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Faron Lake


Inspector/WDI- Faron Lake   

WDI Inspector Scott Myers

State of Indiana License # HI01100038 / Insured


Radon Inspector License# RTS00590

Office of Indiana State Chemist License# F245063



Clients have been very impressed with how Thorough the inspection it is. I love the ease of the reports.
- K.S., May 2019
Clients have been very impressed with how Thorough the inspection it is. I love the ease of the reports.
- K.S., May 2019
Faron was absolutely amazing!! He was very thorough and took his time. He is very kind and takes his time to explain/answer any questions you have. This is my 3rd home inspection and the previous 2 companies don't even come close to the great work of Faron. Thank you guys for an awesome experience and a very thorough home inspection. I would give them a 20, if I could. Highly recommended!!
- M.C., Ocala FL, April 2019
Very professional and I appreciated their simple explanation of what needed to be fixed.
- Z.P., March 2019
Professional and easy to work with.
- M.S., February 2019
Faron is very thorough and informative! He took his time and inspected everything within his reach and beyond. I highly recommend Feron and can't put enough exclamation points behind that!!
- T.L., December 2018
It would be helpful if you could give locations for your pictures, so that we could know where the items are that you address, since we are unable to be there in person. For example, which side of the home (north, south, east, west) can we find a problem area in the crawlspace or basement? How high is the crawlspace area? Can one move on hands and knees, or belly only? In what room is the attic access? Thank you for answering our question about the location of the main water shut-off valve.
- M.S., August 2018
Felt that my prospective home was thoroughly inspected and the agent had my best interest at heart.
- R.S., Bedford IN, August 2018
We were very pleased with how thorough our inspection was. Our inspectors were very professional and kind, and they took the time to explain everything they found to us in detail. The inspection report was far more in depth that I expected, and for that I am very grateful! They definitely saved us some headaches in the future.
- B.M., May 2018
Extremely professional and thorough! We were very pleased with Southern Indiana Home Inspectors and would absolutely recommend them anyone buying a home!
- N.L., May 2018
thank you for the inspection and the thorough explanation of your findings
- G.W., May 2018
Faron was very thorough and explained things very well. We highly recommend this company!
- J.S., August 2017
Faron was on time, professional and thorough. He found issues in the home that we were buying that we were totally unaware of at the time. Very grateful for all you did. Thanks!!! Highly Recommend!!!
- T.M., June 2017
Faron was extremely thorough and was great at explaining issues to us. His reports were very detailed and easy to follow.
- L.S., June 2017
Mr. Lake is very thorough and his reports are thoroughly detailed. He was also the inspecting agent in 2015 when I sold my house, and his report was invaluable.
- S.P., June 2017
Great job. Your inspection saved us so much time, energy, and expense. Because of the report we have decided not to go forward with the purchase of the property. We will definitely ask you to inspect another property when we find it.
- C.H., Williams IN, May 2017
Very thorough, courteous, and helpful when explaining the inspection results.
- J.S., May 2017
Report was very thorough. Mr Faron was prompt in returning my phone call after hours and answering the questions I had. I appreciated his professionalism.
- B.B., April 2017
He explained everything that he found that needed attention on the house. He was very thorough when inspecting the house and that's very much appreciated. The report that I was able to download and to print was nice as well. I will always have a record of it if I ever need it in the future.
- S.F., March 2017
Faron was top notch! He was professional, courteous, very thorough, conscientious, and took time to patiently review the inspection report. I also appreciated the way the report was presented along with the quick link for items that needed action. Highly recommend!
- D.L., February 2017
Too awesome. Will definitely recommend.
- D.B., February 2017
Very thorough. Everything we needed to know, we now know and very professional. Thank you very much!
- T.G., February 2017
Faron was very professional and took pictures of all areas of concern and the metrics of the systems, e.g. the hot water temperature @ the faucet, and the HVAC outlet ducts. We reviewed the pictures before the inspectors departed the property, and Faron answered all my questions. The comprehensive report was delivered as scheduled and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend and use Southern Indiana Home Inspections Inspectors again!!
- B.Z., November 2016
Thanks again to Faron and Scott for another thorough home inspection. We used Southern Indiana Home Inspections two years ago and would not have chosen any other company this time around. Everything they found was explained on site, and the report sent to us the next day was easy to follow and helped us to prioritize any issues they uncovered. Thanks so much!
- Z.M., November 2016
Faron was very nice and very knowledgeable. I let a couple family members see the report to get their opinions as well and we all were impressed with the level of detail and findings that the inspectors came across. Faron also made himself available for additional questions via phone and was prompt with a reply and generous with past experiences/suggestions. I would certainly recommend him or use him again in the future.
- T.D., November 2016
The inspectors that came out to the house was very knowledgeable with there inspection. They was very knowledgeable about all of the problems that they found and explained them to us where we could understand them.I would recommend this company and these Inspectors to anyone for there next home inspection for there house.
- C.C., Ellettsville IN, October 2016
Faron was very methodical and meticulous. He followed a plan to assess each element of the house in sequence so that nothing was overlooked. While I followed him, he answered my questions clearly and fully. I learned a lot about the house by following him around. When he found issues, he was able to give me an assessment of the magnitude of the issue and how to address it.
- R.P., October 2016
Very thorough throughout the entire inspection. Very courteous and polite, took the time to explain everything I needed to know about the house. Will defiantly use in the future!
- J.B., September 2016
I really appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail.
- S.P., August 2016
Wouldn't change a thing! Great service as well as great people ! Thank you again!
- R.S., Riley IN, August 2016
Very thorough inspection that uncovered a hidden defect in the home that I would have never noticed until after closing. Your inspection saved me many thousands of dollars in repairs and the headaches associated with it. Thank you very much! I would not only use you again, but I will recommend you to others.
- M.H., August 2016
Most thorough home inspection that we have experienced in our 35 years of 10 home purchases. Thank you for caring about us as the prospective home owner.
- B.H., August 2016
Mr. Farron Lake and his team were absolutely spectacular. They gave prompt responses to ALL communication / questions I asked, they showed up for the inspection on time, they were dressed clean and professionally, and, during the inspection, walked me through exactly what they were doing and why. During the conclusion of the inspection, Mr. Lake ran through a rough draft of his team's analysis by showing me digital photographs they had taken of any suspect findings, and then explained how they could be remedied. Afterwards, Mr. Lake told me that I would be receiving a copy of his report via electronic mail. The report which I received was professionally put together, and it included clear, color pictures, a thorough and easy to read synopsis of their findings, a termite inspection report, and an invoice. Further, the price paid for the services was extremely fair, and I am happy to report that I would recommend Mr. Lake's team to anyone in search of a great home inspection team.
- J.C., July 2016
Professional yet friendly and able to explain findings in laymans terms and help me understand what items were necessity and niceties.
- H.P., June 2016
The inspection was very thorough and you explained everything very concisely to me. It was a great experience. I would definitely use you again and I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you!
- S.K., June 2016
Faron was absolutely awesome!!! Showed up at the time stated he would be there, and finished right when he told us he would. We left during the inspection to let Faron work, but he made sure he called us to let us know he was wrapping up so he could go over the entire report before he left. He was very knowledgeable about his trade. Very detailed throughout the entire process. Took time to discuss the questions we had, not just quick answers. He definitely knows what he is talking about and gave us a wonderful experience. We ARE going to recommend his services to everyone we come across needing them. A job WELL DONE! Way MORE than we could have expected... Thank You Matt Whitney
- M.W., May 2016
I have used Southern Indiana Home Inspections twice now. The first time, they helped prevent me from buying a house that probably would have been the biggest mistake of my life. It would have been a continuous money pit and I would have never been able to get rid of it for what I would have eventually put into it, just to make it safe. The second inspection was also a great help in that they pointed out that the house had 3 layers of shingles installed and recent hail damage. I would likely not have been able to get the house, which I wanted dearly because the insurance company would not insure it in that condition. Since we had Faron come out well in advance of our closing, we were able to let the homeowner know, turn the inspection into their insurance company and one way or the other, there will be a new roof on the house before closing. Not every inspection team would have caught that. They work as a team, are very thorough, and check each others work, making sure every inch of the house is documented. I would and will highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of a home inspection, which is anyone thinking about buying a house, trust me!!
- D.M., Poland IN, May 2016
You both did a fantastic job! You were punctual and professional. We will definitely recommend you to friends and family.
- M.M., April 2016
Thank you Faron. It was a pleasure meeting you and I like the professional manner in which you conducted your inspection.
- E.H., Bloomington IN, April 2016
The most thorough inspection ever. So very professional and such wonderful customer service!
- J.L., April 2016
The inspectors were very thorough and we appreciated the time taken to review the items of concern and to answer our questions after they completed the inspection. I would not hesitate to call Southern Indiana Home Inspections again, or to recommend them to others. Thank you !
- D.B., April 2016
Professionals in the strongest sense of the word. Faron and Scott were truly extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the best inspection that I could have asked for. I liked the way they were very methodical and tried to exploit any issues currently or could be an issue in the future. Very satisfied how the report came out and how it was listed with an initial summary and the specific issues at hand and what needs to happen to bring it up to speed. I highly recommend anyone that wants a thorough and knowledgeable inspection...thanks again!
- M.C., April 2016
Excellent and thorough job, professional and pleasant personnel. We had brought our own builder with us during the inspection and even he had commented how thorough the inspectors were from Southern Indiana Home Inspectors.
- S.G., March 2016
This was a very thorough inspection. Excellent job, friendly inspectors
- M.B., February 2016
We are happy with the report that we got. It had every detail in it and it directed what course we take to go further with the purchase. Ken and Valerie Taylor
- V.T., February 2016
Mr. Lake, we feel, did a really great job going through 2730 S Pine Meadows. He gave a detailed report to us as well as talking to us on the phone. If we ever need a home inspection again we will definitely call Southern Indiana Home Inspections. Thank you. Ken & Val Taylor
- V.T., February 2016
Faron was extremely thorough and helpful, he answered all the questions we had and provided information on any concerns we had. The report provided gave great detail about all items inspected, their condition, and suggestions of how they may be improved and/or fixed. I would definitely recommend Faron and the entire SIHI team to anyone else looking for a home inspection.
- G.H., February 2016
I was surprised on how in detail our report was, and received it in a timely manner. Photos were included so we could see the areas the house needed updating. I will defiantly use this company again for my next home inspection. Only complaint is that they are not certified in everything! I would love for them to do the other needed inspections! Haha :)
- J.M., December 2015
Excellent, timely, and friendly service. Answered all my questions, gave sound advice, and allowed me to view everything going on during the inspection. The final report I received was clear, concise, easy to read and understand... very visual. I would definitely use again if I ever purchase another home in Monroe County.
- W.S., November 2015
Great service! Thanks!
- J.T., Bloomington IN, October 2015
Southern Indiana Home Inspectors were very thorough and gave a very organized report including pictures and suggested fixes. Very pleased!
- C.H., August 2015
Excellent report, really thorough, covered all the important area's. I liked the recommendations that were included as well as the photos.
- J.T., Bloomington IN, August 2015
Very professional!! Faron and crew were on time, worked diligently and provides us a very thorough report! Would definitely call again if the need arises.
- J.A., August 2015
Thank you so much for being so helpful!!
- D.T., July 2015
Again, absolute superlative professionalism, and quality product. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to explain findings and repair options to both me (telephonic) and my wife (on site). You are protecting my family; for that, I truly thank you. TJ
- J.R., July 2015
Very thorough! Definitely would recommend to anyone needing a home inspection!
- J.S., July 2015
Faron was professional and seemed to have a lot of applicable knowledge.
- B.F., July 2015
Faron, You were fantastic, my husband and I really appreciated your service! Thank you, Molly and Brian
- M.W., July 2015
I felt you were very thorough, and professional. I liked that you were able to show me everything in a color photo presentation.
- G.G., July 2015
Very thorough with all his work. As well a true professional. I would highly recommend him and his associate, Scott, to anybody needing an inspection.
- A.M., July 2015
Very thorough with all his work. As well a true professional. I would highly recommend him and his associate, Scott, to anybody needing an inspection.
- A.M., July 2015
Faron, I want to extend a hearty "Thank you!" You did an awesome job explaining the intricacies of the issues developed during the inspection. You did a very objective, professional and fair analysis for all involved parties. Thanks brother. TJ
- T.R., June 2015
Very thorough. Extremely professional. Highly recommended.
- T.L., June 2015
Faron, From start to finish you and your team did a superb job. You were prompt in responding to my initial inquiry and my follow-up questions. You very thorough in your inspection of the home. You presented your findings clearly during our onsite review and in your written report. And all along the way you and Scott were friendly and patient with me. Mine was a great experience that left me feeling confident in my knowledge of my future home. Thanks, again! - Nate
- N.H., May 2015
Mr. Lake and Myers were professional, thorough, and timely. We highly recommend them.
- L.B., May 2015
Very professional inspectors. Highly recommend this company to anyone in need on a home inspection.
- C.M., May 2015
Mr. Lake and Mr. Gilmore were on time, friendly, professional and thorough.
- J.T., May 2015
Very thorough and professional job! Farron and Scott were polite and understanding and took the time to explain things so they could be easily understood. They also had pictures on a tablet that we were able to see to get a preliminary "report". We were very impressed! We would gladly recommend them to any prospective home buyer
- M.S., April 2015
Faron was thorough, patient, and kind. As first time home buyers in the process of buying an older home, we had lot of questions. Faron answered all of them and patiently explained more complicated matters. We'll use his report now and in the years to come. It's essentially a manual on our to-be home. Faron's report also helped us identify which repairs to prioritize, and with the knowledge, we sent the seller a reasonable request which she accepted completely. Faron was the utmost professional and we would recommend him in a heartbeat. We appreciate everything he did for us and will tell everyone who will listen to us to book him. Thank you for such great work!
- A.W., March 2015
Faron did an excellent job at identifying smaller issues and cosmetic problems as well as identifying large issues that can drastically reduce the value of the home. I would absolutely recommend Faron! Thanks!
- A.W., March 2015
You two did a through job and I will write a positive review if you wish to post it on your website. Comments: I understand how careful you have to be in your business. And I understand that you don't know me. But you, and Scott in particular are guarded in what you say to such an extent that I don't feel like I got my questions answered sufficiently. You observe, you record factual data and present it well and I received my report promptly. But as a professional who is in homes on a daily basis, I value your opinion. I would have liked to know if the issues pointed out are serious or just an indication of normal wear and tear on a 53 year old home. Please don't take this that I am unhappy with what you did. "Faron and Scott did a thorough inspection of my home and I would recommend them. They leave no stone unturned!" Cut the above to post on your website if you want.
- G.K., February 2015
The inspection was well done and included an easy to follow report.
- I.P., February 2015
Faron was thorough, considerate of our time, and took the time to answer the questions my wife and I had about the house. I highly recommend Faron.
- T.C., February 2015
We thought Faron did a very thorough and professional job. We liked that he showed us pictures of all of the trouble spots immediately after the inspection so we had a chance to ask him questions face-to-face. I have absolutely no complaints.
- C.R., February 2015
Faron and his business partner done an excellent job...very professional. I would highly recommended them...
- J.J., January 2015
Faron was very thorough and easy to talk to, never buy a home without talking to Faron
- K.S., January 2015
Faron was professional, courteous and efficient. I would highly recommend him. Thank you, Faron.
- H.D., January 2015
We would like to thank you for coming out and doing our inspection. Great job! Thanks, The Woodwards
- B.W., December 2014
Thank you
- M.S., December 2014
Professional and thorough. I'd recommend Southern Indiana Home Inspections.
- J.F., December 2014
The work of S.I. Home Inspections was impressive  quick, skillful, thorough. Mr. Lake gave us an on-site overview presentation of the inspection results on his IPad immediately following the presentation. The written report was available the next day, and was altogether excellent.
- D.E., November 2014
Thank you for a quality, professional experience!!!!
- T.S., November 2014
We appreciated the time you took to explain things to us and to answer our questions. When we got our inspection report later that evening, there were no surprises because you had covered everything with us prior to leaving the property. Thank you!
- Z.M., November 2014
Great service and provided the results the same day that the inspection was performed. Thank you.
- C.K., October 2014
Above and beyond every single time. Thanks!
- D.D., October 2014
We were very pleased with the inspection!
- J.A., October 2014
Both inspectors were very professional and thorough. During and after the inspection they explained everything that I could understand. I would recommend them highly
- R.S., October 2014
Faron was very organized, knowledgeable and thorough during the inspection. He made it seem as if it were his own home he was looking to buy and inspect. I could not have for a better person and company to conduct the home inspection. Will highly recommend them to future home buyers.
- J.B., October 2014
- Professional - Knowledgeable - Provided a comprehensive review of the property - Made sound recommendations - On time - Clear, concise reporting
- M.D., October 2014
A very thorough and detailed report.
- A.H., October 2014
Very professional and easy to talk to !
- D.S., September 2014
I cannot say enough good things. You were wonderful....thorough and professional. I felt very confident buying the home after reviewing the inspection. Thank you!!
- J.R., August 2014
I was very impressed at how thorough and detailed the inspection report was. The report was very easy to follow and understand, and the many pictures were very helpful. My wife and I were very pleased with the service provided. Thank you!
- M.J., August 2014
I felt he was very good at what he does. took time to explan and answered all my ?.. did a good job. Thank you
- S.H., August 2014
Great job very detailed. Even though I wasn't able to be present I'm confident the home was thoroughly inspected, and any findings were explained to my wife at the time of inspection. Thanks again Faron, and Scott we will definitely recommend your services.
- E.P., July 2014
Excellent job
- C.P., Bedford IN, July 2014
Hi Faron, It was very nice meeting with you and your assent, You both are very informative. I appreciate your kindness when explaining your findings,If I ever need any home inspections I would use you again in a heart beat.I would recommend you and your company to everyone in need of a home inspection. Carol Parish was right saying how professional you were and that you are good people. Thank you for your time on this home, Yours truly Sara $ Ora Laffin
- O.L., July 2014
My family and I were highly impressed with the thorough detail that Faron Lake and his inspecting team gave during an inspection for our home. His staff uncovered numerous items that we would have over looked and never thought were issue. I am very grateful that I decided to have a home inspection completed, and even more so that I chose Southern Indiana Home Inspections.
- C.C., June 2014
this was my first home inspection and from what i seen and was told about the house i was inpressed you looked in places i would not thought to and when we went over the findings and you explaned it very well and when i got the report it was very detailed i would highly recommend you to any one
- D.W., June 2014
Southern Indiana Home Inspections was incredibly thorough! We feel very confident now going forward as the sellers will have to fix all of the existing problems in order for us to buy. It was worth every penny! Faron Lake, his partner, and their employees were all very professional. They explained everything very well, answered and have remained available to answer any questions, and gave us a complete and easy to understand report. If you need to have house/property inspection in Southern Indiana, Southern Indiana Home Inspections is the company to choose!
- M.C., June 2014