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Paul Collucci

You don't by a car / truck without first test driving it, or buying clothes without trying them on ... why risk a major investment and not know what you are getting into when buying a home? I believe in honesty, diligence, integrity and believe in exceeding the minimum in home inspections.
Call me - for your next home inspection.
Also offering a 50.00 discount to our First Responders and Military
(Not vailid with investment property and cannot be combined with other offers)
Now (8/01/2017) accepting Credit Card payments online only and please visit my website for more information. 
Combined 30 yrs in construction, 10 of which was with the Louisiana Dept. of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) as a construction inspector (roads, highways, bridges). 
I am a member of the NW LA Realtors Association. An Accredited Business with the BBB (A+), Former Member of the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (2015 - 2021). I am a registered LLC with the Secretary of State for Louisiana 
Over 100 combined positive reviews at Home Gauge, BBB, Facebook and several other outlets. Also voted top 3 at Locals Love Us.
I believe in providing an honest and thorough inspection plus an easy to read but detailed report for my clients. Report is delivered the evening of the inspection.
A little about the process - I use a drone when needed / possible to view roofs, also use a thermal imaging camera at service panels to document an issue. I don't just follow the minimum Standards of Practice that is outlined by the State - I try to go above that.
The inspection report is digital and available the evening of the inspection. I do "one" inspection per day (by choice) to ensure that I provide the best home inspection for my client without worrying about getting to the next inspection. I prefer to take my time within reason of course. An average inspection takes about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours depending on the size and complexity of the home. The report takes another several hours because I am re-analyzing photos on my computer to ensure nothing was missed.
I try to take a more personal approach with home inspections, disclosing information is a valuable asset to the client. I like to take time to discuss the various findings both serious and cosmetic along with explaining the difference. I think it is also important to do this especially with first time home buyers.

Honesty, Dilegence, Integrity should never be compromised / Exceeding the minimum in Home Inspections


Combined 30 years experience in construction including 10 years with LA-DOTD as an inspector.


Personable and honest sometimes to a fault. I take my clients best interest seriously, compromising quality and or safety is not an option. I will provide you with the best and most thorough home inspection that I can.


Our first observation was the amount of detail that was provided to us. The honesty in the feedback was unambiguous and it was extremely objective. I wish we could criticize more but there really wasn't anything to criticize in the report. We will most likely need another inspection done and we will be using Paul Collucci!
- J.Z., July 2022
Thank you Paul, I can always depend on you to find everything and you have so much knowledge of building construction, plumbing, A/C, and you can spot it all. Also every client buying a home that you have inspected for have really liked you and we will be calling on you as they buy more houses in the future!
- D.T., Shreveport LA, October 2021
This is the second home that Paul Collucci has inspected for us and his professional expertise is well worth its weight in gold. We got Paul to inspect our new construction home because we wanted to sleep good at night about the money we were getting ready to wire our lender. Let me tell you straight up, if you want a fly-by-night jackal who took a couple of online webinars and calls himself an Inspector, don't call Paul. If you want a Facebook friend, don't call him either. He's unimpressed by who your Banker, Builder or Brother-in-law is. If some intentionally underhanded stuff took place or if the dude just sucked at craftsmanship, Paul is going to tell you about it, document it, blow it up in a photo and give it to you in a thorough report. What you do from there is on you. Paul Collucci is going to do what you hired him to do exceptionally well and his integrity is unmatched.
- T.M., Shreveport LA, June 2021
Paul was wonderful. He was so thorough with the inspection and answered all the questions that I had. I could not had a better inspector.
- L.B., June 2021
Thank you for the inspection, you are 100% always. Thanks again, Donna Tidwell Exp Realty LLC
- D.T., Shreveport LA, April 2021
My buyers chose to use Paul for their home inspection and I just have to say it couldn't have been easier. After the inspection, there were some issues to be considered. My client filled out the online report and literally sent it all back to me written up and ready for me to present to the Seller's Agent. Come on, guys!!!!! Can you get easier than that for the process we have to go through? You cannot. It was great. Simple, easy, fast and so happy my buyer's chose Paul Collucci for their Home Inspector. Jayne Tappe, REALTOR/Broker Owner of I AM Real Estate, Shreveport, LA
- J.T., Shreveport LA, March 2021
Paul, was very thorough and did a very good at explaining his findings.
- W.W., March 2021
Excellent professional home inspector. Highly recommended. Takes his time and goes well above the minimum standards.
- J.E., Benton LA, September 2020
Mr. Paul conducted a very thorough and informative inspection. He was very attentive to safety concerns, and answered every question I had. We would highly recommend Mr. Paul for your home inspection!
- S.R., September 2020
He provided me with a report with lists and good feedback on each problem.
- L.H., April 2020
I feel like the house was thoroughly inspected. Thank you!
- L.O., March 2020
Paul was the consummate professional who is very, very committed to his craft. He has taken the time to hone his craft and articulates the findings of the inspection well to the customer. Paul does not look at a clock when he is working. He is laser-focused on the job he came to do at your house. If you want a Mickey Mouse inspector who cuts corners, don't call Paul. But if you've work hard for your money and want a professional to deliver above-board services to you, Call Paul today!
- E.M., Shreveport LA, February 2020
Very professional and thorough.
- S.S., September 2019
He was very thorough and very helpful with advise and walking me through every step of the process. He made me feel very comfortable with the entire process. Very helpful for a first time home buyer. I would definitely use Paul again for future Inspections!
- R.H., July 2019
Paul is professional. He explained everything during our post inspection walk around. The report provided us a list of items that were or could become issues as well as general information about the property. We are very happy
- T.M., June 2019
...and Paul is HONEST and has INTEGRITY !!! (to add to my previous rating)
- N.R., May 2019
While in Louisiana, I will not use any other inspector except PAUL COLLUCCI...he is the best!!! He is knowledgeable, thorough, smart, professional and gives explicit explanations & pictures of what needs attention! I have used him twice and all I can say is that PAUL IS THE BEST!!
- N.R., May 2019
Everything was done thoroughly and on time. The report was very clear and easy for us to understand. I highly recommend Paul for your next home inspection!
- E.B., May 2019
Paul was professional, thorough, and easy to work with. I would definitely use Paul's Home Inspection Service again if the need arises. If you need a home inspection and want someone who is not just there for the cash, Paul Collucci is your guy!
- D.B., April 2019
Paul is very knowledgeable and thorough with the home buyer's best interest in mind.
- O.G., March 2019
Paul was extremely thorough of every facet of the inspection. Additionally, he was patient with any question raised. Paul took the time to explain issues seen or the potential for issues to arise. I would recommend Paul. -Eric
- E.S., February 2019
Inspection report was very thorough!!
- K.B., September 2018
Very through and explained all the issues found with the client. Points out the issues that are important and does not dwell on the items that are not consequential.
- R.T., August 2018
Paul Collucci has done an outstanding job for my clients concerning their home inspections. He's thorough, available for questions and reasonable on his rates. He's always on my list to recommend to my clients.
- S.W., June 2018
- F.W., May 2018
Paul was wonderful. He was incredibly thorough, and descriptive. He answered all of our questions and told us everything we needed to know.
- L.B., March 2018
Paul is a consummate professional. He is knowledgeable, meticulous and thorough. Above all he relates well with his clients. I highly recommend his services.
- D.C., December 2017
Mr. Collucci, Thank you for providing a thorough home inspection. As a first time buyer, you explained everything so I could understand and my family feels comfortable that we are getting a good home. Thank you.
- A.C., October 2017
Your are providing exceptional service. I think I would be hard pressed to find a better inspector. My only recommendation is to stick to the agreed to time to start the inspection, especially since I expressed a preference to be there for the entire inspection. I was surprised when I got there at 0900 and you had already been there 30 minutes or more. This did not degrade the quality of service provided and without question I would use you again!
- D.S., September 2017
Paul was very meticulous in his inspection of the potential home. He was very detailed in his reports and listed even minuet problems that would help you calculate the potential cost of all repairs, even if some are cosmetic. After his inspection, we did a detailed walk through and went over everything that was on the report. Some items that he was limited access to were mentioned to make us aware, in case we wanted further investigation done on these issues. I was very impressed with Paul and the overall experience.
- B.L., September 2017
Once again, outstanding service and can't thank him enough for such grate skills in his profession. He really knows what to look for where a regular everyday person like myself would have not even given a thought to look at. Your amazing at what you do, very thorough. Thanks again.
- D.E., July 2017
I was very impressed how quickly your services were performed from getting the inspection done, to the report submitted the same day. Great work, will use you again if the time comes.
- D.E., July 2017
Thanks Paul, It was great visiting with you. I must say you did an excellent job. Thanks for looking ahead and sending your drone to check out the roof before the rain! You were very thorough with your job. We have already passed your name around.
- A.R., June 2017
Paul's website drew us in from the start; very personable, well written, and educated. In person we got all that and more. Very friendly and helpful during the inspection. Didn't mind answering questions or giving us pointers. We will definitely recommend Paul to our family and friends for future home inspections.
- K.C., June 2017
Thank you for the thorough inspection and explaining everything you were doing. If I purchase another home in this area, I will definitely have you do the inspection.
- W.S., June 2017
Paul did great! He already had the inspection completed before we got there and throughly went through everything with us and showed us what was needed to repair. It was nice having it completed before we got there being we did this during our lunch break. He also had the report ready a few hours later! Very efficient.
- B.H., May 2017
You did a very thorough inspection and we really appreciate you doing on a Saturday.
- A.B., April 2017
Loved working with you. You are very thorough and willing to explain everything.
- F.E., April 2017
Paul does a thorough and accurate inspection. This is the second house that Paul has inspected for us. He noticed things that I would have probably overlooked, which could have cost us a lot of money down the road. Thanks Paul for your professionalism.
- A.D., April 2017
Provided me with a thorough report very quickly!
- R.C., March 2017
Very thorough inspection, I could not have asked for better service.
- D.S., February 2017
Nice visiting with you. And thanks for the useful information and tips, CRieger.
- C.R., February 2017
Very happy with the service
- B.H., February 2017
I really appreciated his concern with safety, that is number one in my life. I also liked his explanation in my cencern. He is very patient an concerned of my questions.
- C.P., February 2017
On the day of the inspection we drove from Fort Worth, TX to Homer, LA, unfortunately, we encountered car problems, to be specific, there was a bubble on the tire of our rental car forcing us to stop and purchase a new tire, this stop impeded our timely arrival. When we arrived Paul was still available and took the necessary time to go in depth concerning the inspection, he took me on a walk-through, he patiently went over all the docs and his notes. It was more than a pleasure working with Paul, he was extremely thorough and I plan to refer others to him in the future whenever the need arises. He was the best! Leontine Walton, Customer
- , January 2017
Your detailed explanation of your findings went above & beyond my expectations. I feel much more comfortable & tremendously more informed as a buyer about this property; greatly greatly appreciated!
- G.W., October 2016
Great Home Inspector. I will use him again.
- C.M., September 2016
We have used Paul for 2 separate home inspections and are very satisfied with the outcomes. He was very thorough and identified areas that made our homes safer and more enjoyable.
- D.M., September 2016
Very professional and knowledgeable!
- M.W., August 2016
Impressed with the thoroughness of the report and the professionalism displayed by this home inspector. Would unreservedly recommend Paul Collucci as a home inspector.
- P.G., July 2016
Paul was awesome! He was very professional, honest and helpful. As a first time homebuyer I am glad I had Paul's expertise on my side!
- B.M., May 2016
Professional, Personable, Very Knowledgable
- P.S., May 2016
Very professional. Took the time to explain in detail his findings of the issues. I would highly recommend.
- S.G., May 2016
He did a very thorough job and we really appreciated it.
- K.M., April 2016
Mr. Paul Collucci was very throug, and very professcial inspecting our home. When got there, Mr. Collucci was waiting for us. He went a gave us the inspect report, and broke it down where we would know what has been inspected. Very nice job!
- C.M., April 2016
Thank you so much Paul for all your help and for being so straight forward with us during our home inspection. We would not be buying our first home without your help and expertise.
- C.F., March 2016
very thorough and helpful
- J.M., March 2016
very thorough and informative; will definitely recommend Paul when/if I have the opportunity
- P.M., March 2016
Very professional job.
- L.H., February 2016
Paul did a very through, professional job in inspecting our new home. He discovered things that at this time are minor, but undiscovered could have become major. Thanks to him we were able to have the seller do these repairs, which will give us peace of mind. He was also available to discuss his findings should we need any clarification. We would definitely recommend Paul to do your inspection, if you are looking for someone who will give you a professional, unbiased inspection. Thanks, Paul.
- , January 2016
Awesome guy... honest, very good at his job. Was always on time and professional. I recommend him 100%.
- M.S., January 2016
Fantastic home inspection! As first time home buyers we know very little about what to expect from the home buying process, but Paul has been a wealth of knowledge on both the present condition and future upkeep of the house. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality home inspection with fast turn around time and attention to customer needs!
- J.S., December 2015
Thorough inspection with great quality. I will be hiring Paul for future inspections.
- M.B., November 2015
Fast & thorough.
- M.D., November 2015
Paul - You did an amazing job. I was worried about all sorts of things - you put my mind at ease. Now the big one - my c1920s home inspection. Good luck with that! Peace & love!
- D.M., November 2015
Mr. Collucci was very professional; provided a great report with pictures and great explanation.
- C.E., October 2015
Very happy with your inspection. Your thoroughness and professional commitment stood out to me. Thank you, Paul.
- L.F., October 2015
We are moving from Arkansas to Louisiana and Paul was very flexible with us for our inspection for our new home! Paul you did a fantastic job!! Keep doing what your doing because that is what makes you sucessful! We will recommend you!!!
- Z.T., October 2015
Paul did a thorough job. He was honest and up front with us about everything. We enjoyed working with him.
- H.R., October 2015
- T.K., September 2015
Mr Paul u are great guy and u do a great job for me and trust me if me or my family ever need someone u will be the choice, please keep working the way u do and God will bless u even more, thanks
- M.A., September 2015
Thanks for all your help great job of inspection and detailed and easy report to read and understand thanks again
- B.C., August 2015
Very thorough and that's why I have used him twice. He's also very professional. I would recommend him to anyone I know! Thank you!!
- A.P., July 2015
Mr. Collucci was very professional and a pleasure to do business with. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an inspection done!
- J.B., June 2015
Love working with Paul. Always gives me the truth and doesn't cut any corners. Done a few inspections with him and he has saved us from buying disasters of houses!
- C.L., May 2015
Love Paul's thoroughness and will use him for inspections in the future. Always respectful and helpful
- C.L., May 2015
Paul performed this inspection in an outstanding manner. He is meticulous, thorough and pays great attention to detail. He also has superb customer service skills. He was patient and understanding while answering my clients questions. I will definitely refer him to other real estate professionals.
- P.F., April 2015
I have no complaints what so ever. Paul you were excellent and very knowledgeable. I would recommend you to everybody.
- J.Y., April 2015
He was very knowledgeable & answered any question we ask of him.
- W.H., April 2015
Saved us a lot of money by looking at this house first! Will be calling in near future for another inspection
- C.L., March 2015
Great job. Very thorough and helpful. Made sure I understood everything he was talking about. Will recommend in future.
- M.D., March 2015
you did a very good job, thank you
- J.L., March 2015
Paul Collucci is an awesome inspector. He doesn't cut corners for convenience. He takes he job serious, and give you the information you need to move into a safe home.I recommend Paul Collucci to anyone who wants a serious inspector who will go out his way to make sure you understand what your getting into..
- A.S., March 2015
Paul is honest, detailed and very competent. I will use no one but him!!!
- N.R., March 2015
Paul is thorough, honest and knowledgeable. I felt totally comfortable, knowing that he would bring to my attention, any concerns about a house that I was considering to purchase.
- N.R., March 2015
He is very professional and knowledgeable . I will use him again . This is the second house he has inspected for me
- T.B., February 2015
Mr. Paul is professional, honest, and very detail oriented. He is also very experienced, and his ability to know where to look to make sure things are correct is fantastic. I highly recommend him, and will use his services again when needed. Fantastic home inspector!
- C.A., February 2015
Great guy. Very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend using him to anyone that needs a home inspection. He came out at 9:00 am and was done with our 2100 sq ft home by noon and had the full report finished that night. He didn't miss a thing. Affordable too!!!! Thanks Paul
- C.W., December 2014
I would recommend Paul Collucci Home Inspection Services be used by anyone in this area whom would need said services. Mr Collucci was Professional, Prompt, Courteous ,Thoughtful, Thorough,& Knowledgeable!!! Mr Collucci was Polite and his Demeanor was Wonderful. He made me feel Confident that I would be Purchasing a home that is Solid and Sound! I would like to Thank him again for making this an Easy and Amazing Experience! Sincerely Mr Rhines
- R.R., December 2014
Great Job
- T.B., December 2014
Thanks for doing such a thorough job!
- M.B., December 2014
Paul is thorough and knowledgeable about his work.
- C.R., November 2014
Highly recommend! Professional, knowledgeable, experienced, very thorough. Able explain in practical/lay &/or technical terms. Dr. LMM. SHV.LA Nov 2014
- M.M., November 2014
Paul was very thorough and ensured my family and I would be living in a safe environment. I would highly recommend Paul for all your home inspections!
- D.R., October 2014
Very professional. Extremely thorough, respectful, and friendly.
- J.C., October 2014
Very thorough explaining deficiencies. would highly recommend.
- S.M., October 2014
Paul has done home inspections for us twice now. His thoroughness not only impressed us but our contractor also remarked on how detailed his reports were. I highly recommend you hire Paul for your next inspection.
- N.T., Shereveport LA, July 2014
Mr. Paul was very professional. He took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me. I would definitely recommend and use him again! Thanks, Tracy
- Z.L., July 2014
Very thorough, we appreciate all of your help!
- K.B., July 2014
Great job at answering all the concerns that my wife and I had as well as being able to explain everything to us to allow us to better understand what was going on.
- J.A., July 2014