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James Connelly

"An Inspection Company You Can Count On With The Best Inspectors"
St. James Home Services, Inc.
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Durham, NC 27712

Buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals are all looking for one thing in common; a licensed professional home inspector that will provide a realistic assessment of the property without scaring anyone.

A good home inspector will have the experience and the communication skills necessary to present information to the client in an understansable fashion.  The professional inspector will know that as important as a through inspection is, educating the client to understand this information is equally important.  In my experience all houses are in need of some repair, I will help everyone keep this in perspective and stay focused on making sound financial decisions.

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NC State Home Inspection # 3610; The Home Inspection Training Center Triangle MLS Licensed Home Inspector Subscriber


Hello Friends, I promise, if you honor me by permitting me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort. Thanks! Jim Connelly St. James Home Services

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Mr. Connelly performed a very thorough inspection of my new home. The report was very clear, listing pictures and specific issues found throughout the house. Each issue was accompanied by a potential outcome if the issue was not fixed and a suggestion about who to contact to fix the problem. I would highly recommend Mr. Connelly to inspect your new home.
- A.M., Durham NC, July 2018
The service provided by Mr. Connelly went well above and beyond my expectations. He was thorough, authoritative, fair, and most importantly, honest. The possibility of compiling issues that need immediate resolution and of classifying them by groups (repair, replace, quote) makes the job of negotiating and supporting claims a refreshing breeze! Thank you.
- J.C., Durham NC, June 2018
The online portal is super easy to use, and the inspection report was very detailed. Jim reached out to me multiple times along the process to ask if I had any questions and was very accessible. I would definitely recommend him to others!
- M.G., Durham NC, June 2018
James was extremely thorough and shared a wealth of knowledge that will really help me maintain my house. First class service.
- V.H., Chapel Hill NC, June 2018
Very thorough. Thank you.
- R.R., Durham NC, May 2018
Jim Connelly was a thorough inspector and gave honest feedback on multiple considerations throughout the inspection process. If you're looking for someone that leaves no stone unturned, then Jim is your guy.
- L.D., Durham NC, April 2018
Very thorough inspection! Love all the tips for us to use when we move in as well. Also took the time to explain things to me by phone.
- J.D., Durham NC, April 2018
Thank you for your detailed work and all the knowledge shared during the inspection!
- A.W., Chapel Hill NC, March 2018
Jim is a technically thorough. Jim takes the time to discuss the house and the findings with the potential buyer. I found Jim on the internet. I was glad I had him as my home inspector.
- P.S., Durham NC, March 2018
I appreciate Jim's flexibility in being able to change the date of our inspection due to the slow completion of our new home. He was thorough in his work and we received his report within a day. The report was well organized and included numerous photographs. Thank you.
- S.G., Durham NC, February 2018
Mr. Connelly did an excellent job performing my home inspection. He was able to schedule my appointment at last minutes notice. The final inspection report was thorough, precise, and complete. Available online within 24 hrs. We discussed the report line by line and made recommendations and necessary improvements.
- S.D., Durham NC, July 2017
Thank you for doing the inspection on our new home, we appreciate your pictures along with your explanation since we currently live out of state and we're unable to be there!
- R.T., Roxboro NC, June 2017
Jim performs a very thorough inspection, leaving no stones unturned!
- G.W., Durham NC, June 2017
Thank you very much for all of your knowledge and experience that you brought with you to perform our inspection. You were wonderful! Thank you also for the time you spent to review your findings and answer all of our questions.
- P.T., Oxford NC, May 2017
James did a great job! He was thorough, friendly, and helpful!
- Z.B., Durham NC, May 2017
Thank you so much for your help with our inspection! Your quick turn around, helpful tips, and willingness to answer all our questions are greatly appreciated!
- C.B., Durham NC, April 2017
Very informative and detailed report
- V.K., Semora NC, March 2017
Mr. Connelly performed a thorough inspection of the property and was very professional as well as cordial to communicate with. I am totally satisfied and would definitely recommend his company for any future needs.
- M.L., Leasburg NC, February 2017
Mr. Connelly was fantastic. Incredibly thorough job, very accessible post-inspection to ask questions about the work he did and what he saw. Tremendous job, I would highly recommend Mr. Connelly to inspect your house.
- P.B., Durham NC, November 2016
Jim was punctual, thorough, and professional; it was a pleasure working with him throughout the entire process.
- B.A., September 2016
Very thorough! I was very pleased with the job Jim did inspecting my home! I will definitely recommend St. James!
- H.W., Wendell NC, September 2016
Very happy with the inspector, service, and quality of work! I will definitely be recommending him more!!
- G.F., August 2016
Until now I had grown to have a poor opinion of home inspections. I have never had results that made the effort and cost worthwhile. My experience with Jim has completely changed my mind. He has been extremely helpful and honest. His ethical behavior seems beyond reproach. I am so grateful to have had his assistance and that he gave us an honest report. I will recommend him without hesitation to anyone I know purchasing a new home. He is 100% a good guy and I'm very glad I've gotten to know and trust him.
- M.H., Mebane NC, July 2016
Jim Connelly is outstanding. He possesses all the right traits we were looking for in an inspector. He was very thorough, knowledgeable, responsive and he took the time to explain critical observations and findings before documenting them in his detailed report we received the same day. I would highly recommend him
- E.L., Pittsboro NC, July 2016