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John Tarr

HouseMaster Inspection Services*

HouseMaster home and building inspections are geared toward buyers and sellers who seek an independent, third-party, professional evaluation of the condition of the major elements of a home or building before making the financial commitment to purchase, seller or lease.

Clients are encouraged to join the HouseMaster inspector during the inspection. A standard inspection will include the visible and accessible elements of the property pursuant to applicable industry standards including:

·     Central heating system and its components

·     Central cooling system and its components

·     Interior plumbing system and its components

·     Interior electrical system and its components

·     The roof and its components

·     The exterior siding or wall cladding

·     The attic and foundation

·     The walls, ceilings and floors

·     The built-in kitchen appliances (residential)

Optional HouseMaster Inspection Services*  

·     Termite Inspections

·     Radon Screening

·     Water Potability tests

·     Pool inspections

·     Private water and waste system inspections

·     Mold Testing

·     EIFS inspections (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems)

·     New construction inspections

·     Commercial Property Inspections

·     Preventative Maintenance Inspections

·     And more ...


* Actual services offerings vary by office and location. All services provided are subject to the terms and conditions of an inspection agreement and applicable industry standards.