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Justin Tracy

Justin has been in the Home Inspection business for more than 9 years. His goal in this business is to give the best customer service possible and fulfill your home inspection needs. Justin’s career has been in the building industry, with over 6 years in construction and 9 years of inspection homes, commerial buildings and their components. That knowledge has given him the expertise to do the best inspection possible, putting your mind at ease when purchasing your home.

Justin is a member in good standing  with InterNACHI and Certified in: Roofing, Structural, Electrical, Safety, Plumbing, Mold, and much much more!!

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Member in good standing interNACHI. Certified in: Roofing,Structural,Electrical,Safety,Plumbing,Mold,Ect.


My career has been in the building industry,with over 6 years in construction. That knowledge has giving me the expertise to do the best inspection possible, putting your mind at ease when purchasing your home.


Justin's inspection report was extremely thorough and very useful in deciding which items were of priority vs ones that were not. I would highly recommend his services and would use him again in the future if necessary.
- D.L., May 2022
Wow! What a great experience. We are out of state and have complete confidence in this gentleman’s work. He is personable and honest. He even gave us a discount because he was 1 day late with his report. We weren’t even aware it was late. How honest can you get? We would recommend him to anyone and we will!
- R.G., April 2022
Justin is a very good inspector he told me in detail what needed to be done and he was on the ball with getting my inspection back to me I would recommend him 100% to anybody
- K.B., March 2022
Thank you Justin! As always you were amazing! Thank You!
- R.E., March 2022
Justin was thorough and explained his findings and took time to discuss risks with some recommendations. The pictures in his report were useful. The bulk of each section of the report seemed to be hefty on liability disclaimers. I think a single general one at the beginning could suffice then more specific information about the inspection could be included.
- B.J., August 2021
Fails to invoice in a timely manner and expects you to surrender a credit number prior to billing. Delivered report before securing payment even after having rcvd a credit card number. Needs to use third party invoice system i.e. PayPal to insure safe transaction for both parties involved.
- M.G., Memphis TN, July 2021
Justin gave us a very thorough report. Pictures were most helpful. Thanks
- H.M., July 2021
awesome service! Important knowledge! Thank you!
- R.E., May 2021
Thank you so much for your professional and thorough inspection. The buyers love you!
- R.E., January 2021
Fantastic work and knowledge
- R.R., January 2021
Not only was Justin very kind but he explained everything in great detail so I could understand what exactly he was looking at or doing. If he had any concerns with anything and thought I should know about the home he would let me know and the reason why it got to be like in its current state.
- A.G., December 2020
Very friendly and thorough.
- K.P., October 2020
Justin and Chelsae Tracy, the owners of Capstone Inspections, invited us out at the end of our home inspection so we could discuss their findings. The inspection was extremely thorough, especially since the home was older. Not only did they document the issues that needed to be addressed, but they also noted areas that needed attention to keep problems from occurring. This attention to detail shows in their inspection report. Every area of concern was documented with photographs, a written description, and suggestions to remediate the issue. The report was first rate and easy to understand. In addition to their professionalism my wife and I thought they were very personable and friendly- even recommending some local restaurants! Five stars!!
- B.D., September 2020
Both Justin and Tracy polite professionals, knowledgeable on questions asked. I would highly recommend.
- N.S., August 2020
Justin was very thorough and I’m very happy that I have a much better idea now of what needs to be done in my new home. As a first time home owner, that is very helpful.
- B.S., May 2020
Justin was very thorough and I’m very happy that I have a much better idea now of what needs to be done in my new home. As a first time home owner, that is very helpful.
- B.S., May 2020
The inspection was extremely well done, thorough, detailed, but thoughtful. At many points to “age factor” and maintenance to prevent the issues from becoming more serious and expensive.
- B.G., April 2020
Thank you for doing a great and thorough job inspecting my house. I loved the detail and completeness of the report. You two were very amiable. My only suggestion is to make sure that if your going to be a little late please notify anyone that may be affected. Thanks again.
- B.I., August 2019
Thanks for taking the time to explain items and answer my questions.
- J.O., June 2019
The inspection was quite thorough.
- S.E., May 2019
I have had to get three inspections in less than a year and I know that Justin is very good at his work. The reports are so comprehensive and easy to understand. Justin has saved me from buying a home that looked good on the outside, but were a mess on the inside. I absolutely recommend him!
- K.B., April 2019
I was very impressed with your knowledge and that you listened to all my questions. Also that you were very informative about items that needed attention. You were easy to talk to and friendly.
- M.H., March 2019
In ALL my years of buying and selling home I have Never had such a detailed report. I appreciate your report and your professional service. I enjoyed working with you and your lovely family. Thank you again, Naomi
- N.P., February 2019
Very thorough and reasonably priced. Really appreciate the hard work and time that went into this inspection. Thank you!
- B.L., December 2018
Justin and Chelsea did an excellent job on short notice. They were very thorough in the inspection, explaining what we didn't know about, and provided a very detailed and easy to access report. We will definitely be recommending Capstone Inspections, to our friends and colleagues in the future.
- J.M., December 2018
Justin did a very thorough inspection. I was not able to attend but received a very detailed report on the things that he found that needed attention in the home. Pictures and comments were all very helpful.
- J.W., November 2018
Keep up the good work!
- S.H., November 2018
We are buying a house from a distance and were unable to be there for the home inspection. We really appreciate all the color photos and explanations. We also liked that he included information about where utility shutoffs were located, the electrical panel, and the attic and crawlspace access.
- L.S., October 2018
You did a great job. We are very pleased with the work you did. Thanks to you we found out things we would have missed about our home and can get them fixed properly. Thank you so very much!
- G.B., October 2018
Thank you so much for the good job. I feel confident with the purchase of this house.
- H.M., October 2018
Great job. Thank you.
- R.P., October 2018
Fantastic inspection. This is my 5th house and by far the most thorough inspection I've ever had. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk to.
- S.A., September 2018
You guys caught what we over looked and we looked at the house twice. Thanks!
- Z.A., August 2018
Did a GREAT Job - Thanks Steve & Cindi
- S.S., August 2018
Very satisfied with Justin Tracy's thorough report. I can say, this was the most informative home inspection we have ever had. So thank you!
- S.D., July 2018
Thank you so much for the quick and thorough inspection. I was worried that it would be difficult with myself being in a different state but you were super courteous to a family member that showed on my behalf and I couldn?t be happier.
- S.E., July 2018
The detail of the report is incredible! I would highly recommend this company and specifically this inspector.
- S.G., June 2018
Amazing report, thorough with photos of anything questionable. It gave me good insight on maintenance & what will need to be corrected, etc. Can't say enough about your service!
- V.D., June 2018
Justin and Chelsea where both great to answer any questions I had and I felt very comfortable about the state of the house I was purchasing. Thank you!
- R.P., June 2018
Justin did an excellent job on inspecting the property. I am amazed at his thoroughness and professionalism during the inspection.
- C.J., June 2018
Thank you for such thorough detail that I felt confident purchasing a house in Idaho from New York. The maintenance suggestions went right on my husband's honey do list.
- K.K., Rushville NY, April 2018
Thank you for your thorough inspection
- B.C., April 2018
Awesome job, very informative.
- J.K., April 2018
Thank you for the thorough inspections. I also appreciate you scheduling us quickly. Great work--will definitely call you again.
- C.D., March 2018
Absolutely was floored with the detail in the report. Thank you - the exhaustive list of issues not only ensured that I wouldn't walk into a house that needed extensive repairs immediately, but also gave me a list of things that I should look for and questions that I should ask. My broker was very impressed as well! Great job! Stacey - March 2018
- S.G., March 2018
We were very impressed by how thorough your inspection was! Thank you!!
- J.B., March 2018
Friendly and thorough, what more could you ask for?
- J.A., February 2018
Great job.
- E.H., February 2018
Your report was super thorough! I was very impressed and it has helped me immensely in my home buying process. It has also given me a to-do list of items to take care of after the purchase. Thank you so much for doing an amazing job.
- A.R., February 2018
It seems you did a very thorough inspection and we greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
- S.C., February 2018
Very thorough and trustworthy! Outstanding job!
- R.T., December 2017
I believe that the inspection done was thorough and very helpful in making our decision easier. Thank you, Dale & Rebecca Frost
- D.F., December 2017
Thank you for doing our new home inspection! We loved how thorough you were with your inspection! We will definitely recommend you to friends and family!
- M.W., December 2017
Based on our previous experience, one cannot fully evaluate the quality of an inspection until one has actually live in a home for some period of time. However, compared to previous home inspections performed for us by others your inspection if far superior in every way. Your inspection report is outlined and explained in a manner that reflects honesty, integrity, knowledge and competence. For this, you have our appreciation and respect.
- J.F., October 2017
Very professional. Report was clearly written and with a positive tone even on the "needs to be addressed issues."
- D.S., October 2017
Very thorough !
- C.D., October 2017
Very detailed inspection, friendly service, and got report back super fast! Thank you.
- A.C., October 2017
Very thorough and professional. He was very kind and respectful when asked questions and very knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend Justin to everyone I know. Thanks for being a great reliable company!
- R.E., September 2017
I was immensely pleased with Justin's inspection!! It was soooooo thorough!--he included excellent pictures and explained fully what needed to be done-THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I would definitely recommend him to others needing an inspection!! thank you again sincerely, Doreen Stauffer
- D.S., August 2017
Justin did a great job, he was thorough and explained everything to us. We appreciate his work.
- C.W., August 2017
Justin did a great job. However, I guess I was just confused on what was done that couldn't have been done without just looking myself. I had hoped for more in depth information. And I probably could have if I had paid more. I wish there was more of an example I could have looked at before hiring any inspector.
- J.S., August 2017
Mr Tracy seemed thorough with the home inspection and discussed the results with us making sure all our questions had been answered. His suggestions were taken into consideration and referred to seller for correction before closing.. Thank you.
- C.Y., August 2017
Very well thought out and complete inspection. Report nicely done - easy to understand and read.
- C.S., August 2017
I have hired Justin for 3 separate real estate transactions; he never fails to please. I have not had the pleasure of personally meeting him because I deal with him long distance! It is amazing what you can get done via the internet!! Capstone is a professional business and offers a great service. I would recommend them to anyone in need of housing inspections.
- F.S., June 2017
You did a great job thanks for everything
- C.L., June 2017
Explanations and evaluations were thorough and easy to understand. Accompanying photos matched written comments perfectly. Very professional in every way. Thanks for a job well done.
- G.S., June 2017
We liked how thorough he was and made us feel important. He took the time to go over almost everything with me due to the time I had. I would go through him again and will recommend this company.
- K.R., May 2017
Very thorough and explained everything as he went through the home.
- S.V., May 2017
Justin and his team demonstrated a professional, thorough, informative approach to home inspection and provided us with peace of mind in making an informed decision during this home buying process. Justin also provided us with information on what we can continue to do beyond this initial process to make our home last. I would definitely use Capstone again and would recommend them to anyone in need of a home inspection!
- E.L., May 2017
Thanks for doing a great job and for all the extra info. Also we appreciate your quick turn around time.
- J.E., May 2017
The inspectors at the home were very courteous and knowledgeable. They were thorough, even in my unfinished home, letting me know what had yet to be completed. I appreciated their service and would use them again.
- C.J., May 2017
Justin is very professional! He takes the time to listen and explain things thoroughly when questions are asked.
- B.Z., May 2017
This was my first home inspection, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good of a job you did. You were very thorough and seemed to really care about doing a job well done. The report you sent was very helpful as my husband wasn't able to attend the inspection that day. I appreciate it!
- C.W., May 2017
Justin, Thank you for being such a down-to-Earth professional. You are good at what you do and I appreciate it!
- W.W., May 2017
Justin Tracy and Capstone Home Inspections did an excellent job for my wife and I. They provide an extremely thorough report, and I would recommend them to family and friends in the future. Thank you! Bryan & Erica Sommer
- B.S., April 2017
Justin Tracy was Awesome!! He was on time and so was his partner. He was super friendly and took his time talking to me about anything and everything. He explained all that was to be done and made me feel very confident that he would do a great job! His reports were very specific with pictures and arrows pointing to troubled areas. I also felt the price for the 'piece of mind' was soooo worth it! Thanks Justin, Mark & Jessica/Twin Falls,ID
- M.C., April 2017
Very detailed and easy to follow report. Better than I could have predicted!
- T.S., March 2017
Thank you for taking the time to personally walk me through the property and point out all of your findings. It was extremely helpful for me to be able to explain it to my wife later. You did a very thorough job, thank you for your professionalism
- M.J., March 2017
I am very pleased with the work that Justin did. He was polite, courteous, and he also was very helpful in answering any question that I had. He did a great job explaining any issues.
- B.S., February 2017
Justin and did a great job. He checked everything and showed up when he said he would. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a thorough inspection and wants pictures and detailed comments about any problems that he comes across
- J.R., December 2016
We were very pleased with the honesty and integrity of our inspector Justin. We would recommend him to any and all who need home inspections done. His straight forwardness and explanations were great. A great person to work with.
- P.G., December 2016
Justin did a great job, the inspection was thorough and detailed.
- D.V., November 2016
Awesome Job ! Checked everything !
- J.L., November 2016
thanks Justin for your through inspection of the property we are buying. We were very pleased with your performance and especially appreciate your taking the time to explain everything to us. Thanks again, Emma and Neal Staley
- N.S., November 2016
I have used Capstone twice and have been impressed with both inspections, especially with the time Justin and his team take to explain issues and potential repair options. He also came back out to one property to inspect an attic that was inaccessible at the first inspection due to the sellers' property blocking the entry. I appreciate Justin's professionalism and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection. His reports are thorough and timely, making the continued negotiations for closing go much smoother.
- R.W., October 2016
Justin was very thorough, and took time to go over everything with us.
- L.C., September 2016
Justin was thorough in the inspection and accommodating in answering all my questions. He took time to show me what he was talking about on the property and pointing out what needs fixing now and what things are good now, but I need to keep an eye on. Very professional and I was pleased with the final report.
- R.W., September 2016
Pictures were great. All the info that I need to know in all the right places
- B.H., August 2016
Just was very helpful. He walked me through some small issues that were found and gave me suggestions on how to correct them myself. He was very descriptive. Thank you Justin.
- K.C., August 2016
The inspection was timely and thorough. Justin was great to work with and very kind. I would recommend him (and Chelsea) to anyone who requires and inspection!
- J.H., August 2016
Justin was extremely knowledgeable, and professional. He went out of his way to spend time answering questions after the inspection. A pleasure to work with.
- S.B., July 2016
Justin did an excellent job on our home inspection. He was on time and very thorough! Thank you!
- B.S., June 2016
Very through. Thank you.
- H.M., May 2016
He was very thorough and informative!
- C.J., May 2016
This is the second time we have used Justin as an inspector. He is very thorough and explains things in great detail and gives examples on how to fix things that are wrong. As first time home buyers he has been very helpful. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends.
- J.S., April 2016
So wonderful to work with Justin! He went above and beyond to meet with us when our crazy schedules allowed--even going back to the house a second day--and was always patient with questions. The report was thorough and easy to understand. Very professional and friendly with every interaction--we will definitely recommend Justin in the future. We appreciate everything!! :-)
- L.C., April 2016
Very thorough and got the inspection done in a very timely manner. Great detailed report!
- L.H., March 2016
Thank you for a job well done. Your team is thorough and professional!
- T.M., March 2016
Very friendly and thorough answered all questions and went over what they thought was major and minor repairs.
- C.M., February 2016
Justin was very friendly and helpful with repair suggestions. I appreciate the job that he and his wife did to get the inspection done thoroughly and in a very timely manner.
- L.A., February 2016