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Joby McDonald

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call CheckPoint Property Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 802-503-3884 Mobile Phone: 802-503-3884

About CheckPoint Property Inspections

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Burlington and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Trained in commecial property inspections as well as state certifications in lead and natural gas laws.


Over 22 years experience over 3,000 inspections completed


Excellent job! Thank you for taking the extra time to explain in detail all of the necessary improvements and potential maintenance to keep the house in good order.
- B., October 2018
Friendly, personable, easy to talk to, willing to provide opinions, helpful in putting issues in perspective. Our home inspection with Joby was a very positive experience and we're grateful for his insight, experience, and open invitation to contact him with any follow-up questions or to validate contractor solutions for future repairs.
- R., October 2018
Joby was prompt, knowledgeable, fun and thorough.
- S.E., South Burlington VT, September 2018
Joby was an amazing home inspector. He is knowledgeable about construction and home mechanics, uses state-of-the-art equipment, and thoroughly explains his findings to his clients. We would highly recommend him to those buying or selling a home.
- C., September 2018
Even though I hadn't met you in person, I felt reassured with your personality and that you kept me informed along the way. Thank you, you have made my home buying experience an amazing one.
- P., September 2018
You were extremely friendly and easy to talk to and up front and said it how it is. A lot of flexibility and to allow my child there with me was so special and helpful! I like bed how you would explain to me something if I didn't understand very much would recommend to anyone! Thanks again!!!!
- F., September 2018
Jobe's inspection was very thorough. He went through everything with me, pointing out issues he was noting in the report and telling me verbally what to look and be aware of in my new home. His report included lots and lots photographs as well as in-depth descriptions of everything he went over in person. The report will be terrific for reference when other building professionals come in to do the maintenance Jobe suggested. His thoroughness and attention to detail was outstanding. I highly recommend Jobe for any inspection needs.
- M., September 2018
Joby was very knowledgeable and friendly. He's not afraid to get dirty for his clients. Thank you for the great experience!
- M., September 2018
Joby was a wonderful inspector and good guy in general. Very through and easy too work with. I will be using him again. Great Experience, Thank you Joby! Bob M
- M., August 2018
Joby was thorough and really took the time to explain things to me. After going through the inspection process with him, I feel so much more secure and confident about what I'm purchasing, and for a first time homebuyer that is priceless!
- L., August 2018
Thanks for your thorough inspection and patience with all my questions!
- B.P., August 2018
Joby was extremely helpful and great to work with!
- M., August 2018
Very thorough and had lots of great information while I walked around with him. Informed me of Vermont ways of doing things as I was from out of state. Very personable and knowledgeable. Report was completed as promised.
- R., July 2018
Joby - I appreciate your knowledge and thoroughness. Your willingness to share and teach is a great value added benefit. I feel much more prepared to move in!
- C., July 2018
Joby did a fantastic job of pointing out all the issues in a way that I really not only understood, but feel confident about fixing. Thanks a bunch! George Shumar Jr
- S., July 2018
Joby McDonald was a phenomenal home inspector. He was both incredibly knowledgable and delightful to interact with. He took his time making sure all was inspected and had great patience in explaining things. He was thorough and helped us out so much! We really enjoyed him and have already recommended him to others. We couldn't have asked for a better individual to help us through this part of our home buying experience. We are grateful for his knowledge and expertise!
- C., June 2018
Joby is very good at his job, easy to talk too, and knows what he is talking about. I was a little worried going into this but he made it smooth sailing and made sure we understood what he was saying and why he would point certain things out. I would highly recommend Joby. Awesome job!
- L., June 2018
Thank you! The home inspection was incredibly informative. I really had a lot of fun too. I?m very glad I had the chance to meet you. I plan on recommending your service to anyone I can. Take care!
- S., May 2018
We used Joby on our first time house purchase. It was an old house with lots of issues and potential problems. Joby was unbelievably thorough and knowledgeable. He is also very easy to talk to and loves to share his knowledge. I highly recommend him.
- B., May 2018
Very easy to work with. Very knowledgeable.
- P., May 2018
I very much appreciate your professionalism and helpful manner. It's wonderful to have such a thorough detailed job done and get explanations of each aspect throughout the process. Thanks.
- M., May 2018
Joby did an excellent job for our home inspection. He is very knowledgeable and very thorough. His report and photos were very professional. The use of "HomeGauge" made it very easy for us to access the documents and share information with sellers agent. I would go back to Joby in a heartbeat if another home inspection is ever needed in the future.
- M., April 2018
The report was thorough and fair. This is the second time my family has used Joby McDonald and the experience has been great.
- C., April 2018
Thank you for explaining everything to me! I appreciate you taking your time throughout the inspection to ensure I understood what you were seeing.
- M., April 2018
Thorough, quite knowledgeable, very good at explaining and presenting everything. If I have need for another inspection I know who I will be calling first! Thank you!
- C., April 2018
Joby provided excellent service from the moment I called to make an appointment to prompt delivery of the detailed inspection report. His cheerfully professional approach to the inspection made for a running dialogue that included explanations and different approaches to potential solutions. The report provided significant detail, explanations of concerns, good (and in focus) photographs, and references to additional information. I would, without a doubt, recommend Joby and Checkpoint Property Inspections to another person, especially if they are a first time homebuyer.
- W., April 2018
Joby exceeded my expectations. He is a knowledgeable, humorous, character. This is my first home buying experience and he made the inspection process extremely easy to understand, as well as leaving me with a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend Joby to anyone!
- L., April 2018
Joby was very thorough and knowledgeable, and had our inspection report to us within 48 hours. Every issue found was photographed and described, and the report is available online, for easy review. Joby exceeded our expectations, and made the entire inspection very informative, interesting, and fun. He has a genuine interest in the houses he inspects, and makes an effort to determine why repairs were done the way they were done, which leads him to find the root cause of some issues.
- F., April 2018
Joby did a professional inspection, giving very pertinent information as inspection progressed! The pictures were very useful in getting various contractors engaged in the house purchase process, right away. He was able to get a 130 + page report to me in 2 days! Well worth money spent.
- S., April 2018
Very thorough, excellent communication, very helpful report and format. Would recommend in a minute.
- L., April 2018
Joby you are awesome! Very personable, funny and explained everything so perfectly. You did a very thorough job, answered any questions I had and let us know everything that needed and didn't "need" to be known. I will recommend you to anyone!
- C., March 2018
Joby was very friendly and made me feel comfortable to ask any questions that I had. He gave me complete peace of mind on the property I was purchasing. Worth every penny!
- C., March 2018
Joby did a fabulous job on our home inspection and was very thorough and explained everything to us!!! Will definitely recommend Joby for an inspection to others.
- B., February 2018
I found Joby professional and personable. He was straightforward in indicating problem areas, but also helped allay some concerns. He gave both specific and overall impressions, which kept things in perspective. Joby listened to my questions, showed abundant patience, and exhibited extensive knowledge. Both before and after the inspection, Joby was outstanding at communicating with me and my realtor. I feel confident with the Inspection services provided, and comforted knowing Joby will be available for future guidance!
- M., February 2018
Joby is professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He takes the time to explain his areas of concern to buyers particularly when it come to health and safety issues. He is reliable , courteous, and has a great sense of humor. He is my go to guy for home inspections and I would highly recommend him.
- K.C., January 2018
Joby was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He explained things in detail and was happy to answer any questions I had for him. Highly recommend.
- J., December 2017
Great experience ( twice!) using Joby for an inspection. The experience was relaxed yet jam-packed with information not only about the property but general property maintenance which I really appreciated. Joby is professional and very thorough, also quite jovial and I would highly recommend him. Thanks Joby !
- H., November 2017
Thank you for your flexibility and honesty.
- K., September 2017
Joby was very personable, easy to work with, and explained things clearly. I would most definitely recommend him. A suggestion would be for him to bring a tape measure and have the clients measure the foundation of their future home. We figured out afterwards that the house wasn't the size the town says it is (the foundation is 120 square feet smaller) which affects the space he's inspecting, plus the assessment for tax purposes! This has nothing, of course, to do with his actual inspection but could be enlightening to many a potential home buyer.
- A., September 2017
Extremely knowledgeable and professional inspector with top of the line technology and expertise. Joby will take you through all the details on how to improve everything with your house step by step. Would highly recommend to anyone without hesitation. Eric Quintin Barre VT
- Q., August 2017
Joby McDonald is knowledgeable, patient, and professional. The house he inspected for me is over 100 years old. He knew the construction techniques of that time period and what their pluses and minuses in today's terms. He welcomed my "tagging along" throughout the inspection, explaining his findings, answering whatever questions I had. It meant that the inspection took longer than if I was not there, but he was in no way bothered by that. He also did not talk down to me as a woman. Even though my brother accompanied me throughout the inspection, when Joby found out that I am the purchaser, he addressed his comments to me. He never dismissed my questions. I also like the fact that he used a drone to view the roof, and that I am able to see the condition of the roof for myself as a result. I also found his fee to be reasonable.
- L., August 2017
Joby was very thorough and knowledgeable about everything in my new home. Great to work with! I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- C., July 2017
Joby was very pleasant and even though his written report was very thorough, including lots of images, he still time on a weekend to walk me through it all on the phone. Highly recommend!
- W., July 2017
We're so glad that a friend recommended Joby McDonald to us. He was so thorough, knowledgeable, and explained everything in layman's terms! He answered all of our questions, was completely frank and also fun to be around! We have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. Thanks, Joby!
- C., July 2017
Up Front, honest, tells it like it is
- B., July 2017
I would very highly recommend Joby McDonald for an inspection! In a busy season, he was the only one on my call list who actually answered his phone. We scheduled an appointment that very day and he was punctual for and personable during the inspection. He was thorough in the inspection and even before it began, providing a quote over the phone and giving any necessary reminders. His total cost was even less than he quoted! Joby is definitely the guy for the job.
- , June 2017
Joby was professional, very thorough, all around outstanding!
- M., June 2017
Joby was prompt, efficient and best of all he was very thourough. My wife and I appreciate the information and feedback he provided us and the pictures that were helpful.
- I., June 2017
Jody was a pleasure to work with on the inspection. His detailed knowledge of construction and mechanical workings made the inspection both helpful and reassuring to us. He could tell quickly whether something that looked like an issue was or not, had specific recommendations on both solutions and/or ways to test it and answered all questions until we were satisfied. His easy going manner made it an enjoyable time both learning about the details of our house as well as understanding its issues. We highly recommend Jody to anyone wanting a thorough and detailed inspection of their current or future home.
- H., June 2017
Thank you for doing the inspection!
- R., June 2017
Thank you for a thorough, intelligent, well explained inspection of my prospective new home. Your report was clear and reiterated everything we discussed in person. Your on line reporting system is amazing and so easy to use to review each area of the inspection and to create a list of items to be addressed by seller.
- L., May 2017
We learned so much at our inspection with Joby! I feel like our house will be in better shape for years to come and we'll be better homeowners because of the things we learned. We know exactly what we're buying--Joby explained everything simply but in detail. The report and all the pictures are great! We'll refer back to it for years.
- P., May 2017
Thank you for such a thorough and incredibly helpful discussion and report about the house and barn! Not only do i feel like i have a better idea of what issues there are with the house but i also feel like i have a great way to prioritize the necessary repairs and upgrades to the house as well. My previous experience with home inspectors pales pitifully compared to what you offered and how ready i feel to live in this house for many years to come.
- U., May 2017
Thanks for covering the details and taking the time to do the inspection well! i really feel like i know what i am buying now!
- C., May 2017
Joby has done 2 properties for us this month. He is very methodical. He takes his time with you to explain what he is doing and why and also how to either fix, repair or maintain the upkeep and care of each area. He goes over the updates on the regulations and codes to date. A true expert in his field and very personable. I would highly recommend his company and services. D. R. Fish
- F., April 2017
Great inspection, very detailed and a lot of great conversation and suggestions on home repair. Highly recommend Joby, great job and report. Jeff Koch April 2017
- K., April 2017
The amount of pictures and details provided were amazing. Also, the information on recommended issues and if they need a contractor to fix, estimated life cycle and possible replacement needed. Excellent communication any time need. He WILL be the one I will ask to inspect a home if I ever need it again. -Mike
- G., April 2017
Very helpful, knowledgeable and thorough. Personal contact was especially appreciated for specific questions and answers. I would recommend Joby McDonald to anyone looking for a well qualified home inspector.
- H., March 2017
It was a pleasure to work with you. A combination of practical, historical, insightful, and approachable. It made us even more excited about the property, and we now have a wonderful list to plan around for the next several years.
- M.K., March 2017
Honest and trustworthy Joby will not steer you wrong.
- T., March 2017
Joby did a fantastic job inspecting our potential home. He was extremely thorough and took the time to explain everything to us. We are so thankful to have him as our home inspector!
- D., March 2017
He was very thorough, explained everything about what he was looking for and why, and provided a comprehensive inspection report which was so useful to us upon move-in.
- M.P., February 2017
Thanks Joby for doing the inspection. Always on time, professional, and thorough. Thanks again
- Z.B., February 2017
Joby was outstanding! We will use him on all future inspections and recommend him highly.
- K.G., January 2017
Joby did a very thorough job! He was very knowledgeable on all home systems and walked through the house with us explaining everything as he went. He also advised us on how to remedy the problems he found. I also hired a plumber to walk through the house and Joby actually found a major problem in one of the cast iron pipes that the plumber missed. I would definitely hire Joby again!
- J.Z., December 2016
Very pleased...thorough and happy to explain what he was doing, seeing etc. as we tagged along. The end product/report was extremely helpful.
- W.F., December 2016
This was my first time buying a home, I was very impressed with Joby, he was professional and very personable which made the whole process rather enjoyable, he explained everything in full detail what he was looking at and what if anything needed to be repaired or modified, he was happy to answer any questions we had, he even extended that to any questions we may come up with in the future and told us not to hesitate to call him, Joby is super nice and knowledgeable, we are actually using him again on another home, would highly recommend him to anyone buying a home.
- A.N., December 2016
I can not say enough nice things about Joby. He was knowledgeable about everything we asked about, was very clear about what was and what was not a problem. He was very polite and friendly which made a 3-4 hour process enjoyable. I will recommend Joby to anyone who needs a home inspected.
- , September 2016
Joby was an excellent inspector. This was the second property that he inspected for us, and both times he has done a very thorough job. He is very good at explaining what he is looking at as he does the inspection, and provides suggestions for how to deal with issues as he finds them. I recommend Joby very highly, and would encourage anybody in need of a home inspection to utilize his services!
- S.E., September 2016
Joby is a joy to do business with! He is very professional and makes the inspection informative. I appreciate his availability & willingness to answer any questions - even afterwards!
- L.E., Montpelier VT, September 2016
Joby was wonderful! We appreciated how thorough he was and how he spoke with us directly in constructive ways about what he found and how some of the minor and more major issues with the home could be solved creatively and to code. Joby's inspection absolutley informed our decision about the home. We will use Joby in the future and happily recommend his services to others.
- P.C., August 2016
Very personable and professional. Does a thorough job.
- J.k., August 2016
He is extremely knowledgeable and is more than informative with the answers to your questions. I left confident that I knew everything I needed to know about the property!!!
- N.B., August 2016
As first time home borrowers we were very pleased with the thorough home inspection!
- J.M., August 2016
We were very happy with the thorough inspection. Joby was very helpful, patient and informative. In addition, he has also been easily accessible after the inspection for additional questions and as a valuable resource moving forward.
- A.P., August 2016
As a first time home buyer, the entire process is new to me. Having an inspector who will walk through every room and look at every corner of the property is crucial. Not only was Joby extremely thorough in his inspection, he is a pleasure to spend time with. Lastly, he produces an extremely detailed and comprehensive report within days. I will be recommending his name to anyone who is in need of his services. Thank you, Joby!
- M.B., August 2016
It was a pleasure working with you and it was so nice to walk though with you and getting the personal inspection with you we thank you for you service .
- A.Y., August 2016
He was thorough, frank, and enthusiastic! He really knows his stuff. I'm grateful for his work, and would absolutely recommend him for other properties.
- M.A., July 2016
Joby was friendly and knew everything you would need to know at the home inspection. He told me everything that needed work, and how to be maintained after. He knows what he is doing, and worth every dollar so please hire him. Reports are A+
- S.S., July 2016
Mr Joby was phenomenal. Very detailed and informative. Any question we would have had was answered in just his inspection. When "flaws" were noticed with the house, he explained where, what, and why. He made a multiple hour task fun, comfortable, and stress free. My wife and I are now, going through the purchasing process with no worries about the house itself. I never figured I'd want to have my home inspector over for dinner, but Joby will receive an invite to many BBQ's. Joby Rocks! I've recommended him several times over already.
- K., June 2016
Mr Joby was phenomenal. Very detailed and informative. Any question we would have had was answered in just his inspection. When "flaws" were noticed with the house, he explained where, what, and why. He made a multiple hour task fun, comfortable, and stress free. My wife and I are now, going through the purchasing process with no worries about the house itself. I never figured I'd want to have my home inspector over for dinner, but Joby will receive an invite to many BBQ's. Joby Rocks! I've recommended him several times over already.
- , June 2016
Joby was prompt, efficient, and friendly. Best of all, he was thorough. I appreciate the information he gave me and the pictures.
- S.T., June 2016
Joby takes time with my clients and really brings them into the inspection process fully. My husband and I have been designing and building homes for over 40 Years so I feel that I have enough knowledge to know when an inspector knows his stuff. Joby is spectacular!
- J.B., May 2016
I enjoyed touring the house with you, found it to be educational and you present things in a way that is easy to follow and understand, thank you.
- P.J., May 2016
Thanks for an exceptionally well-done job!
- S., April 2016
Thorough, professional, enthusiastic, highly competent and extremely knowledgeable. If you are buying a house in Vermont you won't find a better inspector. We recommend most highly.
- S., April 2016
I was very pleased with him and I recommended him to a friend who is in the process of purchasing a condo.
- A.C., April 2016
Truly amazing job! He is so great to work with. He is careful and takes his time, making sure he looks everything over. Joby also will gladly take the time to explain anything you would like, or you're not sure you understand to the full extent to which you would like. I will always use Joby, and recommend him to anyone!! He is so personable! Thanks soo much for your hard work and dedication! You're a special soul!
- G., April 2016
Excellent work Joby!
- s., March 2016
Joby is incredibly thorough, as well as a lot of fun to work with. I feel that he covered every base possible, and gave us some terrific safety and upgrade suggestions.
- P., March 2016
Very thorough and pleasant to work with.
- L., March 2016
Excellent home inspection, great to work with, noticed all the little details!
- H., February 2016
I would, will and have recommended you because my family and I think you provided us with a great report and lots of advice on how to make our home safe and efficient. We have started the renovations and carry around a copy of your inspection report with us as we go to make sure we address everything that you pointed out. You were very efficient and detailed about everything and answered every question we asked. Thank you so much and look forward to having you come back and inspect the home once all renovations are complete.
- R., February 2016
The inspection was very thorough, he not only did the inspection but gave several good recommendations to extend the life of existing features with maintenance and upkeep to get the most life out of our new home. Was a truly pleasurable experience. I will be calling him again for any inspection needs I may have in the future. Thanks Joby
- R.S., Burlington VT, January 2016
Thank you for your service and knowledge. we were extremely happy as well as impressed with how thorough and personal your inspection was.
- H., January 2016
The inspection was extremely thorough, the report was comprehensive. Joby was extremely knowledgeable and willing to share information with us, encouraging questions and providing information on things that would help us make our home safer and last longer. I would highly recommend Joby!
- M., January 2016
Thorough, knowledgeable, congenial, professional. responsive
- R.S., Montpelier VT, January 2016
Joby was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me in great detail. I learned a lot from him and now feel as if I have a very good idea of the home I'm buying. Thank you Joby!
- S.S., December 2015
Joby was extremely thorough and took the time to explain anything and everything we had questions about. We had a very pleasant and informative inspection, and the report was delivered in a timely manner and included every detail.
- L., December 2015
Thanks for being so thorough, down to earth, and easy to communicate with. You made this process easy and I appreciate all the care you took - and the suggestions! Thanks again!
- F., November 2015