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Jeff Messick

  • Owner is a Mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience maintaining, repairing, and retrofitting facilities.
  • Life-long passion for residential building and remodeling.
  • Home owner (and buyer and seller) for over 20 years Technology

  • Utilize cloud-based inspection software allowing the Customer quick access to their information from any place there is an internet connection within 24 hours of the inspection.
  • Utilize inspection software that has the inspection information inputted into the report directly, saving time in comment compilation, reducing errors, and allowing the Customer to see what was found immediately after the inspection is complete during the preliminary review.
  • Thermal imaging technology is used to try to uncover home issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. 
  • High zoom cameras and binoculars are used to get close-up inspection of hard to reach areas.        
  • Certified in multiple areas by InterNACHI, the largest home inspection organization in the world.
  • Committed to continuous learning.
  • Access to large database and group of professionals in order to find answers to difficult questions.


SC Residential Inspection License 48883 InterNachi certified


I became interested in home construction when I was in kindergarten following my residential builder grandfather around. At 11, I helped my dad build their home. My passion grew with experience and education. I love home inspecting!


Jeff was awesome! He was informative and thorough in his inspection. The most impressive part was the comprehensive report and the ability to do the online repair requests. Seems to me that will benefit the buyer and seller to understand the findings and repair requests.
- K.R., Mount Pleasant SC, May 2017
Jeff did a great job, very thorough and found many things on my new construction home that wouldn't have been expected of a new build. His portal system makes it easy to obtain your documents. Thanks Jeff!
- T.H., May 2017
Jeff was so thorough and we absolutely trusted that he had our best interest at heart. He had to go back and reinspect a couple of times, and we felt so secure with his findings. Each time we got the report within hours of his inspection. We are buying from out of state, so we couldn't be there for the inspections. This was not a concern of ours at all because we knew we were in such good hands. Thank you, Jeff!!
- N.W., April 2017
Jeff was great! He did a very thorough job. His report was easy to read and very clear. The verbal descriptions were clearly depicted in the accompanying pictures and videos. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who wants an inspector who does a great job! I would definitely hire Jeff in the future if I need another inspection. Thanks.
- D.M., April 2017
Jeff was extremely thorough in his inspection which was reflected on the written report. We were very pleased because this gave us important guidance as we moved forward with our home purchase.
- R.H., February 2017
Jeff was extremely professional to deal with, was prompt, courteous, and very informative regarding my home inspection. Highly highly recommended
- D.D., Charleston SC, February 2017
Jeff was on time complete and very professional. Jeff took the time to answer all my questions and address my concerns to my satisfaction.
- S.T., February 2017
Jeff was extremely thorough and provided a detailed report very quickly after the inspection. He worked with us to provide solutions to issues we uncovered during inspection. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.B., February 2017
Thanks Jeff!
- W.P., January 2017
We were so pleased with Jeff Messick as our inspector for our new home at Carnes Crossroads. He paid close attention to little details as well as larger items. He was very professional but open to us asking questions. Mr. Messick was very thorough and took his time during the inspection. My husband and I were very pleased and would certainly recommend Jeff Messick to do a high quality job! Thanks again, Vicki and Preston Lewis
- V.L., January 2017
Efficient, thorough, and professional inspector.
- E.B., January 2017
Thanks, Jeff, for a thorough and comprehensive report. We appreciate your care, promptness, and professionalism exhibited throughout the inspection. We'd be happy to recommend you to anyone!
- W.T., December 2016
Jeff - This was the most complete and easily understood home inspection report that I have ever seen. Thank you for your attention to detail - especially in helping us resolve the safety concerns! Bev Kubik
- B.K., November 2016
Thanks again Jeff. Your report was very helpful and thorough. I gave a copy of the report to my Real Estate Agent, and she assisted in getting the items listed in your report corrected. I was totally satisfied with your Proficiency and Expertise. I will be recommending you to everyone I know that is in need of a home inspection. Ken B.
- K.B., November 2016
Thank you for the very thorough and complete report!
- P.F., August 2016