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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Pro Inspect. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 920-850-5890 Mobile Phone: 920-850-5890

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Neenah and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


I love what I do. Helping people is paramount to getting paid. At the end of an inspection that look in the eye, Wow factor and sincere Thank You, means more to me than anything. Then I've done my job!


Jim did an incredible job! He was extremely thorough and personable. We will definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.N., May 2020
Jim was not only thorough in the inspection, he was really good with the buyers. These are 1st time home buyers and he was great at educating then on routine maintenance and explaining the issues that need attention without being an alarmist. In my opinion this skill is as important as the technical knowledge they hired you for. The follow up report is very comprehensive and easy for the buyers to refer to for future maintenance. I will defnitely recommend Jim the future.
- E.W., May 2020
He was very thorough and was able to answer all of our questions! We would definitely recommend him!
- M.B., May 2020
I would recommend Jim to any of my family or close friends. In fact, we already have. He has an excellent demeanor, extremely thorough, trustworthy, confident, and demonstrates a passion for his trade. Purchasing a home can be very stressful and Jim helped make this process go a lot smoother. He also offers advice to improve the longevity of your home. Thanks Jim!
- D.S., May 2020
He was amazing. Great at his job, very professional, great personality. I wouldnt recommend anyone else but him!
- I.P., May 2020
I can't say enough about how impressed we were with Jim! He did an awesome job not only in his very detailed and highly knowledgeable report but with the way he thoroughly and patiently explained it all to us. We felt he really cared and he was so enjoyable to talk to. He also told us we could call him anytime with any other questions. We would highly recommend him to family, friends and anyone looking for a great home inspector! Thank you Jim you are the best!!
- B.F., May 2020
Jim is extremely knowledgeable and professional, he explains things and answers questions readily. Add his friendliness on top of that and you have superior service. Thank you, Jim!
- K.J., May 2020
Jim not only knows what he is doing but he knows how to communicate his knowledge to you in the most helpful way possible. Not only is he able to suggest strong advice on how the home should/needs to be improved he has the resources to get you to that point. His thoroughness is yet another impressive quality he has and when combined with his knowledge base there is no equal. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to have an inspection done. I was referred to Jim because one of his previous clients was so impressed and after my experience so was I.
- H.T., Denmark WI, May 2020
Jim Weyenberg is a phenomenal home inspector. He is very thorough, and you can tell immediately in the way he walks through his inspection notes with you that he genuinely cares. We have had the opportunity to have had Jim inspect 2 homes for us, and he has been spot on with his assessments. I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Jim for your dedication to making sure we had clear understanding of your reports and overall impacts to our home!
- S.M., May 2020
He was so informative and did a very thorough job! Would highly recommend. Thanks Jim!!
- N.S., April 2020
Jim did a fantastic job evaluating the home then making specific recommendations for improvement (even including certain materials he would recommend). We couldn't make it to the inspection but Jim was very willing to explain everything to us (with the help of our realtor) via a FaceTime session while he was onsite. Couldn't have asked for more!! Thanks Jim!!
- K.P., April 2020
He was awesome!!! Highly recommend to anyone buying a home or condo. Prompt, professional and meticulous! Thank you so much!
- R.S., April 2020
Wow I would highly recommend James to do a home inspection, he is extremely thorough and professional! He explains everything in full detail and takes the time to answer questions! A definite 10
- J.R., April 2020
Jim was very professional and kept it real for me! He came very highly recommended from my realtor and Jim did not disappoint. Jim has an incredible way of communicating with the facts and making it easy to understand but also not making me feel foolish as he explains the fixes to problem areas. With this being my first home, I could not appreciate that more. He left me feeling like I could tackle all the renovations needed on my own and offered his advice if needed in the future. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a thorough and knowledgeable inspection. THANKS JIM!
- L.M., April 2020
Jim was very friendly. He was very open to questions and was professional. I feel the report is very thorough. We appreciate the suggestions given in the report. They have been very helpful in letting us know the fixes needed. Thank you Jim.
- B.H., April 2020
Jim was very polite, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know looking for a home inspector.
- S.F., March 2020
Jim was very thorough and helpful during the home inspection. I will be recommending him to friends and family.
- B.B., March 2020
Jim is easily the most thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful inspector I’ve used. He has done 3 inspections for us now and I would never hire someone else if I have the choice!
- E.P., March 2020
Very thorough in the walkthrough, willing to inspect the entire roof in the winter. He was genuinely concerned about the new homeowners ability to maintain the home. Willing to be honest throughout the process, easy to schedule appointment.
- B.M., March 2020
Jim is extremely professional when it comes to home inspections. He works carefully and thoroughly and has been so helpful in teaching us about many aspects of home maintenance and care, this comes with his many years of experience. He was patient in walking us through the inspection. He also provided details about the type of contractors to use in specific home improvement situations. We would definitely work with Jim again.
- M.V., March 2020
Jim was an expert in both his work and local contractors. After his inspection I was given a walk through of all findings with referrals for each item. Thank you Jim I feel empowered to make the right decisions to maintain my new property!
- J.G., March 2020
Jim is patient and thorough. He takes the time to explain what he sees and the best way to address the issues.
- M.W., March 2020
James was amazing very knowledgeable about everything. He took the time to explain what he was looking for and why. Anytime my husband or I had a question he was willing to answer . James also was able to explain how there are different requirements for the age of the home.
- P.M., February 2020
Excellent communication. Excellent report. One of the best inspections we have had. Will recommend.
- M.J., February 2020
I thought Jim was incredibly thorough and explained everything in detail that I could understand.
- J.L., February 2020
We couldn't be happier working with Jim on our home inspection. He's friendly, easy to work with and *extremely* knowledgeable. Not only was he thorough and comprehensive with his walk-through, but he took the time to explain his process and advise on strategies to maintain our future home. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Jim again or recommend to anyone in need of his services.
- J.M., February 2020
Jim is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely thorough when doing his inspections. To top it off, he is very personable and easy to work with.
- J.L., Oshkosh WI, February 2020
Jim is Superman! He is great at what he does , efficient, and trustworthy! Myself and family members have used him and would recommend him anytime ! Always a job well done Jim !!
- M.H., January 2020
Most thorough Home Inspection I've ever had done. Jim's use of technology was very useful as we are 2 hours away. Outstanding job all around.
- S.B., December 2019
What a pleasant experience this was! Jim was very knowledgeable and very thorough. Not only did he do a very thorough inspection but he also gave me hints and tips on things that I would want to do in the future for maintenance and upkeep on the home. I found Jim to be very flexible and timely in scheduling the home inspection.
- S.S., December 2019
Jim was excellent to work with. I cannot say enough about him. He is very professional and knowledgeable about his line of work. He doesn't miss anything. We will definitely use his services again! I don't think I would buy a home without using him!
- S.W., November 2019
Jim did a wonderful job! He was very thorough in his inspection. At the end of the inspection he logged all his findings and pictures into a very clean document that was easy to follow. He was very professional and kind. We would recommend him to anyone!
- M.M., November 2019
Friendly and thorough inspector. Gave great recommendations as well.
- J.S., November 2019
Very thorough and well documented inspection!
- D.H., November 2019
Very knowledgeable and provided some great solutions to a few issues with the house. Thank you Jim!
- J.B., November 2019
Mr Weyenberg is an honest and a incredibly knowledgeable inspector. He ‘inspects’ thoroughly and leaves no stone unturned. He’s eager to explain and give answers to problems he may discover. Personable but not unprofessional. Quickly our report became available to us. Working with Mr. Weyenberg gave us a sense of security on a major investment. We highly recommend him and hope he can mentor young inspectors to have his level of excellence in the field. Thank you Mr. Weyenberg
- M.W., November 2019
Jim was so knowledgeable! He went above and beyond to go through details of the home with us and provide tips on what we could do to make things more efficient. His friendly demeanor and amount of homes he’s inspected made him very trustworthy as well!
- J.K., October 2019
I highly recommend Jim Weyenberg!!! He took the time to do a fabulous inspection of the home I was wanting to purchase, not just the home, but the garage and storage shed as well!! He fully explained all of the good features and also the concerns/ suggestions to make things better! He appreciated questions and truly wanted me to understand everything he was telling me. He took a lot of pictures and his report was very comprehensive and available immediately online. I now feel fully confident in making my purchase!!
- K.P., October 2019
Jim was terrific! He is very thorough and knowledgeable. He welcomed questions and addressed our concerns.
- K.W., September 2019
Jim was very thorough and discriptive. He communicated everything to us and told him what we should prepare for and what we can do to improve the state of the home. We recommend him to any home buyers for their inspections!
- M.S., September 2019
Jim loves what he does! He is giddy about inspecting houses. He was very accommodating to us in our situation of a cross country move. He adjusted his schedule in order to meet our tight timeline of finding a home and getting our kids enrolled in the Neenah Schools. Jim is an excellent communicator and great with technology. Jim does a thorough job, takes lots of pictures, and gives suggestions for fixes. I enjoyed the 4 hours I spent with Jim at the house we ended up purchasing. By the time he walked out the door, his report was finished and available online. He left no stone unturned. As a result, I feel very good about the house we are purchasing.
- J.S., September 2019
Jim was fantastic. As a first time home buyer, he was happy to explain things in great detail, and to give pointers on things to look for, and how to fix issues.
- P.G., September 2019
Jim is an extremely knowledgeable inspector. Leaves no stone unturned! Would definitely use him again.
- M.F., September 2019
Jim's inspection was thorough and very professional. He took the time to really dig into the mechanical systems of our condo unit to uncover minor, but important safety issues that could have easily been missed. Jim is a very pleasant guy - easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking an objective assessment of an existing property.
- C.V., August 2019
Inspector was timely in responding to our request to have a home inspected. He was very through, knowledgeable and willing to explain what he found and how to repair or fix issues that were found. Jim gave us a good understanding of what kind of home we were buying and empowered us to take corrective measures needed. A very knowledgeable home inspector and also very kind. Thank you for your expertise!
- W.S., August 2019
Jim was very thorough and efficient with our inspection. He was quick to answer phone calls and able to schedule us right away. He was knowledgeable and able to explain things well. We would not hesitate to call him again.
- E.S., August 2019
This is the 4th time I have hired Jim this year. In addition I have already recommended Jim to another buyer. So I think that is pretty clear how satisfied I am with his services.
- P.A., August 2019
Jim offered a top-notch inspection from start to finish to the online report! From detailed descriptions to excellent photos marked with key highlights, Jim pointed out areas needing attention. He was very thorough & was willing to go into tight & high spaces for the best analysis. His technical acumen of the latest regulations was superb & his recommendations not only provided a common sense approach, but a list of professionals who could help remedy the issues. I HIGHLY recommend Jim for your next home inspection - whether preparing your home for sale or before making a major investment. Call Jim!
- K.B., August 2019
Jim is courteous and personable. He is extremely knowlegable. His report provides many helpful suggestions in addition to a rigorous analysis of the condition of the property. I highly recommend him.
- M.A., July 2019
Reviewed home in great detail. Full of knowledge , kind and courteous. Would use James again.
- A.B., July 2019
Jim was very thorough, knowledgeable, and made sure we had no unanswered questions. He clearly cares about his clients and is committed to providing great service.
- M.H., June 2019
He is very precise on finding things and highly detailed on descriptions of what is wrong. Pictures were excellent.
- W.P., June 2019
Jim is exceptional at what he does. Very professional and thorough. Having attended a couple of his home inspections, I always learn something new! Without a doubt I highly recommend Jim!
- H.R., June 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- M.Z., June 2019
I really appreciated the way Jim walked us through the report and even explained things throughout the inspection process. As first time home buyers, it is a bit daunting to try and understand all the factors at play when trying to decide to purchase a home and also how to maintain a home. Jim was patient and answered all of our questions.
- R.D., May 2019
Jim - you did a wonderful job inspecting our home. You were extremely thorough and straight forward. Great work!
- D.P., Green Bay WI, May 2019
Jim is very thorough and makes clear explanations to the client.
- K.V., May 2019
Jim does one of the most complete & thorough inspections that I have seen in 35 years of working in real estate. He explains the process in terms that the customer clearly understands what to expect without adding to an already stressful time.
- B.B., Appleton WI, April 2019

Jim did a great job.  He helped find some deficiences, and more importantly, gave us some grade tips on low cost ways to fix the issues he found.  We would use him again!

- T.J., Ashwaubenon WI, March 2019

Very thorough and knowledgeable

- M.O., February 2019

Jim was performed a thorough and complete inspection on a cabin we have made an offer on.  On a 25 degree day with piles of snow Jim was up on the roof inspecting the shingles, skylights, vents, and gutters and down in the crawlspace on his stomach.  He explained everything in detail and answered both technical and casual questions as we went along and then followed up with a review before he left.  The report was available to us later in the day.  We really got our money's worth with Jim.  

- D.C., February 2019

James was amazing! Very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a a inspector! Very impressed with his work. Thank you so much for helping with my new home purchase by doing a great job with the inspection process.

- E.G., February 2019
Fantastic job by Jim! I highly recommend him when buying a property. He explained everything he was looking at and answered any questions I had.
- 1.B., December 2018
I have already told everyone I can about how amazing you were at the inspection. You have so much passion and it shows. How you explained everything in such great detail was so helpful. Every single person I?ve told about my experience asked for your name so they could recommend you. I?m so lucky to have had Jim for my first home buying experience!
- N.S., December 2018
Jim is the best! Very thorough and knowledgeable. He really took the time to inspect everything and gave excellent advice. I'm completely satisfied and confident with his inspection. And he's a really nice guy!
- R.P., December 2018
Did a great job. Very detailed report!! Would recommend to everyone I know!
- N.K., October 2018
Wonderful job. Very thorough. Covered every inch of the house from attic to crawlspace.
- J.M., September 2018
Did a Great Job!
- P.B., August 2018
Excellent detailed inspection!
- M.K., July 2018
Very thorough and professional!
- M.K., March 2018
Jim is very thorough. I highly recommend him.
- J.C., January 2018
Jim was wonderful. I would not trust anyone else to take such a thorough inspection. I trust everything he tells me.
- D.K., January 2018
Jim did a fantastic job inspecting our potential first home and was extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend joining Jim while he performs an inspection and pick his brain throughout for maintenance tips and suggestions on how to keep your home energy efficient and ensure you don't have future issues down the road. Be sure to bring a notebook and have a fast hand to keep up with all the information that he is sharing, but if you do have a question or need something re-explained he is very good at making sure you understand before he moves on. The report at the end is fantastic too as it is immediately sent after the inspection and clearly explains what you looked at including arrows on the pictures to highlight exactly what the issue is. Be sure to use Jim on your next home inspection, you will not be disappointed.
- M.L., December 2017
Wow! Attending a home inspection conducted by Jim W. is like a master class in home inspection. Jim moves quickly, while being very thorough, and is patient in answering questions during the process. His report is clear, complete and delivered quickly. My highest recommendation.
- E.K., November 2017
Jim, it was a pleasure working with you! You explained everything wonderfully and we feel so much more knowledgeable and confident as first time home buyers. We will definitely be recommending you to friends and family!
- K.M., November 2017
Jim was fantastic. He was extremely thorough; in his inspection and his communication. I look forward to enthusiastically recommending him for any friends who are in need of a professional, detailed and knowledgeable home inspector.
- T.K., November 2017
Very detailed. I was very impress with the knowledge and helpful hints on how to keep good care of the property
- P.W., September 2017
Very detailed. I was very impress with the knowledge and helpful hints on how to keep good care of the property
- P.W., September 2017
Jim was fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, open, and honest. He talks to you with enthusiasm, and understands the anxiety and exhilaration of buying a home. If asked a question about remodeling and/or repairs, he is all to eager to make you as informed as possible. A+++
- C.C., August 2017
We've utilized Jim Weyenberg's home inspection services 3 times now... We are a repeat customer because we are very satisfied with his expertise, knowledge and overall services!... We've recommended others who also appreciate his services... who have then recommended their friend... All in all - we are very happy with Jim's services! Thank you Jim!
- J.F., April 2017
Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the different issues and solutions.
- J.T., April 2017
Jim, We couldn't be more happy with how thorough and helpful your inspection of our new home was. You've taken a lot of the anxiety away from this process and for that we thank you! Richard and Rebecca
- R.D., February 2017
He was very helpful and knowledgable.
- A.W., January 2017
He was very thorough and professional. I would recommend him to anybody.
- A.W., November 2016
Jim has done another outstanding job. His thoroughness on his first inspection of the home is part of the reason I selected him to inspect it when I was ready to sell. Mike
- M.L., March 2016
Jim does amazing, thorough work!
- E.H., February 2016
Very knowledgeable on all aspects of construction and building codes. Reports and suggestions on things to improve was extremely helpful.
- E.A., November 2015
Jim was excellent! Thou rough, informative, patient and answered all my questions. Really made the whole process not stressful! I would definitely recommend Jim and will use him for any future needs! Jeff Kruse
- J.K., October 2015
We greatly appreciated Jim's thoroughness and his easy-to-understand explanations and suggestions for the care of the many parts of the house. He is excellent. Thank you Jim.
- A.B., July 2015
Very complete and professional
- D.T., July 2015
Awesome detailed work with excellent communication skills
- M.H., July 2015
Jim did an awesome job inspecting the home and explaining everything to me.
- T.M., July 2015
Thank you James for taking the time to inspect our new home. I really enjoyed the report you provided and also giving us suggestions in how to improve certain areas. I am very pleased with the job you had done and will recommend you to others. Thank you so much!
- J.C., June 2015
He did a fantastic job going through everything and explaining everything! He is a very thorough inspector that makes sure no short cuts were taken.
- J.P., June 2015
Extremely pleased with quality and thoroughness of inspection. Jim was very helpful in explaining exactly what he found and offered suggestions for addressing many if the issues.
- D.K., Marion WI, May 2015
Very thorough and helpful in answering questions and making recommendations. Very friendly personality. Will definitely recommend to others.
- B.G., April 2015
JW was worth every penny! Professional and a pleasant personality!He had an answer for every question or concern I had.Went above and beyond! Anyone looking for a home inspector should look no further he is your man!!! thank you so much for your help JW!
- D.W., April 2015
Hi James, It was a pleasure meeting you today.Thank you for your time and professionalism. Have a great evening. Sincerelhy, Debra Jaeckels
- D.J., April 2015
James was very thorough in walking through the property and the pictures were very detailed. Thank you for everything.
- A.K., March 2015
Thank you Jim!
- S.M., February 2015