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Home inspector, John Jacobs, is a certified home inspector with over 17  years in the home inspection business.  He is a Montana registered home inspectior with an ICEC with state of Montana as well.  He has formal Home Inspection training certified with Thomson Education, DETC, CHEA and IACET accredited.    "I am a highly motivated, certified home inspector who is prompt, courteous and willing to do whatever it takes for my clients. In addition, I am also a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  I treat every home inspection as if I was inspecting my own home."

  • American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI  
  • Montana registered Home Inspector
  • High Standards of Practice
  • Experience, Training and Education
  • Radon Testing
  • Professional Home Gauge Software
  • Computer Generated Reports
  • Color Pictures, 360 degree pictures and Video 
  • Over Night Turn Around on Reports
  • Easy To Read Narrative Format Reports
  • Prompt, Dependable Service
  • ICEC State of Montana        
  •    Price of inspections is based on square footage. Please contact me for a free estimate or any additional questions you may have. I comply with all NAHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. I look forward to doing your inspection.




Member of American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI. Thomson Certified Home Inspector. Montana registered Inspector


John Jacobs has over 20 years of experience in the related field. Ready to serve the BitterRoot Valley, Missoula and Hamilton areas. Member of ASHI. Please see my web page for further details.

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Always does a wonderful job and is flexible with the client walkthrough, even when technology doesn't cooperate.
- L.W., August 2022
Always thorough, prompt and thoughtful of people. He is knowledgeable and up to date with his information. He is simply "the best"! I highly recommend John Jacobs.
- j.g., Missoula MT, May 2022
I not only use John Jacobs for my personal inspections, I also refer him to my clients on a regular basis. He is thorough, honest, and provides easy to read reports.
- M.V., February 2022
I happily always recommend John Jacobs for home inspections. Professional, knowledgeable, responsive come to mind as first thoughts of John. He is timely and considerate of all parties. His reports are easy to follow through and understand what he is talking about or pointing out. John is a "10" Absolutely recommend.
- j.g., Missoula MT, November 2021
Noticing that John has been in the business for 17 years, makes me think how he is one of my favorite home inspectors. I have relied on him for those years, appreciating is professionalism, work ethic, consideration of all homes and people that he works with. Reliable, helpful on beyond the immediate time of inspection. He is a right hand person in much more than immediate inspections. He is knowledgeable, considerate and professional. I highly recommend John, always!
- j.g., Missoula MT, August 2021
John consistently performs his duties in the most thorough, professional and courteous manner. As an agent representing “well qualified “ buyers, John is my “Go To” guy for inspections and will continue to be so. Outstanding work!!
- T.S., May 2021
I'm always glad to hear that one of my clients has chosen John Jacobs for a home inspection. He is on time, efficient, thorough and expedient. His reports are finished in a timely fashion and they are very detailed and straight forward with ample photos, videos and great notes. I welcome the opportunity to work with him again. Ron Snow, Realtor
- R.S., May 2021
John, as I have expressed to you previously, the expertise, professionalism and thoroughness with which you perform the job is , in my opinion, unequalled in your field. I will continue to recommend your services highly at every opportunity. Thanks for being you my friend!!
- T.S., March 2021
Thanks for all your hard work John! You are great to work with!!
- T.T., November 2020
John does a super thorough job, and I love his easy check list for creating Inspection Notices. I highly recommend him to my clients, and all who have used him, love him!
- M.V., September 2020
John is so professional and was super easy to work with. My clients where super impressed with him and will use him for all their future needs!
- T.T., August 2020
Good thorough job!
- M.A., July 2020
John is awesome. Professional, punctual, and thorough. I would definitely recommend him!
- C.F., April 2020
John is always professional, prompt, and courteous. His reports are clear and precise, making them easy to read and navigate through. I would and have recommended John to many clients, friends and family!
- T.S., January 2020
Thank you for being a valuable part of our industry! You are a trusted and recommended inspector in the valley and for my company. Keep up the great work!
- B.W., December 2019
As a licensed realtor I have had many years of inspections. Let us just say that some inspectors are very poor,lazy or inept in their reports. John Jacobs was tasked with inspecting an unusual property. He was professional and very thorough in both his oral and written report. 133 pages. Yes I would recommend him.
- R.O., November 2019
John is awesome! Presents the best format in Home Inspection Reports. Very thorough!
- K.A., August 2019
John did a very thorough job and his inspection report was detailed and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend John to anyone in the future and would be happy to work with him again!
- J.F., June 2019
John is thorough, honest and pleasant to work with. He is considerate of clients, their homes and their needs. I am always pleased when I can get John scheduled for a home inspection because he is helpful, and guides clients with upkeep on their home whether they are buying or selling. Thank you John!
- j.g., Missoula MT, January 2019
Thank you John....I appreciate everything you did! Expection report looks good and easy to read! I?ll let you know if we have further questions.
- S.V., December 2018
I have been a Realtor in Missoula for 13 years and I recommend John to all of my clients, as well at to other Realtors. His work is thorough and his reports are second to none. John is very knowledgeable, and he is easily able to explain technical aspects of a home inspection to clients in laymen's terms that they can understand. If given a choice, I will never use a Home Inspector other than John for the transactions that I help my real estate clients with. He is an integral part of the high quality services I strive to provide for my clients, and is always my first choice when I need a home inspector.
- R.J., October 2018
Thank you for your thorough and professional inspection and report. It was the most helpful home inspection we have ever been a part of. Your explanations and complete report will benefit us for many years to come.
- J.E., October 2018
Really appreciate your thoroughness and willingness to take time to answer questions.
- K.N., October 2018
John was very thorough and went over everything he found to be of concern.
- J.O., July 2018
John Jacobs always delivers professional work and reports... he?s an industry leader in the Home Inspection Business and I enjoy working with him!
- J.C., June 2018
I like how you walk the client through your findings. Your report is easy to read and review. Thank you John, I will surely refer you in the future.
- R.Q., March 2018
John, you did an awesome job! From my first phone call with you to my report I felt like I was in great hands. Your thorough work and wonderful personality was very reassuring. For someone who is buying their first home, this process is pretty overwhelming. Thank you for making this a positive experience!
- J.S., February 2018
John provided me with a very thorough inspection which was well organized and easy to use when getting electrical, plumbing, and structural bids. His photos supplemented the report very well. He was very complete and patient when discussing his findings with me. Would strongly recommend John in the future.
- I.M., October 2017
Thank you John for your very thorough report. We were very impressed with the detail and great pictures you included. I was also impressed with your quick response to a phone call while you were in a tight spot. I would highly recommend you to the next home buyer I meet.
- J.W., October 2017
Always a pleasure working with you. I know my buyer is in good hands every time because the inspection and report is thorough and informative.
- L.W., September 2017
John Jacobs is my go-to inspector. He is thorough, informative, and professional. His complete report is always done timely and includes everything you can think of that needs attention. In addition to that, he always includes tip for buyers on how to maintain the home. He goes above and beyond and as a Realtor® I need to trust that my referral won't ever cost me a client. I never worry with John doing the job. I'm happy when I'm impressed, but when my client is impressed I am on cloud 9. Thank you John for not only being great at your job but for helping me be great at mine!
- L.W., August 2017
5 star service, easy to read report, good client feedback.
- M.V., June 2017
John just completed 2 inspections for my buyers. Both were very satisfied with his thorough work. As a Realtor, I loved the check list he provides for ease of writing the inspection notice!
- M.V., May 2017
Very detailed and organized. I wouldn't buy a house without him looking at it.
- L.H., February 2017
Thank you John for being such a pleasure to work with. You're experience and professionalism were top notch. We will absolutely recommend you. Zane Johnson
- Z.J., February 2017
- L.W., November 2016
John is always thorough and considerate. I appreciate that he is available to answer questions for clients (and me) as needed. The whole process can be so overwhelming to buyers, and being able to communicate concerns and ask questions makes a huge difference for them. I have full confidence in John and his common sense and knowledge. Thank you John!
- j.g., Missoula MT, October 2016
John is very knowledgeable and thorough. He is friendly with buyers and open to answering their questions. He is always a pleasure to work with! One thing to improve on would be that if you are going to include videos in your report, it would be helpful to also include a still photo because when we agents download the report and send it to the seller as proof of things wrong, the video is lost in translation and not available for the seller to see. Food for thought!
- J.A., August 2016
Extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Took time to answer any questions about the house. Highly recommended
- J.H., July 2016
Great job John!
- R.J., June 2016
John was very thorough and professional and my clients really appreciated his service!
- S.H., April 2016
John, Thanks for doing such great work and providing photos, etc.!
- B.D., April 2016
John is at the top of my list of inspectors I use. Even though distance is sometimes a factor, I highly recommend John as his report is thorough and delivered to the client in such a way that the practical aspect of his findings is easy to understand, digest, and "gauge". As the buyer agent, and as the seller agent, I so appreciate takes the reinterpretation out of the equation and makes it much easier to discuss the findings intelligibly with the client. Minimizing room for error and misunderstanding.
- W.M., Polson MT, February 2016
Thank you, John! You were kind, prompt, and created an immaculate report. My clients and I really appreciate your professionalism and I will definitely recommend you in the future! Really appreciate your hard work.
- N.C., February 2016
Danny and I are so impressed with your thorough and fast report. I think you looked at ever crack and corner. I am very pleased how you explained the construction in simple terms that anyone understand. The pictures you took are worth a million. I think you really enjoy your job because you go way above and beyond to help out your customers. Thank you very much in helping us realize our new home.
- M.D., September 2015
This will be the fourth home I've purchased in my 53 years and I've never experienced such a complete inspection. Not only did he address the problem areas but he also listed thorough instructions on how to rectify the situation and/or how often to do the maintenance needed. I am extremely happy I decided to use him as an inspector and would recommend him to anyone considering a home purchase.
- M.K., September 2015
Love the fact that you totally understand construction and have such an easy way of relating the information you find with the clients, keeping them calm and involved.
- W.M., Polson MT, September 2015
Thorough and easy to understand. The one on one was appreciated.
- D.H., May 2015
was a very professional and courteous. Would recommend him to anyone for a home inspection.
- E.N., May 2015
John is very thorough, prompt in response, and prepares an easy to understand report.
- M.V., February 2015
Such and awesome inspection! John J. obviously put a lot of time and energy into his end written product and we walked away with a document that will serve us for years to come. This is the most thorough inspection I have seen. Would do business with him again in a heartbeat. Thanks. Mike
- M.B., November 2014
Very pleased with John's product and presentation. Confident that ,as a buyer, we received good professional service and advice.
- B.A., August 2014
John inspected a house I was selling (hired by the buyer). I was so impressed with the job he did on that house that I hired him to inspect the house I was buying. He was very easy to work with and had very quick, efficient turnaround time on the report. It was emailed to me the morning after his inspection. It seems he has a good background in proper construction techniques and can accurately identify problems with houses, including water/waste systems, electrical, frame, roofing, insulation, and appliances to name a few. He seems especially detail oriented which is a very good quality to have for a home inspector. The report we received was very professional and detailed, with many excellent pictures (probably 40 or more) showing his findings. The other useful part of his inspection was that he briefly discussed possible remedial measures to take regarding issues with the house. Last, I liked that the report included reminders of annual maintenance to perform after we move in.
- J.F., February 2014
I am very impressed, Pictures, explanation were great! I would recomend John to everyone. Good, Thorough work
- M.W., November 2013
John is the most complete Home Inspector that I have had the pleasure to use. I would recommend him completely.
- S.T., Polson MT, August 2013
John, I want to thank you for how thorough your inspections are and always in very timely mannner. I have been using yoiur home inspection services for about 7 years now and have never been disappointed, yolur eye for detail is amazing. I know once I contact you for a report, it will be taken care of and I can count on your expertise. I appreciate you taking the time to personally explain any question I or my clients may have. It is wonderful to have someone with your integrity, knowledge and quailty customer service to work with. Thanks Again Yvonne Demaras-Drummond Real Estate Group,Inc.
- x.x., HAMILTON MT, December 2012
Thank you so much for your very thorough inspection. I am forwarding this report to my son for his review. He may be in touch with questions. Take care, Linda
- L.J., April 2011
John, Thanks for the great job this summer. We love the house. No surprises. Mike
- M.S., January 2011
Yahooo! Top notch, professional. My go to guy that is going to dig for the truth!
- T.R., September 2010
John provided me a thorough and detailed report. I felt he went the extra mile with his inspection and with an explanation of it. Ross Fiedler
- R.F., Missoula MT, September 2010
Very professional report John. Thanks for all your hard work. Dustin & Jenni
- D.H., August 2010
Thank you so much John, I would feel much more confident moving into this home now. You did an impressive job and your report is extremely thorough. Again I really do appreciate your service and would definitely recommend you to friends.
- A.H., February 2010
Appreciate the thoroughness, attention to details others may have overlooked. Level of knowledge, very impressive. Recommendations extremely helpful. Great Report! James & Lorie Kiser
- J.K., January 2010