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Garrett Kemper

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Kemper Inspection, LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 801-652-6865

About Kemper Inspection, LLC

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Salt Lake City and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Licensed&Insured business owner, Associate Member of ASHI and Salt Lake Board of Realtors, Certified Thermographer


Over 11 yrs critical inspection exp, 8 yrs home improvement exp, Certified Thermographer-Trained at Building Science Institute in use of IR Camera, ITA Trained at Kaplan Pro. Schools. Excited and Motivated to help protect your investment!


Garrett has been my go to for 10 years!!
- R.E., Salt Lake City UT, November 2020
Garrett was great, detailed, and we would highly recommend!
- S.J., March 2018
Very thorough and professional. Thanks Garrett
- S.R., January 2018
Excellent professional work. Very detailed and elaborate inspection. Extremely helpful counseling. I would deffinitely recommend him to anyone who needs of a professional home inspection. Thank you Mr. Kemper.
- J.D., October 2017
Very thorough and helpful. Definitely recommend!
- E.M., October 2016
Kemper Inspection- Is the best in the Business!
- R.E., Salt Lake City UT, September 2016
I absolutely recommend Kemper Inspection. Garrett did a very complete inspection and found many items that we did not find. He was on time, totally professional, made the time to explain and show the issues on the home and wrote up a 83 page report with clear images on his findings and recommendations of repairs needed. Brad Barlage 8-30-2016
- B.B., August 2016
As a first time home buyer, I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail that was taken during our inspection. After the inspection, I met Garrett at the property to review his findings. We spent over an hour reviewing his inspection report. I was thoroughly impressed with how thorough he was and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone buying a house.
- T.Z., February 2016
Outstanding job! Garrett inspected things I never would of thought of. I'm very impressed with his attention to detail and his report. Thank you
- B.H., November 2014
One of the best inspectors in the business today!
- M.J., Salt Lake City UT, October 2014
Garrett was on time and thoroughly detailed in his inspection of the home. He took the time to explain every aspect of the report with us. Would recommend Garrett in a heartbeat. -Corey and Alisa
- C.C., March 2014
Thanks Garrett as alwaysâ?¦ Job well done!
- B.M., January 2014
Garrett is always really great communicating his findings with my clients, always on time and very professional.
- J.P., January 2014
Garrett was extremely personable and thorough. His reports are very thorough, and the best we've seen! Our minds are put to ease after the inspection.
- H.M., November 2013
Garrett was professional and knowledgeable. He went through all details thoroughly and did not make the buyer feel scared about their purchase. Best home inspection experience I have ever seen.
- J.A., October 2013
Garrett is professional and thorough.
- R.G., September 2013
Garrett did a great job explaining the issues with the building without alarming the buyers in the process... highly recommend!
- M.J., Salt Lake City UT, June 2013
Total pro
- D.T., September 2012
Garrett is very knowledgeable and was especially helpful during a transaction that had a plumbing issue mid way through the deal that with his expertise and specialized equipment made it very easy to for my buyer client to explain to the seller what exactly was being affected and how to remedy the defect. This among other area of excellent service made a huge difference in the transaction and created real peace of mind for "Our" client. -KF
- K.F., March 2012
Garrett is the best inspector that I have ever used during my 10 years of selling Real Estate. Ryan Evans, 801-860-9090
- R.E., Salt Lake City UT, January 2012
Garrett, I appreciated the time you took with me on both of the condo inspections. The inspections were very thorough and completed in professional and friendly way. The explanations you presented were very clear and helpful. It is comforting to know that someone, such as yourself, does such excellent inspection work. Well done... Thank you, John Paras
- J.P., August 2011
Garrett, I appreciated the time you took with me on both of the condo inspections. The inspections were very thorough and completed in professional and friendly way. The explanations you presented were very clear and helpful. It is comforting to know that someone, such as yourself, does such excellent inspection work. Well done... Thank you, John Paras
- J.P., August 2011
Great job Garrett
- J.M., July 2011
I was very impressed with the inspection reporting by Garrett. This is the most detailed and carefully executed inspection I have ever had. I would highly recommend this inspector to anyone who would appreciate peace of mind in having a careful examination of a large real estate investment.
- J.G., April 2011
Garett, You were fantastic! We feel like we got all of the critical information from you on this big investment we are making. You knew your stuff, which put our minds at ease as you informed us of what's critical and what isn't. We walked away feeling like we got all of the information about this house. THANK YOU!
- J.H., April 2011
Thank you for being so thorough as well as willing to answer all our questions. You were fantastic!
- J.H., April 2011
Thorough, professional and easy to understand!
- S.S., January 2011
Garrett is on my list of people that I trust. He is very good in what he does. Garrett does not miss a thing.
- C.G., January 2011
Thanks, Garrett! Very thorough. I felt like there was no stone unturned.
- A.D., November 2010
Thanks for doing a great inspection! Being on time, courteous, helpful and affordable!!! The Pomeroy's
- L.P., October 2010
Garrett is one of the best inspectors that I've come in comtact with. Her is very thorough. He also does not look for things to justify his fee. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- J.B., September 2010
He did a fantastic job. If I ever buy another house I will use him again.
- C.H., September 2010
Awesome job. I appreciate the circled photos of issues you found. It helps anyone see the problem.
- M.T., August 2010
Thanks, Garrett. The most thorough and helpful inspection I've seen. Appreciate all your time and insights.
- K.B., July 2010
You the man! Great inspections
- F.L., July 2010
The best home inspector in Salt Lake. Thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and all at a good price. I'd recommend him to everyone and anyone, big houses or small, new and old.
- J.M., July 2010
He did a very thourough inspection of the property, and exlained every detail of it to me so that it was easily understood. Phenominal job!
- M.B., June 2010
Thank you for your time. Your inspection was top notch.
- S.A., April 2010
Thanks a ton Garrett. I had no idea that I would receive such an informative or thorough report... I truly feel like I know what I am getting myself into with the purchase of this house. Thanks!
- A.C., April 2010
Garrett was very thorough and explained all issues very clearly.
- A.D., March 2010
very good communication and highly recommended
- R.L., November 2009
Garrett was thorough and explained everything perfectly. I believe he saved us from making a huge mistake on a home that needs more than we could ever do.
- L.S., October 2009
What an awesome, thorough job! We WILL recommend Garrett for anyone in need of inspection.
- J.S., August 2009