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Patrick Nolan

The Integrity Inspection Group uses professionally trained, nationally certified inspectors using state-of-the-art inspection processes and infrared technology to deliver the most comprehensive customer driven inspection.

Our mission is to provide you with a detailed real estate inspection that will reduce your risk and make the entire home buying process easier and less stressful with a risk reduction-based vision of your future home.  We are available 7 days a week.  You may call, text or message us.  You can also schedule online.

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InterNachi Certified Professional Inspector;ITA (Kaplan University) Trained & Certified;ARST/NRPP Radon Measurement


The Integrity Inspection Group uses professionally trained, nationally certified inspectors using state-of-the-art inspection processes and infrared technology to deliver the most comprehensive customer-driven inspection.


Comprehensive inspection, terrific communicator
- V.E., June 2024
Patrick was incredibly patient and knowledgeable, taking the time to thoroughly explain every detail of the inspection. His professionalism and clear communication made the entire process smooth and reassuring.
- B.C., May 2024
Patrick's thorough inspections and attention to detail is much appreciated. The report is easy to understand with pictures that clearly points out the target areas. I had Patrick over for the pre-drywall inspection. Will ask him to return for the final inspection as well. Even my builder appreciates the report that captured some details that has yet been discovered. He said Patrick gets A+ for his great work!
- J.C., November 2023
Pat is incredibly thorough without being an alarmist. I would use him on all my inspections!
- A.P., Ann Arbor MI, October 2022
Outstanding. Punctual, thorough. My client was overly impressed
- J.C., July 2022
Patrick Nolan was very on point with everything even the information you need to repair in the future when you need too, I never had an inspector, and I will never find another I will always keep Patrick Nolan in mind he is that good and make you feel so comfortable I thank him SOOO much
- s.h., Ypsilanti MI, February 2022
Patrick was very friendly and professional. He answered all of my questions and made sure to take time to look into all of my concerns.
- N.S., Superior Charter Township MI, July 2021
Outstanding services
- P.W., May 2021
Clear, concise and knowledgeable concerning issues surrounding the home inspection. Worked quickly.
- M.F., Gregory MI, April 2021
Patrick was extremely thorough and professional. He answered my questions with patience. He also wore a mask - thank you. And he brought indoor shoes which I also appreciated. I would highly recommend IIG and Patrick.
- J.H., October 2020
Professional, keen knowledge and extremely thorough. Inspection report well constructed, easy to understand and extensive. Beyond my expectations!
- E.E., August 2020
Pat was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and efficient without rushing. Completely tolerant of me hanging around. Answered all my questions. My only suggestion is in regard to the inspection report itself, where the notes attached to a number of items specifically called for repair or replace, and yet in the summary grid categories, these were not checked in the repair/replace category. While negotiating with the sellers, my realtor relied mostly on the check-boxes, so it might have helped if the check-boxes consistently reflected the notes.
- C.B., September 2019
Excellent job
- Y.L., June 2019
Awesome job as always. Thank you.
- T.O., April 2019
Thank you!
- M.W., March 2019
Thanks Patrick for such a great and professional job. We really appreciate your knowledge and thoroughness.
- E.L., February 2019
Patrick provided a very helpful inspection report. I'm very happy and would recommend him to anyone needing an inspection.
- T.W., January 2019
Very professional and thorough! Timely report
- A.H., October 2018
Pat Nolan with Integrity Inspection is a great inspector and has made the short list of who I recommend to my clients. He does a thorough inspection, treats clients appropriately, and produces the inspection report to review with the client at the end of the inspection. No waiting on the final report!
- J.M., October 2018
Pat was extremely thorough, answered all of our questions and did a wonderful job with his inspection. Thank you!
- K.C., September 2018
Patrick was professional, articulate and thorough. I asked a fair amount of questions while I was there, and he did a great job of being clear in walking me through each answer and highlighting things in the report. I'd recommend him and Integrity to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- E.H., May 2018
Very professional, personable, and thorough.
- C.L., May 2018
Pat was very thorough and observant during the entire inspection process. It was fun watching him work and peppering him with questions, he fielded them all very well. Would definitely ask for him if I needed another inspection.
- T.F., November 2017
Pat is very knowledgeable. He knows what to look for and does a thorough job. Very considerate of the house during the inspection. Walks through the buyers of what is going on and what he is doing. Great input.
- M.G., October 2017
Patrick Nolan did an amazing job with our home inspection. He was very polite and professional. In addition, Patrick was very willing to answer any of my questions during the process. He proved to be very knowledgeable and detailed in all aspects of the inspection. I am very confident that the home we are purhasing has been inspected with the utmost detail and adequacy. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone in need of a home inspection completed by an expert inspector.
- J.O., August 2017
Pat is a very knowledgeable inspector. He does a very thorough home inspection and answered all of our concerns. I would highly recommend him!
- L.O., August 2017
Very efficient and great explanation about current condition of the house
- C.L., July 2017
Great at his job. Very helpful and knows his stuff.
- M.D., June 2017
Great experience! Patrick was very Theroux and professional. We would absolutely recommend him to friends and family.
- R.D., April 2017
Really great, careful and responsible. Explained every items clearly.
- J.Z., January 2017
Professionally done followed by a clear presentation.
- , January 2017
Professionally done followed by a clear presentation.
- T.M., January 2017
Patrick was professional & friendly, and took extra time to help me understand the implications of his findings. I would definitely recommend his work!
- T.S., December 2016
Thank you Pat!! Buying a home has been such a stressful time for me, let alone during the winter and upcoming holidays, Your professionalism and timeliness made the process that much easier, and was so greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays. Susan Case
- S.C., December 2016
Pat was professional and friendly. He was thorough in the inspection and made sure we saw and understood everything he was pointing out. I would definitely recommend him!
- C.B., December 2016
Patrick is a very detailed and thorough inspector. Also very accommodating and professional
- R.Z., September 2016
Patrick was great! Very therough and knowledge about inspection. Answered all questions and provided great information and recommendations.
- P.O., September 2016
Excellent Inspector with great knowledge.
- A.J., July 2016
Very professional inspection!
- X.X., July 2016
Great job today, I appreciate your honest opinion about the state of the house from top to bottom
- B.B., May 2016
Thank you Patrick. Your inspection was very thorough. I know what I must discuss with the seller now. I also appreciated you helping me learn how to operate several items in my new home that I had not experienced before with some very good recommendations on proper use. I never had a gas fireplace before. And the other features of the house that you showed me will help us to settle in immensely.
- E.Z., May 2016
Thank you so much for your kindness and patience! You are wonderful!
- E.G., May 2016
Thank you for your through inspection.
- C.S., May 2016
MY home inspection was completed by Mr. Nolan who, I think did a phenomenal job. Mr. Nolan was prompt, courteous and professional. He was very knowledgeable and answered all questions about inspection report. Mr. Patrick Nolan, is who I will recommend to anyone who needs a home inspection. I sincerely appreciate and thank Mr. Nolan the thorough report. G. P.
- G.P., April 2016
MY home inspection was completed by Mr. Nolan who, I think did a phenomenal job. Mr. Nolan was prompt, courteous and professional. He was very knowledgeable and answered all questions about inspection report. Mr. Patrick Nolan, is who I will recommend to anyone who needs a home inspection. I sincerely appreciate and thank Mr. Nolan the thorough report. G. P.
- G.P., April 2016
Another great job, I would recommend Pat and this company . This is the second time we have had a good experience
- J.F., April 2016
Very satisfied and happy with report. a very complete inspection. next time a inspection is required, no question we will call Patrick
- J.F., March 2016
Thank you for help, Pat. I will recommend you to friends and family. You were very thorough an informative. Michele
- M.V., March 2016
Patrick is knowledgeable, congenial, and a consummate professional. in all regards.
- , February 2016
Great, seriously and carefully
- X.Y., February 2016
Patrick was a recommendation from a friend of mind. He did a phenomenal and thorough job. Great company to work with and a knowledgable staff. Highly recommend.
- S.K., January 2016
True professional!
- D.K., January 2016
First choice of inspectors for all of our real estate transactions. Pat is thorough, timely and polite. Highly recommend.
- L.S., November 2015
Thank you Patrick!
- G.X., June 2015
Thank you for spending all the time that you did with me, I appreciated the learning experience and how thorough of a job you did. The PDF form with all of the pictures labeled was very clear and easy to understand, especially for someone who is not as knowledgeable about home repairs.
- T.N., April 2015
Pat was punctual, professional and extremely thorough in his work. It was an all-around pleasure having him conduct our home inspection.
- S.A., April 2015
I really enjoyed working with Patrick. This is my second time purchasing a house and I can easily compare with my previous experiences going through home inspection. I would recommend Patrick to all my friends and family without the slightest hesitation. I applaud his work ethics and his comprehensive, systematic and diligent methodology. He also happens to be quite tech savvy and uses very high-tech and the state of the art equipment which ensure finding deficiencies that age old methods routinely missed. He has a pleasing demeanor and will answers all your questions patiently giving useful tips and repair advice. I wish him much success in his business and good health so he is able to continue helping home owners like me.
- S.K., March 2015
I was very pleased with Patrick. A pleasant attitude. Incredibly thorough. Unless it was physically impossible, there was nowhere he didn't go. He even went down into the crawlspace with great difficulty. He was willing to answer any questions I had and even tell me what he was looking for in certain areas as he conducted his inspection. This was not my first home inspection and I know that Patrick took this inspection further and more thoroughly than my previous experience and I feel confident in relying on the results. I have no reservations about recommending Patrick to anyone who needs a home inspection, and if the need arises for me to have another home inspection my only call will be to Patrick. Regards, D. Cave
- D.C., March 2015
Patrick did an excellent job, explained his findings and made suggestions on how to fix/resolve problems. Patrick also arrived to the home on time (a little early actually), and did just a great job, also very happy with the report he generated. Highly recommended
- M.C., February 2015
Very impressed and satisfied with his overall knowledge and professionalism!
- J.H., January 2015
It was a pleasure working with Patrick. He was very thorough and informative.
- D.K., December 2014
Patrick did a great job. Our family really appreciate his explanation and work. Thanks
- S.H., November 2014
I had a wonderful experience with Pat. He is very knowledgeable and informative. Very honest and gave reasonable recommendations for the things we needed for our home. If you are looking for an inspector that is knowledgeable and honest, then Pat is your guy. You will not be disappointed.
- W.T., October 2014
Patrick was the consummate professional! He was very detailed, thorough, knowledgeable and helpful in both his assessment of the property and recommendations regarding my questions and concerns. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat!
- J.D., August 2014
Patrick was on time, friendly, courteous, professional and very thorough. He clearly explained all his findings and prepared a detailed report easy to understand.
- P.C., August 2014
Pat did a great job--very competent and thorough.
- C.H., June 2014
Very nice and professional. Has a lot of equipment and just did a great job.
- J.V., August 2013