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Mark Kenney

Whether you're a first time buyer or a seasoned investor I can give you the information you need and a computer generated on the spot report you can rely on to make a confident decision. (Discounted State Cetified Termite Inspection with every Home Inspection. Really!)

Along with having extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, I have hands on knowledge and expertise to spot problems with materials , installation and  workmanship that other inspectors might miss. I'll inspect the structure , systems and components of the home, inside and out, from the foundation to  the roof, using the latest tools and technology. I will test your irrigation system and all your accessible appliances.
I encourage you to attend your inspection so that I can describe my procces, explain my findings, point out important maintenance items and answer all of your questions in a down to earth relatable way.

Call: 623-202-5129 for any questions or visit:

Here is a complete list of all my licenses, Certifications & Experience.
Arizona- Lic. Home Inspector # 50338
Arizona- Lic. Termite Inspector # 100087
ASHI Certified Inspector # 251755
InterNachi Certified Inspector # 14072712
Certified Theramal Imaging - CMI approved
IAC2 Certified for Mold and Environmental air testing
IAC2 Certified for Radon Testing
Certified in Professional Builing Inspection, Levels 1 & 2
Member of the Maricopa Association of Realtors
15 years  experience as a Home Inspector
10 years + experience in all phases of commercial and residential construction.

And a whole lot of experience in working with people which is probably my biggest asset.
I love my work and I would enjoy the opportunity to serve you.
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Mark was very detailed, explained everything to us in terms we could understand. We loved the video of the roof, and were able to see what he was talking about. As new homeowners, we feel we know our home well. Thanks Mark!
- R.R., August 2018
This is the second home I have had Mark inspect for me. I couldn't be more pleased. This was a sale by owner and I shared the report with the seller. He was equally impressed with the report and has "inspector envy." The inspection he had on his new house did not compare with Mark's observations and explanations. I would highly recommend Mark to any purchaser and have. Lynn Lionhardt
- l.l., Aurora CO, August 2018
Mark was very thorough and prompt in the home inspection process. Also, RE follow up questions, he is very accessible.
- D.M., July 2018
Thank you Mark for a thorough inspection-we feel we have a good idea now what we would like to request the seller to fix! You we're very quick to get us scheduled for the inspection! Thanks, Joan and Ed
- E.D., July 2018
Thank you for a very quick and accessible response!
- P.M., July 2018
Great Inspection...
- M.V., July 2018
This is the second inspection that Mark has done for me, and I am extremely impressed with his attention to detail in examining the property and his willingness to spend the extra time it takes to explain to me all of the thing's he found and how the home works. His verbal explanations and recommendations are as, if not more, valuable to me than the report itself.
- G.H., July 2018
Very knowledgeable, professional...great inspector.
- J.J., Phoenix AZ, July 2018
This home inspection was very comprehensive and helpful. Thank you for being absolutely thorough. You provided valuable insight.
- S.C., July 2018
Thank you for your thorough inspections, explanations and helpful remedies.
- K.M., June 2018
Mark is extremely professional, very friendly, detail oriented and efficient. It was a great experience.
- S.R., June 2018
Thank you Mark for your quick response for an inspection and your professional report
- S.H., June 2018
Very through, timely well written report.
- P.B., June 2018
Nice job. Thank you!
- R.W., June 2018
It was nice to have the slide show for repairs that are needed from the inspection.
- R.W., June 2018
Thanks Mark, for a complete and detailed inspection, very well done. Thank you for your comments and explainations. Highly recommended.
- T.W., June 2018
Thank you Mark for your thorough Inspection and report along with explaining and answering my questions. Your expertise makes it much easier for me to make a final decision on my home purchases.
- N.N., June 2018
You were professional in your attitude, attention to details and clean pressed attire. You arrived and immediately got to work. It was obvious you are experienced and well trained! Your efficency was amazing, it gave us great confidence in your thouroughness and findings. We were also impressed with how you presented your findings. Video of roof, still photos of all problem areas and a thorough written report in a professional manner to us (the buyer) as well as the seller and both Real Estate representives simultaneously. No one felt uncomfortable as you had images to back up your findings and presented the findings in a matter of fact yet calm way. You even reveiwed what items may need service in the next 3-5 years. We were impressed that you physically walked the two of us around the house to show us what you were talking about in your report. In addition you showed us the location of various water and electical controls. Demonstrated how to use the water shut-off valves and electrical box as well as provided suggestions for extending the life of the water feature pump. Thank You.
- T.B., June 2018
As always --Mark is detailed and takes time with client to review the details!
- T.S., June 2018
I was so impressed with my home inspection. I am a customer for life. I have never had a home inspection experience like this one. I highly recommend Mark Kenney Inspections.
- C.B., June 2018
Very detailed and thorough. Took the time to add a quick video that explained a few tips. Nice additional touch.
- N.B., May 2018
Very complete and detailed inspection, very professional, well done. Highly recommended. Thank You, George.
- G.P., May 2018
Mark I thank you for your detailed report and your thorough examination of the property I do wish I knew how deep the pool was but not having a diving board I'm going to assume it's 5 feet and under but thank you very much I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends or family thanks again We
- J.G., May 2018
Mark was great!! Professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family!!
- D.E., Osseo MN, May 2018
He was very through and explained everything to me. I never before had an inspector take me on a tour of the out and inside showing me how everything works. He was GREAT. A+++
- M.A., May 2018
Seemed very thorough and easy to understand.
- B.S., May 2018
I have had a number of home inspections over the years and this one was the most informative and professional of them all.Mark explained everything in an easy to understand way, prepared an excellently written and video report and provided me good advice and readily answered all my questions. Just as important he has a very pleasing personality and inspires confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.
- J.T., May 2018
Thank you!
- M.A., May 2018
We were so impressed by your efficiency and attention to every possible detail and then producing the report with a video and photographs for us to completely understand while we were still in attendance. We would have no problem in highly recommending your services.Thank you
- J.H., Sun City West AZ, May 2018
Very thorough! Very good! I forgot to tell Mark to check the back wall because it's full of ants. It's my fault.
- C.S., May 2018
Great job!
- A.G., May 2018
Mike was thorough, kept in contact with us. On time for appointment.
- P.B., May 2018
Great and thorough job doing the inspection.
- K.A., May 2018
I was completely Satisfied with the Home inspection. mark was awesome! I would definitely use him again!
- D.H., April 2018
Very thorough and professional, yet friendly and knowledgeable on everything
- M.C., April 2018
Excellent job! Went through everything I expected plus some. Mark is also very professional, we had several people with us and he answered all the questions while keeping things moving so we could stay on task.
- S.Z., April 2018
Thank you. Appreciate the maintenance tips provided, too!
- J.R., April 2018
Mark spent over 2 hours inspecting this home. As a retired surgeon I appreciated his attention to detail covering all aspects of this inspection. Very satisfied and highly recommended.
- P.R., April 2018
We appreciate you thorough inspection report. We have not seen the house so your report is very useful to us. We are more comfortable with the house. Thank you. Don and Marlene Orr
- D.O., April 2018
Thank you so much and appreciate all you did for us in understanding our new home! Great job over & above service!
- M.R., April 2018
very helpful, informative. Would highly recommend Mark to anyone!!
- P.S., April 2018
Great report. I appreciate Mark's thoroughness especially since I couldn't be present at the inspection. The videos and tips for upkeep/maintenance (roof, etc.) are a great benefit and much appreciated.
- A.C., April 2018
I can?t remember the last time I had a service-business experience as great as I had with Mr. Kenney. I would recommend him and his company to anyone, anywhere at any time if in need of a home inspection (I don?t offer glowing reviews very often, but I do when they are truly deserved). Mark was professional, thorough, patient, able to explain things that I could understand while being succinct so there was no wasted time and i was completely satisfied. He brought his ?office? with him and the process was seamless. We were given a written report as well as a detailed report online, including video from the rooftop where he included comments showing me exactly what I had and needed to fix. Mr. Kenney provides the type of service that some might think no longer exists - combined with the modern technology that isn?t intimidating-it just works. The fees are more than reasonable considering what he provided for me. I could not be happier.
- M.S., April 2018
Very happy with Mark's inspection. Does a great job which includes a video of roof condition. Goes over entire report and explains any problem areas he might see. Would highly recommend.
- R.S., April 2018
Mark is very professional and extremely thorough. His inspection report is very organized and easy to understand.
- M.H., April 2018
Mark, Thx for the report and the very thoughtful inspection report. The results were clear and easy to understand. The thermal imaging inspection seems totally worth it. Great technology.
- J.G., April 2018
Great job - very thorough and provided us realistic guidance regarding items needing attention.
- J.G., April 2018
great job Mark. I do need a email with a link back to the termite inspection as I lost it. Thanks again. Jo & Steve Johnson
- S.J., March 2018
Mark performs a very thorough inspection. He then explains any issues and backs them. up with photos or video. Very professional. We highly recommend his services.
- R.P., March 2018
Mark Kenney was very thorough, efficient, and professional. Since we were unable to attend the inspection, we found his attention to detail and his photo and video depictions of the issues to be extremely helpful. He report was very clear and concise. It was an additional bonus to have Mark do the termite inspection at the same time as the home inspection. We highly recommend Mark Kenney for home and termite inspections.
- E.H., Omaha NE, March 2018
Was a pleasure having a professional like Mark to work with. Would highly recommend and would use Mark again. Made our decision to purchase a home much easier. Thanks Ken and Sue
- K.L., March 2018
We have never had such a thorough and professional inspection! Thank you, Mark, for doing such an outstanding job inspecting our future home. You were very professional, personable, gave helpful advice, and the guided tour of all areas of the home was very helpful. We also appreciated your suggestion to save the videos on a thumb drive. What a great idea! That will be so helpful when we return next fall. Once again, thank you for a superb inspection!
- R.R., March 2018
Mark was a professional from start to finish. He was thorough with his inspection and gave recommendations no matter how insignificant the item was. He took the time to go through the entire report and gave me his phone number if I had further questions. Great job!
- K.G., March 2018
Very thorough, the videos and pictures were great.
- K.M., March 2018
We were pleased with how thorough Mark was throughout the inspection. He gave us a detailed account (with pictures and a video of the roof) of everything he inspected with recommendations on ways to improve the situation. He was very professional and respectful of our concerns. We would highly recommend his service to any prospective buyer.
- E.K., March 2018
Mark was very thorough, covering every detail. He was great at going over every aspect with us, showing us all the areas of the home and leaving us with a detailed description of everything for our records.
- J.B., March 2018
Professional, thorough, communicates well
- P.F., March 2018
Maybe 1080 pixels instead of 720 on picture resolution. Great job! Good understanding of all that's gone or going wrong before the out lay of big bucks. Thanks for a report well done.
- J.S., March 2018
Excellent job and very personable. Would definitely recommend!!!
- O.D., March 2018
The best inspection we have ever had! The report was thorough and very easy to understand. We appreciate the fact that you took the time to answer our questions and to review the report item by item. We would definitely use you again and in fact have already referred your company to a potential buyer. Thank you so much!
- B.J., March 2018
Professional and detailed
- W.E., March 2018
Thank you Mark for complete and throughout inspection report. Notes and comments were clear and concise.
- J.N., February 2018
thorough and in great detail exactly what needs to be done!
- D.L., February 2018
Very thorough job. Well done. Thank you
- C.H., February 2018
We appreciate how thorough your inspection was. It gives us piece of mind to go forward with this purchase. Thank you.
- D.S., February 2018
Mark did a very through job for us. I especially liked his video while on the roof which provided great detail of the problem areas. Everything else in the report was extreamly well covered. Thank you Mark. Dan B.
- D.B., February 2018
Mark, Thank you for the great job you performed on our home inspection. I have had many home inspections through the years and never had one as efficient and detailed as yours (with even a video of the roof area). We are very impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and expertise in home inspections. Keep up the great work!
- B.D., February 2018
Mark was extremely thorough when inspecting our new home. He made sure we understood every major concern and he kept it very professional while maintaining a very personable atmosphere at the same time. Would recommend 10/10 to anyone buying a home, we can now go into our new home with a breath of confidence thanks to Mark!
- S.C., February 2018
Mark was recommended by my agent. His report is clear, concise and easy to understand.
- D.H., February 2018
A great experience ! .... Mark is very professional and thorough in every regard. His in-depth knowledge of all the inspection components is very apparent ! After the inspection was complete, Mark went over his findings in detail with me and without doubt I knew he served me well ! I highly recommend Mark and the service he provides. Good job !
- W.M., February 2018
Very friendly, courteous and professional. I would recommend Mark to anyone needing a home inspection.
- D.T., February 2018
Incredible knowledgeable and thorough. Took time to review the total inspection with my wife and I. Even printed out for us the problem areas...using his ink. Big deal these days. Then having the paperwork.....requests for repairs/replacements on line and ready to send to easy!
- J.S., February 2018
Best I have ever seen!---- I'm glad you are not doing the inspection on my home in CO. OUTSTANDING!!
- J.B., February 2018
Mark, thank you very much for your professional service.
- C.E., January 2018
Mark is detailed, thorough, and highly experienced. His methods and eye for home inspection helps a buyer make good decisions using well presented, objective data. I will certainly use him again and recommend him to anyone.
- C.C., Scottsdale AZ, January 2018
very thorough inspection for an future home purchase.
- S.J., January 2018
Very nice and knowledgeable. He did a great job and explained everything throughly.
- W.B., January 2018
Excellent job! thank you!
- M.G., Surprise AZ, January 2018
Thanks for the inspection yesterday, Mark. Regards, Darrell Bradshaw Long Realty West Valley
- D.B., January 2018
California inspectors could learn a thing or two from your professional, efficient and rapid report. Thank you for helping us get our new home inspected in Arizona.
- J.J., January 2018
My husband and I attended the inspection with Mark and he was absolutely the most professional yet down to earth guy! He was on time (early) and he thoroughly explained everything to us during and after the inspection. He showed us everything as he went through his inspection. Provided us with a full color printed out inspection report at the end of his inspection! Very knowledgable. This is our 3rd home purchase but first time using Mark and he by far is the best inspector we have used! High recommend him.
- R.R., January 2018
Very thorough. Took time with us and answered all of our questions. When Mark completed his inspection he did a walk through with us and explained everything we needed to know. Would highly recommend.
- F.M., January 2018
Very professional and incredibly thorough. Appreciated all of his insight and practicality with regards to the concerns he found.
- M.M., January 2018
Very thorough! Thank you!
- J.B., January 2018
Mark was very professional and thorough in his report and his explanation ofwhat he found. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- D.A., January 2018
As an out of town purchaser, you helped me thoroughly understand my inspection report. I very much appreciate you and your work ethic. Definitely will recommend you to friends and anyone else that will listen! Thanks so much.
- C.S., January 2018
Thank you Mark! I am absolutely 100% satisfied with your thorough job and your quick response!
- K.P., January 2018
Mark was awesome and made the inspection process seemless! Definitely recommend!
- E.S., December 2017
Great job.
- R.R., December 2017
Wonderful service from Mark, the inspection was extremely thorough and he displayed a passion for his work as well! Thank you for the professionalism Mark Kenny Home Inspections!
- N.S., December 2017
Very good and very professional.
- D.B., December 2017
Mark did a complete inspection of the property and explained his findings well. His documentations were accurate and clear. I would definitely recommend Mark to future home buyers!
- F.C., December 2017
Mark is the ultimate professional. Extremely knowledgable and organized. On time and extremely thorough. Took time to answer all my questions thoroughly. A real pleasure to have him do our inspection.
- J.I., December 2017
Thanks Mark. Very proffessional inspection!
- B.B., McFarland WI, December 2017
Mark is a true professional who provides a thorough home inspection. Mark then explains the results and helps you understand what is important and problems that are only cosmetic.
- C.D., December 2017
He does a great job , Mark went out of his way and beyond what he was supposed to do with my inspection, I highly recommend Mark Kenney for your inspection. Kathy paterakis
- K.P., December 2017
Mark I appreciate your professionalism and patience that you spent with me on the inspection report. Particularly the time spent walking me through the findings and putting up with all of my questions. Thank you Mark! Sincerely Terrence B. McClellan
- T.M., December 2017
Mark was friendly, timely, and conducted a very thorough inspection.
- N.M., December 2017
Mark is very helpful guy that on my house. Thanks a lot
- S.L., November 2017
We appreciate your thoroughness. The pictures along with a description really helped.
- D.D., November 2017