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Brighton Home Inspections is dedicated to providing you with valuable information about your new home. We thoroughly inspect all major components of the subject property to expose defects and advise you about future maintenance on your home. Brighton Home Inspections provides you with a detailed computer generated report with digital photograph's of all discrepancies and any items concerning the current condition of the property.Our reports are the most thorough inspection report on the market! Our job is to set your mind at ease by informing, educating and reporting on the exact condition and maintenance of your home. That way, you won't be surprised after you move in. Having your new home professionally inspected by Brighton Home Inspections as early as possible in the buying process will give you the information you need to make an informed decision before you buy. The home inspection will also address any questions that you may have about the home and will help you to plan for future maintenance. Our mission is to look out for the best interest of our client by inspecting every home as if we are the ones buying the home. By giving you critical information about your new home, we can help you make a well informed decision and gain the peace of mind that will follow. Armed with the information our report will provide, you can make your decision with confidence.


Brighton Home Inspectors are professionally trained, Certified Master Inspectors and Courteous.


Brighton Home Inspections is a full service Home Inspection Company from Residential Home Inspections to Professional Engineering Services. Commercial Building Evaluations to Environmental Surveys and everything in between.

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Cliff is very knowledgeable, professional and personable
- S.H., June 2021
He made our house inspection amazing! He was Very thorough with us the whole time and explained everything to us! 10/10 inspection.
- H.R., October 2020
Cliff was awesome. He was very thorough and I could tell he knew what he was talking about. Every question that I asked him he had an answer. He was very helpful in showing me damages to the house; he even crawled into the crawl space 2 x to show me what needed to be repaired. He gave me a vote of confidence in purchasing this house. Thank you Cliff.
- J.J., December 2019
Cliff is great.!! Couldn't have asked for a better experience Very easy to talk with. Clearly an expert at what he does. Customer relations and communication are above and beyond Thank you Cp
- C.P., November 2019
I used another company for a home and they gave house a good bill of health. I move in and about electrocute myself changing a light bulb. Wondered why my blow dryer kept tripping switch and found that the previous owners had done some of the wiring themselves and $1500 later my house was wired properly. Oven temp was all over the place, so had to get a new oven. and on and on. Luckily on the next home that I purchased, I used Cliff. He told me up front what the issues were so I could make an informed decision. Nothing that he had not mentioned had any issues while I lived there. I am now retired and looking for a new home and Cliff came out and told me all the things that were wrong with the house. I was able to walk away from it knowing that it would require a lot of money to fix everything and that it may have become a money pit. So now he is going to go out and inspect the new house that I have an offer on, and I have complete confidence that I will know the status of the house when he is completed without any reservations about purchasing home. I highly recommend Cliff for your inspection. After all, this is a huge investment, and I want to be able to live with the peace of mind that whatever issues it may have, I made the choice to purchase with the full knowledge of what I am buying.
- C.G., September 2019
Great Job
- J.P., April 2019
cliff you did and amazing job we appreciate having you come and inspect this house for us thank you
- D.T., March 2019
Very well done. Mr. Douthit was professional and thorough. He was very knowledgeable and personable. Great job.
- S.C., Price UT, March 2019
Excellent inspection with a very detailed report and photos. Cliff is super friendly and explained everything in detail. I will certainly recommend Cliff to everyone! Please feel free to use my name for reviews. Thank you Cliff
- R.S., MONTPELIER ID, January 2019
Amazing at his job! Any question I had he answered immediately and showed me how to do it or fix it! Highly recommend
- K.R., August 2018
Very efficient and knowledgeable, I appreciate all of your advice and proficiency. I will be sure to recommend you when I get word of someone looking for a home inspection
- K.A., February 2018
You guys were great I would use you again. Thank you.
- M.R., October 2017
Great inspector...very detailed oriented, very thorough...outstanding customer service and interpersonal communication skills. Highly recommended.
- F.A., August 2017
Very knowledgeable & friendly,
- C.Y., Tremonton UT, May 2017
We were very impressed at the quality of work and professionalism. Cliff was thorough and caring. He went over everything with us, which was a great help. Thank you Cliff ....we will be more than happy to recommend you and your company.
- D.O., January 2017
This is not my first home purchase, but I wish I had Cliff on that occasion. When he took me on the walk-through, he made sure to show me several important things to know, like how to shut off the gas if needed. I wish someone had shown that to me on my first house. Cliff was very thorough in his inspection, including moving all throw-rugs checking underneath. His experience shows. Cliff was very friendly and easy to work with. Everything about this service is top-notch and professional. I would absolutely recommend this company.
- D.M., West Jordan UT, December 2016
We were out of town when this inspection took place. We very promptly received an email with our report. The photos provided were very useful. Thanks for your service.
- S.D., Inkom ID, December 2016
He was very helpful in explaining each issue an what needed to be done to fix it. I also really appreciated that he was conscious of cleanliness while he did his work. He wore shoe covers while inside and cleaned up any messes he made along the way. Cliff was great to work with!!
- K.O., November 2016
Cliff here was very thorough and professional. He was amiable and explained things very clearly. We would highly recommend him.
- K.G., November 2016
Cliff was awesome to work and was very thorough with everything. We had some questions about stuff and he was able to answer everything. We would definitely recommend him again!
- S.M., October 2016
Cliff did a great job!! Very thorough and found things we wouldn't have even thought of looking for. We will definitely use him in the future.
- J.T., October 2016
Cliff was wonderful in communicating early when he had another inspector call in sick and didn't think he would get to our property at the time we'd set up. He followed up closer to our inspection time to let us know he was pretty close to on time for our original appointment and was able to wait for us to get there to walk through the house with us. He was very thorough and thoughtful and gave some great pointers and tips to us as to improvements to make once our home has been purchased. I would highly recommend working with Cliff and hope to work with him again in the future!
- S.M., October 2016
Cliff was great. He took time with us and explained any of his findings. He was clear and personable.
- J.G., October 2016
Hey Cliff, Thank you for taking the time to meet us at the property. We appreciate your kindness and thoroughness! Your feed back is extremely appreciated! Best, Tyler H.
- T.D., October 2016
Informative and professional. He went above and beyond! We had a scheduling issue come up and he was willing to schedule us in for "next day" service. I don't know if that is always an option but we were glad it worked out for us.
- J.F., October 2016
I appreciated the prompt, efficient service including the opportunity to review your findings after the inspection was complete. A consummate professional in every way. Excellent experience!
- , October 2016
I appreciated the prompt, efficient service including the opportunity to review your findings after the inspection was complete. A consummate professional in every way. Excellent experience!
- L.W., September 2016
thought he was very thorough and was not timid about recommending specialized inspection by a professional of the trade
- M.F., September 2016
Cliff was very thorough and I was very impressed with the final report, which included pictures and some video. I appreciate the fact that he showed me how to take apart the humidifier for cleaning and gave me the time to clean it. He was also helpful in getting a humidity reading in my crawl space and making sure the lights down there had light bulbs. He was friendly and patient, which facilitated getting my questions and concerns addressed. I would definitely recommend Brighton and Cliff to others in my complex.
- N.A., August 2016
In my absence I appreciated your being willing to do the inspection with the realtor. Thank you very much.
- H.A., August 2016
Cliff was great, Cliff also emailed you, thank you very much!
- L.L., Logan UT, August 2016
We were so happy with how through you were. You took the the time to point out several things about the home that we may never have figured out on our own. We felt like everything had bed checked out. We are so happy we choose you for our inspector and will recommend you to anyone wondering wether or not they need a home infection. It is great peace of mind to know that you checked everything out! Thank you!!
- S.O., August 2016
Cliff provided excellent service. He took time to explain what he had found; provided suggestions on the things that needed to be address; and answered our questions. Cliff is personable and professional. I would definitely hire him again.
- P.A., Farmington UT, August 2016
I think he did pretty well. I have never had another inspection so I can't compare him to another. For us he did explain things that could be problematic in a way that we would understand.
- C.C., June 2016
I was referred by my title company and I have to say that Brighton Home Inspections did an outstanding job. Not only did they list the things I need to watch out for, but they included amazing photos with red arrows pointing to the areas they are discussing in the report. It's easy to read and also gave me locations of electrical boxes and water shut offs (with arrows!) Also, the report was in my email within 24 hours of the inspection! I've used several inspectors over the years and this company is the best. I would use them again for sure!
- H.W., June 2016
Thanks for your thoroughness and courtesy. This was the best inspection we have ever experienced.
- K.A., May 2016
We arrived as Cliff had finished and he was very patient to run us through the critical elements extending his stay. The report was extremely detailed with excellent identification of key points in good quality photos. I also appreciated the short videos demonstrating completion of inspection elements. I managed to lose (misplace) my hard copy in the following year but the PDF Cliff made available guaranteed I didn't lose that initial quality information.
- D.M., Logan UT, May 2016
Cliff always has the clients best interest in mind. He is hardworking, trustworthy, and very nice. His work is always thorough and on point with his reports.
- K.F., Ogden UT, May 2016
Thank you for doing my inspection and being very thorough about going over everything thanks again
- N.B., May 2016
Thanks for giving us peace of mind in our new home and having clear explanations about details of the inspection.
- A.B., LOGAN UT, April 2016
Cliff was prompt and showed up on time. He was very professional and knew his stuff. After his inspection he went over all the details regarding our property. I am in the construction trade and know a lot of what he was talking about. Even if I didn't know as much I would feel very conformable with is report. It is a pleasure to work with someone with ethics and professionalism. I will use him again if needed.
- R.A., April 2016
This is the second home inspection Cliff has done for us in a month. Both times he did a thorough inspection and explained any issues in detail, giving recommendations where necessary. We highly recommend him!
- D.Y., April 2016
Cliff was did a thorough inspection, explained everything in great detail afterwards and gave excellent advice when I had questions. His follow up was also very good. I totally recommend him.
- D.Y., March 2016
Cliff was very thorough, on time, and so willing to meet with us with our time frame. He is so knowledgeable about everything--we felt so comfortable with him as he explained issues to us. Partly because he was so thorough, we did not purchase a house which might have caused us more money and grief in the end. Thanks, Cliff!
- D.W., March 2016
Thanks so much for completing such a thorough inspection without much notice. We appreciate the good work and will definitely use Brighton in the future.
- B.B., March 2016
Thank you so much Cliff for your very thorough inspection. We really appreciated all the time you took to answer our questions and show us exactly what you meant. I look forward to recommending you to all of my friends.
- K.S., North Logan UT, March 2016
We found your inspection very helpful and informative. We appreciated the extra mile you went by taking off the toilet to scope the sewer. We also want to thank you for walking us around and explaining the results of your inspection. Thank you!
- N.M., February 2016
Cliff was very easy to set up an appointment with, and the walk-through was very helpful and informative. I also appreciated that he provided a free book with helpful tips for taking care of the home. He very friendly and easy to work with.
- C.F., North Logan UT, February 2016
Cliff did a very good job of explaining to me what he was doing as the inspection proceeded. He told me right away of anything that was noteworthy and made sure that my wife and I understood everything that was happening. He is very observant and left no stone unturned.
- E.F., January 2016
Cliff did a great job and was very thorough in his inspection. He took the needed time to walk us through everything he noticed, both good and bad.
- T.L., November 2015
I thought Cliff was very thorough with his inspection and nice to work with!
- M.P., Logan UT, October 2015
So kind and professional. This is the second time we have used his services. We have been extremely impressed with the quality of work and professionalism of Cliff.
- T.K., October 2015
Thanks for all of the helpful tips and warranties!
- D.T., September 2015
Cliff was great! He was knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. We appreciated the thorough inspection which was all detailed in the report, which made it easy on us. When we pulled we could tell he had worked hard for us and from that point on he patiently answered our questions and helped us with every need we had.
- T.H., Clinton UT, September 2015
Cliff was very thorough with the inspection. He took the time to walk me through everything he found and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend him to others!!
- A.H., August 2015
Cliff was very thorough and willing to answer all questions we had! Very nice guy!
- J.C., August 2015
Cliff was a pleasure to work with. He explained systems in the house that were unfamiliar to us as well as pointing out items that needed attention. He was able to tell us which things were simple to fix and which would need a bid for expert repair. He took extra time to explain his findings, answer questions and follow up on concerns. He also provided a recall report on the appliances and some warranties at no extra charge. We highly recommend his services.
- M.C., August 2015
Great job! We are so glad that you found the rotting log. We will definitely use you when we find another cabin.
- G.L., August 2015
Wonderful to work with. Was patient and explained every thing so I understood. He included a monster free certificate, my kids are absolutely thrilled that he checked for monsters and that our new home was monster free.
- B.P., July 2015
Cliff was professional, friendly and thorough. I would absolutely recommend him.
- T.K., July 2015
Cliff did a comprehensive and thorough job. He found several issues that we were able to get resolved before closing. I'm sure he has saved us from what would have been thousands of dollars of cost in the long run.
- D.G., River Heights UT, July 2015
Great and timely service. Thank you!
- A.S., June 2015
So happy - very detailed. I feel so much better about moving in - no surprises.
- S.B., May 2015
Cliff and Jason did a fantastic job on the inspection. Their customer service and explanation of the items appearing on the report was phenomenal. Will definitely recommend them in the future
- A.W., May 2015
I would never trust anyone else! Friendly, always makes the inspection work with my deadlines, affordable, knowledgeable, and all around fantastic! Thank you for your amazing service!
- K.H., April 2015
Made things very easy to understand what I was told. Felt like they did a very gmgood job
- V.N., April 2015
Brighton Home Security is great. Cliff is fantastic. He advised me on which services would be best for my situation. He was very thorough, even the seller commented on how much better he was than the inspection they got. I will use them again and recommend to anyone wanting a comprehensive inspection.
- M.D., Las Vegas NV, April 2015
Cliff was nothing but professional. Not only did he arrive on time, he arrived early which is something lacking in customer service these days. Being my first home purchase, I asked to remain for the entire duration of the inspection, which Cliff had no problem with and took time to thoroughly answer any questions I had, no matter how minute or odd they may have seemed. At the end of our inspection, Cliff and his assistant took time to fully explain to my wife and I exactly what would go in to his inspection report and show us areas of concern that came up. My experience with Cliff and Brighton Inspection Services was nothing but professional and really eased my mind as a first time home buyer. Thanks, Cliff!
- B.B., March 2015
Did a great job! Found things,that I believe, might never have been noticed by a less competent inspector. Great to work with and took lots of time to explain to me the details of the various findings.
- T.S., March 2015
I was very impressed with his willingness to be so thorough! He covered everything quickly and very professionally. I had a ton of questions and each was answered directly and answered completely so that there was no more concern in my mind. I appreciate the detail in our report also.
- J.L., March 2015
Did an extremely thorough job, felt like he went up and beyond what is required, was friendly and nice to work with, will definitely refer to anyone needing a home inspection
- D.N., February 2015
Cliff Douthit did an amazing job on the home inspection. He was thorough and careful. He accommodated our tight time schedule and got his report to us promptly. His every effort was to satisfy us. He was able to offer additional services and referrals when we requested them. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
- S.S., Montrose CA, February 2015
Very professional and thorough. Excellent customer service.
- K.F., Smithfield UT, January 2015
Awesome job, great to know I can trust you to leave no stone unturned in my quest for the perfect home for all my clients. thanks a ton..
- C.N., Providence UT, January 2015
I was really impressed with the pictures and the description of the problems!!! I would like to thank Cliff and tell him I think he did an amazing job!!! THANKS
- G.J., September 2014
Thank you for making time to do the inspection on short notice. We feel you did a thorough job and have brought our attention to the deficiencies that we were looking for. You were very professional. We would definitely recommend you to others. Thanks.
- C.M., August 2014
Cliff was thorough and informative. He was flexible with scheduling and even went back a second time to check on something at the house that we had a question about. We would recommend him to anyone.
- K.J., August 2014
Cliff did a thorough job and brought several things to my attention that needed work, including the roof. He spent much longer than I expected talking with me about the house. He did a great job!
- M.S., August 2014
You did an awesome job the home inspection was thorough and was done in a manner that was easy to understand and taking the time to walk me thru the house and explain what you found helped me enormously and I appreciated it Thanks
- J.S., August 2014
I had looked into other home inspection companies and decided to go with Brighton because, not only were they less expensive for the tests I wanted done, Cliff was a lot more friendly and explained everything he would be doing. He went above want I had expected when meeting with him. He even stayed a little later to help me figure out a light switch situation.
- J.E., August 2014
We were very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection. We also very much appreciated the explanations and suggestions given during our walk-through following the inspection. Our son was also very relieved to know that our new home is "Guaranteed monster free"!
- J.S., July 2014
Cliff was efficient, thorough, and professional. He took the time to explain the inspection process and described all the areas that needed attention or repair. I will gladly provide a professional reference for Cliff. Glenn Wright
- G.W., July 2014
Cliff did a great job with our home inspection. He was very professional, friendly and answered any questions we had. He was very knowledgeable about the issues in the home and had a lot of suggestions for fixing them. I would definitely recommend Cliff to friends and family. Thank you!
- S.K., June 2014
Cliff did a great job inspecting our property. He was professional, knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. His report was very thorough and I'm glad we decided to have him come out. Thanks Cliff!
- S.K., June 2014
Thanks for helping us out, giving some good advice, and being so thorough. Best regards, The Reeder family
- D.R., June 2014
He did a great job. Very competent and knowledgeable.
- C.H., Logan UT, June 2014
Very impressed. Detailed and gave great suggestions for preventative matinance. Willing to go back to property a second time to accommodate us as 'distance' buyers - so we could have someone represent us in a walk through.
- R.E., June 2014
Very impressed. Thank you for being willing to go back a second time to accommodate us as 'distance' buyers. We appreciate your detail and willingness to communicate via 'face time' with us during a walk through. Your preventative suggestions were appreciated as well.
- R.E., June 2014
I love to work with Cliff. I think he is so thorough and precise with his inspections. He is my inspector of choice.
- P.A., Garden City UT, May 2014
I thought that it was great that you found some things that would have gone unnoticed. The extra wire in the breaker box, and the attic vent being a fire hazard in the garage are just a couple that I probably would have never thought about. You were very thorough.
- B.E., May 2014
We were very pleased with how informative and friendly you guys were.
- D.C., May 2014
I absolutely loved your service and the thorough nature of your report. I think you guys did a perfect job of presenting the home to us and answering our questions. The only thing I would suggest is maybe talking to the sellers a little more if they are available. I know our sellers felt a little intimidated and nervous. Also, there was something on the report that would not have been if the sellers were asked about it. Great job though guys. Keep up the good work!
- M.P., May 2014
So thorough and so clearly explained. I've moved several times, but Cliff is by far the best inspector I've ever had. Thank you.
- K.W., May 2014