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Kyle Zimmermann; WI Licensed Home Inspector #2227-106

Royal T. Home Services, Inc offers quality Home Inspections. With our company you will receive a home inspection with a blend of personal and professional qualities.

You will experience excellent communication while booking an appointment and throughout the entire home inspection process, along with a state-of-the -art reporting system and web-based services. The web-based services allow you to view your report online while staying confidential through password- protection. You will also receive a report IMMEDIATELY after the inspection, during your one-hour walk-through of the home & property.

Your report will be filled with colorful photos and line drawing diagrams that make items being addressed easier to see and understand.

If you are interseted in what other customers are saying about our services, feel free to visit the testimonial page of our web site at (see our Testimonials!)

Thank you for choosing Royal T Home Services, Inc for your Home Inspection and Electronic Radon Testing needs.

We look forward to meeting and working you!
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WI Home Inspector License #2227-106; Home Inspection Master Course Certified


Home Inspections & Electronic Radon Testing, 90-Day Warranty & Recall Chek services with every Residential Inspection! Call (715) 387-1815 for a great Inspection! See what others have to say about working with Royal T!


This is the 2nd house Kyle inspected for me. He is always very thorough and does an excellent job. Great guy to work with!
- D.K., Edgar WI, August 2021
This is the 3rd house we've had Kyle inspect, wouldn't go to anybody else! Kyle is extremely thorough and very professional. He is very down-to-earth and knowledgeable. He exceeds expectations and we are very happy to work with him! Thank you, Kyle!
- E.R., July 2021
Kyle is the best. He is very thorough and goes over everything with you.
- S.B., Plover WI, July 2021
Kyle Zimmermann, Royal T Home Services, did an awesome job during an inspection with a client. He is knowledgeable, honest, detailed, personable, and explains maintenance and potential issues so you can easily understand.
- D.E., May 2020
Great job! Very thorough with noted recommendations. Report completed in a very timely manner. We got more than we expected. Thank you!
- R.J., Victoria TX, August 2019
Overall very well done. There was 1 thing that we found that was a little concerning that it wasn't in the report. The natural gas meter was within 3 ft of the fireplace vent - this is a code violation and could have been dangerous under certain circumstances. WPS moved our meter for free once we notified them, but we had to have a plumber come out to connect the piping. Thanks for the good work!
- A.K., Wisconsin Rapids WI, April 2019
Kyle was very thorough with his inspection! He did a great job showing us any problem areas as well as explaining what needed to be corrected.
- A.M., Wisconsin Rapids WI, November 2018
Kyle was very thorough and professional. I like that all of the information he provided was in a simple and easy to understand format. Kyle did a great job!
- K.R., November 2018
He answered all the questions my dad and I had and was very respectful.
- K.B., Wausau WI, October 2018
Kyle explained everything that he went over with such confidence. This being the first time we had an inspection, we did not know what to expect. The report is amazing and explains eveything. I would recomend Kyle!
- S.P., Wisconsin Rapids WI, October 2018
Once again you were very thorough and explained what needed to. You definitely give comfort in knowing few surprises will accompany a new home purchase.
- M.S., Wisconsin Rapids WI, September 2018
Kyle was very thorough and explained every detail.
- M.S., Wisconsin Rapids WI, September 2018
Very professional, knowledgeable, and able to explain details in understandable manner
- J.W., Coloma WI, September 2018
Kyle was very thorough in his inspection and gave me an excellent overview of his inspection during our walkthrough. He also sent his entire report with pictures and comments of every point of inspection. Highly impressed and very happy I chose this company for our inspection.
- K.B., Wausau WI, September 2018
Kyle was very thorough and personable making the inspection process go very smoothly for us!
- M.G., Wisconsin Rapids WI, September 2018
Kyle showed up and immediately gave me the impression he knew what he was doing. He kept an even pace covering all areas of the house. The final report was well written and with pictures left little for imagination.
- M.S., Wisconsin Rapids WI, September 2018
- E.B., Park Falls WI, August 2018
A knowledgeable and diligent professional, Kyle was thorough, quick to answer questions and thoughtful in his understanding of what a homeowner needs in order to feel secure in (a purchase of) their home.
- S.D., August 2018
Kyle was very helpful explained why something would or wouldn?t need to be fixed. Would recommend to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.S., Plover WI, August 2018
Thank you for undertaking my inspection and working with the Agent. Being overseas (United Kingdom) made working with you online imperative so much appreciated. Patience also with the bank payment scheme also appreciated. The report was very comprehensive and is making further talks to the agents easier to deal with. Thank you so much.
- P.B., Plover WI, August 2018
I was unable to attend the review, but from what I saw on the report and from what my wife told me about the review was that Kyle Zimmerman did a very thorough inspection and did a well job at explaining everything from his inspection. We were very pleased with his quality of work.
- C.J., Plover WI, August 2018
We really appreciate Kyle's thorough and professional inspection of the property, his clear explanations of his findings, and his clear instructions for use of site to view results. Communication with the office staff to set up the appointment was excellent as well.
- L.W., Plover WI, July 2018
Kyle was very thorough and did a very good job on the walk through with me. He also inspected the house I was selling and did a very thorough job as well.
- A.K., Stevens Point WI, July 2018
Kyle was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a home inspector.
- J.B., Wisconsin Rapids WI, July 2018
Very thorough! The report was ready to go when I got there and he went through and explained everything in a helpful way!
- L.M., Plover WI, July 2018
- J.B., Wisconsin Rapids WI, July 2018
Kyle was very thorough and such a nice guy to work with, if you need someone so to an inspection he is your guy! 100% recommend!
- C.C., Amherst WI, July 2018
Very thorough
- K.B., Plover WI, July 2018
Very thorough and very clear. I was not able to attend my inspection but the pictures and comments helped very much.
- E.W., Steven Point WI, July 2018
Kyle was very thorough. He explained everything about the property and possible issues. I highly recommend his services.
- B.M., Stevens Point WI, June 2018
Kyle and company were very responsive, even answering an email on a Sunday evening to get scheduled a few days later. He did a very thorough job, and patiently went through all the areas of the house and explained things very well. I would definitely recommend them to others.
- B.P., Marshfield WI, June 2018
Kyle has an impeccable attention to detail and always took time to answer questions thoroughly. He is very professional and a pleasure to work with. A+!!
- J.D., PLOVER WI, June 2018
Kyle was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciated his background and skills and would definitely recommend him for home inspection!
- P.O., Madison WI, June 2018
You did a great job! Super professional and very thorough.
- G.V., Littleton CO, May 2018
Was a Great Inspector, gave me all the info. Thanks to him a lot things I overlooked he noticed to help give me an idea what i want to do next.
- J.S., Stevens Point WI, May 2018
This is the first house I am buying, and Kyle did a great job of explaining exactly what to look for in a house, and how to care for it in the future. Very helpful.
- A.O., May 2018
Kyle was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and informative. He was thorough on his findings and was able to explain the urgency or need for further attention.
- D.W., Plover WI, May 2018
You did an amazing job explaining everything that you found not up to code. Highly recommended! Also loved the 90day home warranty included with the home inspection.
- E.C., Stevens Point WI, May 2018
Prompt, accurate, professional and friendly. Plus a super written and oral report. Couldn't ask for more!
- T.D., Stevens Point WI, April 2018
Very pleasant and professional.
- J.J., Merrill WI, April 2018
Like the detailed report with photos and highlighted points. If we had known that a more detailed inspection was available, we would have been happy to pay the extra.
- R.S., West Milwaukee WI, April 2018
I would definitely recommend Kyle. Explained everything he found in ways we?d understand, without talking down to us. Kyle not only pointed out areas that could use repair or improvements but also pointed out positives or areas where the owners had put in updates. He also showed us how some of the little additional things worked, like a special feature one the windows. Made the process quick and painless.
- M.M., April 2018
Kyle was prompt, courteous, professional and a very knowledgeable inspector. Couldn't ask for anything more in a home inspector. Thank you!!
- J.G., Hewitt WI, April 2018
Kyle was very professional and thorough in his inspection! The scheduling was very simple, and the reports of all findings were high quality with photos of defects, video walkthroughs, and concise explanations of defects! Would definitely recommend Kyle to anyone buying a home!
- N.B., Marshfield WI, April 2018
Kyle's report was extremely detailed and will be very beneficial with selling the house. He was prompt, accurate and concise. I do not think you could find a better person or get a better value for the reasonable pricing he charges.
- J.P., Kauna WI, April 2018
Great job Kyle.You were very thorough and professional.
- T.K., Stevens Point WI, April 2018
Kyle had my best interests in mind. He provided a complete and thoughtful evaluation of my home.
- R.W., Auburndale WI, April 2018
Very thorough, explains everything, and is very friendly during the entire process. Easy to make an appointment. Smooth process throughout.
- T.B., Waupaca WI, March 2018
Kyle was very thorough and reports his findings in clear understandable ways. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a home inspection. Thanks Kyle!
- J.M., Stevens Point WI, March 2018
I was very impressed with thoroughness of the inspection. The inspector seemed very knowledgeable of the property and very helpful when giving advice or solutions to any findings. Found the inspector to very personable, all in all I would say I had a very good experience.
- B.O., Wisconsin Rapids WI, March 2018
He did an amazing job, explained everything very well, and was very thorough with our inspection. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a home inspection in his working area!
- M.M., Rice Lake WI, March 2018
Kyle was very professional and the amount of information made available to me on everything that was included in the inspection was exceptional. I highly recommend Kyle and his company for any home inspection.
- M.C., Winconsin Rapids WI, March 2018
Thank you so much for inspection on our soon to be new house and how thorough you where.
- M.H., Wisconsin Rapids WI, March 2018
Thank you Kyle for the thoroughness of your inspection and report. It gives me great confidence in my purchase and alerts me to future concerns.
- P.W., Plover WI, March 2018
Kyle, Your inspection was very thorough and the online reports with pictures and recommendations were very helpful. As an example of your attention to detail, the home we purchased had recently been purchased by another family (they are now relocating due to their careers) and they were surprised how much had been missed by their inspector 18 months ago when they saw a copy of your report. We were recommended to have you do our inspection by Meredith and Jeff Kean - we will recommend you to others as well! Thank you, Rob and Katherine Nichols
- R.N., Marshfield WI, February 2018
Very thorough. Report is easy to read and understand. I would highly recommend Kyle.
- D.G., Stevens Point WI, January 2018
Great job with the inspection! Only suggestion would be to use a background noise canceling mic on the audio for the narrated report. The audio on the CD didn't work in the PS3, so we had to use the laptop to watch and listen.
- D.G., Stevens Point WI, December 2017
Kyle did a very complete and thorough job!
- N.K., Sister Bay WI, December 2017
I was initially very nervous about my inspection. Kyle was very professional and put me at ease right away. He was very thorough and detailed. I would definitely recommend Kyle to friends.
- D.S., Wausau WI, December 2017
Very in-depth inspection! Explained all his findings thoroughly. Being able to refer back to the detailed report with pictures was very helpful.
- S.G., Hubbell MI, December 2017
I appreciate the thoroughness Kyle had with walking me through item by item. From the first call to to set everything up to end of the home inspection was simple and friendly. Thank you!
- J.T., Plover WI, December 2017
Thanks Kyle- very thorough!
- J.K., Marshfield WI, November 2017
Kyle was great to work with. He explained everything so I understood it properly and went over anything and everything that he thought needed repair or just things to point out. It was the best inspection that I have ever had and I have had a few homes. I would recommend Royal T to anyone purchasing a home. He went above and beyond. Thank you for all your hard work and for showing us everything! I felt great walking out of the home knowing he did his JOB!!! Kim - Amherst Junction
- J.A., Amherst Junction WI, November 2017
Thanks for being so thorough and informative.
- C.C., Nekoosa WI, November 2017
I was interested in a place that didn't look too bad at first ready to go full throttle towards buying it. Kyle got in the and did an extremely good job getting in there and reporting safety issues and other wear and tear. Though I'm a little upset that I'm not getting the place I'm thankful I got the inspection. It really helped me from getting stuck with more problems than I wanted to deal with. The report was very clear with pictures and Kyle did a great job explaining everything to someone like me who doesn't have much experience in a lot of repair related areas
- J.S., Amherst WI, November 2017
Kyle was knowledgeable, courteous and thorough...a true professional. He patiently answered all of my questions and his report will be a great resource after we move into our new home. I highly recommend him!
- A.Y., Marshfield WI, October 2017
Very thorough and explains things thoroughly.
- S.R., Hayward WI, October 2017
I think you did an outstanding inspection of the property AND clear communications with us as we walked through the property with you. Please keep using the detailed inspection list with pictures of the item and repairs suggested. It is much more helpful than I realized. I have reviewed it twice so far to absorb the information you provided. Sharing the list with the seller helped them decide to repair some of the problems that you pointed out. The other problems I have on my list of repairs that I will be doing. When we walked through the property together, your explanations and comments were professional, understandable and friendly. It was very easy for us to ask you questions and talk with you! Thank you for doing more than I expected!
- E.J., Stevens Point WI, October 2017
This is our 2nd time buying a home and this inspection blows the first out of the water! Everything is thoroughly checked and professionally detailed in his report, photos included! We really appreciated being able to walk through the house with Kyle, his attention to details, and a clear and understandable report we can look back at with clarity and confidence!! So thankful our realtor recommended him to us. If yours doesn't - recommend him to your realtor!
- T.D., Port Edwards WI, September 2017
I was immediately impressed with this company from my original phone call. The process and what I needed to do was very clear. I was able to get on Kyle's schedule very quickly. I liked that Kyle set aside a whole hour to walk through the house with me and review the report. He was patient, friendly, professional and open to all my questions. It was great that the report was available immediately afterwards. I've worked with a couple other home inspectors in the past. Kyle is definitely the best!
- A.L., Port Edwards WI, September 2017
Very thorough and I felt comfortable and trustworthy about his inspection
- S.R., September 2017
Kyle was very thorough when we did our walk through of the new house we are looking to purchase. He answered the questions we had at the time, and was also able to answer questions we had after the inspection. Scheduling was a breeze, and receiving the reports was very convenient as I was able to read it right on my phone. The report itself was very easy to navigate and color coordinated, which helped us when looking through what might need to be fixed. I would highly recommend Royal T Home Servies.
- R.J., Wausau WI, September 2017
Kyle was very personable and thorough! Thanks for all of you suggestions and time! Being a first time home buyer I really appreciated it!
- C.B., Nekoosa WI, September 2017
Kyle Zimmerman's, Royal T. Home Services, did our home inspection in June, 2017. We were extremely pleased with Kyle's home inspection. He is top notch, conscientious and professional. He left no "stone" unturned, and nothing overlooked! He is triple AAA, 5 stars, thorough from top to bottom - inside & outside. He presented us with an oral review, and a full, in color, written (text), online copy of the inspection - including photos/pictures, to depict each & every aspect of the many items inspected. You just can't do better than that! - It is for us, a virtual tour of the inspection. - It just couldn't be more clear than seeing each step of the inspection depicted (in full color) with a visual - and a written sub line (description) for each item - including corrections to be taken (if needed). We rate Kyle Zimmerman's, Royal T Home Services, as the ABSOLUT BEST home inspection service anywhere! We were very pleased with his service. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- L.D., Clintonville WI, September 2017
Very pleased with Kyle's thorough inspection and how he explains things. Documentation through photos and narration on DVD is an extra bonus! Highly recommended!
- R.K., Elmhurst IL, August 2017
The Report was very thorough and Kyle makes it very easy to understand. I would recommend him to anybody.
- A.B., Stevens Point WI, August 2017
I appreciated Kyle's thoroughness and attention to detail. He did a great job recommending whether or not items needed further evaluation. I would definitely recommend Royal T to everyone! Thank you for a great job!
- J.S., Marshfield WI, August 2017
Very friendly and thorough! Kyle took the time to explain everything to me which I appreciated very much! Overall great experience
- S.D., Wisconsin Rapids WI, August 2017
I have enjoyed working with Kyle as our home inspector. During this relocation process, we have made offers on three houses using Kyle as our inspector for all three inspections. He is very thorough with the inspection process. Due to his thoroughness, the first two houses did not pass inspection for us to feel comfortable to continue on with purchasing the homes. I also like the online access to the reports, allowing us to review them at anytime. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone as a home inspector!!!!!! Thank you Kyle for all your hard work and commitment to providing astounding inspections!
- W.L., Duluth MN, August 2017
Kyle was exceptionally professional, thorough, and personable. The level of attention to detail was very impressive. Anytime I need a property inspected Kyle will be the only one I trust with the job.
- J.S., Mosinee WI, August 2017
He was very professional and easy to understand. He made me feel comfortable with the process. Kyle was amazing. I would highly recommend his services.
- B.W., Stevens Point WI, July 2017
My wife and I appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. You were extremely friendly and that is not always common anymore. The CD of the inspection was very helpful. The report was easy to understand. Thank you again
- B.W., Stevens Point WI, July 2017
I would strongly recommend Kyle's services. He was very personable and knowledgeable, had a high degree of expertise on everything from masonry, electrical, construction, to plumbing, HVAC and beyond: everything. I found him to be very honest regarding the house we were having evaluated, and he answered all our questions without faltering even once. He made my wife and I much more confident in the decision we eventually made, which was to buy the house we'd had him inspect. The money we paid for his services was perhaps some of the best money we ever spent. He gets our highest recommendation.
- P.T., Rib Lake WI, July 2017
Kyle is extremely thorough and efficient, while also very personable and approachable. Any housing question you have, even if it's totally unrelated to part of the inspection, will get answered with honesty and explained in understandable terms. Will recommend to anyone in Central Wis without hesitation.
- S.R., Plover WI, July 2017
Kyle is very professional and thorough. Excellent at documenting all parts of the inspection as wells as showing and explaining what is found. Very detailed reports with recommended path forward. 80 page reports with lots of details to allow a buyer to make a very informed decision on whether or not this house is right for him/her.
- B.S., Cornell MI, July 2017
Kyle provided a very through and complete inspection. Took his time to explain everything in great detail and answered any and all questions regarding the report. Would definitely recommend using Royal T for your home inspection. Very professional.
- C.P., Camp Douglas WI, July 2017
Very thorough report; wish I could have been available to be there to see all things first hand. Excellent report.
- B.S., Cornell MI, July 2017
Since I am currently living out of state and looking for a home in Stevens Point, it was very important to me to find someone who had the experience and knowledge that I could count on. I was given Kyle's name, and was happy that he did a very thorough job. He photographed and commented on all aspects of his inspection. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a thorough inspection. LD
- L.D., Columbia MO, June 2017
The inspection was very thorough and detailed. Items needing to be addressed were clearly explained,referenced, and recommended appropriate actions. Great job!
- S.R., Wisconsin Rapids WI, June 2017
Thanks for a thorough inspection. We appreciate the extra effort you put into adding photos and recommendations into the report. It shows your efficiency and credibility as an inspector.
- C.P., Wisconsin Rapids WI, June 2017
Working with Kyle and the Royal T team was amazing. They were very helpful both in scheduling (and rescheduling!) and completing the inspection. Very understanding and patient. And the use of technology is very convenient, having everything online is super helpful when time is limited. This has been the easiest part of my whole purchase process.
- J.G., Kaukauna WI, June 2017
It was awesome to work with Kyle as he inspected our first home. He was very professional and had no problem answering any of my questions. Kyle was very detailed with the inspection and would highly recommend him to anyone I know looking for an inspector.
- S.S., Plover WI, June 2017
We were very pleased with how thorough of a job he did inspecting our new home! He did a great job going over things with us, especially pointing out items to keep an eye on for the future. He seems to be a real genuine guy and would recommend him to anyone looking for a good quality inspector!
- J.D., Stevens Point WI, May 2017
Your service was acceptionally professional and thorough, the inspection was very informative and conducted with great explanation. I will definitely hire you again.
- H.B., Wisconsin Rapids WI, May 2017
Kyle was amazing to work with. He took his time explaining things & really put my mind @ ease regarding the inspection.
- S.W., Stevens Point WI, May 2017
Wish we would have had you inspect it when we bought the house ourselves.
- M.W., Wisconsin Rapids WI, May 2017
My husband and I were very pleased with our home inspection with Kyle-he explained everything well, was organized and very thorough. Also liked receiving the written report and CD of the inspection results. Would definitely recommend their services!
- M.V., Marshfield WI, April 2017
Your team is awesome. Thank you so much!
- O.E., Duluth MN, April 2017
Kyle was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He took the time to answer all of my questions and explain every detail; he was very thorough. I will definitely recommend Kyle!
- J.D., PLOVER WI, March 2017
Kyle did a great job showing us around our new home, identifying routine maintenance and bigger issues. Very thorough and complete!
- B.B., Rice Lake WI, March 2017