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Why get a home inspection?

A home inspection includes a thorough examination of the entire home from the roof to under the house. Whether the client is a seller or buyer of the home, the inspection helps reduce the risk and stresses associated with buying a home. A visual and operational inspection will identify areas that need to be addressed. Even if there  are no problems noted, it is well worth the assurance that the home is in good and operational condition.

Meet John W Goad your Clarksville Tn home inspector


Third generation home builder with 25 years of hands on home building, remodeling and maintenance experience.

American Academy of Home Inspections certified Clarksville Tn Home Inspector

Licensed & Insured


Prompt and dependable service

Detailed yet easy to read reports

Flexible Appointment Schedule

Home inspection Report delivered day of inspection.



Tennessee Home Inspector #307 Kentucky #2402 American Academy of Home Inspections certification for home inspectors


Third generation homebuilder with 25 years of hands on experience in homebuilding, remodeling, & maintenance. Home inspection reports made available the same day as home inspections. Clarksville Tn Home Inspector

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- B.H., June 2022
John’s inspection was timely and thorough his explanations were easy to follow and understand.I would use John again in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have a home inspection.
- D.C., December 2021
The inspection for a home under contract was completed in a professional manner with the inspector being very objective, not favoring the seller or buyer but simply providing honest and thorough information about every aspect of the home. Although the inspection report revealed some significant issues and damaged areas that would require expensive repairs, we were very grateful that these matters were brought to our attention now rather than being a surprise after we may have continued with this purchase. I highly recommend John Goad for a comprehensive, honest, and understandable home inspection report.
- P.S., CLARKSVILLE TN, August 2021
We have used your services before and would recommend you to anyone needing your services.
- M.P., June 2021
i would highly recommend john Goad for an inspection, he does a well job.
- A.N., May 2021
Personable, professional, and completely thorough. As a formerly certified, retired, property manager and building operations professional, I am familiar with the basics of Building Systems, their inspection and maintenance. John Goad knows his business.
- M.S., HOPKINSVILLE KY, September 2020
John is a very Thorough Home inspector!
- R.G., May 2020
Thank you so much! A timely, very thorough inspection and report! I highly recommend Mr. Goad!
- M.B., May 2020
Thank you John for fitting us in. I know this wasn't a pleasant job with the weather being so hot. I appreciate you!
- C.G., Clarksville TN, September 2019
John provided a very quick turn around to get our inspection complete within our allotted time frame, and not only was he fast, he was extremely efficient. He was recommended to me by a colleague in the construction industry because of his due diligence and attention to detail and I am so glad that we took their advice. I highly recommend him.
- F.F., June 2019
Thanks for the comprehensive inspection, and quick turnaround of the report.
- K.J., June 2019
Great inspector,saved me a 100,000.00 dollar mistake
- R.G., January 2019
John, thank you for the thorough report, provides me and the builder and opportunity to correct these issues prior to closing. The pictures, location and details were great and simplifies the issues to be corrected.
- J.M., December 2018
Best in the Clarksville area!
- E.B., November 2018
Love the clarity of John's reports and the fact that a repair list can be created from it so easily, with pictures and explanation. It make makes everyone's job (both agents and buyer/sellers) much easier!
- R.R., October 2018
My wife and I met John, he is friendly, professional and very thorough. We would recommend him to anyone who needs to know anything about a house
- A.D., September 2018
We had 2 home inspections and John was hands down the better of the two. John was outstanding he took his time was patient with all our questions was very thorough and knowledgeable. you will not find better than this man and I will never use any one else nor recommend any one else.
- S.L., August 2018
This is very late, but John was the most thorough, comprehensive home inspector I ever worked with; and I have purchased 7 homes.
- D.H., July 2018
John was very professional and thorough. He took time and was very patient while explaining issues to my client. We both appreciated his attention to detail. I will most certainly hire him again and will recommend him to other Realtors!!!
- T.M., July 2018
Thank You again! I feel better about the home knowing you were the inspector.
- M.G., May 2018
You did a great job inspecting the home, even as I followed along and aggravated you with a million questions you still answered them and done your job very thoroughly. I appreciate everything you done and would recommend you anytime. Thank you.
- N.T., January 2018
In my opinion, he is the best there is. When purchasing a home you need to know everything that needs to be looked at, fixed or is considered alright and he is very thorough right down to the smallest of things which in my opinion is so important. It is also greatly needed for negotiations and knowing what you're looking at out of pocket if a mutual agreement is not reached between the buyer & seller. I'm sooo thankful the did my inspection. He also was available when I called with questions and even came back out to do a couple of quick fixes when I didn't know who to call!!!
- C.P., October 2017
Thank you for the thorough inspection!
- K.B., October 2017
Mr. Goad is the best home inspector in Clarksville, TN. He is very professional and honest. I am totally satisfied with Mr. Goad's work. I will recommend Mr. Goad to all of my friends and co-workers.
- L.R., October 2017
Thank you, John, for your thorough inspection and report. We appreciate you!
- S.R., September 2017
John has done a thorough inspection for the house which probably saves much trouble before we purchase the house. If I would recommend someone for the home inspection please consider him.
- Y.Y., August 2017
Awesome customer service.
- T.E., July 2017
John was prompt, professional, and patient with us. He explained what he was doing and pointed out pertinent items that we should attend to in the future. I would definitely recommend John to others.
- L.H., May 2017
Honestly, I thought this house was in perfect condition and was hesitant to hire an inspector. When I viewed this report I was amazed at how thorough he was. I would definitely recommend him and I will always use his services in the future. I called around to several people. He was the friendliest, and the most affordable. I expressed that I am a first time home buyer. He called me back and explained the process and answered any questions that I had about the process. That isn't even his job. He went above and beyond. I am 100% Satisfied!
- E.T., May 2017
He's excellent!
- D.S., February 2017
Excellent. He did an wonderful job inspecting our new home.
- F.F., February 2017
Very well pleased with John's work. His inspection was very thorough and detailed. Highly recommended.
- S.P., February 2017
John's home inspections over the past 14 have been thorough. My clients like his home inspection service and his reports are easy to comprehend.
- K.C., Hopkinsville KY, January 2017
I used him on three of my home inspection and he is honest person , tell you the information the right way for good knowledge .. I will recommend him to any person
- Y.R., December 2016
Thank you so much for your fast response to our inspection request and for sharing your expertise. I have had over 20 inspections done over the years and you certainly rank at the top. Thanks again.
- K.D., December 2016
Outstanding work ethic and attention to detail, thank you!
- N.T., August 2016
Always does an excellent job. I have used him 3 times and he has saved me money everytime.
- P.B., July 2016
so very impressed with his inspections!!! I will always use him for inspections from now on.
- B.R., June 2016
He was very polite and explained the process. He got strait to work and explained what he was doing, he talked about certain issue and insured his report would be don't and sent within hours. I loved the work he did and will be glad to recommend him to others.
- T.M., May 2016
I'm absolulety impressed by Mr. John Goad. After seeing his work and how he throughly prepared the list of repairs, I can't see how anyone can be better. Thanks for your outstanding work!
- B.M., May 2016
Mr. Goad administers as thorough of a home inspection as they come. He takes his time and completes everything to standard. Mr. Goads reports are layed out in a very non-confusing way, which are easy to read and very user friendly! This is the second home inspection on our current home that Mr. Goad has performed for us and we are extremely satisfied with his work an services. Mr. Goad is an will be the only home inspector we use. You can rest assured that if Mr. Goad is performing your home inspection all problems or potential ones will be brought to light. Spears family
- C.S., April 2016
Mr. Goad is professional, detailed, and made me feel more confident about my home purchase. The report was thorough, and easy to understand.
- C.J., April 2016
Mr. Goad is very detailed in his inspections. if your 1 year home inspection is coming up, I would highly recommend Johnny Goad!!
- S.M., March 2016
Thanks again for another thorough report. The Fredericks
- A.F., February 2016
I can not express how thorough John Goad is!!! I have used him twice, and both times he had open communication the entire time. He also had my report to me within 8 hours of him completing the inspection. Also, very reasonable costs. I will NEVER use anyone else for home inspections!!! Thank you John for looking out for us folks who need someone to have our backs before making a huge home purchase!!!!
- R.F., February 2016
Very professional! I would definitely use him again.
- , February 2016
Very professional! I would definitely use him again.
- J.R., February 2016
John is very thorough, professional, and fair to all parties involved.
- D.H., Nashville TN, January 2016
Mr. Goad was very professional both when scheduling the inspection and on the day of the Home Inspection. While he was inspecting the home, if there were issues that he saw, he took the time to explain what the issue was, possible fixes and if it was or was not a major concern. He was very thorough in his inspection and in the final detailed report. Would highly recommend his services if you are looking for a good quality home inspection.
- J.G., October 2015
Thanks for a good thorough inspection on our came highly recommended by my friend who's house you also done.i will be glad to refer you to anybody.thanks again Zach
- Z.W., October 2015
Very reliable service. Mr Goad is very meticulous and professional. He provided us with the inspection report within few hours after completion of the home inspection. We will recommend him without a second thought to anyone who wants to purchase a new or old house. Annika
- A.E., October 2015
Never before have we had a home inspection so thorough, amenable and promptly performed on such a last-minute-notice. We are new to the area and needed an inspection company that was objective, professional, knowledgeable and courteous. We got all that and more with Johnny Goad.
- M.J., August 2015
Mr. John you were very through and took your time. You inspectied both the exterior as well as the interior. I liked how you pointed out key concerns to look out for as the house gets older. Thank you Andrew, Belscher
- A.B., July 2015
Immeasurable professionalism and a superior home inspection report. My husband and I appreciate your due diligence and thorough inspection, you conducted, during our new home 1 Year Warranty Inspection. Our neighbors were also, very impressed with your report and will be hiring your services, when their own inspections come due. RESPECTULLY, THE JONES FAMILY CLARKSVILLE, TN
- K.J., July 2015
Was very knowledgeable.... I will use him again in the future. When I go looking for my next house. Thank You for your help .I won't be buying this one .... Barbara Miller 715-574-9151
- B.M., June 2015
John Goad is very professional, and great at what he does. Excellent advice on what projects should be done before buying or selling a home. I'm glad I made a great choice in picking my home inspector.
- P.T., May 2015
Very thorough, professional, and timely inspection. Thank you!
- J.C., May 2015
Mr. Goad is extremely thorough and very friendly. Is knowlegeble and willing to explain what he finds or sees. He also explains and answers any questions you may have.
- K.D., May 2015
Very thorough inspection. Much appreciated.
- B.N., May 2015
Great work. Get the job done without any delays. I would recommend him inspect heaven if it needed inspecting.
- W.D., April 2015
Very efficient, explained everything in detail. We would highly recommend John to anyone that needs a highly skilled professional.
- D.S., April 2015
seriously good eye!! Thanks for your knowledge!!
- B.N., March 2015
Explained things clearly, was very patient, answered all questions. Didn't mind us shadowing him to see what was going on. He was great! Thank you
- V.P., January 2015
Mr. Goad was a great please to work with. He was extremely professional and very knowledgable, and absolutely through. He took great effort to explain everything and elicited any questions we may have and answered all. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspector in any regard.
- J.C., January 2015
Thank you for your professional inspection. I believe you check things out at a very reasonal fee.
- L.V., January 2015
Thank you for your service on inspecting the house for us. We appreciate you work. You did an excellent job.
- L.J., January 2015
John Goad is a gift from GOD! He is very thorough, meticulous, professional, detailed, takes his time, honest, compassionate, and knowledgeable for the mission of giving you the best home inspection I have ever witnessed. He does not miss a thing, and if you listen to his advice and recommendations, you too will not miss anything either. I thank GOD for sending him my way. He loves Soldiers and the People of GOD! Chaplain (COL-R) Alvin E. Miller
- A.M., December 2014
He is a great inspector ,that did a great job on letting me know what work needs to be done.I know this comment is late,but because of your great inspection i have addressed the majority of the issues with the home.and i have just a few more issues with my home that i will have repired or replaced.thanks alot man.
- D.C., December 2014
Thanks John for another good job.
- D.G., November 2014
Thanks John, I appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail. You did a good job. Our realtor spoke highly of you also.
- J.M., October 2014
Thank you Johnny! I don't believe we could have asked for a better inspection. I found you on Angie's List prior to Bill Davis's recommendation. Thank You again! Dawn Moore
- D.M., September 2014
outstanding. inspected every nook and cranny in and around and under the home. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection. Thanks John
- P.D., August 2014
Thorough and knowledgeable.
- M.M., July 2014
Thanks for doing a thorough, professional, and very helpful inspection!
- M.B., July 2014
Great job!!! Would recommend to anyone.
- J.P., May 2014
Very timely and courteous, very professional.
- M.D., May 2014
Really appreciated his knowledge and explanations of all the questions we had. He was very professional and understanding when I did not understand what he was explaining. Will use him with any future purchases
- K.D., April 2014
Thanks so much for being professional and thorough!
- K.F., April 2014
Great guy! He did a wonderful job.
- J.P., March 2014
He was very informative and helpful. He did a great job explaining everything to me and checking everything in the house.
- B.A., March 2014
Thank you for your professionalism. We are very pleased with our home inspection.
- L.L., March 2014
John Goad is an exceptional home inspector. Very thorough and took time to explain every detail and answered all of our questions.
- D.A., January 2014
Extremely personable and easy to talk to. He explained everything in question about the home to me in detail. He also answered every question I had about the home in a manor that was easy for me to understand. I would absolutely recommend Mr. John Goad for any home inspection and I will use him again if I get the chance. Thank you John.
- B.B., January 2014
Very thorough and was more than willing to educated the customer during the inspection process.
- M.B., November 2013
John has inspected two homes for us and we will surely use him again, if needed, and recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspector.
- M.S., November 2013
John, Thanks for doing such a thorough job and getting the inspection done in a timely manner. Your response time when we called you was very good. Having the access to do everything online was a plus for us. Barbara & H.T. (Tony) Miller
- B.M., October 2013
John always does a thorough inspection and treats clients with the utmost respect.
- D.H., Nashville TN, September 2013
Thank you for the quick response. The quality of this inspection is exceptional and the report is very easy to read and understand. I would highly recommend you. Job well done!!
- D.J., August 2013
for me he have been inspecting my future home and did a good job in letting the buyer knowledge of the home to improve a better home . thank
- Y.R., August 2013
Very punctual, informative and helpful; is up-to-date with laws and and regulations. Outstanding job, sir!
- B.S., August 2013
Awesome job, very thorough. His inspection reports are excellent and complete. Gives you a good piece of mind about what you can expect with the home you are about to purchase
- T.C., August 2013
Thank you sir for your inspection. Completely satisfied with your professionalism and service. Thank you
- N.R., August 2013
Thank you sir for your inspection. Completely satisfied with your professionalism and service. Thank you
- N.R., August 2013
Great job, highly recommend. Tara Quirion Reliant Realty
- T.Q., June 2013
John, thanks again for another professional inspection. You are always thorough, competent, and informative. I always appreciate the time you spend clarifying your findings with the Buyers or the Sellers who are trying to understand how to "fix" something noted in your report. You're the best! Sheila
- S.R., Clarksville TN, June 2013
I have used Johnny on my personal home purchases.
- M.S., Clarksville TN, June 2013
Mr. Goad we really appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail. I would most definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks for your time and have a great day.
- R.W., April 2013
You are a miracle worker when it comes to fitting an unexpected home inspection on your schedule! Thank you!
- G.D., April 2013
I am very impressed by your inspection! I am also, thankful that you came out without much notice! You have sent our inspection report to us very fast! Awesome job!! Thank you! Shannon Blair
- S.B., April 2013
John - Thank you very much! I just wanted to say that you did an amazing job. You were extremely thorough, and took the time to explain things in detail. You are a true professional and will happily recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you again! Jason Young
- J.Y., February 2013