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Joby McDonald

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call CheckPoint Property Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 802-503-3884 Mobile Phone: 802-503-3884

About CheckPoint Property Inspections

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Burlington and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Trained in commecial property inspections as well as state certifications in lead and natural gas laws.


Over 22 years experience over 3,000 inspections completed


Joby was the perfect inspector! He walked us through everything he was looking at, gave us details on things we’d have to keep in mind in the future, and was very informative about the house and home owning. He was very easy to work with and made the inspection painless. I would definitely recommend choosing him for inspections!
- Z.D., July 2021
Loved working with Joby answered all our questions and was very detailed. Definitely made us feel confident
- E.S., July 2021
Phenomenally well done. Everyone was extreemly impressed with both your inspection itself and the report after. Thank you very very much Joby!
- S.M., July 2021
Joby is so easy to work with and SO thorough! His report is very extensive and shows every little detail which is amazing for inspections when buying a home. He got back to me very quickly after my initial request to work with him and set up the inspection date immediately. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Joby!
- M.K., June 2021
Joby was great, very thorough and took his time to make sure I understood everything. Would absolutely recommend.
- C.R., June 2021
Excellent. Did an amazing job explaining every details. I have learned a lot from the inspection. I highly recommend Joby.
- S.B., April 2021
Very informative and pleasant to work with
- M.R., ANDOVER MA, March 2021
Joby did a great job reviewing all the systems in the home we are intending to purchase. He identified many areas of concern and suggested mitigations for each. I truly appreciated his expert perspective. Due to Joby's meticulous work, I believe that I have a better understanding of what I'm getting into with this property. Thank you!
- E.S., February 2021
When I arrived at the property Joby was already there and had just finished taking areal images of everything with his drone. He was very professional and extremely informative with any questions I had along the way but balanced with being super personable and down to earth which I appreciated very much. He worked systematically through the inspection of the whole property explaining everything he was seeing both positive and negative. I felt confident in his assessment and came away with a solid understanding of how to approach the next step in this process. He is quick to respond to questions via the phone and is very approachable and available. I highly recommend Joby.
- E.W., February 2021
Joby was so detailed and thorough in his inspection, and very friendly. I appreciated that he explained in detail what he was seeing as he went along - both examples of good craftsmanship and areas that might need attention. He was patient with my many questions, and made sure that I felt comfortable with each area of the home before moving on to the next. The inspection report arrived less than 48 hours after the inspection and was comprehensive and easy to understand. I highly recomment Joby!
- E.L., January 2021
Joby was wonderful! He was extremely thorough and really took the time to not only explain what needed to be repaired, but also explained the general routine home maintenance needed to keep our future house safe and up to protocol. He also explained each system and how it functions, which as a first time home buyer was extremely appreciated. He was quick but thorough, very friendly yet professional. He has years of experience and it certainly shows. We would highly recommend his service!
- A.Q., January 2021
Joby was an exceptional inspector. His communications were quick, clear and he scheduled our inspection and gave the report in a very timely manner. His report gave multiple photos and descriptions of issues and next steps. We found Joby to be very professional and helpful and would use his services again in the future.
- D.C., January 2021
Excellent, thorough and educational.
- P.M., December 2020
We HIGHLY recommend Joby McDonald. He was incredibly thorough and went above and beyond in his explanations for us. It was a valuable learning experience and you can tell that Joby really cares about the quality work that he does.
- L.M., December 2020
Joby was absolutely wonderful to work with! He was very informative and took his time to let us know in detail what he found. We highly recommend Joby! The report was very well done in detail with lots of pictures. You can clearly see in the report the hard work and detail that went into it.
- M.B., December 2020
Joby came highly recommended to me from my realtor and I'm glad I went with her suggestion. Joby was very thorough and professional. Very reasonably priced as well. Thank you Kim
- K.S., November 2020
I definitely recommend Joby! He was very thorough and did a great job sorting the important from the less important. He arrived on time and worked through rain and snow. He took the time to discuss his findings and his explanations were clear and understandable. R.S. Oct 2020
- R.S., November 2020
Extremely detailed, but speaks plain English. A true professional. Excellent attitude & fun to work with. Simply, the Best !!
- C.T., November 2020
Joby was wonderful to work with, friendly, professional, and happy to share and explain details of the inspection. It was very helpful and informative process.
- A.K., Philadelphia PA, October 2020
Joby is truly someone who takes pride in his work. He doesn't ever rush, and he made sure to answer even the smallest questions in very understandable language. His decades of experience have trained his eye to spot hidden, possibly major, problems. When he points out those problems, he also gives multiply options to resolve them... options that will help you negotiate for a better deal, or, if you have to fix the problems yourself, that are the most economical.
- R.P., October 2020
Joby did a great job on our inspection. He was very thorough and took the time to explain each step and the impact on the home, offering suggestions to keep in mind in the coming years. Very personable, on time, and very knowledgeable.
- F.L., September 2020
Joby is the best inspector I have ever worked with. A consumate professional and fun to be around.
- K.C., September 2020
Joby did a wonderful job explaining things to me throughout the inspection. He was very personable and extremely thorough, and I learned a lot. I highly recommend Joby.
- E.P., September 2020
Joby was very thorough with the inspection of my house. He clearly knows his stuff and verbalized it with me as I shadowed him and then communicated it very well in the written report. Now my work begins to do the repairs and improvements he has reported to me. If you want a comprehensive inspection and report, contact Joby.
- M.E., September 2020
There would be no hesitation as to who we would call should we need another home inspection. As first time homebuyers we felt that Joby was incredibly thorough and appreciated the time he spent really walking us through everything. He made sure that we fully understood what his remarks would be in the written inspection that would follow the in person walk through and provided opportunities for us to ask questions. He was incredibly personable and knowledgeable!
- K.G., August 2020
Joby did a great job walking us through our first inspection as first time home buyers. He covered the maintenance of all the systems in the home and gave us tips on improving energy efficiency among many other things. We will certainly reach back out to him if we are in need of any other home inspection services.
- J.M., August 2020
Joby provided a very thorough report and took the time to answer all of my questions. Being out of state, I was not able to attend the inspection in person and was also unfamiliar with the whole home buying process in Vermont in general. I really liked the online inspection report and all the commentary laid out for me with the pictures. I definitely felt like Joby was on my side looking out for current issues and items that might become an issue later on. Thank you!
- A.L., August 2020
Joby was fantastic! Our family has used his services a few times, now We are first time home buyers and are using him. alot of this was new to us. He was very helpful in pointing out everything even the small things to help us better understand the home we are buying (what each pipe goes too, what each valve does, what each switch is for etc). He helped explain things is terms we can understand. We will for sure be calling Joby every time we need a home inspection no question!! Thank you Joby, you're awesome!
- K.C., June 2020
Joby did a very through and great job inspecting our new home. He was very honest with us and gave us a pretty detailed report. We couldn't have asked for a better inspector. We bought a log home and he was very knowledgeable about log homes and gave us peace of mind in our decision to purchase. Thank you Joby for being a part of one of the most important decisions our family has had to make in awhile.
- K.P., SOUTH BARRE VT, June 2020
Joby did an excellent job. I feel like I got a wonderful understanding of what needed to be done in the house. He basically gave a to do list of maintenance. He was jovial during the process and had great stories. I could not recommend him more highly. Best, RJ
- R.A., June 2020
It was very quick and easy to schedule, and Joby gave a lot of flexibility when rescheduling became necessary. He answered questions about the scope of the inspection beforehand, and did follow ups by phone and email leading up to the day. On site, he was professional and very personable. Joby was thorough at the inspection and approachable for clarifications and recommendations about what he observed and recorded. The inspection report was also thorough, well detailed and easy to understand. Highly recommended.
- C.J., May 2020
Incredibly professional and thorough. Would highly recommend for any inspection need. Joby’s extensive experience and knowledge shows.
- T.S., March 2020
Working with Joby was an absolute pleasure. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough.
- R.W., March 2020
Joby has encyclopedic knowledge, is courteous, forthcoming and prompt. Great job!
- J.S., Worcester VT, March 2020
Very knowledgeable. Great job.
- C.B., March 2020
Very thorough, communication was great, excellent work! Got all the info we needed.
- G.L., March 2020
A very thorough and in depth inspection with a good explanation of any issues that were discovered. I would definitely recommend checkpoint property inspections !
- T.L., Hope RI, February 2020
Joby was very thorough in inspecting our new property. He explained the issues clearly and demonstrated extensive knowledge about local building regulations that were very helpful for me to know as a buyer.
- M.M., February 2020
Joby was extremely thorough. I had never been through the process before. He explained to me exactly how the process could work and then proceeded to do exactly what he said he would. He gave me the option to wait until he was done to discuss everything or walk around with him and talk about things as they came up. He checked every inch, nook, and cranny of the home. He had some really good information and suggestions, especially since I will be a first time homeowner. The report Joby sent me was also very thorough and had a lot of really important and detailed suggestions and information in it. I really appreciate the job he did and thought the fee I paid for the inspection was worth every penny!
- D.M., February 2020
Loved that Joby talked me through every single thing. Really a great experience. Thank you!
- J.S., February 2020
- J.A., Kingwood TX, January 2020
Joby left no stone unturned and I found him to be very easy to talk to and ask questions of. The inspection was thorough and the report was easy to understand. Very glad to have had Joby do the inspection on my first home!
- J.P., December 2019
Made me feel more confident about my purchase and know the home better!
- B.F., November 2019
Very thorough. Joby does a good job reviewing critical elements and providing a clear explanation of what he is doing and why as well as explaining the concerns.
- B., November 2019
I would definitely recommend Joby to anyone looking for a home inspection. He was very knowledgeable and kept us involved throughout the whole home inspection. Not only was he professional but made the inspection fun and not just another boring step in the home buying process.
- C.C., November 2019
Very thorough, knowledgeable,good communicator , timely, etc etc Does his job very well !
- P.S., Greenbush ME, October 2019
Both thorough and knowledgeable; a pleasure to work with.
- T.K., October 2019
Joby was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him!
- S.A., September 2019
Hi Joby, The home inspection report is thorough and informative. The fact that I was there the day you did it made it much clearer to understand as I was being informed as you discovered items. I wish I had you do our's in Connecticut years ago as that didn't go as well. I am using your report to hopefully get the seller to address some of the issues you discovered. I will recommend you to any possible contacts I make after we finalize this home purchase in Vermont. You are a great representative for your industry. Keep up the professional way you do business. Jim Bourgoin
- J.B., September 2019
We had a great morning with Joby! He gave us tons of information and answered all our questions. His report was easy to understand and would be a good resource in years to come. Plus he is a fun guy to hang out with. You can't do better than Joby! Thanks so much!
- L.C., September 2019
Joby is friendly and extremely knowledgeable, he goes above and beyond expectations for a home inspector! We highly recommend working with him!
- L.G., August 2019
Mr McDonald is obviously very dedicated in his work. He not only ensures every detail is addressed he also explained how too fix or repair in great detail. He is big on safety issues. Joby will also take the time to take your phone call at anytime and talk with his clients. I have had several houses and have never had an inspector go beyond the call of duty as Mr McDonald. I would highly recommend him !!!
- R.S., July 2019
I have used Joby in the past for another home we purchased and both times have been extremely happy with his service. He is thorough, friendly and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Joby.
- L.M., WATERBURY Dux, July 2019
Did a great job. Very friendly and service-oriented. Explained many things along the way. Strong recommendation!
- S.R., Glen Ridge NJ, July 2019
Very impressed with the detail and objectiveness of the inspection. There were numerous things pointed out that were significant safety issues which would be very costly to correct. The inspection gave the information we needed to negotiate or walk away. Many thanks!
- D.J., June 2019
Joby was extremely thorough with our inspection of our soon to be home. He was professional, yet down to earth and easy to talk to! Highly recommend!
- M.C., June 2019
We enjoyed spending time with Joby as he inspected our new home. He was very informative and thorough. His report was prompt and jammed packed with helpful information about our home. Thank you Joby for making our home buying experience easier.
- J.B., June 2019
I can?t speak highly enough of Joby?s demeanor, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness in making what is a terrifying part of the home buying process into a pleasant experience. His knowledge and ability to translate issues into real-world terms is highly valuable!
- B.R., June 2019
Mr. McDonald came highly recommended by professionals in the business of real estate. And now I understand why; he was prompt, thorough, and thoughtful. He spoke to me as an expert in the field while educating me about what he was seeing on the property and interpreting his findings in a way that was clear and concise. He was personable and patient, making a long time out in the cold rain, inspecting the exterior, much less painful. The report that he generated was extremely detailed and it will be a valuable document to work from as I begin to make improvements on the property.
- R., May 2019
I was thrilled with my home inspection by Joby! He was extremely knowledgeable and really took the time to explain things to me during the inspection so that I understood the workings of my house. The inspection report was completed quite quickly and was very thorough with tons of pictures and explanations. I would not hesitate for a moment to hire Joby again for a home inspection!
- F., May 2019
Joby was very professional and knowledgeable. I have already recommended him to someone!
- F., April 2019
For a first time homebuyer, Joby was very attentive and informative with his Inspection and the results. 100% satisfaction
- S., April 2019
Mr. McDonald was very thorough and took the time to explain all assets of the house to include problem areas as well as good points. He listened to our concerns and future ideas for the house, then always had a thoughtful response and a reason to back it up. He is a true professional who takes his job seriously and focuses in on your needs as a customer. We have purchased about 10 homes and I have never met another inspector like him. Even though we didn't buy the house he inspected (BTW: thank you Joby!), we will find another home and when we do, we will hire Joby again!
- C., April 2019
We were impressed by Mr. McDonald's professionalism, standards of performance, and willingness to provide late-night, detailed answers to our questions about the report. In addition, his utilization of drone technology and an easily navigated web portal raise his work to a high standard of excellence. A friend of ours who is a former contractor said the inspection report from Mr. McDonald was the best he had ever seen. It has certainly helped us. Thank you for being the best! D. and R.
- W., April 2019
We are so grateful for the inspection on the home we hoped to purchase. We knew it would need work but because of your inspection, we were able to see the full scope of the work and it was much too much for us to take on and manage financially. Thank you for being so thorough and helpful. We would be very pleased if you could do the inspection on our future home whenever that happens. Thank you!
- T., February 2019
Joby was extremely knowledgeable and a very likeable person. He talked us through the whole inspection and answered all of our questions. The advice and knowledge we were given was well worth the time and money. We are very satisfied!
- F., February 2019
You did an awesome job and I feel much more confident with what I'll have to do to improve my home (and what I'm getting myself into). You're honest about your opinions and what you think of the house, which is great for a first time homebuyer because I don't know what is or isn't OK.
- T.H., February 2019
Excellent job overall. Very complete and detailed review of all house systems. Helpful advice and tips on issues large and small. Very pleased with the inspection!
- S., February 2019
Joby was kind enough to let me follow him around during the inspection and took the time to thoroughly explain each aspect of the inspection along with his findings. I would highly recommend Joby McDonald's services to anyone needing a home inspection.
- C., January 2019
Very thorough and made sure we understood everything he was going over with us!
- S., January 2019
Very friendly and professional! Would gladly recommend Joby to anyone!
- B.c., December 2018
We were very impressed by Joby's expertise and knowledge. He communicated his findings in language that was technical yet easy to understand. We will certainly seek out Joby should we need another home inspection in the future.
- D., December 2018
Excellent job! Thank you for taking the extra time to explain in detail all of the necessary improvements and potential maintenance to keep the house in good order.
- B., October 2018
Friendly, personable, easy to talk to, willing to provide opinions, helpful in putting issues in perspective. Our home inspection with Joby was a very positive experience and we're grateful for his insight, experience, and open invitation to contact him with any follow-up questions or to validate contractor solutions for future repairs.
- R., October 2018
Joby was prompt, knowledgeable, fun and thorough.
- S.E., South Burlington VT, September 2018
Joby was an amazing home inspector. He is knowledgeable about construction and home mechanics, uses state-of-the-art equipment, and thoroughly explains his findings to his clients. We would highly recommend him to those buying or selling a home.
- C., September 2018
Even though I hadn't met you in person, I felt reassured with your personality and that you kept me informed along the way. Thank you, you have made my home buying experience an amazing one.
- P., September 2018
You were extremely friendly and easy to talk to and up front and said it how it is. A lot of flexibility and to allow my child there with me was so special and helpful! I like bed how you would explain to me something if I didn't understand very much would recommend to anyone! Thanks again!!!!
- F., September 2018
Jobe's inspection was very thorough. He went through everything with me, pointing out issues he was noting in the report and telling me verbally what to look and be aware of in my new home. His report included lots and lots photographs as well as in-depth descriptions of everything he went over in person. The report will be terrific for reference when other building professionals come in to do the maintenance Jobe suggested. His thoroughness and attention to detail was outstanding. I highly recommend Jobe for any inspection needs.
- M., September 2018
Joby was very knowledgeable and friendly. He's not afraid to get dirty for his clients. Thank you for the great experience!
- M., September 2018
Joby was a wonderful inspector and good guy in general. Very through and easy too work with. I will be using him again. Great Experience, Thank you Joby! Bob M
- M., August 2018
Joby was thorough and really took the time to explain things to me. After going through the inspection process with him, I feel so much more secure and confident about what I'm purchasing, and for a first time homebuyer that is priceless!
- L., August 2018
Thanks for your thorough inspection and patience with all my questions!
- B.P., August 2018
Joby was extremely helpful and great to work with!
- M., August 2018
Very thorough and had lots of great information while I walked around with him. Informed me of Vermont ways of doing things as I was from out of state. Very personable and knowledgeable. Report was completed as promised.
- R., July 2018
Joby - I appreciate your knowledge and thoroughness. Your willingness to share and teach is a great value added benefit. I feel much more prepared to move in!
- C., July 2018
Joby did a fantastic job of pointing out all the issues in a way that I really not only understood, but feel confident about fixing. Thanks a bunch! George Shumar Jr
- S., July 2018
Joby McDonald was a phenomenal home inspector. He was both incredibly knowledgable and delightful to interact with. He took his time making sure all was inspected and had great patience in explaining things. He was thorough and helped us out so much! We really enjoyed him and have already recommended him to others. We couldn't have asked for a better individual to help us through this part of our home buying experience. We are grateful for his knowledge and expertise!
- C., June 2018
Joby is very good at his job, easy to talk too, and knows what he is talking about. I was a little worried going into this but he made it smooth sailing and made sure we understood what he was saying and why he would point certain things out. I would highly recommend Joby. Awesome job!
- L., June 2018
Thank you! The home inspection was incredibly informative. I really had a lot of fun too. I?m very glad I had the chance to meet you. I plan on recommending your service to anyone I can. Take care!
- S., May 2018
We used Joby on our first time house purchase. It was an old house with lots of issues and potential problems. Joby was unbelievably thorough and knowledgeable. He is also very easy to talk to and loves to share his knowledge. I highly recommend him.
- B., May 2018
Very easy to work with. Very knowledgeable.
- P., May 2018
I very much appreciate your professionalism and helpful manner. It's wonderful to have such a thorough detailed job done and get explanations of each aspect throughout the process. Thanks.
- M., May 2018
Joby did an excellent job for our home inspection. He is very knowledgeable and very thorough. His report and photos were very professional. The use of "HomeGauge" made it very easy for us to access the documents and share information with sellers agent. I would go back to Joby in a heartbeat if another home inspection is ever needed in the future.
- M., April 2018
The report was thorough and fair. This is the second time my family has used Joby McDonald and the experience has been great.
- C., April 2018
Thank you for explaining everything to me! I appreciate you taking your time throughout the inspection to ensure I understood what you were seeing.
- M., April 2018
Thorough, quite knowledgeable, very good at explaining and presenting everything. If I have need for another inspection I know who I will be calling first! Thank you!
- C., April 2018
Joby provided excellent service from the moment I called to make an appointment to prompt delivery of the detailed inspection report. His cheerfully professional approach to the inspection made for a running dialogue that included explanations and different approaches to potential solutions. The report provided significant detail, explanations of concerns, good (and in focus) photographs, and references to additional information. I would, without a doubt, recommend Joby and Checkpoint Property Inspections to another person, especially if they are a first time homebuyer.
- W., April 2018
Joby exceeded my expectations. He is a knowledgeable, humorous, character. This is my first home buying experience and he made the inspection process extremely easy to understand, as well as leaving me with a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend Joby to anyone!
- L., April 2018
Joby was very thorough and knowledgeable, and had our inspection report to us within 48 hours. Every issue found was photographed and described, and the report is available online, for easy review. Joby exceeded our expectations, and made the entire inspection very informative, interesting, and fun. He has a genuine interest in the houses he inspects, and makes an effort to determine why repairs were done the way they were done, which leads him to find the root cause of some issues.
- F., April 2018