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Darryl Willoughby

Are you buying or selling your home?

Before you make that big real estate transaction you should have a home inspection for peace of mind about your new joy.

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Kentucky State License #HI-2038 A.S.H.I #247566 Realestate background over 20 years Custom Homebuilder over 12 years.


I am committed to excellence in the Home Inspection industry. My background includes performing several thousand inspections and over 20 years of experience in both Real Estate and New Construction. Call me Today at 502-802-6336

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Great inspection....Very trusted and very thorough with the inspection. I highly recommend ProChek.
- P.H., June 2020
Great Inspector! Cares about the clients and does a good job of explaining the issues. Does not cause alarm, just states the problem.
- S.H., June 2020
Darryl was very friendly and easy to talk to. He was very thorough and detailed during his inspection. He explained things he found and made suggestions. He also gave us some very helpful tips. I would highly recommend Darryl if you need an inspection done!! Thanks again for everything!!
- J.W., August 2019
Awesome inspector! Keep up the good work
- P.J., Louisville KY, July 2019
Very Thorough and willing to listen. He is very informative and an excellent inspector
- P.J., Louisville KY, February 2019
I would highly recommend Darryl Willoughby to do your home inspection. Darryl is very thorough . Excellent service.
- E.P., September 2017
Great Inspector! Very professional and thorough. A pleasure to work with. Would recommend to anyone.
- M.W., September 2017
I thought Darryl Willoughby did an excellent job. He's very thorough and made himself available to discuss any of my concerns. I highly recommend him!
- G.C., August 2017
Darryl and Dee dee was nothing short of amazing! Very detailed and friendly! Even with my vicious 7lbs dog trying to attack Darryl, he stayed professional and calm ??. I would definitely recommend these two to anyone !!!
- D.R., July 2017
Inspection well done, very thorough and the report was available the same day.
- R.B., July 2017
Darryl is thorough in his inspections and gives very clear and easy to understand information in his reports. He has done an excellent job in explaining his findings to my clients. As always, Dee Dee is a gem to work with as well! I will gladly recommend ProChek to future clients!
- N.H., May 2017
Very helpful...answered all my questions.
- P.N., February 2017
I always choose and recommend Darryl Willoughby as a thorough Home Inspector. All my clients have always been satisfied and appreciative of his inspections and comments. They also are appreciative of how he takes his time to explain what he is looking for and very appreciative taking the time to explain his concerns on items.
- C.W., Lou. Ky. KY, July 2016
Thank you SO much for your inspection. You are beyond what I would have known to be thorough and I will expect nothing less in the future. You WILL be recommended in the future.
- T.A., July 2016
Thank you for your level of detail
- M.M., May 2016
I think that Darryl Willoughby did a very good job at my soon to be house. He showed plenty of good pictures of where the main problems where at on the outside, and inside of the house. I liked all the details. He did a fantastic job. I will absolutely recommend him to other people that I know and talk to. Thank you Darryl for your service, and I wish you all the luck in the future.
- A.J., May 2016
Darryl was great. He was extremely thorough in the inspection but also gave us guidance on what items were more worrisome than others. He took a lot of time to perform the inspection, and also took even took the time to walk us through the house and show us exactly what it was he was putting in his report- which also contained detailed photos of the things he described in his report. He explained things efficiently and completely. He was really friendly, trust-worthy, and knowledgable. Would definitely recommend him! Thanks so much!!
- K.S., April 2016
I am a Realtor and would highly recommend Darryl for my clients home inspections. He was very courteous, thorough and knowledgeable. We were very happy with his services.
- A.R., May 2015
Darryl, was great. Spent as much time as I needed to answer questions. He was very thorough and even crawled into a very small crawl space to inspect the foundation.
- M.W., March 2015
Thank you Darryl for your knowledge And professionalism with my clients. Each time my clients rave about how much they enjoyed you and the inspection process. Even if they found out bad things about the house. That is saying great things about you and the way you deliver the information. Thank you.
- B.J., March 2015
We are very happy with the services provided. Very thorough and comprehensive report. Thank you Darryl!
- R.L., July 2014
Darryl Did a great job. Very thorough. I will use Darryl for my future inspections.
- M.U., July 2014
I thought it was very thorough and communicated well. He took good photos, and we received our report that same night.
- M.B., May 2014
- T.G., May 2014
Excellent work by Darryl
- A.S., May 2014
Darryl was a pleasure to work with. He is professional and thorough. We highly recommend him and his work.
- K.S., March 2014
My inspection was very thorough. I appreciated the explanations and suggestions. I was made aware of what needed to be repaired, what caused it, and how to prevent it. I also learned some helpful tips around the house. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend the service to others.
- C.H., March 2014
Great job! Thanks for being so thorough!
- J.R., March 2014
Darryl is professional, very thorough and knowledgeable. We would recommend him to anyone seeking a home inspector.
- R.W., March 2014
Good job Darryl
- J.B., February 2014
My Buyers loved you Darryl! Getting the results back to me was quicker than quick! Thanks, Cathy Richardson REMAX Associates
- C.R., December 2013
Darryl was professional, thorough, competent, helpful and very friendly. He knew what he was doing. Would use him and RECOMMEND him in an instant!
- S.T., December 2013
Thanks so much for your help. You were excellent.
- M.K., October 2013
We thank you for your friendliness, honesty, your responses to our questions with clairty, the completness of your inspection and your report. Because we felt so comfortable with you during this process, we will share our experience and will recommend you and Prochek Home Inspections to another home buyer in the future.
- , October 2013
Feel completely confident in his assessment skills. Very knowledgable
- D.B., October 2013
I got your report & ty for doing that
- J.M., July 2013
Darryl is very thorough and goes through everything with the buyer. He really puts a first time buyer at ease and makes the entire process a learning experience.
- C.B., March 2013
Tremendous report! Thank you!
- A.J., February 2013
Darryl was very thorough in his inspection, very helpful in his knowledge of the inspection process, and very easy to work with. We would highly recommend him for any home inspection.
- A.J., February 2013
i think he did a really good job and took his time.
- L.W., October 2012
Darryl was professional and did a thorough inspection.
- L.C., October 2012
Darryl is professional and did a very thorough inspection.
- , October 2012
Darryl was very through and good at explaining things we should be concerned about. Great job!
- I.H., September 2012
You are awesome....thank you!!!
- D.C., September 2012
Darryl performed a complete and professional inspection on my clients home inspection!
- B.K., Louisville KY, July 2012
It was very nice meeting you. We were very impressed with the quality of your work and if we know of any one every needing a house inspector we would highly recommend you.
- J.A., Louisville KY, April 2012
Best inspector in Ky
- A.O., March 2012
Darryl is very through and has a great attention to detail. I would recommend his services to any one looking for a solid inspector.
- T.K., March 2012
I know that we thanked you after the inspection, but we wanted to thank you again! This is our first home and we don't know how a lot of this stuff works or how stuff is supposed to be! You noticed something that even the hot water inspector missed - that could've potentially been very dangerous! We could tell that you did a very thorough job looking over everything and we can rest assured knowing our home will be a safe place for our children and us to live now. We are so thankful that we found you on the ASHI website! Your knowledge of construction and home repair is invaluable. If you ever need a reference for a future client, please feel free to have them contact us! We can not praise you enough and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to others! Thanks again and again! Rae and Cam
- C.S., March 2012
Very thorough! The report that Darryl Willoughby sends is easy to read. His summary report is the best! He is on my list for recommendations.
- P.W., January 2012
Thank you so much for a very informative home inspection. It really meant a lot to me that you took the time to point out and explain to me the issues with the home! I will definitely recommend you to anyone else!
- C.F., December 2011
It was a pleasure to deal with Darryl! He was very knowledgeable, he absolutely knew what to look for and where to look. Very professional, very communicative, very thorough with the inspection.
- V.M., October 2011
Outstanding job! This is our fourth home purchase, and without a doubt Darryl is the best home inspector we have ever had. He was extremely professional. He was on time for the inspection. He was very thorough. His report contained everything we needed to show the seller what needed to be repaired before we closed on the house. We would definitely recommend him to anyone we know is buying a home soon. Thanks Darrrl!
- J.W., September 2011
I'd reccomend Darryl for people that like very thorough and complete inspections. He went above and beyond my expectations.
- R.T., July 2011
Mr. Willoughby does a very thorough inspection. I recomment him and am very pleased with his inspections for my clients. Wanda Cheek
- W.C., Louisville KY, March 2011
ty for takin ur time to inspect my home
- K.C., March 2011
He was awesome!
- B.D., February 2011
Thorough and friendly. Took alot of time to explain what i needed to do as a new home buyer
- L.F., May 2010
Inspection on my new home was very impressive. Danny and Darryl were both friendly, professional and very informative. I will most definitely recommend them to my family and friends and will use them again in the future. Thanks Danny and Darryl for your service. Alan Tomes
- A.T., May 2010
I appreciate all that you did for me. You took the time to explain things and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone.
- N.E., March 2010
Darryl Willoughby was very helpful in showing and explaining the work he was doing during the inspection. He was extremely professional and I am confident the inspection he performed was of the highest quality. Darryl was very friendly and went above and beyond his duties to leave me satisfied that the home my wife and I are purchasing was safe and in great condition. Thanks Darryl!
- J.A., Louisville KY, February 2010
Very detailed inspection. Definately recommend.
- B.B., Crestwood KY, December 2009
Thanks you are a great inspector and I would recommend you to all my family and friends:)
- K.W., December 2009
I would definitely recommend Darryl to anyone who needs a qualified,super-nice person to inspect their home. He never missed a spot. Answered every question we could think of, with a smile and was ready with the answer. He definitely knows his job and we will use him in the future for sure.
- F.M., October 2009
Darryl, Thanks for going those extra miles for this one. You do an excellent job. Tony was very impressed with his first home inspection and learned a lot. I'll get those cards to my E-Town contacts next week at our meeting. Your great! Thanks, Debbie
- D.O., October 2009
Great Job, thank You!!
- P.W., Louisville KY, September 2009
done a great job, checked everything necessary, nice, friendly, and would recommend him to anyone
- B.B., September 2009
Just wanted to say thanks again for the home inspection. You helped me make a very big decision and I couldn't imagine purchasing this house or any house without an expert showing you the good and bad. This house had more bad than I cared to take on. I will definately be calling again when I find something else I'm interested in.
- D.S., August 2009
Very thorough and detailed in explanation of any potential issues. Highly recommended!
- m.R., July 2009
Thanks so much! I appreciate your thoroughness in our inspection. I think we have all the information we need to have repairs made and details concerning regular maintenance as well.
- L.B., July 2009
Darryl, you were friendly and very informational when going through the inspection. I appreciate your hospitality and insight on my house of choice. Thanks.
- N.G., June 2009