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Jim Ingebrigtsen

I provide very thorough and detailed inspections of the property performed in substantial accordance with the scope and standards of practice of both major national inspector associations (NAHI and ASHI). 

I offer Radon testing as an option.

I am licensed by Minneapolis and St Paul to perform Truth in Sale of Housing(TISH) evaluations. City licensing is the only licensing for home inspectors in Minnesota.

My goal is to provide you the information you need to make an informed decision about the actual condition of the large investment you are about to make and call home, with special attention paid to safety issues. Every house has issues,and the issues are often specific to that time period.  You need to know if the issues are major or minor and what you should do about it. I provide a detailed report that identifies the issue(including photos and video), why it's an issue, and what you should do about it. I also include in the report helpful information about specific systems or components installed in the home to further your understanding about the property you are buying.  

Please call or text me at 612-747-2387 or better yet, email me at to arrange a quality inspection of your prospective home.


Licensed Truth in Sale of Housing evaluator in Minneapolis/St Paul. I have been certified by


Thorough, detailed inspections followed by a well-written report with photos identifying any visible issues, I explain the implications of the issues, and what you should do about it. Radon testing available with immediate test results.


always a great thorough job!
- L.O., December 2021
Jim was extremely thorough and professional with his inspection and took the time to walk us through his findings while on site giving us added confidence in purchasing the home. Much appreciated!
- L.D., February 2021
Jim is very through! He did a great job inspecting a house with its fair share of problems and explaining to us how these items stacked up in the grand scheme of things given the age of the house. I would highly recommend him to any one looking for a house inspection.
- B.O., May 2020
Jim is excellent. He's great with my clients. He is thorough, fun, and communicates wonderfully.
- K.F., January 2020
Jim was extremely thorough. I met him at the property when he was completed. Jim showed me each of the items he inspected and what his findings were. He answered every question in a manner I understood without making me feel foolish. The completed report was exceptional. It had descriptions and pictures for what he found and what things should look like. Wonderful work and a very nice man.
- L.E., November 2019
Jim's expertise and understanding of home systems surpasses any other inspector I have worked with. He provides insight and perspective. His work is A+++ 10 stars!
- C.H., March 2019
I have used Jim as my primary Inspector for at least 10 years... could it be that long?? Any way he is the BEST. So thorough, ALWAYS a realist- NEVER an Alarmist. I am particularly happy when he is available for my "First Time Buyers". Over the years, there have been many times when a client will say, "Oh, I remember Jim from last time. Let's us him again for sure."
- C.M., October 2018
Jim is the home inspector I trust most throughout my experience of home buying.
- J.S., October 2016
Jim was very detailed, thorough, and checked everything very carefully. He took the time to walk me through everything he inspected, explaining the potential issues and the criticalness of them in a way that made perfect sense to me - which was especially important for areas in which I didn't have a lot of knowledge.
- L.H., August 2016
Jim did a great job and helped us determine and prioritize the repairs needed. Thanks for your thorough inspection!
- T.H., March 2016
Very pleased with all the inspections that you have done for my clients. Your attention to timely, professional and detailed reports is so appreciated by all.
- L.O., February 2016
Jim was very through and professional the entire inspection time. He gave great feed back and presented a very well documented inspection summary and detail. Thank you Jim!
- J.D., January 2016
Jim was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and honest with us about the condition of the house he inspected. He was happy to explain things to us that weren't obvious to a lay-person. I would recommend Jim to anyone.
- C.H., December 2015
Jim, you are the best.
- T.N., November 2015
Thanks for your help!
- J.B., November 2015
I loved Jim's incredible attention to detail and thoroughness throughout the entire inspection process. His analysis and explanation of his findings made it easy to understand and make decisions about what needs to be corrected and what can wait.
- E.N., August 2015
Jim took his time looking through everything. We felt like he wasn't in a rush to get it done and over with. He answer our questions and concerns. He made sure we both understood everything. Totally awesome guy!! Double thumbs up!
- S.L., August 2015
Personable, Professional, and great listener. Took time to answer questions; much appreciated.
- J.R., July 2015
Thorough inspection. Jim paid very close attention to detail and took ample to time address any questions we had. The report provided is superb and surpassed our expectations. We feel well prepared to occupy the property. Thank you!
- E.E., June 2015
awesome job very thorough Made sure we understand everything
- J.W., October 2014
Jim you are GREAT! Thanks for your professionalism and hard work.
- C.J., March 2014
As a realtor with over 14 years of experience, Jim is absolutely my go-to inspector. Particularly for first time home buyers- so thorough, careful, easy to understand, non-alarmist- a true realist who knows his stuff. Use him with confidence!
- C.M., March 2014
Super thorough and gave great suggestions for things that needed repairing.
- S.S., December 2013
Great Job Insightful and thorough
- B.A., November 2013
Jim was very helpful and informative. He was thorough, and willing to explain everything he found.
- J.M., October 2013
We were blown away by Jim's incredible attention to detail and effort. We would have no problem recommending him to anyone.
- H.R., September 2013
Very comprehensive and helpful reports. Love the online reporting system and how easy it was to send the report to my realtor. Thank you, Mike
- M.G., July 2013
Hey Jim, Just getting around to the paperwork here. Thanks for doing a great job with the inspection and providing insights that will prove very useful in the upkeep of our new place. The current owners agreed to update all of the electrical issues and also to get the plumbing issues up to date - yeah! I shall recommend you to anyone who is in need of an inspection. Thanks again, Darin & Corrie
- D.R., July 2013
Very concise explanations, including remedial steps neded.
- J.G., Plymouth MN, July 2013
Jim did an amazing job with our inspection! He took his time, was very detailed, and answered any and all questions throughout the inspection! I would definitely recommend him to others, he was awesome!
- C.S., June 2013
Thanks Jim, Excellent work. Very professional. Thanks for letting me follow you around and ask questions. Jeff
- J.C., February 2013
Thanks for the thorough and professional inspection Jim!
- K.P., March 2012
Good Morning Jim, I was very impressed with the quality of your work. I will recommend you to other clients with inspection needs. Deborah Finney Realtor
- D.F., April 2011
Jim was very professional and thorough. He answered all of our questions and was very helpful.
- A.M., March 2011
Clients on Randolph thought you were great! Linda
- L.O., January 2011
very courtious and infomative, was very professional, answerd all questions put to him.
- T.C., August 2010
Thanks for your diligence and explanations during the inspection.
- M.H., August 2010
Jim was very patient with our questions and thorough in making sure we were aware of the pluses and negatives of our prospective home. The inspection ensured that there would be no surprises.
- P.W., July 2010
great job and welcome to the team letter c
- L.W., April 2010
Jim's inspection was detailed & thorough. All of my questions were answered & he made sure to let me know that I could contact him at a later time if I thought of anything else. He was very helpful & informative. Jim's high level of professionalism & his friendliness helped to give my husband & me peace of mind while purchasing our first home! Persephone P
- P.P., February 2010