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Joseph Michalski

The BEST Inspections, by the MOST QUALIFIED Inspectors, at the LOWEST prices, with FREE Warranty coverage to protect you in your new home....7 days a week, 364 days a year!

Every Precision Home Inspection is a meticulous, thorough examination of your home by a highly skilled and experienced inspector, using the latest technology, all tailored to meet specific YOUR needs. No need to price shop because we have the best prices in the region (we put them right on our website), and we work 7 days a week to meet YOUR busy schedule. Now, EVERY Precision Home Inspection comes with a FREE package of warranties that inclues a 90-Day Home Warranty, a 5-Year Roof Leak Protection Plan, MoldSafe and SewerGard policies, and a RecallChek report on every appliance in the home.

Follow along with one of the most knowledgeable inspectors in the business - learn all about your home, and get honest answer to all your questions in plain English. Your inspection report is customized to your needs, includes dozens of photos, ages of major systems, vital information and helpful maintenance tips. All delivered electronically, and stored online for up to 5 years.

We mean it when we say, Your Happiness is Guaranteed!!!

  • Home Inspections
  • Condo Inspections
  • Termite Inspections
  • Radon Testing
  • Stucco Inspections
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Mold Testing, and more....

ONE CALL TO PRECISION HOME INSPECTION does it all to schedule ALL your inspection needs! Call today to learn more about the Precision Difference!


NHIE Certified, Certified FEMA Disaster Inspector, Fully Insured and Licensed


Serving all areas of Southeastern PA. We exceed ALL industry standards, and can schedule all your inspections needs with one call. Clear, meticulous reports with dozens of photos that are accurate, informative, and helpful.

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I can not wait to work with him again and again! Fantastic presentation and explanation of issues and systems! Highly Recommended! Laurie Venegas Maureen M Scanlin Real Estate
- L.V., October 2021
He was the best he made sure everything was correctly
- A.S., May 2021
Very thorough in his overall inspection of the unit. Also was very informative in explaining what he discovered and what his recommendations were for the repairs. Also the report was completed in a very timely manner. All in all a great professional job. Would highly recommend him to friends in the future.
- J.Q., February 2021
Joe gives an amazing education for our clients and is quite knowledgeable! He's been helping our clients for over 15 years and we are thankful for all his expertise. I highly recommend Joe to anyone who wants to have the best on their team!
- F.B., Rydal PA, February 2021
The most detailed and knowledgeable inspector I have ever met. The only inspector I will work with going forward!
- T.B., September 2019
He was very good and explained everything very well to me
- A.B., August 2019
Joe was so professional and accommodating. He went through all the fine details of the home and was sure to answer all of my questions. Nice to work with you Joseph, and great blogs, too!
- S.M., March 2019
Joe was extremely thorough and did an excellent job explaining what he was looking for as we went through the home together. If I had questions, they were answered promptly. He did not rush through. Every communication with Joe has been professional. The reports he gave were detailed and easy to comprehend. I felt as though I had a full understand of my home and now I can appreciate every part of it!
- S.B., November 2018
Thanks providing your expertise, and knowledge while doing our home inspection!!!! You explain things in simplest form, allowing a new home owner like myself the ability to walk away with full understanding. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again.
- L.S., October 2018
Joe was outstanding. Explained every issue in detail and was just terrific to work with. Would highly recommend him!
- J.H., June 2018
I would definitely recommend Joseph Michalski he was very knowledgeable and informative also left no stone unturned.
- A.H., May 2018
It was very helpful that you took the time to explain every detail of the inspection. Thank you for your service!!!
- B.G., philadelphia PA, May 2018
Very thorough and very informative. Took his time to explain everything in detail, answered all our questions and gave us great notes.
- B.C., April 2018
Excellent work. Very thorough. And did a great job interacting with me to explain the fixes that needed to occur....
- D.L., March 2018
Joe is a great home inspector. He is very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and detail-oriented. I learned as I went along with him during inspections. I have hired him for 3 home and termite inspections and been very satisfied with his works. I will definitely hire him again if I need a home inspection in the future.
- L.N., February 2018
very professional work great details on everything giving helpful information thank you Joseph.
- G.S., February 2018
Extremely pleased with how Joe conducted the inspection.
- A.M., November 2017
Joe is a very experienced professional who excells at explaining all the issues identified during the home inspection. Most importantly, the Buyers were very please with his service! Thank you Joe!
- C.H., November 2017
Joe was very usefull in explaning and providing information to us. He was really into it and it shows has lots of experience thank you Joe
- V.P., June 2017
Joe took the time to walk me thru and explain all systems to me and how they work and what i can expect and how to keep things running smoothly!! Thanks joe for taking the time to explain these things to me!! Awesome
- M.D., May 2017
Joe was fabulous! He was very nice, professional and thorough. He took the time to answer all of our questions along the way. We had our 2 young children with us for the duration of the inspection and he was very understanding of our occasional diverted attention. I would absolutely recommend Joe to anyone and everyone I know.
- D.M., January 2017
Did a great job!! Exceptional!! The only inspector I use for my home inspections!!! He went above and beyond noticing things we hadn't even thought of, then told us the best way to fix it!!!!! You will be pleased!
- M.B., November 2016
Thank you so much for your thorough report!! It is greatly appreciated!
- M.S., October 2016
Joe was awesome! Even though the property was a rehab and most things appeared to be in good shape, he still took his time with the inspection. Joe & his partner were thorough and went above and beyond to explain everything. They gave me useful information that was not necessarily part of a home inspector's job, but was most certainly appreciated. I would definitely recommend!
- N.C., September 2016
VERY THOROUGH!!! I would recommend him to anyone that needs a home inspection.
- T.J., August 2016
Very thorough and knowledgeable. I appreciate how he explained everything to us. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
- M.F., July 2016
Joe was very knowlegable and thorough. Would recomend to anyone looking for an expert inspection and top shelf service.
- J.N., March 2016
Joseph was knowledgeable and was thorough with all explanations throughout the entire process. He exhibited honesty and was very genuine.
- L.R., March 2016
Pleasure working with you again Joe. Very knowledgeable and provides excellent information to buyers
- M.P., Wayne PA, December 2015
Joe was great. It is much appreciated in my first experience as a home owner to have such an experienced and professional inspector. He was very thorough and made necessary recommendations.
- B.S., October 2015
best person for inspection/explanation-))
- A.Z., September 2015
Joseph was EXTREMELY thorough, a lot better then previous inspectors we have used. We greatly appreciated his advice and would absolutely recommend him to others!!
- D.R., July 2015
Very thorough with our inspection and explained everything so we understood. I would definitely recommend Joe!
- J.P., June 2015
i am very pleased with the inspection that you provided, everything is detailed and very easy to understand.
- A.W., May 2015
Thank you so much for your patience and making me feel protected in a mind bending journey. Laura Kalu
- L.K., April 2015
Thank you.
- Z.R., April 2015
I would highly recommend Joe and his assistant Brett to anyone in need of a home inspection. They were thorough and extremely professional during the inspection itself and subsequent follow up. I had a great experience!
- M.c., March 2015
very experienced I would recommend Him to someone else thank u very much
- O.M., February 2015
Top notch
- P.V., February 2015
Joe does a super Job. he's detail and explained everything so clearly. Keep up the good work. I'll definitely recommend Joe in the future!!!
- G.J., November 2014
Joe was extremely personable, thorough, and explained everything about the house from the foundation to the roof. I would definately recommend him to everyone. His report is extremely detailed, well illustrated with pictures and easy to follow.
- C.M., November 2014
I'm very happy with the inspections and report provided for my buyers, as well as the pricing. I will recommend your services to future clients. Thank you, Dawn Gilmore
- D.G., October 2014
Brett Hoffman was outstanding. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. He took the time to explain everything to me. He was fabulous to work with, and I'd recommend Sherlock Homes to everyone!
- S.G., August 2014
Joe is very professional and knowledgeable. His reports are detailed, precise and understandable. He is respectful of the homes he inspects and of the sellers. Highly recommend him.
- P.S., Philadelphia PA, June 2014
Joe's work help us better understand the overall condition of our potential home. He was very knowledgeable and attentive. He answered all our concerns and explained every single detail that deserved attention for repair. I would definitely recommend Joe for a home inspection
- J.U., May 2014
professional, courteous and thorough.. he was very informative explaining everything and giving us advice on how to take care of the house...highly recommended.
- A.E., May 2014
thank you for your thoroughness and for being so informative!!
- K.H., May 2014
Great service. Very personable. Answered questions patiently and to my satisfaction. Obviously he knows his job and conveys his knowledge and recommendations for property improvements clearly.
- D.F., CANTON MI, May 2014
As a realtor, Joe is always my go-to guy for home inspections. He also recently did the home inspection for the property I personally purchased, and his attention to detail, broad range of knowledge and professionalism were second to none as usual. Thanks Joe!
- C.M., April 2014
He was very thorough and explained everything in detail to us. He answered all of our questions and we left feeling very comfortable, that we knew all that we needed to know about the house. He also gave us some helpful suggestions.
- B.S., April 2014
I've been working with Joe for about 10 years now. His inspections I find to be the most thorough and best educated. He hasn't raised his prices ever and always exceeds our client's expectations. Joe is the best of the best, hands down in my opinion!
- F.B., Rydal PA, April 2014
Joe was very professional and friendly. He answered all my questions and made recommendations an educated me on things I wanted to know more about. He explained the reasons for repairs in a manner that I could understand and also a bit of history for the type of home I am buying in Port Richmond in Philadelphia. He and his assistant Brett worked well as a team. They both pointed out things that I need to know as a homeowner for keeping up the condition of the house. I highly recommend his services.
- M.A., March 2014
Thanks for another great inspection experience, Joe ! Clients , again, are very happy with your information and gentle education !Gail Finnegan
- G.F., Philadelphia PA, March 2014
Thank you for your professional services today. We were very pleased with how thorough and professional you were.
- A.D., March 2014
Joe did a very thorough inspection of the home we looking to purchase. During the walk through he took the time to explain everything to my husband and myself. If he felt something was going to be a concern for us in the near future he was able to tell us within reason how soon that item would need to be addressed and about how much it would cost us. That is very helpful when considering whether or not to purchase a home. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone.
- S.C., March 2014
I was very pleased with your services. Thanks and I would recommend to others.
- S.R., March 2014
Very fair and thorough inspection. Stress testing of plumbing and the hot water heater were witnessed - somethin NOT done by a different inspector of our son's million dollar home - and later found plumbing leaks. Will take recommended actions for elecrtrical and fire safety, and mgreater efficiaency of the AC unit.
- L.G., February 2014
Joe, you were fantastic. Thank you for being thorough and helping us feel confident in our purchase! We will surely recommend you to anyone thinking of purchasing a home.
- J.B., February 2014
Joe you were great, very informative and answered all of our questions in a way we could understand. Great Job! Thank You Adam
- A.B., January 2014
Very thorough and explained everything I asked about. The report online is incredibly helpful. I recommend Joe to first time home buyers.
- S.C., January 2014
Joe is easy to work with, very thorough, reliable and reasonably priced. He took the time to explain his findings to us in addition to highlighting everything in an excellent report. The turn around time on his reports were very fast! I would highly recommend Joe to friends and family!
- K.M., January 2014
Joe was excellent to work with. He was very patient and explained everything clearly and professionally. When thru the entire house from top to bottom. I feel very comfortable knowing what needs to be addressed regarding immediate repairs and future repairs. Joe was very knowledgeable about the age of my heaters and appliances which was also a great help. AAA+++
- Y.D., January 2014
YOU DO GREAT WORK. You pay attention to details. Take pictures of matters to question,or repair. YOU EVEN TAG THE EXACT AREA IN QUESTION. So nice we used you twice I would definately recommend you
- C.T., November 2013
He was a great inspector and very good at inspecting the home very throughly. He took the time at the end to explain the things that he found and to ask where there any addtional questions that I needed answer. Nice guy and I was very pleased with this service.
- D.F., October 2013
he was right on time and look at everything more than once to ensure nothing was missed. the report that was made seem to be right on point. the information he gave about the home was very enlightening above all he was fare I grade his work A+ all the way
- A.J., October 2013
Great work as always, thank you so much.
- S.M., September 2013
Joe was great! Very nice, friendly, professional and accommodating. He explained everything to me clearly and answered all of my questions with a smile.
- M.G., Philadelphia PA, July 2013
Thank you for being such a good inspector. I truly trust your judgment, and I will recommend you to my friends who are going through what I am. Again thank you.
- M.B., June 2013
Thank you Joe. Your work is very professional and you were very helpful and flexible. This is a difficult time for Sally and we appreciate your patience.
- E.S., May 2013
I would highly recommend Joesph Michalski. He was very good with explaining things and took his time.
- C.W., May 2013
Joseph Michalski was a true professional. He gave a very detailed inspection. His vast knowledge really helped and I would definitely recommend him.
- C.P., May 2013
very professional inspection and prompt service- highly recommended
- Z.S., April 2013
Joe-you were great! Will def use you again in the future and refer you! You know your stuff! Thanks again!
- N.G., April 2013
While shopping around I had no idea who to start with. Joe Michalski gave me one of the more inexpensive home inspection quotes in comparison to the competition so I decided to try his service out. He went well beyond my expectations by showing me the problems and thoroughly detailing how to fix the issues in our conversations as well as the detailed report that followed. Joe Michalski has made me a satisfied customer and I will recommend his service to anyone I know in need of it. Cory Bardsley
- C.B., February 2013
ON TIME VERY HELPFUL and FRIENDLY and didn"t talk around the Problem,told you how it was and how to handle it !! Hope to do business with Him in the Future .
- A.S., February 2013
Very professional and knowledgable
- S.G., February 2013
Thank you so much for your time and answering all our questions.
- B.L., February 2013
Joseph did a great job. He knows his stuff. He was very helpful in explaining everything as well as giving a very informative home inspection. Thanks Joseph!!
- E.R., December 2012
Very thorough and professional.
- V.L., November 2012
Joe was excellent. He's very professional,thorough and knowledgeable. If your home needs inspecting contact Joe, because the name of his company speak for itself! "Call Sherlock Homes Inspection Service and he will be on the case. To investigate the problem and give a solution." Thanks Joe! Nashira and Ronald First Home Buyers
- N.J., October 2012
You are awesome at what you do, even though it is bad news that you give people, you really are the warning before the incorrect purchase. Hopefully, in my case the seller will comply and we will meet again for one final inspection. Your services are awesome JOE!!!!! You are very knowledgeable and extremely nice dealing with two women that don't know a great deal about homes but are learning as they go!!!!!
- C.M., October 2012
The inspector was very detailed, informative, and taught me alot about the home that I did not know as a first time home buyer. He did a very thorough inspection and even gave me tips on thins to look out for in the future for the house. I felt very much at ease after dealing with this inspector and I would recommend this inspector to anyone buying a house, especially a first time home buyer who does not know much about the structural components of a house. His detail and instruction really made me feel comfortable and knowledgeable about purchasing and reasoning in my new residence. Bring something to take notes because this guy is an information highway! He has my 100% recommendation to be used again and by other. Also in comparison to other inspection companies, the price is great!
- M.J., September 2012
Thanks Joe.
- B.C., September 2012
Joe is fantastic. He did not rush through the inspection. Explained so many things to us. He was very thorough. And the report looks beautiful and complete. Thank you! Denise and Tom Voisard
- D.V., August 2012
He was very detailed and was very open to explaining what he was doing as well as answering any questions.
- N.C., July 2012
Thank you so much to Mr. Michalski for such a thorough inspection. I was nervous being a first time home buyer, but he explained everything in detail including tips on correcting/maintaining my new home, putting me at ease. The appraisal after the inspection backed up his report. I trust this company and would definitely recommend. Thank you!!!
- A.L., June 2012
Awesome inspector!!! All around excellent!
- B.C., May 2012
Joe was friendly, informative and very thorough inspecting our new home. I highly recommend him for any inspections you may require. In addition he does seperate inspections for insect pests and radon. Thanks again Joe but I still need your list of recommended vendors so I can fine tune my house.
- D.L., March 2012
My inspection with Joe was a good one and a learning experience. He took the time to explain things to my husband and me and made suggestions. He was also very knowledgeable about way things work and what to look for if they start to go bad and not working properly.
- T.B., March 2012
I thought Joseph did a really professional job and he explained things clearly and fully. This is a nerve-wracking process for the potential buyer and Joe's calm efficiency and kind manner was most reassuring. I would recommend him highly.
- H.M., February 2012
Joe is very knowledgeable, detailed and informative. We get along very well and he made it very comfortable for my husband and I to ask him anything. Due to the thorough inspection that Joe provided, it made our deciding factor much easier.
- B.R., January 2012
I would definitely recommend Joe Michalski to my friends and family. He was actually recommended to me by my brother. During the inspection, it was easy to tell that Joe was very knowlegeable. He explained everything to me and my wife as we did the walk through. His report was also very thorough and detailed but in a manner that anyone could understand. Joe was also very friendly and professional. He was actually able to accommodate myself and my wife with an appointment over the weekend. This was scheduled only 3 days in advance. Thanks again Joe!
- A.P., January 2012
Great work. Attention paid to detail. Useful report.
- S.M., October 2011
Joe, You were GREAT. One of the best inspector I have had in years!! My clients really liked you and you made them feel very comfortable. You where very knowledgeable and answered ALL of their questions. I will be using you in the futrue for sure. Thanks again.
- S.C., Bryn Mawr PA, October 2011
Joe was super nice and extremely thorough. Everything was explained in great detail with all recommendations coming with informative reasons. His knowledge and professionalism serves as an excellent guide for making the decision on purchasing the home. Highly recommend Joe and Sherlock Homes Inspection.
- J.L., October 2011
Joseph, I higlly recommend you, for being a excellent-trained professional, with a great expertise in your field of work. I value your concerns, which were brought in such a respectful and kind manner. I thank you for the time devoted to all your explanations. Ivonne Tamayo Philadelphia, PA
- I.T., April 2011
Joe was extremely helpful during my home inspection. He patiently answered all my questions and really knew a lot about the history of Philly homes. As a first time home buyer I greatly appreciated that he took the time to show me everything he was looking at, explain everything that needed to be addressed, why, and how much it would cost. I would highly recommend using his services, he is very honest and respectful.
- B.R., March 2011
Joe was very thorough and informative. I would definitely recommend him!
- J.D., March 2011
I can't imagine the process being more thorough or pleasant an experience! You came highly recommended and I can certainly see why. I will be singing the praises of Joe for many years to come I'm sure :-) Thank you so much!
- K.H., March 2011
Great customer service. Answered questions openly and he was knowledgeable. I would use him again, for sure.
- V.H., Philadelphia PA, January 2011