  While some companies have technicians certified as Technicians, who work under another company's license, we follow the state's code that you must do majority of your business in Pest Management in order to by a PCO.  While some of the inspections are duplicated by home and pest inspector, we are full time home inspectors and prefer to have full time PCO's handle the pest inspection. We work with several exceptional PCO's that provide a discounted rate when performing a Pest Inspection with Eye Spy and we schedule their visit at the same time as our home inspection when possible.

Mold Testing - We are equippped to take air or tape samples in a home for lab analysis.


We are Licensed NC and SC Home Inspectors, SC Licensed Specialty Contractor and Roofer, as well as bonded and insured.. because we think that's the right way to do business.  We would be happy to answer any questions about our Home Inspection services. We're Here When You Need Us!


NC/SC Inspector License, SC Contractor/Roofer License. 25 years Building, Inspecting & Maintaining Carolina Homes.


35 years experience building/maintaining homes + a standard of going over & above what is required for customers, has kept Eye Spy Carolina growing and strong. Call to experience our thorough inspections and concierge level service.

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Daryl is the best! He always gets our clients a high quality inspection report and provides details necessary to create a repair list for the transaction. Eye Spy Carolina is my go to home inspection company.
- T.S., Fort Mill SC, November 2020
Daryl was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great job!
- G.W., June 2020
- P.B., Charlotte NC, June 2020
I was referred by a coworker and was absolutely happy with my inspection/inspector/staff. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helped me with any questions. Their report was very detailed with descriptions and pictures. The seller stated they will address concerns per inspection. Once addressed we will have a reinspection done.
- D.M., May 2020
All the inspectors did a great job! Very thorough and detailed inspection. Plus the app that helps you make a repair request report is outstanding. They made everything much easier. Good experience from top to bottom Thank you
- D.E., March 2020
Daryl and Travis did the pre-drywall and final inspections on my new build townhomes, and while I did not meet them as I wasn't at the house, both inspection reports appeared to be very thorough and I felt like they did a very good job! I would definitely recommend them!
- C.S., January 2020
The inspection was extremely thorough. The report was detailed and very concise with pictures and video. This was mostly new information to me and the presentation of the report made it easy to understand. Thanks very much yall did a great job!
- T.S., January 2020
Absolutely the BEST inspector we've ever worked with! We would, will and have recommended him. His attention to detail is unmatched. He's extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He takes his time, documents very well and communicates his findings clearly and concisely. He is absolutely top notch.
- M.C., November 2019
Very thorough and explained well to us the things they found out. It was worth getting you to inspect our home. We will defintely recommend you. Thanks for your help!.
- C.M., October 2019
Daryl conducted a very comprehensive inspection of our prospective home. He identified more than 20 items that needed to be repaired or replaced. His report gave us a very strong basis to go back to the seller with a list of requested repairs and replacements. We very much appreciate his diligence and his highly professional work!
- A.W., September 2019
Extremely thorough. Best I have ever seen. The report was clear, concise, and ultimately led to everything being repaired before closing.
- R.H., August 2019
We appreciate your willingness to spend time with us and answer our questions. That you determined that interior nails were used on our roof (instead of the proper exterior nails) shows you have an eye for detail. Thank you.
- S.P., August 2019
Daryl was great!
- B.H., July 2019
Very helpful!
- B.H., June 2019
Daryl was very thorough, & more than happy to explain some of what he was looking for. He was on time, & super professional. He found some things that requried attention that would have been missed otherwise. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of an inspection.
- J.F., June 2019
Very detailed and thorough inspection.
- L.H., Fort Mill SC, June 2019
Thorough, communicative, friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend Daryl and Kelly!
- A.C., May 2019
Daryl does a thorough inspection and offers homeowners peace of mind. So they can make memories with no surprises in the future.
- T.S., Fort Mill SC, May 2019
Since we live out of town I thought the details of this report was perfect. I already spoke with the broker and contractor about the issues.
- D.J., May 2019
Daryl was very knowledgeable on everything discussed with us. He was extremely friendly, made us feel at ease, and felt like I could ask questions, even if my questions were showing my lack of knowledge on things.
- J.B., May 2019
Fantastic work throughout this process! They have saved me a bunch of headaches down the road. We had three different types of inspections over the last several months. Very easy to work with. Highly recommended!
- D.J., Matthews NC, April 2019
Very thourough! Appreciate all the photos and things included for reference in the report! Great job!
- A.C., March 2019
Daryl is a gentleman, personable and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure dealing with him.
- A.D., March 2019
Daryl was very informative and pleasant to talk to. We were very pleased with the inspection report and his knowledge of all we needed to know.
- P.A., March 2019
Great reporting format, was easy to understand.
- L.P., January 2019
Very professional and we are confident with the information they provided.
- L.P., Clover SC, January 2019
You, Travis and Kelly were absolutely amazing and thorough with the home inspection. I felt like you really cared and wanted the best for me. Words cannot describe how thankful and appreciative I am for all that ya'll have done. Thank you so much!
- J.F., November 2018
My wife and I were present during most of the inspection. Mr. Palubiak was quite knowledgeable and thorough in conducting the inspection.
- J.A., Charlotte NC, October 2018
You provided us with a very detailed report. Thank you
- T.S., Edgemoor SC, September 2018
Thanks for your excellent service, patience with several inquiries from us buyers and your overall professional courtesy. Highly recommend to all.
- S.A., August 2018
Great job and we really appreciate you taking the time to explain some things that need repair!!! Once again thanks
- M.G., August 2018
They caught all of our issues at our new build home. We are even having them come back to look over all the work that has been done since the report. Great job guys! You have saved us a ton of money and stress in the future.
- L.D., June 2018
We were considering you?re not getting a home inspection on a brand new build. However, we are so happy that we did. Our inspectors were exceptionally thorough and very professional. The inspection that they provided will most likely save us thousands of dollars and many headaches in the future. Eye spy Carolina is highly recommended!
- R.Z., May 2018
Your inspection was timely and detailed. Your company spotted things we did not and the Radon test was well worth the peace of mind we now have. Your information allowed my Buyer's agent access to information needed during the negotiation process. Many thanks!
- B.B., Fort Mill SC, May 2018
Daryl is very knowledgeable and helpful
- D.S., April 2018
Daryl and Kelly are the best in the business! I'm very much appreciative and thankful that we used them for our home inspection! They are very thorough and detailed which set the foundation for our beautiful house. Aside from that, Eye Spy Carolina supports the veteran community. Thank you for the discount and a very job well done! If you are in the market of buying or building your dream house, I would highly recommend Eye Spy Carolina.
- M.R., April 2018
Daryl and Kelly made me feel comfortable as a first time home buyer. They went through everything thoroughly and explained my next steps. Would definitely recommend them for any home buyer!
- S.G., February 2018
Daryl and his team are a pleasure to work with. Very friendly and a detailed report. I would recommend their service to everyone.
- D.O., February 2018
Thanks for the great inspection and report. I am definitely going to recommend my friends to you.
- m.k., fort mill SC, January 2018
Absolutely incredible and detailed inspection, and I would Highly recommend your service to others.....and I (we) don't give out recommendations easily. So thank you!
- R.D., November 2017
It was a pleasure working with Daryl and Kelly. I will definitely use them for my future inspections. Kelly responded to all of my emails in a timely manner, she was thorough and very pleasant and helpful. My client said that Daryl was very knowledgeable and helpful when explaining the inspection results to him. Both Daryl and Kelly have great costumer service!
- T.R., March 2017
Their team does an excellent and thorough job!
- K.L., February 2017
Wow, what a very nice professional Inspection Report. Thank You so much. When I move into [REMOVED] I will put your company name on the Community Board with a 5 Star Rating
- K.C., Tega Cay SC, February 2017
Great experience - on time, friendly, comprehensive, reasonably priced.
- V.P., February 2017
As always, thanks for doing such a great job! You guys are awesome!
- S.S., May 2016
A home inspector that is detailed, knowledgeable AND that you can trust to watch for your interest. Thank you Daryl, Travis and Kelly! Will definitely refer you to others.
- K.C., Tega Cay SC, May 2016
Extremely professional and responsive. There are no others to consider when inspections are needed, they are the best!
- K.B., March 2016
Very thorough
- L.T., July 2015
Very thorough and professional. Would highly recommend Eye Spy Carolina to anyone looking for excellent service. I will definitely use them again for future home inspections.#thebest
- W.C., June 2015
Very thorough and complete. Also received lots of helpful tips and maintaining the house.
- B.Z., Indian Land SC, June 2015
It was such a pleasure working with Daryl & Kelly. The inspection was intense and they left no stone unturned. I was pleased at the outcome and was given a complete report to give to my Builder. All of the discoveries that I could address as the homeowner have been completed. I would highly recommend EYE SPY for all homeowner's wanting peace of mind on the home they own or looking to purchase.
- D.L., Indian Land SC, May 2015
They did a great job and Kelly keep me in the loop by communicating frequently. Thank you Tina
- T.C., April 2015
I strongly recommend EyeSpy. They did a thorough inspection job on our house.
- R.H., March 2015
Daryl was not only thorough with the home inspection he went above his required duties. He graciously measured every room for me since I mentioned I wanted to install hardwood. The old adage you get what you pay for holds true. Aside from the required items he inspected he also gave me guidance on maintenance of my home being that I am a new home buyer. Thank you to both you and Kelly for all you have done.
- C.C., March 2015
Great job. Very thorough.
- J.C., February 2015
Eye Spy Home Inspections was a great company to work with. Daryl was professional, thorough and courteous during the entire inspection process. Our report was very clear and comprehensive. Thanks to Daryl's extensive knowledge and experience, potentially serious problems were caught in time. We would definitely recommend Inspector Daryl at Eye Spy Home Inspections!
- G.C., Tega Cay SC, October 2014
The inspection was very professional. Daryl was thorough, and helpful. We were very pleased.
- N.R., August 2014
Daryl and Kelly are a great team! Their professionalism and customer service are top notch. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again!
- V.S., June 2014
What a great experience having a Home Inspection with your company! You made the whole process not scary and we really appreciate the extra time you took to answer questions and offer explanations both before, during the inspection and after we received your report. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear is looking for a home inspection!
- K.C., Fort Mill SC, June 2014
We were very pleased with the manner in which you conducted our home inspection. You and your assistant were courteous, professional, and complete in all phases of the inspection. We will recommend your services to other residents.
- M.P., June 2014
Daryl was prompt in his responses and comprehensive in his home inspection. Because so much relies on this information, Daryl provided what we needed to ensure a successful and comfortable home sale.
- J.N., May 2014
Three inspection on three properties great experience with Daryl and Kelly, hope we do not have a four however if we did I would have them again!! Trust,trust,trust!!
- G.L., May 2014
You were very thorough and gave great explanations as to what the problems and potential solutions were. We would gladly use your services again.
- S.G., Garden City NY, May 2014
Best Inspector in SC!! Thorough, honest and reliable.
- J.D., May 2014
Daryl as hard as it was to read your report you saved us from making a very costly mistake. Not only were you and Kelly professional but we enjoyed meeting you both. We have just put a contract in on another property and called you first hoping to do business with you again:)
- G.L., May 2014
Thank you for your thorough and informative inspection and report. I appreciate the time, effort and information you gave me to be more knowledgeable about my home. Certainly I will recommend you highly to friends and neighbors..
- J.D., May 2014
We are very pleased. Great report and took plenty of time to talk to us through it on the phone. Highly recommended.
- M.B., February 2014
great job and love the reporting of the inspection
- R.S., Fort Mill SC, September 2013
Thank you for the inspection Daryl. You did a great job. Chad Bonner
- C.B., August 2013
Great inspection. Learned a lot about the new home that will help for future upgrades. Pointed out key things that need to be done prior to closing. Absolutely a 5 star attention to detail experience. Thank you Daryl
- M.J., August 2013
More knowledgeable that most home inspectors and knew the homes in this development well.
- G.B., July 2013
Daryl did a very good job in identifying all problems with my home and giving me the knowledge to fix them. He also did the inspection for less than any other company i could find. I have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so!
- M.A., April 2013
KS: Thank you so much for your comments and feedback. Re: your range hood: many (if not most) vents in this area are now "recirculate" type, particularly those in combination with a microwave, as yours is. Your inspection report notes the Range Hood as "non-vented/recirculate". We are sorry if there was any confusion surrounding this issue. Best wishes in your new home. EyeSpy
- E.S., April 2013
Easy to work with. Very thorough. Money well spent! Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a home inspection! Thank you!
- D.M., March 2013
Thank you so much for inspecting our home! We were amazed at how we were able to get an appointment so fast, you came right out and it Didn"t take you much time at all to have the inspection report right back to us! Thank you again!!
- W.L., Rock HIll SC, March 2013
Report is professionally done in a timely manner. Pictures depict findings so you see any problem areas. One item was missed not only by you but the rest of us, there is no exhaust for the stove. Apparently when the previous homeowner remodeled the kitchen, no outside exhaust was installed. There is a microwave above the stove but no exhaust.
- K.S., March 2013
Daryl's inspection was thorough and accurate. Thank you, Daryl, for your hard work and great attention to detail, and to us, the homebuyer!
- J.H., Burnt Hills NY, March 2013
What a great experience! Professional, thorough and really knowledgeable. Thanks Daryl for making the buying process quite a bit less stressful. It was great to have you in my corner! Will definitely recommend.
- K.C., March 2013
Reliable, professional and knowledgeable
- K.C., Tega Cay SC, March 2012
Thank you for the prompt attention and excellent service.
- L.A., Fort Mill SC, April 2011
Very thorough, impressive work. Much more than I expected and very professional and accommodating!! Will definately recommend you to everyone I know!!!
- L.J., March 2011
Daryl did a totally professional job for my clients.His expertise and professionalism were highly evidenced and I will definetly use his services again.
- B.T., Fort Mill SC, February 2010