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John Keffer

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Keff/Spec llc. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 757-650-7579

About Keff/Spec llc

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Va Beach and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Super thorough, always on time if not early. Couldn?t ask to work with a better inspector.
- A.T., September 2021
Super thorough, always on time if not early. Couldn?t ask to work with a better inspector.
- A.T., September 2021
John is awesome and very knowledgeable. This is the third home he has inspected for me and each time he’s been great!
- R.B., Va Beach VA, September 2021
Thank you for being so thorough and listening to all my questions and concerns You made this portion of buying a home very informative and enjoyable Highly recommended!!!!
- A.N., Va Beach VA, September 2021
We are first time home buyers and know next to nothing about what to be looking for when walking a house. Now we have a lot more confidence and know a lot more about what to be looking for during our tours. And that's all thanks to John! John was absolutely awesome! Not only was he very informative the entire walk, he's hilarious and just makes the experience of a house inspection enjoyable. His honesty and patience with our "first-timers" questions was greatly appreciated as well! Didn't make us feel dumb for asking anything! [Not that we had many questions after his presentation, because he was very thorough and had lots of pictures for us to see] Unfortunately, we didn't end up buying the house he inspected for us, but we will definitely be requesting to have him inspect our next potential home!
- M.M., Virginia Beach VA, August 2021
8/2021 John did a wonderful job and I would recommend him to any of my family and friends.
- B.M., Va Beach VA, August 2021
John always does a thorough job for all of my clients, and communicates the information he finds clearly.
- J.I., Virginia Beach VA, August 2021
Great inspector. Very knowledgeable, great attitude, and good pricing. 10/10 would recommend.
- T.C., Hampton VA, August 2021
John Keffer is exceptional at his job, and is a teacher and comedian clearly for his other two jobs! There was not a single thing he overlooked, or didn't explain. He gave advice, answered questions and was the most efficient human being I have ever had the pleasure of hiring. His knowledge is boundless, and he was patient and very kind to the huge amount of questions I had on trying to buy my first home. I would highly recommend this gentleman to any one I know, because I know he'd be the best choice. I believe a huge important note to make is, he really cares about you, and he wants you to have the best home and life experience, what more could you ask for? Thank you very much Keff/Spec llc for what you do!
- J.C., Norfolk VA, August 2021
Absolutely! This company is professional, friendly, and down to earth. Most importantly detail to every inch of the home including the unexpected areas of questioning is reviewed and inspected. Thank you Keff/Spec LLC!
- S.S., Norfolk VA, August 2021
Mr. John was polite and thorough. He examined everything from top to bottom and explained all of his findings. He allowed me to shadow him and he went through every step without hesitation. It's amazing the little things that can become big that we overlook or just don't really know to look for. He finds the potential problems that may arise later on down the road. I am so grateful for his professionalism, humor and knowledge. His delivery was respectful and he taught me a thing or two??. Thank you for giving complete insight into such an important investment. I would definitely recommend your services to any new home buyers and if I purchase more property, I will definitely be calling you! Thank you again and be blessed!
- K.R., Portsmoth VA, July 2021
John Keffer knows what to look for in an inspection. He does a thorough inspection of everything. John takes the time to go over his findings with you. I would call him again on my next home inspection.
- S.C., Hampton VA, July 2021
"John is very good at what he does. He is very thorough and he takes his time to make sure that he does not miss anything." I learned of him through my realtor Katrina Ellis. Se told me how good he was with doing inspections and now I know it for myself. Awesome Job John!!!"
- V.R., Chesapeake. VA, July 2021
John is very knowledgeable! He explained the inspection in terms that I could understand. Would definitely recommend him and his company!
- S.T., Norfolk VA, July 2021
Very personable as well as knowledgeable Made the inspection process less nerve racking for me
- M.A., Newport News VA, June 2021
John was very thorough and informative. Very evident that he has been inspecting homes for some time. He has a positive attitude and was very accommodating with his schedule.
- J.R., Va Beach VA, June 2021
Very please with inspection procedure provided by Keff Home Inspections. Inspector was very informative and helpful in breaking down terms and issues around home.
- J.D., Va Beach VA, June 2021
Major disappointment that you began inspecting before we got there! The buyers are paying for your service, not the sellers! You should always wait for your buyers to arrive & not listen to the sellers, regardless if they want you to get started or not!
- R.D., Va Beach VA, June 2021
Very good work in a timely manner, very organized and well put together. Highly recommended
- G.O., Hampton VA, May 2021
What a wonderful experience! John Keffer took the time to go over every detail of our new home. We were very satisfied with his attention to detail and suggestions. Thanks again!
- L.M., Va Beach VA, May 2021
John is awesome in every way! Punctual (even a little early), through, efficient, friendly, professional, detailed and helpful! He took the time to explain everything we needed to know to make a sound purchase decision. 100% recommended!
- T.F., Suffolk VA, May 2021
Mr. keffer was very punctual and informative as he was given the inspection. He made sure I understood exactly what he was doing and took time out to answer any questions I had. Mr. Keffer was also very thorough through the whole process! I would definitely recommend his company to handle any of your needs. I hope to work with him again in the near future!
- J.J., Norfolk VA, May 2021
Great job! Love working with you!
- K.R., May 2021
Excellent Home Inspector. Very thorough and honest. Explained in detail everything that needed to be done to fix the property. I highly recommend him.
- W.M., Portsmoth VA, April 2021
Great company. Honest work and service. Friendly and professional!
- K.A., Norfolk VA, April 2021
John was very thorough in his inspection. The photos who took helped me to see all of the areas in need of repair or replacement. I appreciated the time he took to explain each item to me and the importance of his comments for the benefit of the home. John also took the time to show me where major cutoff valves were located in the home. He did a fantastic job, was extremely polite and very efficient. I would highly recommend John.
- V.H., Chesapeake VA, April 2021
Highly recommended, did a great job explaining the inspection and guidance related to the next step that needed to be taken.
- J.W., Newport News VA, April 2021
Me. Keeper was brief and meticulous! He paid attention to every detail of the house, walked me through findings and answered questions. Very cordial and focused on job at hand. I would recommend him.
- C.G., Suffolk VA, April 2021
Appreciated John's ability to schedule the inspection quickly and provide a super detailed report identifying any issues. It's great to have John on our team and I appreciate all that he does for the community with his support for the Noblemen.
- A.J., April 2021
John was extremely thorough and professional. I would absolutely call him for all my future home inspections.
- T.M., Chesapeake VA, April 2021
Very through and descriptive. But the report in layman's terms so i could understand and explain it better to facilitate the repairs.
- M.T., Va Beach VA, March 2021
John was amazing! He was very thorough and explained every issue he found in a way I can understand. He was very personable and friendly. We had a deadline of that day and he delivered the report with a lot of time to spare! I would definitely recommend!
- D.B., Norfolk VA, March 2021
John is one of the greatest inspectors in the business. I never hesitate to use him!
- J.M., March 2021
- G.T., Va Beach VA, March 2021
- D.G., Norfolk VA, March 2021
You were awesome, thanks for all the hep!
- R.F., Chesapeake VA, March 2021
Very knowledgeable and professional! I will definitely be calling again for my next home inspection!
- N.B., Va Beach VA, March 2021
My go to home inspector! Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
- T.A., Portsmoth VA, March 2021
Honest and professional service, highly recommended!
- R.C., Chesapeake VA, March 2021
Top notch professionalism at its finest....
- J.V., Va Beach VA, February 2021
I think you did a fantastic job with the inspection. Very thorough and detailed on every level, would definitely recommend you.
- K.N., Portsmoth VA, February 2021
John was very thorough, and patiently explained details. His easy going demeanor made it very easy for us to feel comfortable with the inspection process. It helps, tremendously, when you have someone like John. We would highly recommend him to others. We want to thank Jessica Virgili for making it possible for John's inspection.
- M.S., Va Beach VA, February 2021
A wealth of knowledge. I learned a lot from your debrief at the end of the inspection, and from reading the report. Very polite, courteous and professional. Highly recommended and fair prices.
- R.C., Chesapeake VA, February 2021
I would highly recommend John to any future home owner!! He is friendly, knowledgeable and overall a great gentleman. John answered all of my concerns and even took extra time giving me suggestions for improving electrical equipment. Thank you John! Keep up the great work!!!
- K.C., Norfolk VA, February 2021
John did a great job for my Buyer clients!
- B.T., February 2021
Very quick, thorough and informative!
- B.J., Portsmoth VA, February 2021
Great Very Knowledgeable. Made my inspection process as easy and simple as possible.
- T.B., Portsmoth VA, January 2021
Honest and TRUSTworthy!
- J.D., December 2020
Excellent experience. Will use in future.
- M.T., Va Beach VA, December 2020
Very thorough, respectful, and easy to talk to. He explained what he was doing and why and, if I had any questions he would explain in detail. Usually even before I asked. Highly recommend getting your home inspection with Keffspec!
- R.L., Chesapeake VA, December 2020
Very timely. Responsive to questions. Thorough job. Flexibility in offering relevant discounts here and there. Report well detailed and professionally done. Definitely highly recommend for others to use and will use again in the future. Blessings.
- J.B., Norfolk VA, December 2020
I couldn't be there for my inspection and was so happy with how thorough and detailed John was. His report was easy to follow and descriptive and he Face-Timed me from the inspection to go over the report and go over any questions I had. He was able to get out to complete the inspection within a few days during the holidays, and I could not be more impressed. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
- B.L., Va Beach VA, November 2020
I would recommend him to anyone! He was very Informative and broke down everything that I needed to know or understand. He even had a sense of humor that made the experience even better. He did an Awesome job! Kuddos to him...
- A.C., Chesapeake VA, November 2020
Very thorough and communicates clearly to any of my clients who have used him. Would definitely recommend his service for any of your home inspection needs.
- J.I., Virginia Beach VA, November 2020
I like him because he broke the inspection down to were a female can understand.
- S.G., Norfolk VA, October 2020
Very professional
- J.O., Chesapeake VA, October 2020
He is so good at explaining everything and helpful in knowing who can help you fix things. Absolutely I’d use him again I’ve used him twice already
- B.L., Portsmoth VA, September 2020
Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Has a great eye for imperfections and possibly future issues.
- F.B., Va Beach VA, September 2020
Absolutely great at his job will definitely give him a call for my next home. On a scale from one to ten I would give him a ten.
- L.L., Chesapeake VA, September 2020
John was very courteous, professional, and thorough. He provided a detailed description of each issue as well as photos as evidence. His recommendations helped me separate the cosmetic issues from safety and functionality issues.
- J.B., September 2020
John was very friendly, kind and informative. He answered my questions and he did not rush and took ample time to create a thorough report.
- C.N., Chesapeake VA, August 2020
Outstanding service! Inspector was knowledgeable and seamlessly walked us through the process. My wife and I are new homebuyers. Our experience with Mr. Keffer alleviated many of our “first time” jitters. We highly recommend his services.
- D.G., Chesapeake VA, August 2020
Very thorough and detailed Polite On time Reliable
- M.S., August 2020
John was very knowledgeable and and took the time to explain everything that he found during inspection. If we did not understand something he gladly explained in more detail. The inspections was completed in a timely manner.
- J.W., Chesapeake VA, August 2020
Quick and thorough, made sure to cover all of the checklist items in detail, with the pictures he planned on putting into the checklist to make sure that we fully understood each item and possible avenues of remediation.
- C.V., Hampton VA, August 2020
Looked at every detail possible things I didn’t notice myself even after seeing the home more than 2 times. Highly recommended
- D.C., Portsmoth VA, July 2020
John did a great job during our inspection. Very thorough explanations of everything that needed to be fixed as well as what was an optional/cosmetic fix. I thought the run down of everything at the end of the inspection was incredibly useful as well as the detailed report that was provided that same day. Would highly recommend!
- J.F., Cape Charles VA, July 2020
We will definitely recommend John to do your inspection. Very knowledgeable, upbeat and polite. If we ever have another home inspection I wouldn't want anyone else.
- A.M., Chesapeake VA, June 2020
It is highly likely I will recommend John Keffer for a home inspection. I was very impressed with his keen eye and very close attention to details. His nickname should be Keen Keff ??. Anyone in need of a home inspection I will definitely be sending them his way. Thanks again!
- L.C., Portsmoth VA, June 2020
Super professional inspector. Highly recommended
- T.G., Va Beach VA, June 2020
John was very knowledgeable. Was excellent in explaining everything to me and my Dad throughout the inspection. Took time to break down everything at the end of inspection. Absolutely will recommend & also use again for any future inspections.
- K.S., Chesapeake VA, May 2020
Would definitely recommend to anyone. They found everything wrong before you decide to buy. Trust that they will deliver detailed photos and descriptions of what they find to give you leave of mind when purchasing.
- S.C., Portsmoth VA, May 2020
Proffessional, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thank you!
- L.L., Suffolk VA, May 2020
- L.L., Portsmoth VA, May 2020
John was thorough and answered all my questions. My inspection experience was very pleasant, he made everything easy to understand. Before, during, and after the inspection I felt like I was in good hands. I would recommend John to everyone I know!
- T.S., Franklin VA, May 2020
John is always on time. He has a casual approach and is easy to talk to. Encourages the buyers to ask any questions or tag along. 20 years of experience.
- K.A., May 2020
Great inspector who knows his work and is very knowledgable.
- C.W., Portsmoth VA, May 2020
He was punctual, friendly, and very knowledgable.
- H.M., Hampton VA, April 2020
We appreciate how thorough he was with the inspection. He took everyone's safety into consideration since we are dealing with COVID 19. Mr. Keffer took time to answer all our questions and concerns. We would recommend him to anyone buying a home.
- G.J., Suffolk VA, April 2020
John was very thorough in his inspection!
- A.S., Portsmoth VA, March 2020
John Keffer with Keff-Spec! The man...the real deal...the legend! If you want the most detailed person on the planet mixed with wit and a fun inspection experience, THIS IS YOUR GUY! The reports are formatted exceptionally clean with categorized sections and complimentary pictures. With experience in areas of contracting, real estate and specializing in one-of-a-kind home inspections, Keff-Spec is the only guy I work with for Hampton Roads area Virginia. - Drew Miller of At Peace Realty brokered by ERA Real Estate Professionals
- D.M., March 2020
Very knowledgeable and thorough. John explained everything in words I could understand.
- S.S., Norfolk VA, March 2020
Superb! Very polite and knowledgeable inspector. He was thorough and I learned a lot about my house. I highly recommend his services.
- C.D., Yorktown VA, February 2020
Excellent, thorough work and very friendly
- N.M., Suffolk VA, February 2020
John was very friendly and easy to deal with. Answered all our questions and got back to us immediately when we had questions. He did a Superb Home Inspection of the home we are purchasing. Thanks again John John &Jayne
- J.F., Chesapeake VA, January 2020
Great job bud!! Highly Recommend
- A.H., Hampton VA, January 2020
He was amazing! He took his time to thoroughly inspect the house. Afterwards, he went over all of his findings in a very professional and detailed manor. He provided pictures of each of the findings and went over it to make sure we under stood everything that he had found. He was very prompt in getting our inspection report back to us in the same night! All in all, a great inspection for a great price! Thanks again.
- A.A., Suffolk VA, January 2020
Very precise and informative. He wrote up an outline easy for us to understand pointing out the issue and who will be able to fix it. We will be using this outline to guide our home improvement adventure.
- J.S., Hampton VA, January 2020
Very knowledgeable and detailed in his work.
- C.J., Norfolk VA, January 2020
Very thorough and professional, highly recommend!
- P.R., Va Beach VA, January 2020
Done a great job. Explained everything he found in detail and answered any questions we had. Give a raise.
- J.H., Va Beach VA, December 2019
John is a Professional at his job! when seller is present he keeps is simple as not to be confrontational but to keep peace and explain things in simple terms for all to understand! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !! Thank you John! Jimalee Realtor
- J.M., Virginia Beach VA, November 2019
This was my second home inspection with John and he did just as great this time. I would recommend him to do home inspections in the future. John was knowledgeable and broke down all the information for me to make an informed decision on what I wanted repaired. He was also willing to take the time to point out important features and explain how they worked.
- L.H., Va Beach VA, September 2019
Awesome! Great with details.
- M.A., Portsmoth VA, August 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- T.R., August 2019
Mr. Keffer was extremely efficient and thorough and saw things we didn't. And the fact that he is non-partisan makes it all the better. I'd definitely hire him again to ensure we know what we're getting.
- C.C., August 2019
John is very thorough when completing home inspections. This is our second home he has inspected and has not let us down. He points out various safety concerns, as well as many of home concerns that the untrained eye would miss. I highly recommend using John for all of your home inspections!
- K.P., Va Beach VA, July 2019
You are awesome! Thanks for showing up on time (early), being very professional and explaining the report in terms I could understand!!!!!!
- S.T., Va Beach VA, July 2019
John was very thorough and pleasant to speak with. After his report, I was confident in the home and that any foreseen issues had been found.
- R.B., Va Beach VA, July 2019
He does his job great! Even though it was so hot. He did not rush
- T.S., Va Beach VA, June 2019