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Kyle Beckstrom

Madison Home Inspection LLC offers:
*Buyer/Seller Inspections
*Radon Testing
*Water Testing (including HUD & FHA Loan water tests)
*Home Preservation Plans (for homeowners who want to learn how to maintain and repair their homes for ultimate resale value)
*Home Energy & Weatherization Tune-Ups (Utilizing Thermal Imaging Technology)

**Many Free Benefits Not Offered by Most Inspectors
**Thorough & Complete Inspections
**Outstanding Customer Service


Certified Home Inspector State of Wisconsin InterNACHI (Int'l Association of Certified Home Inspectors, NAHI


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Kyle took time to explain findings as he did the inspection which was very thorough. He let us know what was essential to be corrected and what could be done later. He also gave some advice on how to make necessary changes. The report was neatly done with photos that included arrows and boxes highlighting the problems.
- M.L., May 2017
I felt that Kyle did a thorough job of inspecting the home I'm buying, and was good at explaining what he was looking for as he did the inspection. He's also very willing to answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend Kyle.
- A.O., May 2017
Kyle Beckstrom you are awesome!! You are VERY thorough/professional and that is really important! Thank you so much for your services. Someone give this man a raise and promote him. NOW.
- A.S., May 2017
Kyle is very professional, thorough and trustworthy. We greatly appreciated his willingness and ability to inspect our prospective home even though there were unusual circumstances. We felt that he gave us a very honest report and are very comfortable with his findings.
- S.A., May 2017
Gives great value, easy to work with, thorough, knowledgeable. Have hired Kyle twice and been very satisfied with his reviews.
- P.M., Madison WI, April 2017
Kyle was friendly and professional. He was incredibly easy to work with. Many people who looked at our report, including the seller, commented on how thorough our inspector was. Thanks so much!
- A.B., Madison WI, April 2017
Copied from my Yelp review: As first time home buyers, we could not have had a more simple and informative experience for our inspection than with Kyle. The website design is easy to use to find out pricing information and making appointments. His response time is fast and will immediately provide advice on the most proper services for the inspection area. In our case, he explained the benefits of a radon test and we are happy to have that peace of mind. On the day of the inspection, Kyle had no problem letting me tail behind him and he would explain to me the issue and how best to resolve it. He would also explain how many of the home's major appliances worked and the repair schedules. This was exceedingly helpful to someone with little knowledge of these items, so I feel much more confident in being able to take care of the home. Finally, his detailed inspection report is beyond exceptional as he provides pictures and explanations of all the issues in an easy to read format that we will be able to reference in the future to take care of the home. I don't know if it is possible to have a better experience, and I would recommend Kyle to anyone for a home inspection whether they are first time or seasoned buyers.
- R.W., April 2017
thought you did a very thorough job! Thank You
- J.R., April 2017
We were very pleased with Kyle's inspection and report for our new home. Kyle was very methodical and thorough, checking large and small details, and documenting all findings with clear photographs of issues. Near the end, Kyle went through all of his findings in the report, explaining severity and noting which defects were most in need of remediation. Essentially, he went through what would be in the report, giving us a chance for questions. The report came via email within hours. Photos clearly indicated issues, while each was described along with what was required to remediate or come within code. Kyle was pleasant and straightforward while talking about the house and issues. We have no hesitation recommending him.
- S.T., Middleton WI, April 2017
Kyle, Thank You again for working us into your busy schedule, and braving the terrible rain & wind to provide a thorough inspection of the home we intend to purchase. If the house didn't develop leaks on that inspection day, I'd say "we're confident it will not have any issues for a good long while".
- R.M., Monona WI, April 2017
Kyle was incredibly thorough and impartial in his inspection of my home and did an excellent job of explaining his report to me. The depth of his knowledge was astounding. He provided so many photos with specific issues circled, so the necessary repairs were clear as day. These will be an invaluable resource as I go about making the small repairs that any average homeowner should be able to handle. Kyle's services came highly recommended and he didn't disappoint. He gave me the peace of mind I needed heading into the biggest investment I'll ever make. Thanks, Kyle!
- J.N., Madison WI, April 2017
Kyle was great to work with. He took us around to look at his findings and explained any issues and solutions for everything. He was very friendly and easy to understand. I really enjoyed being able to understand the final report as well. The pictures and descriptions were very easy to read and understand and again listed solutions to any findings. Would recommend to anyone looking for an inspector!
- L.M., Madison WI, March 2017
Efficient, reasonable, informative. Will likely use his services again. Yes, recommend him freely.
- P.M., Madison WI, March 2017
Kyle did a great job with my home inspection. He worked methodically and thoroughly through each area and explained what he was looking for as he inspected. He pointed out small and big things, and indicated approximately how much of a problem they would be in the future. The inspection report was also laid out nicely with pictures and text to point out exactly where each issue occurred. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone I know who is looking for a high quality home inspection.
- S.L., Verona WI, March 2017
Great Inspection from a great guy! I will choose Kyle for any future inspections.
- L.O., March 2017
Kyle was very helpful and mindful to take extra time in explaining what he was seeing during the inspection. I appreciated his patience with my questions and made me feel very comfortable during the entire inspection.
- M.G., February 2017
Easy going, thoughtful, efficient and knowledgeable. Kyle walked me through his inspection and flagged key items. Thank you!
- S.O., Fitchburg WI, February 2017
Kyle was great! Explained things so that I could understand. As a first time home buyer this was incredibly important to me. Would highly recommend his services!
- J.M., Madison WI, February 2017
Kyle of Madison Home Inspection was very professional and thorough in his inspection of the property I was buying. He pointed out many plumbing, heating, and electrical issues which helped to ensure the safety of the property, as well as pointing out smaller window and cabinetry cracks and wear. He helped me understand the problems through his on-site tour, as well as photos and clear descriptions provided in his report, along with recommendations for repair. He comes highly recommended from this customer.
- J.M., Madison WI, February 2017
Kyle did a great job. He is very professional and personable.
- E.R., February 2017
Thank you for performing such a detailed inspection. I appreciated the detailed report and thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions! I will certainly recommend you to anyone that I know.
- A.M., Madison, February 2017
After meeting Kyle at our home inspection, I have nothing but great things to say! During the inspection, he explained things that he was seeing or not seeing in detail, gave me tips about routine maintenance items (air filters, furnace, etc), and answered any questions that I had. His report was very easy to follow and the photos also helped us look at things we may want to change down the road. If we ever go through the house buying process again, I would definitely use Kyle and Madison Home Inspections!
- E.W., February 2017
After meeting Kyle at our home inspection, I have nothing but great things to say! During the inspection, he explained things that he was seeing or not seeing in detail, gave me tips about routine maintenance items (air filters, furnace, etc), and answered any questions that I had. His report was very easy to follow and the photos also helped us look at things we may want to change down the road. If we ever go through the house buying process again, I would definitely use Kyle and Madison Home Inspections!
- , February 2017
We were impressed by Kyle's comprehensive review. He took the time to answer all of our questions at the review and finished his written reports in a timely manner. Scheduling with Kyle through the online portal was very straightforward, and I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.
- A.T., January 2017
Kyle was very detailed in respect to his work. He was extremely easy to work with, and I really appreciated all of the recommended fixes that he did not have to go out of his way to lend advise. The report was very easy to read, especially because of his commentary throughout the inspection made it easy to know what he was referring too. I will be using his report in the future to make all of the recommended fixes on the house. I am know sure that I am making the right decision to buy my first home. Also, Kyle is very affordable as I thought his advise is priceless for bettering our home in the future. I would highly recommend Kyle to any of my friends who are looking to buy their first home!
- S.C., Middleton WI, January 2017
I found Kyle via Yelp and Google reviews. His ratings and comments were impressive so I hired him. Kyle did not disappoint. He was very thorough, walking me through each portion of his inspection in detail. In addition to the home inspection, he set up and conducted a radon test prior to the home inspection. I was able to receive test results the day of inspection instead of a 2-3 day lead time when sending to an independent lab. Upon completion of the inspection, I received detailed report the next morning via email. Working with Kyle was a pleasure and will use him for any home inspection needs in the future.
- C.S., Deforest WI, December 2016
Mr. Beckstrom was very professional, thorough, and friendly. His comments during the inspection and in his subsequent report were very useful. I will acting on many of his suggestions. Thanks!
- J.M., December 2016
We were very happy with the level of professionalism with which Kyle conducted himself and the level of detail and easy to read layout of the inspection report. We will definitely be recommending Kyle in the future and will think of him for any future inspection needs he may be able to help us with at our new home. Thank you!
- C.H., December 2016
The inspection was done in a very professional way and it was done in an orderly fashion so that nothing is missed out. I felt the best part was explaining each item on how big the problem was, how soon it needs to be fixed and if there is no issues then how to maintain them. These made us more comfortable as a first time home buyer and understand what we are buying. We also liked the report with the photos. I really appreciate the work and for sure will refer to other families and friends
- S.R., December 2016
Kyle was very personable and thorough. He had a very calming presence despite the stressful circumstance of a first-time home inspection for a first-time homebuyer. He appreciated our questions. I showed this report to my parents (who have purchased five homes in their lifetime), my brother (who just bought his first home two years ago), and my uncle (who's a home inspector in another state), and they all said that Kyle's report was one of the most thorough and helpful reports they've encountered.
- J.H., Madison WI, November 2016
Through, knowledgeable, and professional.
- M.I., Madison WI, November 2016
Kyle was very thorough, and knowledgeable. His photos were very helpful in pointing things out to my homes sellers. Kyle also pointed out and explained everything to me, as I am a new home buyer this was very appreciated. I would reccommend anyone I know to give Kyle a call first!
- B.s., janesville WI, November 2016
It's my third time using Madison Home Inspection. Kyle is very detail oriented and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.H., Mazomanie WI, October 2016
Very prompt and professional. He answered all of my questions leading up to the inspection, during the inspection and gave a very thorough report of everything he found. He was very informative and took the time to explain all the items that he felt needed to be addressed and why.
- M.P., September 2016
I chose Kyle because of the many positive reviews I had seen online and also because he provided a very professional looking sample report on his website. He was incredibly thorough with the inspection process and found things that I thought were very, very detailed 'flaws' along with the larger, more obvious defects. He provided a report for this house that looked very similar to the sample report on his website. The house we were looking at was in near-perfect condition and would have been easy for an inspector to breeze through, but Kyle took his time and I felt very satisfied with the job he did for us. Nice guy too--easy to spend 3 hours with the first time you meet him! Not very talkative but he answered all of our questions when we asked and I wouldn't hesitate to recommended him to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- J.M., September 2016
I chose Kyle because of the many positive reviews I had seen online and also because he provided a very professional looking sample report on his website. He was incredibly thorough with the inspection process and found things that I thought were very, very detailed 'flaws' along with the larger, more obvious defects. He provided a report for this house that looked very similar to the sample report on his website. The house we were looking at was in near-perfect condition and would have been easy for an inspector to breeze through, but Kyle took his time and I felt very satisfied with the job he did for us. Nice guy too--easy to spend 3 hours with the first time you meet him! Not very talkative but he answered all of our questions when we asked and I wouldn't hesitate to recommended him to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- J.M., September 2016
Kyle was very professional. Report was informative and received in a timely manner. I've already request he does another inspection for me.
- J.W., September 2016
Kyle was awesome. He was very thorough and made sure to explain things to me as the inspection went along. He had a detailed report with photos to me by the end of the day. He didn't mind that I was awkwardly following him around as he inspected things. Literally could not ask for more.
- R.P., Verona WI, September 2016
Kyle is very detailed in his inspections and timely!
- C.A., Madison WI, September 2016
Kyle was very professional and did a great job. Nothing felt rushed, and there was plenty of time for questions and explanations.
- M.M., August 2016
Responsive, professional and very thorough. The report was ready almost immediately. Extremely satisfied.
- J.L., West Bend WI, August 2016
Kyle is a pro's pro. Professional, thorough, and customer friendly. Madison Home Inspection, LLC is the go to service provider in the Madison area - Rick Picciano
- P.P., August 2016
Kyle was very thorough with his inspect and gave a very detailed report. I really liked how he included pictures to show the defects. I would highly recommend.
- R.R., Verona WI, August 2016
First met Kyle at our inspection for our first home. He was prompt for the appointment, introduced himself, asked if I had any specific questions regarding the home. We chatted for a bit about what my wife and I had found in our first showing, and then he got right into the inspection. Kyle was very thorough, and detailed; he explained all of the items that he was looking at, and had a very systematic approach to the inspection. The inspection report was very detailed, easy to read and had great explanations regarding his findings. The inspection report also contained detailed photos with areas circled and arrows to point out his explanation, which was very helpful when reviewing the report with our realtor. Kyle was very attentive to any questions that I had during the process, and would stop what he was doing to give me a detailed description of what he was seeing. Overall I was very impressed with the level of professionalism Kyle provided, and I will definitely be recommending him to anyone I know who is in need of his services.
- K.P., Monona WI, August 2016
Kyle did an amazing job with our home inspection. He was very thorough and did a great job explaining everything to us. He allowed us to ask questions as he was doing the inspection and made sure that we understood all of this findings. He was very kind and easy to work with. We will definitely reach out to him again if we need another inspection.
- H.B., August 2016
I was very pleased with Kyle's work. Like me, he is very detail-oriented which came through in the thoroughness of the inspection and the completeness of the report. He answered all of my questions clearly with detail appropriate to my level of knowledge. I also appreciated his breaking down his comments in to "this really should be fixed now", "this is something that needs to be dealt with but not necessarily right not", "keep an eye on this in case it does...", and "this looks fine--nothing to be concerned about." The report's text, pictures, arrows, and circles were extremely helpful. While I don't want to have to go through a move again anytime soon, if I do, I'll be sure to get Kyle for my next purchase.
- R.M., August 2016
The inspection report seemed to be very in depth and complete. Any questions or issues I had were resolved by email contact in a friendly and professional manner. Kyle even made an adjustment to something that wasn't functioning properly so that I wouldn't have to deal with that issue. Two thumbs up!
- M.B., August 2016
Kyle - I was very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. Being a first time homebuyer, I was not entirely sure what to expect from the inspection. I liked how you took the time before the inspection to inform me how and what you were going to inspect. I also really liked how you were able to educate and easily articulate the problems you found during the inspection. I would not hesitate to use or recommend your services in the future.
- C.M., Verona WI, August 2016
Kyle showed up on time and was very professional. We have had home inspections in the past with other companies when selling homes before and Kyle was by far the best experience we have had. He was detailed and treated the inspection as if it was his potential future home. His report was through, easy to read and I appreciated how he incorporated arrows and circles in his pictures so you knew to what the comment was referring. He answered all of our questions and then some. I would definitely recommend Kyle and Madison Home Inspection.
- E.F., July 2016
We found Kyle through very positive reviews on both Yelp and AngiesList. All reviews were clearly well-earned. Kyle was prompt, efficient, methodical, and thorough in his inspection. He took the time to answer questions during and after the inspection. The post-inspection report, received only hours after the inspection, provided clear photographs and corrective measures for all identified concerns and opportunities for enhancements. We would absolutely recommend Kyle to all family and friends in the market for home inspection services.
- A.P., July 2016
Kyle was great! Very thorough and made sure to explain a lot of details to me, as I had let him know that I wanted to learn as much as possible about the house. I have absolutely no complaints about my experience with Kyle, and I really appreciated how quickly he turned around the final report. The report is very good, with pictures and descriptions of all issues in easy to understand format.
- J.W., little chute WI, July 2016
I am glad the ratings and reviews pushed me your way. Very thorough, very helpful, and did a great job at fielding all of my amateur (and probably tedious) questions!
- T.C., July 2016
Kyle was prompt, professional, courteous, and very honest about all the potential problems with our new home, as well as suggesting solutions for fixing them. His report, with photos, was incredibly detailed and thorough, and all easily accessible online. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kyle for your inspection.
- C.D., Madison WI, June 2016
Kyle was very meticulous in his inspection and thoroughly explained his findings to me in a language I could understand. I never felt rushed throughout the process; he truly knows his stuff!
- T.G., June 2016
Kyle was very professional and very helpful and responsive to my questions and concerns. He took the time to explain the things he intended to put in his report in terms that I could understand. I highly recommend Kyle.
- C.J., June 2016
Kyle came with high recommendation and my wife and I were very impressed with his thoroughness and honesty. I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to recommend Kyle to anybody in the Madison area in need of an inspection.
- T.M., June 2016
Excellent job. Was very thorough in explaining areas of concern. Would highly recommend him for inspections.
- S.N., May 2016
I feel Kyle did a wonderful job of inspecting the property, all of his suggestions/findings were understandable and was able to prove what he had found. Very friendly person to meet and would recommend his services to anyone that requires a home inspection. Thanks Kyle!!!
- C.H., Madison WI, May 2016
Quick and easy! Kyle knows what he's doing and will let you know what's going on in your new place.
- A.K., May 2016
Appreciate the detailed and thorough inspection report with helpful suggestions.
- A.K., Marshall WI, May 2016
Kyle was very easy to work with. I am a first time home buyer and a bit naive about the ins and outs of home ownership. I went alongside Kyle for the inspection and he took the time to not just point out potential areas of concern, but also offer helpful tips and instructions for ongoing home maintenance. I felt completely at ease with Kyle and trusted that he was doing a thorough job with the assessment.
- K.H., Madison WI, May 2016
Kyle was very thorough in everything and explained things very well. I would definitely recommend him.
- J.L., Belvidere IL, April 2016
I was very satisfied with how detailed Kyle was with our inspection. He found very small but important details that will assist us. The report was fantastic. Very detailed and simple to follow. It is something we will be able to reference for a long time. The arrows and circles were particularly useful. Kyle answered all of our questions fully, and even expanded on them to make sure we truly know all the in's and out's of the topic. I would absolutely recommend Kyle to my friends and family.
- L.L., Madison WI, April 2016
Kyle did a very complete inspection for us. He acted completely in our best interest. He also provided suggestions on what we can do to better our new property.
- G.H., Madison WI, April 2016
As a first time home buyer, it has been great to find someone like Kyle. He was very thorough and always took the time to explain everything. I would definitely recommend him.
- D.M., April 2016
Very thorough and professional. As first time home buyers, Kyle was very patient and helpful in our home inspection. His report was complete and well organized, I am sure we will reference it often in the future. Would highly recommend.
- S.M., April 2016
Thanks for the awesome work, Kyle! Everything was very thorough and the report was easy to read.
- N.A., April 2016
Kyle was very methodical in his inspection and did a great job overall. His report was well put-together and the online scheduling made the process pretty slick.
- D.J., Madison WI, March 2016
Very helpful, through inspection. I would highly recommend.
- M.M., Marshall WI, March 2016
It was a very thorough investigation. Despite the home being a new home, Kyle did give me confidence that the home was safe and in good repair.
- V.V., Madison WI, March 2016
I was very impressed with Kyle before, during, and after the inspection. He encouraged me to attend and ask questions. He took the time to review everything afterwards and made sure I understood what he was explaining. His report was detailed, clean, and included pictures, which I thought was extremely helpful. I felt better about purchasing the home knowing it was inspected by Kyle. He lived up to the hype from all of his prior reviews!
- D.S., Madison WI, March 2016
Kyle was very thorough and went through everything he found with explanations. He was very patient with questions. We appreciate the fact that he took pictures and added them to the report with arrows or circles and explanations. Our Realtor was so impressed with Kyle that she's going to add him to her list of preferred inspectors! It was easy to book Kyle because his website is user friendly, and it had a calendar, so we knew exactly what days he was available. We would definitely use Kyle again!
- W.B., Middleton WI, March 2016
1) Were you satisified with the level of detail I went into with your inspection? Yes, it was very useful to go from area to area and hear about where/what was going on. 2) Was the report nice-looking? Yes, I particularly appreciated the pictures and layout. Very clear! 3) Did the arrows cirlcles used in the report help explain my findings in an easy to understand manner? Yes, that was great. 4) Did I answer all of your questions you had concerning your home? Yes, in person it was very helpful to go over the items with you. You helped me understand what might be moderately serious issues now versus something not serious at all but rather more cosmetic, or could be taken care of DIY. That's useful when considering what to include on our report back to the sellers. 5) And perhaps most important, would you use my service again or recommend my service to your friends or family? Yes, thank you! I would be sure to emphasize that they should not forget their checkbooks though since the extra $15 for the credit card payment is completely avoidable! Oops!
- M.T., March 2016
Kyle was very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the home to us. My fiance and I are first time home buyers so understanding all the basics of a home was essential to us, which Kyle was attentive to. He took his time examining the home, then explaining his findings before sending us his report. His report included images and icons/arrows pointing at what he described; it presented very professionally and easy to follow. I highly recommend choosing Kyle Beckstrom as a home inspector.
- J.S., February 2016
Very pleased with Kyle's inspection of our new condo. I was present for his appointment so I can attest that he is punctual, thorough, efficient, willing to discuss specific findings and generally professional in his work. Perhaps best of all, he produced his report the same day although I didn't expect it for 24 hours or more.
- T.R., February 2016
Kyle was great! Super friendly, very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. Prompt response, and a very quick turn around on getting us the report. He asked us to be involved in the process and invited us to " follow" him around as he inspected every inch of the property. It was so nice to be able to ask questions and talk about things as we explored together.
- C.J., Madison WI, February 2016
My wife and I are first time home buyers and can't imagine anyone going through this without a home inspection like the one we received from Kyle. I was extremely impressed with how thorough and detailed he was during the inspection. The report we got back was very well laid out complete with accurate descriptions and annotated pictures (normal pictures and infrared!). I think the best part was that Kyle was very patient to explain things to someone not all that familiar with these specifics. I highly recommend him.
- J.R., Madison WI, February 2016
I was able to make an online reservation only a few days before we wanted to do the inspection, and schedule the time that worked for us. Kyle is timely, efficient, and really easy to talk to. He explained everything he saw in detail, with pictures. The inspection report is especially useful - because it's so detailed, I can forward it to our electrician for a quote. I was really impressed with the service, Kyle made everything easy for us.
- N.E., February 2016
I couldn't be more pleased with the job Kyle did. He was really thorough and answered all my questions. His report was very detailed with clear explanations of problems and possible solutions.
- S.S., Madison WI, February 2016
Kyle did a great job inspecting my house! If I ever buy another house again I will have him to inspect it.
- A.B., February 2016
Thank you for your honesty and knowledge during the home inspection! The home inspection report was very thorough.
- M.S., Mount Horeb WI, February 2016
Kyle did a fantastic job. We are first time home buyers and he took the time to explain everything to us. If I ever need another home inspection in the Madison area again I know where I am going!
- N.B., February 2016
He is great. Very thorough and patient. Very knowledgeable too. Highly recommended
- S.G., January 2016
Kyle was remarkably thorough. He inspected a 3100 square foot house for us and spent nearly four hours scrutinizing every last inch of it. His assessment was comprehensive, his demeanor was professional, and, perhaps best of all, I was able to sign up for an appointment on about two days notice through his website. If you're a buyer -- especially if you're looking to get a complete picture of the house you're about to purchase (even if you're not hunting for defects) -- Kyle is your guy.
- B.M., January 2016
Great, thorough inspection (in which he patiently explained things to me) and excellent report (with pictures). Couldn't have asked for better!
- E.Z., December 2015
Kyle has preformed many home inspections on many different type of properties for my real estate business. He is absolutely the best! He is thorough and his reports are top notch and very timely which helps with negotiations for my buyers.
- P.B., December 2015
Kyle did a fantastic job. Very knowledgeable, answered all my questions with lots of detail. He also gave many helpful suggestions. Report was returned very quickly. I would recommend Kyle without hesitation.
- M.L., Middleton WI, December 2015
The inspection was very thorough. He took his time and explained issues to us. The report included a lot of detail that will help us pick out what to fix. He was on time and went right to work. I highly recommend Kyle for a home inspection.
- M.N., November 2015
I've never had a home inspection done before, however Kyle made the process seem simple and was extremely thorough. The report was thorough and easy to read and understand. There were pictures so you can easily explain where all the problems were to someone. It was also available only four hours after the inspection was completed. Awesome. I feel like I got the best inspector in the area and would use Madison Home Inspections LLC agĂ in without a second thought.
- H.F., November 2015
Did an awesome job going through and explaining everything he saw. Would definitely recommend.
- A.N., Madison WI, November 2015
Kyle was absolutely amazing and very detailed in everything he did. We have bought 3 houses and each time we weren't very impressed with the inspectors. This time Kyle blew away our expectations and we received more information than expected and it was very helpful. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone looking for the right kind of home inspector that will give you the piece of mind you should have when purchasing your home.
- J.S., October 2015
Thank you Kyle!
- C.S., October 2015
Kyle was great. He was recommend by my realtor. His reports showed me areas needing fixing. I would recommend him. He spent 3 plus hours at the location. The report came quickly. Very detailed with everything. Thank you Kyle!
- C.L., September 2015
I hired Kyle twice in the past month. The first house didn't pass inspection, so thanks to Kyle for the review. I hired him a second time a month later, which shows my happiness with his services. He is thorough - 3-4hrs, detailed, answered all my questions, and would help me troubleshoot through issues that arose as far as what might be the underlying issue. His reports are sent out very quickly and are clear, concise and top of the line. If you are making an investment in the 100's of thousands of dollars, do yourself a favor and hire Kyle to be sure it's worth your money.
- B.M., September 2015
As an older single woman, I was somewhat nervous about the mechanics of a home. Most of the equipment has changed over the years and I was not up to date on the requirements of maintaining them. Kyle patiently explained all of the details to me about the equipment so that I now feel confident about performing the common maintenance of each and understand when to call a professional for more advanced maintenance. Of course he inspected almost every inch of the home and explained in detail his findings, which are outlined in his report, providing an easy reference for me in the future. But the intangible, exceptional quality of Kyle's persona was that he did not sugar coat nor unjustifiably alarm me about anything. This made me wholeheartedly trust his opinions and findings which guide me to confidently take on owning a home.
- , September 2015
I can't say enough good things about Kyle Beckstrom. He was extremely thorough and explained everything to me and my husband. He was polite and professional. I would recommend Kyle to anyone.
- H.P., Madison WI, September 2015
Thank you so much Kyle! You were extremely thorough and a pleasure to meet.
- H.P., Madison WI, September 2015
Kyle, did a thorough inspection. He showed up on time and competed his report quickly. His website is easy to use. Very professional in all respects.
- R.B., Cottage Grove WI, August 2015
The inspection report was very clear and easy to read - very helpful.
- J.G., August 2015
It was a pleasure working and chatting with you. Thanks for being thorough and pointing out things to be aware of. Thanks for getting the report done quickly. Also, your report was clean and easy to read. I will refer you to anyone that is looking for an inspector! Well done.
- J.H., Rockford IL, August 2015