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John Keffer

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Keff/Spec llc. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 757-650-7579

About Keff/Spec llc

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Va Beach and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Mr. Keffer was very thorough with his inspection. My husband and I are first time home buyers. Mr. Keffer gave us some pointers on maintaining our home as well as setting our mind at ease. We would definitely recommend John Keffer services.
- J.B., Suffolk VA, May 2019
Awesome and very thorough.
- D.C., Chesapeake VA, May 2019
I appreciate the thorough and personable approach to the inspection services provided. It was not only beneficial to my home buying process, but, also, for my education from on my new home.
- D.H., Va Beach VA, May 2019
John is a very thorough inspector. I would recommend him again and again. He explains things very well so that anyone can understand. He has the equipment needed to get the job done.
- R.L., Norfolk VA, May 2019
Awesome, highly recommended.
- D.C., Chesapeake VA, May 2019
You did a wonderful job!
- W.N., April 2019
thanks keep of the great work
- C.M., Norfolk VA, April 2019
Excellent work.
- J.N., Va Beach VA, April 2019
John was very thorough and honest with the inspection. He explained all findings with words that didnt fly over our heads and answered any all questions we had. I would definitely recommend!
- S.J., Va Beach VA, April 2019
This guy is awesome!! I don?t know much about the inspection process. He walked me through each picture and explained everything to me in the simplest terms!
- T.A., Va Beach, April 2019
My buyers and I are very pleased with the recent home inspection conducted by Mr. Keffer. His reports are thorough and clear. I will definitely use and recommend his services going forward!
- J.M., March 2019
Inspector was Legit. I would recommend him.
- G.S., Chesapeake, March 2019
Thank you so much for all the details and suggestions. It was a pleasure meeting you !
- D.P., Carrsville VA, March 2019
Explained everything clearly.Has a very good personality.
- C.N., Hampton VA, March 2019
Mr. Keffer was extremely informative, professional and down to earth. I would absolutely recommend him to both family and friends in the future!
- R.J., Va Beach VA, March 2019
Thank you for giving us pictures and being available to discuss the items you found! Very helpful!
- A.T., Chesapeake VA, February 2019
- R.H., Hampton VA, February 2019
John did a great job. Very thorough on checking everything.
- A.R., February 2019
John Keffer is very thorough, kind, professional and most other positive traits found in a thesaurus. His pricing is stellar too. If you want the BEST of all sought after inspector traits, this is the guy!
- D.M., February 2019
John did a great job in a timely fashion. I will definitely use him on all of my future projects. Thank you for being honest and upfront.
- M.C., February 2019
John did a great job. He was professional and did the job quickly and thorough. Highly recommend.
- J.S., January 2019
Jeff was an awesome home inspector! He was extremely knowledgeable, straight forward and honest. I felt comfortable with his explanations and his overall demeanor. 11 out of 10 would recommend!!
- N.B., Va Beach VA, January 2019
Jeff has a wonderful personality and disposition. He made us feel confident that he was working for us & his finding were specific and in our best interest. Jeff was also very detailed in his explaining as to what needed to be done to correct things. We were beyond pleased!
- M.W., January 2019
He was very straight to the point, had a great attitude, and actually pointed out the issues and gave advice on how to fix them properly. I would highly recommend!
- E.E., Va Beach VA, January 2019
John - Thank you so much for your time and thoroughness on the Home Inspection. You provided a clear path of understanding on any issues so that the seller and I can coordinate remedy and settle on schedule. Your knowledge was clearly evident, and it greatly eased my mind to know I had a proficient expert looking at my new home, and providing me honest answers. All my best wishes to you, and many thanks again!
- L.S., Portsmoth, January 2019
John?s inspection was thorough, time efficient, affordable and provided the answers to any and all questions my client and I had. As an agent I want to make sure my clients are the inspectors top priority and I felt this way with John. Also, the inspection report was easy to follow and understand. Highly recommend!
- L.P., December 2018
He was very quick and thorough with his results and seems to really enjoy what he does for a living!
- A.W., Va Beach VA, December 2018
He was very quick and thorough with his results and seems to really enjoy what he does for a living!
- A.W., Va Beach VA, December 2018
John was extremely friendly and explained everything fully. I walked away knowing what work needed to be done, what work was recommended, and how to to explain my requests for repairs to the seller (and actually know what I was talking about).
- L.H., Portsmoth VA, December 2018
John was very thorough and what I appreciated most was his obvious expertise in the field and the time he took to break things down and explain them to me. Highly recommend and will definitely be using him again in the future.
- K.A., Va Beach VA, December 2018
Highly Recommended. John has a high attention to detail and I use him for all my clients. I even used him when I purchased my own home.
- D.S., December 2018
I've used John Keffer twice for my home inspections. He is definitely efficient in what he does. Good guy and he knows what he's doing.
- E.W., Suffolk VA, November 2018
John was simply awesome! He supplied us with a very detailed and thorough inspection of our home that was extremely helpful. He was very professional and it was a great pleasure to work with him. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!
- P.H., Va Beach, November 2018
Will highly recommend keffer.
- H.M., November 2018
John is amazing! he made sure I undertood the everything and even gave me some "good ideas" for minor fixes. Would recommend to eveyone buying a home through and through!
- D.O., Chesapeake VA, November 2018
First class inspector. I will highly recommend John to everyone.
- T.S., Portsmoth VA, November 2018
John did an outstanding job explaining the process for me since this was my first time purchasing a home. I really feel like he had my best interest at heart. Thanks John!
- M.S., Norfolk VA, October 2018
John was so thorough and we felt like he took his time to really make sure that the house we are purchasing was of quality. We knew from his report exactly what all we needed to have the seller fix and we are keeping the detailed report so we can fix all of the other things that need fixing as soon as we move in. We also loved his personality and he made the inspection process such an easy one. I highly recommend you choose John Keffer when looking for a quality inspector that you want to ensure will do the job right. Thank you for everything, John!
- K.J., Va Beach VA, October 2018
Very detailed and thorough
- B.M., Chesapeake VA, October 2018
- D.W., September 2018
As a real estate attorney, I've worked with John in the past. I was excited to see him at my personal home inspection. He is extremely knowledgeable, but can explain things in a way that anyone can understand. I can, and will, recommend John in the future.
- N.A., Norfolk VA, August 2018
Has done an awesome job servicing clients and providing in depth, realistic, and honest reports! Would definitely recommend to other agents.
- K.K., August 2018
He explained everything and asked if I had any questions and understood everything. He was efficient,proficent and a good learning experience for a homebuyer.
- A.W., August 2018
John was very profession and very thorough. My buyers were very pleased with the inspection and time they received. He went over the report with my clients and myself. I would definitely work with him again.
- B.G., August 2018
Service was Very professional and efficient. I recommend.
- J.W., Va Beach VA, July 2018
- D.L., Suffolk VA, July 2018
Super informative and friendly. Explained all my questions easily.
- K.B., Chesapeake VA, July 2018
Great job with our short time frame, fit us in without a problem and did a great job!
- A.M., July 2018
Awesome job. Expert at his job and cares about his customers.
- W.O., Newport News VA, July 2018
Very professional and proficient. And extremely friendly. Thanks for everything.
- A.W., Portsmoth VA, June 2018
John thank you so much on a job well done. Thank you for helping me understand everything, and sharing your knowledge.
- T.J., Newport News VA, June 2018
John is a great person. He went over the report with me and explained every single detail. Thank you John!
- Y.A., Norfolk VA, June 2018
Explained in detail the entire report. Also asked if I had any questions or concerns and addressed them all with me. Very professional and detailed.
- E.W., Suffolk VA, June 2018
Keep up the awesome work!
- J.B., Chesapeake VA, May 2018
I would definitely recommend John for an inspection! He is timely, easy to talk to, very thorough, and made me feel at ease! He went beyond what my expectations were!
- K.G., Chesapeake VA, May 2018
John was very thorough in his inspection and communicated clearly what needed to be done and how. We want to do some renovations and he shared his experiences and expertise with us - great and valuable information. Thank you John!
- S.M., May 2018
John was extremely thorough and a pleasure to be around. He takes time to address any of your questions or concerns throughout the whole process. Thank you!
- T.M., Va Beach VA, April 2018
John is great at his job! Very detail oriented and personable.
- C.N., April 2018
Very professional and thorough! I would recommend you to anyone in need of a home inspection!
- P.J., Portsmoth VA, April 2018
John was fantastic, allowed me to shadow him while he did inspected the home. He also took the time to point out issues to me and explain why they were issues.
- R.R., March 2018
The best out there! The ONLY home inspector I'll consider calling!
- M.B., March 2018
i have had John inspect most of my homes and found him to be a great professional and an expert in his job. i highly recommend him.
- D.O., March 2018
Top notch! John walked/ talked me through everything and has a great attitude. I have recommended him to friends and family. I will only/definitely call him again.
- R.F., Va Beach VA, March 2018
Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and down to earth!
- M.P., Norfolk VA, March 2018
John is the best! No need to call anyone else!!! He gets the job done in a timely manor and presents all of his findings with flare. Everyone leaves with a complete understanding of the homes status and a few memories filled with laughter.
- E.H., February 2018
John is very thorough and I appreciate that. He gave very clear and concise reports through out the process and after.
- L.P., Chesapeake VA, February 2018
Again , you did a great job.
- K.R., February 2018
Always available when I need him. Only inspector that cares about the clients and is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!
- L.S., February 2018
very clear, easy to read and understand report.
- B.C., February 2018
He was very detailed in his report and with his overall inspection. I would recommend Mr. Keffer to my friends and family. Quinzell Brown
- Q.B., Franklin VA, February 2018
As inspector John did awesome job. I strongly recommend him for an inspection.
- T.S., February 2018
Great Job as always!!!!!!
- A.W., January 2018
Thank you again for an amazing job! The peace of mind we get knowing how thorough you are is priceless!
- A.A., Va Beach VA, December 2017
Thanks again for wonderful work !
- A.A., Va Beach VA, December 2017
John answered any questions I had even while conducting the inspection. Once he was done and we were looking over the inspection report to review he gave thorough details on each aspect of the report which was great. Coming from a work background where observation of other peoples actions, words and body language I would have to say he is an easily approachable person which makes it easier for most of his interactors to feel comfortable when talking to him. Even threw in some mood lightening jokes. Seems he enjoys what he does and wants to look out for the customer. John is a fast speaker and talks with his hands / body actions a lot, as I didn't have an issue with this myself and thought it just added to his character, other customers may not be able to keep up. Food for thought I suppose for others that may find it a distraction. Overall he was a great individual to talk to and deal with during this process. Recommendations would be a definite from me. Thank You John.
- J.V., Newport News VA, December 2017
John is an absolute pleasure to work with, very detailed, knowledgeable, and witty!
- S.T., November 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable. Cant wait to see those property manager rates!
- L.C., Norfolk VA, November 2017
Thank You for making the process easy!! You were very thorough and efficient! We appreciate the fact that you arrived at the house early and got started right way, thank you so much!! We also enjoyed your sense of humor and professionalism at the same time. Thank You, Thank You... Eva
- E.T., Va Beach VA, November 2017
John was great! This is our first home, and he was patient and informative. He made a point of anxiety a breeze.
- M.T., Portsmouth VA, November 2017
Cool guy
- W.W., November 2017
John was thorough, professional, and informative. He took his time in both the inspection process and in conveying his results. Highly recommended!
- J.F., October 2017
Thanks John! Very professional over the phone, easy to understand as a first time home owner, also a very thorough inspection. I appreciate the hard work!
- L.B., Va Beach VA, October 2017
Awesome service very suggestive in how to solve certain diy projects to minimize costs for my home purchase.
- B.S., October 2017
I am a first time home buyer. I was a little skeptical of how thorough the John keffer would have been in my absence. I was extremely please to know that he was very detailed and critical of everything (And I mean EVERYTHING!). There was not a time that John was not accessible to answer any of my questions. All in all, I felt that my family's home was and is SAFE in his hands. A big THANK YOU JOHN!
- P.B., Va Beach VA, October 2017
I'll definitely be recommending you in the future. Thanks!
- J.R., Suffolk VA, October 2017
John is always on time, super great guy very professional and always wears a smile :o) I would tell anyone who asked he "is the one" for all there inspection needs !
- N.H., Chesapeake VA, September 2017
Very through Inspection. You provided a very Comprehensive List of suggested Repair for the Buyer.
- D.S., September 2017
The home inspection was professionally done. Very thorough. Easy to understand and affordable. I would definitely recommend John to people in the future.
- L.S., Va Beach VA, September 2017
Our agent called John on a Monday and he was available that Wednesday. The other inspectors that she had originally contacted didn't perform all of the inspection elements that John offered. He was very thorough, answered every question we had after reviewing the report on sight and made himself available after wards to any questions we may have had later. I would definitely recommend him and would use him again. Thanks John!
- S.S., September 2017
Always prompt, if not early. Explains his reports and findings to the clients well and the report is so easy to understand.
- E.E., August 2017
Very good job. Thank you.
- L.H., August 2017
I really think you pointed out every item small to large that needed to be repaired.
- P.O., Chesapeake VA, July 2017
John showed up earlier than the agreed time, starting the process sooner. He was very helpful with all of my questions and answered everything. He did a thorough job going through the home and finding all issues and made suggestions. Overall he was a pleasure to do business with and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone that needs them.
- M.W., Va Beach VA, July 2017
John was incredibly thorough and I couldn't recommend him enough. He explained everything, documented in an easy to read format, and doesn't skip anything. Best inspector ever!!
- D.H., July 2017
John was great at explaining all issues and what was needed to correct them as well as things to look for to prevent future problems. He has a great personality and is very easy to work with.
- S.M., Va Beach VA, June 2017
John is always on time or early, very professional explain all to client with out scaring them to death in a easy terms of understanding. Has great understanding of Real Estate and honest on inspections!
- J.M., Va. Beach VA, June 2017
So glad you were recommended to us! Quick, professional, and thorough! Great price for quality work! I will highly recommend you in the future and request your services if I ever need a pro in your field.
- C.M., Chesapeake VA, June 2017
Highly recommended.
- R.H., Va Beach VA, June 2017
John did a great job. Took his time, lots of pictures and provided a great explanation of his findings. The Inspection Report was very well done and very comprehensive.
- J.C., May 2017
As this was our first home inspection ever we couldn't have asked for a better home inspector! John was made the process easy and funny but remained professional the entire time. We will use him again and recommend him to others as well! Thank you!
- S.D., Va Beach VA, May 2017