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Hamer J. Morris II

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Morris Home Inspections, Inc.. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 843-344-0147 Mobile Phone: 843-344-0147

About Morris Home Inspections, Inc.

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Georgetown and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


SC License RBI# 48630, SCAHI Member, Current President SC ASHI, ASHI National Member, CCAR Associate Member


We are a family owned company that has been in construction industry for over 18 years as the owner of a custom home building and home improvement company. We offer a wide range of inspections for our customers with competitive rates.

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Very thorough job will use the pictures in the inspection for work around the house
- P.K., July 2019
Very detailed report and received the same day as insepection.
- N.M., June 2019
VERY thorough and knowledgeable
- S.T., Georgetown SC, June 2019

Hamer was very thorough and explained everything to us in detail. He was easy to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing his services!

- N.S., April 2019

Very happy with the service Hamer is very informative and responds quito any questions about the process of the home inspection. I would definitely use Morris Home Inspection’s again . 

- L.M., March 2019

Very thorough inspection and easy to work with. 

- W.A., January 2019

Hamer was great to work with.  The report was very thorough.  Will definately use this guy again in the future.

- E.M., January 2019
Great job-extremely aware of conditions that effect the value of a home
- J.P., December 2018
Great job! The team gave me a very thorough report and quickly answered all of my follow-up questions.
- M.G., December 2018
Hamer and his associate were both prompt and efficient. They were thorough in evaluating the condition of my potential property investment and politely answered any questions I had during the inspection. His report was easy to understand and contained many useful pictures. I highly recommend Morris Home Inspection!
- G.D., November 2018
Hamer is the best inspector in the state! He is so very thorough, and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!!!
- A.C., October 2018
Very polite, knowledgeable and professional. His report was very thorough.
- G.P., October 2018
I am a retired real estate broker. I have ordered and attended numerous home inspections during my career. I have NEVER observed a more thorough inspection than those performed by Hamer Morris and his staff. He has completed two inspections for me personally in the last month. He helped us "dodge a bullet" on the first inspection and gave us the confidence and trust necessary to make an informed decision based on his inspection of the second property. He is uniquely qualified with a background in general contracting. He will always be our "go to" guy. Thank you, Hamer, for a job well done. Anne and Joe Gangloff
- J.G., September 2018
Very thorough in his inspection and follow up report. Hamer also took time on a phone call to help me create the repair request form.
- J.M., September 2018
We were surprised and pleased with how thorough Hamer was - and highly recommend him!
- L.F., September 2018
Very thorough and yes I would recommend Hamer Morris to anyone who is looking for or needing a home inspection..Also very helpful in explaining the problem and what needs to be done to fix it...If you are looking for a thorough home inspector call Hamer Morris, you will not be disappointed...Dave and Belinda Payne...
- D.P., August 2018
My comment is that they have excellent customer service. all my questions were answered with a explanation I understood. they were there as professionals manner and were thorough. thanks
- D.M., July 2018
Hammer! This is the third time you helped us out in Georgetown. In the future, I will insist that any friend/colleague of mine who is a buyer should contact you. You know, that, when I mention your name to not buyer's brokers but seller's brokers in town they get a pained look on their faces.... I love it! :) 1) - The owner/seller of 624 Duke Street shared one of your reports with us during our price negotiations to buy 624. Your documentation showed not only structural problems but the poor quality of previous repairs and made it clear to us that there was no price low enough for us to take that property on. Thank you! 2)- Your report on Howard Street saved us from a horrible mistake that would have cost us $ and seething for years to come. Your discovery of hidden defects helped us, but also, your documentation allowed us to discover that the seller may have deliberately hid things..i.e.. putting new 3 prong outlets and covers over the old 2 wire system. That and the buried oil tank made us run not walk for the exits. 3)- With 2445 Wedgefield we finally got it right! We flew in on a Sunday and drove by a list of listings outside the Historic District and on Monday our broker showed us 12 homes, narrowed it to 3 and Tue. 2nd visited and offered on 2445. After counters that night and Wed. we had our deal. We knew it was unlikely you would find serious or expensive defects. Yesterday we agreed to a friendly, reasonable, fair repair plan. Stan has already repaired some, will repair others and pay a small amount of $ at closing and I will do the rest. Cheryl and I are grateful to having had you on our team.
- B.R., July 2018
Would not have wanted anyone else to have inspect my property. Meticulous, knowledgeable and explains issues in a way that is understandable. Thank you!
- T.S., July 2018
Hamer is very personable and, more importantly, thorough. His report was more detailed than many others I've seen and will be of great benefit when going back to the sellers with repair requests.
- A.W., July 2018
Excellent and thorough! Highly recommend Mr Morris
- L.V., June 2018
If we ever need another home inspection we will immediately call Hamer Morris II. We have bought and sold houses for the last 30 years and have never had such a thorough home inspection and follow-up report. Mr. Morris was first rate!
- R.G., June 2018
Mr. Morris was very professional, knowledgeable and did a fantastic job on finding even small minor repairs. He had the inspection report ready for viewing the same day which provided a very detailed list with descriptions. Excellent Service! Would definitely use again. Thank you! Andrew & Sherry Howard
- A.H., June 2018
We highly recommend Hamer Morris Home Inspectors. This company saved us a lot of headaches. So thankful we chose Mr. Morris as our home inspector for a home we was thinking of purchasing. He was very thorough and explained every problem he found, and he found many many problems....Thank You Hamer Morris....It was well worth the cost of the inspection...We would use your services again.. Belinda
- D.P., June 2018
Knowledgeable and explained issue well. Took time to follow though after answer questions.
- J.O., June 2018
Hamer was so great to work with! He is very knowledgeable given his Construction Experience. I appreciate the thorough inspection of our property as well as his suggestions for possible home issues.
- A.A., May 2018
Hamer, thank you for your professional service!
- J.G., May 2018
Hamer, thank you for your professional service!
- J.G., May 2018
Thanks for the detailed home inspection. Without your inspection we wouldnt have been aware of all of the problems. We will definitely recommend your services.
- D.M., April 2018
Hamer was very helpful throughout the inspection, and allowed me to be there to ask questions throughout. Quick response time and easy to get a hold of. Very thorough!
- E.M., April 2018
Thank you Hamer for a very thorough job. The detail you went into was excellent and the descriptions were easily understandable. I appreciate good work by vendors and I would highly recommend you to anyone asking me for a home inspector!
- W.O., April 2018
Best to work with ever
- B.C., April 2018
Very thorough and completely professional.
- G.W., March 2018
Hamer did a great job inspecting our condo. Great pictures and descriptions of everything. I would highly recommend and use him again.
- M.S., March 2018
Always so thorough and helpful! Thanks so much Hamer!
- , March 2018
Always so thorough and helpful! Thanks so much Hamer!
- B.F., March 2018
Amazing Job! In buying my first home I needed an inspector. I found Mr. Hamer online and he had impressive reviews and after seeing his work I can see why. His inspections were very in depth and if there is an issue with something he's gonna find it. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great inspector.
- A.M., March 2018
Wonderful work, very timely and professional. I would definitely recommend Mr. Morris and his company.
- A.P., March 2018
Very informative and thorough inspector. Hamer took the time to explain everything in detail to us and make recommendations for our home. Thanks for such a detailed job.
- A.P., March 2018
Hamer did a great job and I would highly recommend him. He is very thorough.
- J.F., February 2018
The best home inspection I have ever had and I have had quite a few.
- P.P., February 2018
Very precise. Paid extreme attention to every detail. Inspected literally every inch of the house. Explained everything to us. Answered all our questions. Efficient. Friendly
- S.S., January 2018
Hamer did a thorough inspection job. I'm very glad I found him.
- N.L., Georgetown SC, January 2018
Mr. Morris is extremely observant, and he went through the house with a fine tooth comb. He found even the smallest of problems. He is also explained how things worked and how to fix some of the problems. Mr. Morris is very nice and costumer oriented. He is working for you. I would highly recommend him.
- M.Y., January 2018
Wasn't there for the inspection, however my wife said you were more than thorough with the inspection. Took the time to explain the minor issues that you seen. With being new to the area, we appreciate the help you provided.
- J.M., December 2017
Hamer was extremely detailed in our inspection, and seemed to truly have an eye for what he does. Thank you for helping us see the things we wouldnt have otherwise!!
- L.S., December 2017
The inspection report was very thorough and received in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend you to those in need of home inspection!
- A.C., Statesville NC, December 2017
My wife & I were very impressed with the inspection, the thoroughness and detail of the inspection report and the seamless communication from our inspector. Not only does the inspection report provid us with an in-depth analysis of what we need to have addressed immediately, also informs us of items requiring attention in the future so they become major issues. Hamer not only impressed me with his report sent via e-mail, he blew me away when he called me the next day and spent an hour discussing the inspection. Hamer is a top notch professional in his field, one who has earned my trust in his analysis within his field of expertise. I unconditionally will recommend his services to everyone when they are in need of his companys services. Well Done and Thank You! We appreciate your dedication to the profession.
- K.B., November 2017
Very thorough , professional job.
- M.Z., October 2017
Thank you for a quick, efficient and very detailed and professional report on the inspection of my soon to be new condo in Myrtle Beach. Although I live in New Jersey, you made it very easy to communicate and get the job needed done. Thanks again and I would recommend you to anyone who needs a home inspector.
- B.D., October 2017
Technology enhanced, this building inspector is top notch. Not only detailed text and data, but photos with arrows pointing to repairs of EXACTLY what needs to be done. This makes it SUPER EASY for the buyer to see, and allows the buyer to instantly email specifics electronically to the seller. Hamer's extensive background in all phases of building: from problematic synthetic EIFS stucco, vast identification of a variety of fungi, fearless travels through tunnels of roofing insulations, scouring through attics, climbing to exam all roof surface area, on his belly with flashlight in hand as he goes through the crawl space, and his years of experience with an electric power company where he understands all phases of circuitry- is phenomenal. This is someone you want on your team, as he tells all pros and cons of the building structure inside and out that you're looking at. He's a hard worker, not scared to sweat profusely as he thoroughly went through the house we wanted to buy - exterior and interior, inch by inch in the sickening humid summer heat. Plus, he's very personable, and likable. It's so comforting to discover the truth about the structure you're looking at purchasing that; once I buy this home, I want to hire him yearly to inspect my home so I can keep it in good working order. Plus, it's not only immediate problems he points out, but preventative suggestions on any item with potential to become problematic.
- V.H., September 2017
Hamer is the best inspector I have ever seen and the most professional!!!
- D.J., August 2017
Hamer was so thorough with his report and took the time to explain all of his points to me. As I'm buying long-distance, I'm grateful for his time and attention to detail.
- J.H., July 2017
Hamer was fabulous! He went above and beyond. Always took my calls and spoke to the clients whenever they had questions. His report was thorough and his company had all the services I needed. He was a great resource for recommendations for quality contractors for other areas of the buying and inspection process. I will be calling him again for my next client. Regina Farmer Regina Farmer Realty
- R.F., July 2017
Yes he did a great job and explained stuff . Report and pictures are done very nicely and easy to understand
- S.S., July 2017
Professional and timely! Hamer found several issues that were missed by the previous inspector. We wouldn't have known about these and addressed them properly if he hadn't been so thorough! Our inspection report was ready the same day which helped move our closing day up!! Pleasure to work with and we will definitely recommend Hamer Morris Inspections to our friends!
- D.B., May 2017
Hamer is the most thorough inspector I have experienced. I have 15 years experience as a Estate Broker and have rarely seen or used as good an inspector. He is takes his time examining your property and to explain his findings, good or bad, so you will understand the issue or, if there is no issue, why you should be concerned and what to look for in the future in case an issue develops. We were very fortunate to have him inspect our newly built home.
- , May 2017
Hamer is the most thorough inspector I have experienced. I have 15 years experience as a Estate Broker and have rarely seen or used as good an inspector. He is takes his time examining your property and to explain his findings, good or bad, so you will understand the issue or, if there is no issue, why you should be concerned and what to look for in the future in case an issue develops. We were very fortunate to have him inspect our newly built home.
- , May 2017
Hamer, in addition to being very friendly and personable, is an extremely thorough inspector checking items I would never have thought needed checking. During the inspection, he explained all the items he was inspecting and why. As different areas were inspected, he gave us helpful hints on how things operated and things to check when we moved into and lived in the house. In addition, Hamer was also very respectful of our future property during his inspection.
- J.W., May 2017
Best I have ever used. Thorough, fair, knowledgeable.
- S.B., May 2017
A very thorough report with many helpful tips. I would definitely recommend this company.
- R.H., May 2017
Detailed, knowledgeable, and skilled, a very good communicator! His inspection saved me a lot of money!
- P.W., GEORGETOWN SC, April 2017
Hamer Morris did an amazing job! He is very thorough and gave a very detailed report with pictures showing any issues that were uncovered. He was willing to take the time to show any issues to the client first hand. He took the time to explain the problems. If we are going to purchase another home in the future we will definitely call Hamer again for his services.
- S.M., April 2017
Over the years I have purchased 7 homes. This was, without question, the most thorough inspection and report I have ever received. Hamer called to let me know the inspection was completed and to expect the report within the hour. After receiving the report and reviewing it, I called him to verify/clarify a couple of items. He was spot on with his information. I am about 925 miles away from the property and his level of commitment to providing such a thorough inspection and report gives me great confidence in proceeding with this purchase.
- D.L., April 2017
Hamer Morris is very professional. He sent me a report that was easy to understand with pictures of issues. He then called me and reviewed the findings with me in detail. He was able to answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend his services.
- J.P., April 2017
Hamer, thank you so much for the fantastic job you did with the inspection at my condo. From our initial phone conversation to the final report, your interactions with me were totally professional and very well done. the final report which included pictures of the problems you found is going to be very helpful to me as we move forward with our project. I would recommend you to anyone in need of home inspection services.
- F.H., Ocean Isle Beach NC, April 2017
he was very thorough and helpful in explaining his findings.
- A.J., March 2017
Mr. Morris was A+. Arrived on time, completed his inspection and provided a full detailed report in less than 48 hours. I would recommend Morris Inspections to anyone needing a home inspection. EXCELLENT.
- D.W., March 2017
Thank you so much for the thorough inspection and report! We would also like to thank you for walking through the house and answering all of our questions during the inspection and also on the phone after we received the report. We feel very confident moving forward with our decision to purchase a new home!
- M.C., March 2017
Good job and thanks for discussions with Judy. Regards, Tom
- T.T., March 2017
Hamer was professional, friendly, communicative, and incredibly thorough. We put Hamer through the ringer on our inspection - the originally scheduled inspection had to be postponed; our appraiser didn't know how to turn on the water and electric, so Hamer had to facilitate that; our plumbers didn't get to the house in time to dewinterize before the water was turned on, so Hamer had to help with that, too. He was gracious and patient with us no matter what hurdle presented itself; and easy to communicate with, and quick to respond to questions and calls. The inspection report was very thorough, and covered both big and small issues, with detailed photographs. I would not hesitate to recommend Hamer.
- D.S., March 2017
Hamer is awesome. He has a specialized eye for all the things that could be wrong on a home or new construction. We were impressed by the things he found that we would never have noticed. He also gave us a good tip how to find blemishes and problems on the painted walls that are not visible to the viewer's eye. I would absolutely use him again if needed for any type of project that needed inspection. We've already given out his cards he gave us. Thanks Hammer, great job.
- R.C., January 2017
Professional, thorough - extremely thorough. Having been a single family home owner of 40 years and as this inspection is that of my my first condominium purchase (and first purchase "south"), Mr. Morris thoroughly explained areas of construction and material use that I was unfamiliar with. He is a credit to his profession and a guiding force in my decision to move forward. For anyone in need of a home inspection I highly recommend Mr. Morris be consulted. He puts HIS name on the line. Top shelf! SHC, NJ
- S.C., January 2017
I was very pleased with the incredible service provided by Hamer Morris. He was very thorough and knowledgeable and professional. Truly glad that I decided to have him perform my inspection.
- S.A., January 2017
Great inspection Hamer, very detailed and thorough!
- R.O., November 2016
Very timely and complete home inspection. Hamer was also available for verbal comment when I had any questions about my home inspection.
- E.H., November 2016
Hamer was very professional as well as personable. His inspection was the most complete we have ever had. He included us in the entire process and gave us some great tips regarding maintenance, home construction, and improvement suggestions. I highly recommend him if you want the job done right!
- J.H., November 2016
Thorough and understandable. Thanks.
- R.B., November 2016
Thanks for your attention to detail and willingness to do the job the right way instead of cutting corners. Thanks again, Randy Shaw
- R.S., October 2016
Keep up the good work, I'm thankful of the thorough effort you put into our inspection. I help with our final negotiations.
- D.M., October 2016
My wife and I are appreciative of having Hamer Morris II do our home inspection. Not only is Hamer a qualified home inspector, he is also a true professional. Not knowing who we could or should contact to do our home inspection, we relied on the many reviews of his home inspection company observed on his web site. My wife and I were pleased to read so many complimentary comments. We are proud to include ours to the reviews and do hope it will help others choose Hamer to do their inspections as well. He is thorough, very reasonably priced, provides a detailed report with comments and pictures, and his turn around time getting the inspection report to you is unbelievably quick. Thank you Hamer for what you did for us!
- F.G., October 2016
Mr. Morris is one honest man!! He is also very thorough with your Home Inspection!! Which for a Homeowner who is not residing in the state where property is located - it is a comforting feeling to know that your Home Inspector has performed a very thorough job. Very important at this stage of life when retirement is most difficult!! And how do I know that the report is thorough? The best answer that I can give is to take a look at one of Mr. Morrises home inspections - if you can find anything else to check on it would be surprising! Would definitely recommend him to others and would use him again ourselves. It was a pleasure doing business with him!
- G.P., October 2016
Hamer has worked with us from the start when we began having our house built. He just completed our 11 month inspection. I cannot say enough about his knowledge, expertise and professionalism. He clearly ensured our house was built to code and was very patient as we asked questions. He also worked with our builder to ensure they got things corrected. I am so glad we found him to assist us and would recommend him to anyone who needs a professional inspector for their house.
- N.Z., September 2016
You were easy to get in touch with and were very efficient. Time is always of the essence in these situations and you came through for me. I wish the rest of the buying process was this easy.
- D.W., September 2016
Thanks for the detailed inspection report. Definitely like completeness. Very professional. Nice to have met you.
- D.S., August 2016
It would be good for homeowners to know what the scope and goals of an inspection are. And to differentiate more clearly those things that are merely recommendations and indicate to buyers that since they are recommendations and opinions they should not impede the closing.
- R.L., August 2016
Excellent inspection. Will certainly use again if inspection is needed.
- T.C., July 2016
Mr. Morris exceeded our expectations! He is very thorough. He called us when he finished the inspection and went over the report before sending the report to us. I would highly recommend him!
- K.C., July 2016
Mr. Hammer has very high work ethic and seems to have your best interest in mind while performing home inspection. He does not mind taking time in addition to the inspection to explain details and make additional trip to the home site if necessary to offer better understanding for involved parties.
- K.P., July 2016
Hamer provided a thorough and concise report. His review of the report over the phone was most helpful.
- H.B., July 2016
Very professional, thorough, completes reports in a timely manner. Great to work with.
- L.C., July 2016
hamer is a very good home inspector ,he will definitely send report of your house promptly and checks every spots of your house you purchasing he is very observant and good hearted person he did my 2 home inspection and i was very please with him and if i had a question he was there to answer for me ,i will highly recomend him .thank you hamer keep up the good work.
- F.P., July 2016
Mr. Morris did a great job. The report he provided was very concise and easy to understand. We were able to use the report with our home builder to get repairs to our new home and also assured us that our home meet all industry standards, codes and guidelines. We would recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- P.F., June 2016
Mr. Morris was timely and efficient He went over my new home with a good eye I received a report in person and online in a timely manner. Mr. Morris explained the inspection report so that there were no misunderstandings ,
- D.M., June 2016
Mr. Morris was perfect! He arrived on time and was very thorough. He even took the extra time to show us a few unique things about the home and made sure they were detailed out in the report as well. Exceptional service!
- N.M., June 2016
Hamer your the man,thanks for a comprehensive investigation
- C.F., May 2016
I think you for giving such a thorough inspection, you saved me a lot of money and time . Thanks again
- T.C., May 2016
Hamer Morris showed up on time and did a very thorough inspection. All issues with the property were documented with photographs, along with suggestions to resolve the issues. Had my copy emailed to me within 24 hours. Very professional, highly recommend Mr Morris.
- C.S., May 2016
Very professional
- J.M., March 2016
Hamer Morris II was recommended to me by my realtor for a home inspection on a townhouse I am purchasing. My realtor set-up the appointment for the inspection and Mr. Morris contacted me via email to confirm that he would be at the townhouse on the date agreed upon. Communication was awesome and Mr. Morris' report was professional and easily understood. After I reviewed the report Mr. Morris contacted me via telephone to discuss the report. He was very pleasant and answered all my questions with professionalism and intelligence. I would recommend him highly.
- A.C., March 2016