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Mark Kenney

Whether your a first time buyer or a seasoned investor I can give you the information you need and a commputer generated on the spot report you can rely on to make a confident decision. (Discounted State Cetified Termite Inspection with every Home Inspection. Really!)

Along with having extensive experiance in residential and commercial construction, I have hands on knowledge and expertise to spot problems with materials , installation and  workmanship that other inspectors might miss. I'll inspect the structure , sytems and components of the home, inside and out, from the foundation to  the roof, using the latest tools and technology. I will test your irrigation system and all your accessible appliances.
I encourage you to attend your inspection so that I can describe my procces, explain my findings, point out important maintenance items and answer all of your questions in a down to earth relatable way.

Call: 623-202-5129 for any questions or visit:

Here is a complete list of all my licenses, Certifications & Experience.
Arizona- Lic. Home Inspector # 50338
Arizona- Lic. Termite Inspector # 100087
ASHI Certified Inspector # 251755
InterNachi Certified Inspector # 14072712
Certified Theramal Imaging - CMI approved
IAC2 Certified for Mold and Eviromental air testing
IAC2 Certified for Radon Testing
Certified in Professional Builing Inspection, Levels 1 & 2
Member of the Maricopa Association of Realtors
14 years  experiance as a Home Inspector
10 years + experiance in all phases of commercial and residential construction.

And a whole lot of experiance in working with people which is probably my biggest asset.
I love my work and I would enjoy the opputunity to serve you.
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Great job doing our inspection! Mark took time to answer our questions at the home and also on the phone. He did a thorough job that covered more than we expected.
- G.Z., February 2017
I was impressed by your efficient and thorough inspection. Your high tech organization and report with pictures, video, and detailed description of your findings (model and serial numbers) were clearly presented. Very much appreciated the quick response to needs and questions especially since I was unable to be in attendance and had to get the inspection done in short order. Even my sons, realtor, and seller's realtor were impressed. We will all be recommending your services to others and will not hesitate to call upon you for any future needs. Great Job and thank you Mark. Larry and Mary
- L.M., February 2017
Thanks Mark for the excellent detailed inspection. You made it very easy for us to go back and look at the complete report highlighting the major concerns that will need to be fixed. The video of the roof specifically explaining and visually showing us the problem areas was a tremendous help. We appreciate you taking your time when you had finished to answer all our questions, walking the property with us sharing your expert knowledge while reviewing your inspection report, and suggesting helpful ideas for us to maintain the house in the future.
- , February 2017
This is the second time I've called Mark to inspect a house for us. He is incredibly thorough and fair. He is knowledgeable about regulations and building codes and makes recommendations based on his broad experience. I appreciate that he was readily available by phone, even calling to check in the next day. I highly recommend using Mark Kenney.
- K.G., February 2017
Great inspector, plenty of knowledge, and very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone
- J.L., February 2017
I just retired as a Realtor in Oregon and this inspection on our new home in Arizona is one of the quickest and most seamless that I have ever experienced. The pictures and videos were sharp and clear, and the report was availability far exceeded my expectations. Great job!
- R.W., Redmond OR, January 2017
Mark has inspected two Homes for me. Both times he wad thorough and took his time to explain the homes condition to me. I have peace of mind that he had our best interest at heart. I highly recommend him. Thank you Mark.
- D.C., January 2017
Mark Kenney did a great job inspecting our future residence. He wrote a clear and concise report and went over his report page by page.
- D.M., January 2017
Mark was a very thorough inspector. He did a great job of explaining his findings when he completed the report.
- J.S., January 2017
Mark was the most thorough home inspector we have ever used - and we have used about 15 different inspectors over the last 40 years. He checked everything I expected and provided a good written summary with a video of some repairs neeeded on the roof. Well done!
- S.F., January 2017
Mark was extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. We felt comfortable that he did a thorough inspection of our new home and explained the issues to us completely. We highly recommend him!
- B.P., January 2017
Very professional
- W.S., January 2017
I was really nervous. This is my first House purchase and I haven't heard good things about home inspectors generally. Mark made me feel so informed and comfortable. He made me feel like he looked through the house as if his own family was going to live there and qualified it as such!
- B.J., January 2017
Mark did a wonderful, thorough job! We were on a time crunch and he was able to fit us into his schedule! Thank you Mark!
- R.E., January 2017
Mark Kenney is fantastic, No one is better at inspecting a home than Mr Kenney.
- L.H., wittmann AZ, January 2017
He came highly recommended by a friend of ours who is a realtor. He was very thorough and explained everything to us and welcomed questions. His report showed pictures and gave exact details of everything he inspected that had an issue, even if it was minor.
- M.H., January 2017
Mark: You did a great job and we will recommend you when we have the opportunity. Thanks, Tom & Polly Easton
- T.E., January 2017
Mark, it was a pleasure working with you. See my testimony for additional comments.
- J.S., January 2017
Very professional & detailed. We were impressed.
- C.J., January 2017
Very thorough and professional. I would highly recommend Mark's services.
- W.C., January 2017
Mark was very professional and made sure we completely understood all aspects of the inspection he did for us. His detailed report is easy to understand and outlines all the necessary areas needing some attention in our next home. We highly recommend Mark for your home and termite inspection.
- G.M., Surprise AZ, January 2017
I learned so much with Mark while he was doing the inspection on my future house. You can tell that Mark loves doing his job and it shows that he has a lot of experience doing inspections using the latest and greatest technology. Highly recommended.
- Y.L., Fontana CA, January 2017
Extremely knowledgeable, very professional and through.
- V.D., January 2017
Mark was extremely professional and knowledgeable..highly recommend him!
- C.S., December 2016
Thank you for a thorough job!
- W.D., December 2016
Very thorough and has good explanations for clients that don't scare them off unneccessarily.
- P.F., December 2016
Excellent job. I like the fact you use modern devices to record your findings and your website. Thanks for letting me follow you around and ask questions.
- R.S., December 2016
I'm a retired electrician and have wired and worked on hundreds of homes back in Minnesota. Mark did a fantastic job in checking everything and his knowledge of all aspects of the systems of a house. We really appreciated his attitude and giving us more information about future maintenance, etc about our new Arizona home. Thank you Mark.
- R.J., December 2016
Mark Kenney did an excellent job inspecting the home we are buying. He took extra time to explain some additional "need to know" items about the house and answered all questions that we had. I would definitely recommend him!
- D.H., December 2016
Mark did a thorough job and was very very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs home inspection.
- J.G., December 2016
Mike and I were super pleased with your inspection. Showing us electronically the repairs that need to be done to preserve the home was impressive. Your commitment to providing the best inspection possible, the ability to answer questions knowledgeably, and your friendliness with clients is impressive as well. We would highly recommend you, and thank you for your service.
- M.K., December 2016
It was a pleasure working with you.
- L.P., December 2016
Mark was awesome! Very through and went over everything with us. I highly recommend him!
- C.B., December 2016
Mark Kenney came highly recommended and I could not have been more pleased. Mark was extremely professional and friendly as he thoroughly inspected our soon to be home. I was very pleased with his attention to detail and the time he took to educate me on everything he was doing and finding. Thanks Mark!
- D.B., December 2016
We requested Mark for this home purchase. He does a very through job. Excellent
- P.B., Sun City West AZ, December 2016
Very professional, my family has been involved in construction for years - Mark met all the requirements I was looking for, he came highly recommended and seems to have exceeded expectations. As we are out of state and couldn't be there to even see the hom, we now feel a lot more comfortable going forward with this contract. John and Holly Hardin
- J.H., Hot Springs Village AR, December 2016
We were very impressed with Marks attention to detail and taking the time to explain what he found and how it needed to be fixed.
- R.B., December 2016
Mark, you were extremely thorough and I appreciated your explanations of each issue and of how the systems worked. I have never had a video of the roof portion of the inspection. We have had many home inspections in our lives and you are, by far, the best my wife and I have encountered.
- M.H., December 2016
Great to meet you Mark and I appreciate the thoroughness with which you do your job! I'll be sure to request you next time!
- D.W., Sun City West AZ, November 2016
I feel that Mark did a very thorough inspection of my prospective home. On the walk around we also discovered addition issues of concern to me. Yes I would recommend him to other interested persons.
- M.F., November 2016
Mark is very thorough with his inspection, the report assisted in us getting a cost reduction. H&S November 2016
- H.M., November 2016
Mark has done a stellar job of inspecting two homes for us in a 2 month period. He is thorough, detailed, professional, and communicates throughout the process. We appreciate him for his work ethic of being on time and showing a pride of workmanship. M and C Gohn 11/19/16
- M.G., Phoenix Ari, November 2016
Mark was very helpful in answering questions, plus provided valuable information. Thanks
- B.S., November 2016
We thought Mark was very thorough, and answered all of our questions. We would definitely use him again.
- D.M., November 2016
Thanks to Mark, we received a great inspection and super timely. Loved the roof video and we learned about how to maintain our roof in the future. Great job!
- T.M., November 2016
This is the second time we had the honor of using Mark Kennedy for an inspection. As before, he did an excellent job and covered all bases. Outlined everything and the photos helped us see where the problem was located. Great job.
- K.V., November 2016
...very thorough and professional. A real pro...
- M.K., November 2016
Mark was very professional and thorough with inspection. My wife and I were very pleased in every detail and follow up. He went through every slowly and continued to ask if we had questions about anything. One side note, having nothing to do with inspection, my wife said he was cute. I didn't notice.
- P.B., November 2016
Mark did a fantastic job inspecting the home we are looking at purchasing. He took his time to make sure he looked at everything and even tested all of the plugs in the house. He took pictures and marked all of the items he found throughout the house and yard. When he was complete he took the time to explain everything to us and even offered to talk with us at a later time if we had further questions. Thank you Mark!
- J.O., October 2016
Great job Mark on the thorough inspection.
- R.D., October 2016
Very thorough and professional.
- R.B., October 2016
He was very prompt and returned our calls quickly. He was very thorough in his inspection.
- J.O., October 2016
Feel very confident home is in good condition. Appreciate your showing me shut offs, electrical equipment, etc. Also your willingness to come back later if I had any further questions. Thank you!
- A.N., October 2016
He was on time as scheduled - very friendly and explained the results.
- A.H., October 2016
Mark is always professional and does a through job on all his inspections. He answers all questions and details his findings with you.
- J.T., October 2016
Mark Kenney came highly recommended and we could not have been happier. As out of state, absentee home buyers, we were very pleased with Mark's quick response to our phone calls, questions, and his attention to every detail in the inspection of our home. Mark made this part of the home buying experience a piece of cake!
- C.W., October 2016
Very thorough inspection, with written recommendations and comments, including a video of the roof.
- J.M., October 2016
Mark is very simply a Professional! I am not a handyman around the house but Mark took the time to explain certain items to me and it was truly appreciated. He will definitely receive referrals from me.
- G.J., October 2016
Very thorough job and well explained.
- J.P., October 2016
Very good at his job. Took time to answer our questions.
- M.K., October 2016
Very professional and thorough.
- V.B., September 2016
Mark is very thorough and very professional. After completely inspecting the property, he takes the time to show the buyer all of the discrepancies he has noted and will willingly answer all questions.
- T.P., September 2016
Mark is very thorough and professional. He took his time to go over the inspection report with us and we are absolutely satisfied. One more thing, Mark loves his job and he is very good at it!
- C.C., September 2016
We would highly recommend Mark for home/termite inspection. We found Mark to be extremely professional, organized and thorough throughout the home inspection. When he completed his inspection of the home, he took the time to review his reports with us and then took us through the house to explain in detail his findings. He then spent time answering all our questions and provided us with his number in the event we had any other questions. Mark provided excellent customer service...... He is the Best.....
- D.V., September 2016
As an absentee buyer, I enjoyed the ease of working with Mark and his very thorough and professional report. I would not hesitate recommending Mark for any inspection!
- G.S., September 2016
First time doing a home inspection. Mark made everything very easy to understand. Was recommended by my realtor, now I know why. Thank you for the honesty and advice. Definitely recommend....
- C.F., September 2016
This was the second home inspection with Mark. He is an excellent professional with friendly service! I highly recommend Mark Kenney.
- C.W., September 2016
Mark was very thorough with his inspection process and made sure we viewed all the areas that needed attention. He was prompt and organized in his approach and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone we know for a professional home inspection. Bob and Nancy Young, Sun City West, AZ
- B.Y., September 2016
- T.W., September 2016
Mark was readily available by phone to answer our questions regarding the property inspection.
- R.N., September 2016
I use Mark with every possible sale I can. Mark is very thorough, and has a great demeanor with clients, (no matter what side of the transaction you are on). I proudly & highly recommend Mark Kenney!
- M.A., September 2016
Mark did a fantastic job looking over the home we proposed to purchase. A very thorough inspection, including video, and quickly delivered! Thank you.
- T.K., September 2016
Mark don Great job,when he complied job takes the time to review information and discuss his findings. Thanks for doing great job Mohammad Taheri Aug 26 2016
- S.T., August 2016
We purchased a home from a builder, so we watched as it was built from the ground up. We had a great experience with our builder but they did have a few loopholes and an approval process to get a third-party inspector in to the home. Mark was patient and cooperative through that process. Furthermore, some might think it's a waste to get an inspector on a brand new home, but we are so happy we got that extra peace of mind. Mark found a few minor items in his inspection that we would never have noticed, and we are very grateful for that. He was thorough and professional.
- L.S., August 2016
Mark did a very through job of inspecting our house, I really appreciated the video that he took of our roof so that it was easier to explain. I would highly recommend him to anyone purchasing a new home.
- M.S., August 2016
Excellent work thank you !
- S.H., August 2016
Mark has done several inspections for us. You won't find a more honest and thorough professional than him. Goes above and beyond to explain and answer questions.
- C.W., August 2016
Moving from Wisconsin and unfamiliar with Arizona construction, Mark went over and above to educate us and make us feel much more comfortable with our home buying decision. With his complete and concise report (which included video), we were able to view and make decisions without actually being at the home site. We are very satisfied and would highly recommend Mark Kenney for inspection.
- T.T., July 2016
I would recommend Mark to anyone who needs a home inspection. Very professional and thorough ! Afterwards, I had questions and would email him. He was prompt with those answers back. He put my mind at ease with the continued process of buying my future home. Thank you Mark.
- D.C., July 2016
Mark is very thorough with his inspection. When completed he takes the time to review the information and discuss his findings.
- G.D., July 2016
Great Job Mark You Are The Man David Van Dalsen
- D.V., July 2016
Thanks Mark. In addition to a thorough and excellent job, Mark came on short notice to accommodate our timetable. We all appreciated his professionalism.
- A.F., July 2016
It was a pleasure meeting you. The job that Mark Kenny did on the Inspection was excellent and would recommend to anyone. With that said thank you Mark for a job well laid out. Larry Koonce 07/12/2016
- L.K., July 2016
I have the ut-most confidence in Mark. Mark is thorough and is great with clients. Whether you're on the Buying or Selling side, Mark's professionalism and abilities shine through what can be a very nervous time for either side. I recommend Mark to all my clients.
- M.A., July 2016
Excellent inspector. Definitely would recommend.
- M.P., July 2016
Thank you so much for inspecting our new home! If we can send anyone your way for business we absolutely will!!
- T.E., July 2016
Excellent, excellent service. Very thorough.
- J.H., June 2016
Excellent job,thank you
- M.S., June 2016
Thank you for taking the time not only to walk me through my home inspection report but to also show me what needed to be done. I really appreciated it.
- K.B., June 2016
Professional, thorough and prompt. Highly recommend.
- S.K., June 2016
Mark is a nice guy. He was timely and thorough. A video of the roof was very worthwhile. He finalized his inspection before leaving the premise. I called him the day after the inspection - he promptly answered his phone and responded to my question. I give him a strong recommendation.
- R.M., June 2016
Most thorough report I have ever seen. I appreciated your professionalism and honesty. Thank you.
- E.Z., June 2016
Absolutely great to work with. Inspection was done very thoroughly and professionally. Will absolutely use Mark again if we purchase another house and will absolutely recommend him to anyone buying a new home.
- W.W., June 2016
Proactive and very efficient. Mark explained everything and answered all questions. Great job. Carlisle Dusenbury
- C.D., June 2016
Very thorough, and does excellent job providing documentation
- D.P., June 2016
Experienced, knowledgeable, personable. Far superior to most all of the inspections I've been privy to, as a Realtor. And this one was for my own home. Excellent!!
- J.L., May 2016
The detailed, photographic content in your reports keeps me coming back. The busy, determined but easy atmosphere you bring with you makes the experience nice. Thank you.
- R.H., AZ AZ, May 2016
Thank You for the quick turn around on the inspection.
- A.H., May 2016
Very professional & thorough! No nonsense but quite personable. In 9 moves in our life, Mark is by far the best inspector we've had. Thank you!
- C.C., Sun City West AZ, May 2016
Mark provided terrific service. Prompt, fast, comprehensive review of everything inside and outside the home. Easy to understand report, excellent photos and video. Especially helpful in understanding the condition of our roof.
- M.F., May 2016