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John Zeoli

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call New Home Inspectors. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 631-368-1800 Mobile Phone: 631-626-4768

About New Home Inspectors

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in East Northport and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


This will be the 7th house I have bought and John is by far the best inspector I have ever had. He was professional,knowledgeable and punctual. He invited me to follow along side of him as he did the inspection, showing and explaining to me the different aspects of my new home. I then received a complete print out with pictures and explanations. The house was in great shape, or so I thought. Because of Johns inspection the seller agreed to reduce the price 10,000.00. Thank you John
- J.F., East Northport NY, June 2017
John: As I mentioned in my text - great report - homeowner is taking care of the majority of the items found. Very descriptive / photos with arrows really help in understanding the issues and your ability to provide your service better than timely - is so important in a service business
- K.B., Gilgo Beach NY, June 2017
John thanks for doing a very thorough inspection. We went to contract on June 9th. The Seller has ten days to fix the active leaks you identified. We then have five days to reinspect the leaks. So if you can set aside the time some time after June 19th, we like you to inspect the leak repairs. We will have the remaining work done after the closing. Again we would like you to inspect the repairs, probably sometime in August. Thanks again! Frank
- F.B., Newton CT, June 2017
John was very thorough and explained to me issues he found in my new condo. He was very patient explaining things to me and the other agent. When I move in, it will now be perfect! Thanks John, it was pleasure meeting with you!
- H.O., Stony brook NY, June 2017
Thank you for helping me avoid many thousands of dollars in repairs! That house ha do been inspected before but the issue you found had gone unnoticed! You'll definitely hear from me when I find the next house!
- C.M., Sound Beach NY, June 2017
Very thorough and professional, mixed with just a pinch of humor. Highly knowledgeable. Recommended to me by a friend, and i in turn would recommend him to a friend.
- K.O., June 2017
John did an excellent job and is very knowledgeable in every aspect. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- E.R., Astoria NY, May 2017
was the great and nice inspector for my new home , the best . the best . the best . very formal and technical work thank you jhon azael & beata
- A.N., May 2017
John did a wonderful job in his inspection. this is the second time I used his services and each time he conducted an excellent inspection in a very professional manner. I highly recommend him.
- P.F., May 2017
I would absolutely recommend John Zeoli to anyone needing a home inspector. He is very thorough and very knowledgeable. He explains everything in great detail as he goes through the house leaving nothing out. I would call on him again in the future if I were to buy another house.
- C.C., Centerport NY, May 2017
Great guy with a great service. Would highly reccomend to anyone who needs a home inspection. Very informative and professional. Thanks again John!
- J.G., Setauket NY, May 2017
Does not skip a single detail. Must use if you're buying a home, or even if you want someone to give you the worlds greatest to do list.
- D.R., Commack NY, May 2017
- D.S., Dix Hills NY, May 2017
We were extremely happy with John's inspection. Not only was he very thorough, knowledgable and professional, he was also quite entertaining. Thanks for everything!
- P.O., May 2017
John have done a few inspection for me and he it's the best! He knows his job very well. Always on time ,very professional I will recommend him to my friends and family members. Thank you John let's hope this it's the one...
- E.R., Hicksville NY, April 2017
Great personality, pleasure to work with. Highly recommended
- C.T., East Setauket IN, April 2017
John was on time, very personable, and incredibly thorough, spending 3 hours going through every detail in the building (some "home inspectors" spend an hour or less on a Brooklyn Brownstone, for a roof, 3-5 floors, and a full basement!). He was also happy to share his findings, both good and bad, in real time presented in language tailored to any person's understanding and experience. He was absolutely chock full of terrific information and recommendations relating to each finding. John is exactly the type of person one would want if surety of the decision to move ahead with a purchase, or just move on, is required. Highly recommended!
- C.T., Brooklyn NY, April 2017
John was an absolute pleasure to work with! He came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We contacted John late on a Friday evening and he responded quickly - and was able to fit us in the next day for our new home inspection. While conducting the inspection he was not only thoutough, but very lei person friendly. He walked us through the issues and offered suggestions without overwhelming us (first time home buyers). We would recommend John time and time again!!
- L.G., Dix Hills NY, April 2017
John was an informative and very out going person, I learned a lot during our inspection and I would highly recommend John for your home inspection.
- C.G., Commack NY, April 2017
Big thanks to John for doing our home inspection. Nice guy and was very quick and efficient!
- J.F., Manorville NY, April 2017
John was recommended by our realtor and he was one of the best recommendations I have received. John was prompt, professional, thorough and very knowledgeable. He even gave me some great maintenance tips. I would highly recommend John to friends and family.
- G.C., Seldon NY, April 2017
John is an asset to the Home Inspection Industry with his experience and knowledge. I will always recommend him to potential clients and customers.
- D.R., Bay Shore NY, April 2017
john is efficient, professional and detailed in his inquiry of the inspected house. He communicates orally and in writing and can help you assess a home's flaws and issues. John is warm and friendly, too.
- M.M., Halsite NY, April 2017
John was prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough; We could not have asked for a better experience.
- W.S., Sayville NY, April 2017
Thank you!! I absolutely recommend John Zeoli, he is very thorough and gets the results extremely fast!
- G.T., Smithtown NY, April 2017
We are 1st time home buyers and John Zeoli was highly recommended by a friend of ours. The day of the inspection John took my wife and I all around the home and talked us through all the possible hazards, things that were deemed quick fixes and things that definitely needed to get repaired. He was absolutely great and made us confident in our purchase. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.
- A.G., Glen Cove NY, April 2017
John was recommended by our realtor and he was by far the best recommendation we have received. As first time home buyers we had so many questions and I don't think there was one he couldn't answer. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He even gave us some great maintenance tips. I would highly recommend him to anyone and we would definitely use him again in the future.
- A.G., Glen Cove NY, March 2017
John came highly recommended, and delivered! He was a pleasure to work with and took the time to explain to my wife and I (first time home buyers), in layman's terms, the merits of, and areas of concern for, our potential home. John also timely delivered a cogent inspection report that was very helpful in addressing issues with the seller. He far surpassed our expectations and should be at the top of any purchaser's list of inspectors.
- M.W., Long Island City NY, March 2017
John, Thanks for taking the time to provide a full inspection for all the structures at the property. Your report was thorough and provided us with the information to allow both us as the buyer and the seller, to quantify what we are facing, and hopefully come to a way to move forward with a purchase transaction. In addition to your written report, I appreciated the extra time you took in person to explain items to me throughout the physical inspection. Very helpful.
- R.K., Stony brook NY, March 2017
John was extremely informative and knowledgeable. He had a profound level of insight regarding the home's structural integrity. In addition, John displayed a great deal of patience towards me while educating me on important issues that I believe every homeowner should be aware of. I highly recommend John without any reservations to any friend or family member and I would certainly use him for any future real estate investments. Great job and thank you very much!!!!
- R.G., Woodbury NY, March 2017
John was amazing !!! He turned my father into a believer of Home inspectors. John was reasonably priced and so detailed. We have recommended him to all our friends and family looking for houses. Thank you John !!!
- L.V., East Moriches NY, February 2017
A God send! Was referred to John by real estate agent, which rumor has it you never use because they're working together, so we were hesitant. But this expert saved my wife and I our life savings and a lifetime of headaches when looking at one particular house. Helped find 20 pages of everything wrong from little nothing things you could do yourself to major flaws in the structural integrity of the house and garage. Will never use anyone else! ***FIVE STARS***
- L.V., East Moriches NY, February 2017
The Mozart of home inspectors. The best at his craft. Extremely thorough and detailed. This inspector places higher standards on his work than most customers would - and that's why in my opinion he's the best.
- W.N., Patchogue NY, February 2017
The home inspection experience that we had with John Zeoli was absolutely fantastic! He was extremely thorough, efficient, professional, courteous and patiently answered all our questions and cleared our doubts. A great guy to work with! We would definitely recommend him for someone's home inspection. Thank you John!
- P.C., Dobbs Ferry NY, February 2017
Mr John Zeoli. I was extremely happy with your report, You did a thorough inspection of the premises, giving me the knowledge of what is good on the property that I intend to buy and what needs to be taken care of. You used the most modern equipment to do the inspection. I liked your friendly attitude, suggestions, and professionalism. I will recommend you to my family and friends to use your services. Respectfully, Z. Rolih
- Z.R., Oyster Bay NY, February 2017
I Would like to thank John for his thorough and complete home inspection. Not only was John on time, but he took the time to do a very complete review and inspection of the home we are buying. In November this home passed an FHA inspection. John, with his years of experience, found a couple of issues that were very important. For example, the waste pipe from the master bedroom was put in the wrong place of the cesspool pipe. This had the potential of backing up dangerous gasses into the home. Johns experience as a contractor and inspector saw this problem, and it is being addressed. John was also very helpful in showing me how to correct certain minor issues in the house, giving me the confidence needed to do these tasks on my own. All in all a very good and thorough job. Thanks!
- A.M., Holtsville NY, February 2017
John is VERY informative during the inspection, even when you think you are nagging him! I plan to use and/or recommend him for any and all home inspections needed in the future. Thanks for making it easy John!
- G.F., Stony brook NY, February 2017
John is the best inspector we know. He is very responsive, take your home inspection seriously. He is very detailed and explain everything to you. We highly recommend John to anyone who needs home inspection service.
- L.Z., February 2017
John was both thorough and knowledgeable. He provided explanations for the issues he found and offered solutions.
- P.B., Dix Hills NY, February 2017
John did an excellent job inspecting our new home. He took extra time to explain any issues he found as well as teach me about general home maintenance. I highly recommend him.
- A.B., New York NY, January 2017
John did a great job inspecting our new home. He took time out to explain any issues he found and teach me about maintaining a home. I would highly recommend him to others.
- , January 2017
This was our first home inspection, and John was simply the best! He was extremely knowledgeable and his attention to detail was outstanding. Not only did he make sure we knew about any problems with the home we were purchasing, he also made many suggestions of improvements he would make if the home were his own. John encouraged us to follow right in his footsteps, ask questions, and he explained everything as he observed it. The report that he sent to us after the inspection was extremely detailed and included all photos that he took. I will highly recommend John to our family and friends and would not hesitate to call him with any of our inspection needs in the future. Thanks John!!
- M.L., Bellport NY, January 2017
Was able to accommodate an appointment regardless of holiday. Job was done efficiently and well. We were able to get report done within the same day which doesn't happen often. Would recommend to everyone!
- A.G., January 2017
Detailed inspection. Came 15 min earlier, spent 1 1/2 hours to do the inspection. Familiar with different trades - plumbing, HVAC, electrical. Gives useful advises. Friendly and willing to help.
- A.G., December 2016
John was excellent. He was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and his report was detailed with what was wrong with the house he inspected and suggested ways to fix the problems. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to my friends.
- J.C., Port Jefferson NY, December 2016
Great job, most helpful! We would highly recommend!
- W.B., NY NY, December 2016
Thanks for a fantastic job!
- W.B., NY NY, November 2016
John, It was a pleasure to meet you and have our new home inspected by you. You offered valuable insight into possible issues and future fixes. Thank you so much and we will absolutely recommend you for future work. I hope we cross paths again! Stephen and Gabrielle Mills
- S.M., Patchogue NY, November 2016
John is very knowledgeable in what he does. he is incredibly thorough and walked us through what we needed to know. He was awesome!!!
- D.S., Dix Hills NY, November 2016
John was by far the best inspector I've ever worked with. He is super thorough, very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time explaining and teaching us about the house and how to take care of it. The information he provided was invaluable - his report will serve as the easy go to "To Do List" on all the repairs and projects in the house. He made us feel very comfortable with the house and our decision to purchase it. I would highly recommend John to anyone purchasing a home. You will not be disappointed and will be thoroughly immersed in the ins and outs of your new home!
- J.A., Williston Park NY, November 2016
John was very helpful and informative. He took the time to explain what he found during the inspection. I would recommended him to all my friends and family!
- L.R., Yaphank NY, November 2016
John was outstanding he has a great eye thing you overlook or missed, he pointed them out and made recommendations or how to repair the problem. He was very thorough inside and out i've done three other inspections and John was the best I would recommend him.
- P.D., Terryville NY, October 2016
As a first-time home buyer, I did not know what to expect during a home inspection. John is a complete professional. He made it very easy for me. He is incredibly knowledgeable and diligent in inspecting the property and took the time to explain each item he noted in detail. He has deep expert knowledge of electric, heating, plumbing, and structural systems – all facets of a house. He has uncommonly good common sense, and is extremely practical. I also very much appreciated that he has a keen eye for, and thorough understanding of, potential safety and fire hazards. Produces an excellent written report. Worth every penny. Nice guy to boot. Wish there were more like him. I would hire him again in a minute.
- F.G., Wading River NY, October 2016
John was professional, helpful and informative. He walked me through each portion of the inspection and gave me honest advice. He was able to fit me in, with a days notice. He was on time and worked diligiently through every portion of the home. I was grateful that I had him with me throughout the inspection of what will (now) be my first new home. John, you're fantastic - thank you!
- K.H., Baldwin NY, October 2016
Very helpful and informative. Nice manner
- S.H., Setauket NY, October 2016
John is very knowledgeable in what he does. He has a keen eye and clearly explains everything during the inspection process. He make recommendations and has your interests t heart. I would highly recommend him. Stan, Oyster Bay, NY
- S.R., Oyster Bay NY, October 2016
This is the third time we have worked with John. He was extremely thorough and knowledgable each time. I learned a lot throughout the process. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- T.I., Northport NY, October 2016
We have now gone through two inspections with John and are quite happy with both. John systematically went through both of our selections. He is very knowledgeable on all phases of home construction. John took his time to point out and explain what was wrong and offered solutions to solve all issues. John is very personable and easy to work with. I would be very happy to recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection service. Joseph Tortorici Mount Sinai, New York
- J.T., Port Jefferson NY, October 2016
Very thorough, focused and professional. His experience - and in my case, patience - was evident throughout the inspection.
- K.L., Smithtown NY, October 2016
Extremely through and knowledgeable! Answered all my questions.
- J.L., Huntington Bay NY, October 2016
Very Thorough and answered all questions.
- J.L., Huntington Bay NY, September 2016
An absolute pleasure to work with and the most competent of Home Inspectors!
- R.R., Smithtown NY, September 2016
John was incredibly thorough and walked us through what we needed to know/focus on. He was awesome!!!
- L.L., New York NY, September 2016
John was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and willing to share helpful information about the condo we are planning to purchase.
- M.S., Port Jefferson NY, September 2016
Thanks for the prompt, friendly, professional service!! John is the best!
- D.M., East Setauket NY, September 2016
John is a passionate and skilled home inspector. He answered all of our questions and assuaged our concerns with genuine caring and expertise. I would highly recommend Mr. Zeoli. He's a gentleman and a scholar.
- T.L., Centereach NY, September 2016
John was not only thorough, detailed, and well-versed, but he was also excellent at describing what he was seeing in an educational and concise way. I cannot say enough about the quality of the inspection -- we went above and beyond and we benefitted immensely from his expertise. I would recommend him again in a heartbeat.
- R.G., Valley Stream NY, September 2016
John was the absolute best and I appreciated him explaining things in a way that made it easy to understand. I would definitely use him again and have already recommended him to others. Thank you for the exceptional service!
- M.S., Seaford NY, September 2016
Friendly and thorough. Took time to explain everything he was looking at, looking for, and explained why he was doing so.
- K.B., Astoria NY, August 2016
John was VERY thorough and informative. He explained issues to me in a way that made them easy to understand. He checked every aspect of the house from the roof to the basement, and gave us a very thoughtful report with photos and clear details and recommendations. I'm grateful for his expertise inhelping me make an informed decision.
- S.A., Sound Beach NY, August 2016
Thorough, helpful, and easy to speak with.
- N.S., Port Jefferson NY, August 2016
John was very knowledgable, patient and showed a great deal knowledge. He was great in all aspects especially being that I'm a first time home buyer !!!
- K.A., August 2016
John was very thorough and did a great job on the home inspection. I would absolutely recommend him for anyone looking to buy a home.
- C.W., Islip terrace NY, August 2016
John was extremely thorough and helpful.
- T.I., Northport NY, August 2016
We were extremely satisfied with our home inspection done by John! I was so impressed by how knowledgable John was regarding every aspect of our home - he explained everything he saw to us, whether big or small (which is exactly what we wanted/needed as first-time home buyers) so that we could really get to know the inner workings of our future home. His report was extremely detailed, included many helpful photos and thorough, and the turnaround time to receive it was remarkably fast. John was so friendly, honest, caring and knowledgable - we felt so comfortable with him and it was clear that he really loves and cares for his job, which is so nice to see. I also reached out to John a couple months after the inspection regarding a small question/concern I had about something in the house - he responded immediately, pulled up my inspection report and spoke with me over the phone (at 8:15 pm!) at length explaining/advising/answering my questions, making me feel so comfortable and relieved that my concern was really not much of a concern at all. He is a great guy and excellent at his job - I would recommend John without hesitation to all of my family and friends!
- C.Q., Nesconset NY, August 2016
John was the best inspector we ever had. He is knowledgable and thorough.
- B.T., Smithtown NY, August 2016
John was competent, very thorough and a good communicator when reviewing the results of his inspection. It was a pleasure to work with him, I will DEFINITELY recommend him to friends.
- E.W., Huntington NY, August 2016
I found John to be very professional knowledgable courteous gave me pointers as what to look and tips on getting materials made me feel at ease with the purchase of the property.
- C.P., Wyandanch NY, August 2016
John the inspection was very detailed and the pictures are a great help This was definitely beneficial to us Jim and Cheryl
- J.Z., Northport NY, July 2016
Extremely knowledgeable and professional and detail oriented. Highly recommend him to anyone !
- R.J., Islip NY, July 2016
John was very professional and patient. He took his time during the walk through to explain everything to me in plain English. Definitely would recommend him to my friends and family.
- S.M., Kew Garden Hills NY, July 2016
I really appreciated how thorough he was and that he explained the process as he was going through the inspection of the entire house.
- K.H., Pert Jefferson NY, July 2016
It was such a pleasure to go through our home inspection with John. He was incredibly thorough and walked my husband and I through everything he was doing, and was certain that we understood everything. As it was our first time buying a house, this was very appreciated. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector!
- M.S., Huntington NY, July 2016
John was very knowledgeable I would highly recommend him to do your home inspection.
- B.W., Plainview NY, July 2016
Terrific job. All observations regarding the home being inspected were straight forward and easy to understand. Also, appreciate the recommendations on future repairs/maintenance to keep things in good working order.
- M.B., Port Jefferson NY, July 2016
John, thanks for your prompt, courteous handling of the inspection of my brother's condo. You covered everything in your reports and answered all my questions. I would certainly recommend you to anyone in need of a good house inspection.
- E.C., Ridge NY, July 2016
Professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend John Zeoli. He took the time to explain everything to us and was very detail oriented.
- C.Z., Huntington NY, June 2016
John was extremely nice, meticulous, educational, professional, courteous, and great at returning phone calls and provided a very strong report that was easy to read, understand, and follow along. I highly recommend John, and wouldn't have him change a thing.
- K.T., Port Jefferson NY, June 2016
John was very thorough during the entire home inspection process, took the time to explain issues requiring attention/repair and addressed all our questions. We would definitely recommend John and use him for future inspections.
- M.B., Port Jefferson NY, June 2016
I have used John more than once during my search for a home. I found him to be very knowledgeable and thorough. His reports were detailed and easy to read. His information was critical to my decision making process. I would recommend him for sure!
- C.R., East Northoport NY, June 2016
Thank you, John, for your time. Very thorough inspection with great attention to detail. Thank you for explaining everything so thoroughly afterwards to me. Thank you again, John!
- K.F., Aquebogue NY, June 2016
Outstanding. John came highly recommended from a close friend. John was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and explained everything step by step. He even encouraged me to walk through the home with him and observe everything he was looking at, and explained it all in detail. Highly recommended!
- S.D., Coram NY, June 2016
The inspector was very helpful, informative and thorough. He definitely made an overwhelming process much easier to handle.
- T.I., Northport NY, June 2016
Informative, thorough and great to work with.
- D.C., West Islip NY, May 2016
I would absolutely recommend John Zeoli as the best home inspector someone could ask for. He's extremely thorough and willing to go the extra mile to ensure he doesn't miss any potential problems. I loved that he requested right from the start that i shadow his every step and he explained everything he did in great detail, as well as answered any questions and offered solutions to all of his findings. It also speaks volumes that he said he loves his job for many reasons but most of all because he gets the opportunity to teach people like me. Thank you John for your quality of services.
- G.L., Coram NY, May 2016
John was very professional and friendly during the inspection. I would absolutely recommend John for an inspection to friends. Thank you, John.
- Y.N., Coram NY, May 2016
My home inspection was very thorough and John took the time to explain everything to me as we went through the house. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed a home inspection.
- J.G., Rocky Point NY, May 2016
John was knowledgeable,articulate and very thorough.He had a very pleasant demeanor. He explained the issues in a concise manner and answered all of my questions. I would recommend John to anyone seeking an inspector.
- M.H., North Babylon NY, May 2016
John was incredibly diligent, thorough and was so easy to work with. He took the time to explain everything to my wife and I and answered every question we had with sincere confidence. I would very highly recommend John.
- C.Q., Commack NY, May 2016
This is the second time I have had the pleasure of being with John on a home inspection. He is just AMAZING, what ever you need he will always lead you in the right direction. I would refer John to any of my friends looking to have a home inspection done. Thanks John you are the best!
- K.S., Jackson Heights NY, May 2016