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Tracy Echols


Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call me. I can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call me at 601-942-9260 to discuss your individual inspection needs or book an inspection at my website

I perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. I can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

I am located in the Jackson Metro area and serve all surrounding areas. I look forward to hearing from you!


MS License MHIB-0577, AHIT Graduate, Passed the National Exam, E&O and Liabity Insurance & Passed NACHI SOP test


I was born and raised in the Jackson area. I played baseball at MS State University and have a son playing baseball at the college level also. I thoroughly enjoy my job and would love to help make your decision a little easier.

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Thank you for quickly working to inspect our new home and ensure it is a safe as possible! We appreciate you!
- J.M., May 2019
Great Job and very detailed. This was the third home inspection over the years of buying homes. Tracy is the best I've seen. I will never used any other person. GREAT JOB TRACY.
- M.L., April 2019
From the 1st call to schedule all the way through the inspection, very friendly & knowledgeable.
- A.T., April 2019
Thank you! The report was very detailed and thorough, including pictures given for each issue. Very satisfied with my inspection.
- D.A., April 2019
Availability was exceptional, very friendly, professional, and most importantly VERY thorough. Process from beginning to end went smoothly. Communicates well and is very transparent. Accessibility via electronic reports, etc was very accommodating to meet my needs. Outstanding experience!
- G.S., March 2019
This is the second time Mr. Echols has done an inspection for me, he is always a pleasure and very thorough. He takes the time to go over every single detail and informs you whether it?s a simple fix or needs a professional. Would recommend him to EVERYONE!
- S.H., February 2019
Tracy is an absolute professional. Very easy to work with.
- C.H., February 2019
Mr. Echols was simply amazing, he was very prompt with the appointment time. When I called to simply get a quote he was absolutely the nicest guy. I felt that my business was greatly appreciated, Mr. Echols report was so detailed. I was thankful for all if the small detail. I have had issues in the past and wasn't aware of what the issues were. After Mr. Echols detailed report it explained things I had experienced in my old home. He offer so many post inspection perks. He sends details emails giving options and suggestions for each repair. Great Customer care/service. He delivered beyond expectations. Thank you Mr. Echols for assisting with this process of home buying, all of the stressful things that can happen, u simple made this one of the easiest reassuring parts .
- E.M., January 2019
We loved working with Tracy! Thorough? Yes! And the best part is his kind and engaging demeanor. Thank you Tracy.
- J.B., January 2019
This is my second time to hire Tracy for a home inspection. I would not consider hiring anyone else. Tracy is very personable and extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He puts in the time it takes to examine the house from top to bottom. The report he generates is a very valuable resource. I will recommend him without hesitation.
- S.B., November 2018
Tracy, preformed an excellent Inspection, we asked for it to be complete, he indicated he was some what nit picky which we wanted, great work. Alanj Tanguay
- A.T., October 2018
Very satisfied. I think everything was check and any problem was explained in detail.
- J.D., October 2018
I would definitely use Tracy to inspect a home we are looking to buy. In fact, he is inspecting the second home we have a contract on next Monday. Tracy found several problems with the first home where we had signed a contract. The problems he found could have cost us around $5000 to $15000 to fix since the owners were unwilling to correct the problems. We were able to back off of that home and found another more suitable home. His reports helped me know what I needed to look for when buying a home. Tracy was well worth the cost of a home inspection.
- B.H., Benton AR, October 2018
Tracy was super friendly and did a thorough job inspecting our home for us. We are moving in from out of state and really appreciated the way we were able to handle everything through phone and online. He came highly recommended to us and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality home inspection as part of their real estate transaction.
- M.H., Aloha OR, October 2018
Tracy gave us a comprehensive report of all needed repairs. Great job overall.
- B.H., Benton AR, October 2018
This is the 2nd time I?ve used Mr. Echols. He is professional, reasonably price & very knowledgable in what he does. I would highly recommend using him!
- K.T., Byram, September 2018
Thank you! You were great!
- M.S., null nul, August 2018
Very thorough , professional and courteous to buyers, Gives a REALTOR a good feeling that their client is aware of things wrong with home
- W.J., August 2018
I feel the job he done great and I would recommen him again.
- B.D., August 2018
I feel the job he done great and I would recommen him again.
- B.D., August 2018
He did a fantastic and thorough job. I had a couple of questions after receiving the report, and he was happy to answer my questions.
- G.H., August 2018
Tracy thank you very much for being very thorough with the inspection.
- R.K., August 2018
Thanks so much Mr Echols, I had no idea that a home inspection could be so detailed, yet totally understandable. I am confident the recent inspection on the property is complete and accurate. You took the time to brief me on your findings, provided photos in a detailed comprehensive report, and followed up with warranty reports on the appliances and other items in the home. I feel confident that I am purchasing a home that has been thoroughly inspected. I will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone needing a home inspection. Again, thanks so much Tina
- T.F., July 2018
Very professional and thorough. Was flexible with my schedule and arrived on time. Great job! Will definitely use again in the future.
- O.W., July 2018
Excellent inspector - Tracy was incredibly thorough and clear in his explanations. And such a nice guy as well! Would recommend him without reservation or hesitation.
- J.L., June 2018
Thoroughly explained all findings. Room the time to explain all the inspection details.
- P.P., June 2018
Good inspection. Very knowledgeable in the field of expertise.
- W.B., May 2018
Thank you Tracy for being thorough! I appreciate your services.
- N.C., May 2018
Tracy is a great home inspector! He is thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!!!
- R.B., May 2018
Mr. Echols was very thorough and professional. I would highly recommend him!
- M.H., April 2018
Thank you for answering all questions and being very responsive to emails. Explained things wonderfully and was right on time with everything.
- R.M., April 2018
I was recommended to use Tracy Echols as my home inspector and I'm very glad I listened to the advice. As stated throughout the previous reviews and I would like to reiterate the same sentiments, Mr. Echols is very thorough in this line of work. He's very knowledgeable about everything concerning the upkeep of a home and does his best to provide his clients with a very detailed report that's very easy to read and understand. When asked by anyone who I would recommend as a home inspector, only one name will come out of my mouth and that's Mr. Tracy Echols.
- C.L., April 2018
excellent job on doing the home inspection would recommend Tracy for home inspections
- G.K., April 2018
Tracy was very detailed about things that needed to be done to make your house a safe place to live in. I would surely recommend him to my friends for there home inspection experience. Thank you for your help..
- F.F., April 2018
Very quick and thorough.
- C.P., April 2018
Tracy did a great job of thoroughly inspecting the home. He truly left no stone unturned and was very helpful in relaying his findings to us. He gave us assurance in some areas while offering some suggestions on things that needed to be changed that we would have never thought about. He arrived early and was very thorough.
- J.P., April 2018
I am a first time home buyer & Mr. Echols made my experience with the home inspection process absolutely amazing! I contacted him via email on a Saturday night, he responded Sunday morning & my appointment was scheduled on that Wednesday! Not only was his response time wonderful the price was even better! Mr. Echlols was very friendly & informative during my home inspection & I even received my report within hours of leaving! I will recommend him to anyone as this process was a breeze thanks to him!
- K.T., Byram, March 2018
Tracy did an excellent job and i would recommend his company to anyone else that needs a home inspection
- S.S., February 2018
Excellent and extremely thorough. Thank you so much
- E.W., Crystal Springs MS, February 2018
Tracy performed a thorough inspection for a house that I am purchasing. I look forward to utilizing him again.
- J.S., February 2018
I appreciate your accessibility to address questions and provide assistance and guidance where possible. You were very professional and customer service oriented.
- R.K., Jackson MS, February 2018
Tracy was very informative. As new residents to the Jackson area, Tracy took additional time to explain local items he thought we should know about.
- R.K., February 2018
I appreciate your prompt responses and service.
- M.E., February 2018
Tracy Echols is an excellent inspector. I watched as he put on his white coveralls, large gloves and knee pads and crawled under the house for a closer inspection. Top notch!
- M.A., January 2018
Tracy did an excellent job with the inspection for the home that I am purchasing. I am really glad that he was so thorough. I will recommend him to my friends and family who are purchasing homes.
- J.K., December 2017
Very Knowledgeable and Very Thorough. Would Recommend Mr. Echols to anyone needing an Inspection.
- J.H., October 2017
Thorough. Responsive. Detailed. Unbiased. Fair. Honest. He saved me from purchasing a lemon.
- E.M., New York NY, October 2017
Very thorough, and great communication. Thank you for taking the time to discuss and explain your findings..and for sending such a detailed report that was easy to read and understand. Excellent job!!
- S.H., September 2017
Tracy performed a thorough inspection of the house and property. Based on the summary I requested the sellers to complete a specific subset of repairs and this request was accepted without issue. The sellers immediate acceptance of the repair request indicated that the items included in the summary section were indeed items in need of repair. I would recommend Tracy to others seeking a professional, unbiased inspection of a property they are considering for purchase.
- R.K., September 2017
Thank you for your timeliness and professionalism
- S.B., August 2017
Mr. Echols, I would just like to say, "thank you to you and your son for such a thorough, detail and complete Inspection." I think I might have only been able to single out approximately 1/3 of the issues or findings that you were able to find with your technical devices and so on that I didn't even consider during my initial walk through and ended up being short changed before closing. Your inspection enables me to arrive at a truer understanding the home's problems, as well as, its true worth for my satisfaction and peace of mind. Therefore, you have my recommendation and would recommend your business to any future home buyers trying to determine whether to inspect or not to inspect.
- , August 2017
Very thorough inspection with attention to details.
- J.P., August 2017
Very thorough inspection. Great detailed report. We would highly recommend Tracy for any home inspection.
- M.F., August 2017
Mr. Echols did a fantastic job with our home inspection. He is a very trained, talented, respectable person that takes pride in what He does. He tested everything & took pictures as needed of any dysfunctional equipment. He took his time to explain everything detail to detail & is still willing to answer any question or concerns we may have. We appreciate Mr. Echols & will highly recommend him to any homeowner for any inspection needs. My husband & I suggest that you keep God first & continue to be the great man that you are for your family as well as for your business. God Bless you Mr. Echols!! It was a pleasure to meet you & We look forward to working with you again.
- E.D., August 2017
Great job and appreciate the easy to understand explanations. Very thorough and detailed report, too.
- ..W., July 2017
Mr. Echols did an outstanding and thorough job! Highly recommend!
- B.G., July 2017
Great job, thorough yet kept client at ease. I will definitely keep using him.
- P.T., July 2017
Thank you for Inspecting our new Home. It was a pleasure to know that you was there anytime I texted you or needed anything
- E.R., July 2017
Tracy did a great job! He was very thorough and took the time to explain anything I did not understand. I would recommend Tracy to anyone needing a home inspection.
- B.W., July 2017
Tracy was very professional and most helpful for us as first time buyers. His report was very through. I definitely recommend his services for others.
- K.N., July 2017
Tracy it was a pleasure to see how a father and son work together. I was treated with the upmost respect and I thank you and your son. I hope that you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed yours. Tracy is very professional and answered every question that I asked even if I asked them more than once. MH
- M.H., June 2017
Very thorough and friendly. Keep up the excellent work
- Z.C., June 2017
Mr. Echols was very thorough in his inspection and very professional.
- T.D., June 2017
Very thorough. Lots of great info!
- R.W., June 2017
Thanks Tracy. Hope you have a good trip. Expect calls from me asking advice. We especially enjoyed meeting your son. You are and should be very proud of him.
- S.P., June 2017
I was very pleased at how thorough he was when inspecting our house we was buying. When I had questions he answered them. He was very nice and I would recommend him to any of my friends that needed any kind of inspection
- E.R., June 2017
Mr Echols is the best he leaves no stone unturned would recommend him to anyone that wants it done right. Very professional thanks
- J.P., June 2017
This inspector is as awesome as the Mississippi State 2017 Baseball team(and a few 20 something years ago)...hitting "homeruns" with his analysis and "fielding" issues with professional direction when needed. Proficient and Professional!
- L.S., May 2017
Tracy was excellent!!! He took his time explaining everything, his work was neat and very well understood. I would gladly call on him again!!!
- R.B., April 2017
Tracy was very professional and thorough. We greatly appreciate all the details he covered in his inspection and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a home inspection!
- A.B., April 2017
Great Job!!!
- J.B., March 2017
Mr. Echols was not only professional, but very kind. He takes him time, is thorough, and gives great explanations. He also gives great referrals, as well! Definitely will use him for future products. THANK YOU for making me feel comfortable and well informed!!!!
- J.H., March 2017
Thanks for showing us all the bad stuff
- M.B., March 2017
Mr. Echols is a thorough professional who takes his time and answers all your questions very patiently. I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. I would use his services once more if I need them.
- G.S., Byram MS, March 2017
Thanks you for taken time out to go over everything to me on my 1st time home. I can tell that you really love doing your job for the people and making sure that a new homeowner like me understand what is needing to be done. Thanks again,
- D.A., March 2017
Friendly,professional and thorough. Thanks Tracy!!
- D.C., February 2017
Very detailed and professional!
- D.B., January 2017
Tracy was very thorough with our home inspection. I was highly impressed with how detailed and precise he was. He is very professional and friendly. You could not ask for better if needing an inspection, and I will definitely be recommending him.
- M.J., January 2017
Tracy is very professional. He checks everything. He not only gives the bad reviews but also the good ones. I recommend Tracy for your inspection. Great job Tracy.. Thank You!!
- J.W., January 2017
Tracy was very professional, informative, and thorough in his inspection of the home. He was able to point out big things to be concerned about and even the small stuff that would prevent future things from happening. I am very impressed with his attention to detail. The actual report was received within a few hours of completion of the actual inspection and was very detailed in the findings. I would highly recommend his services.
- D.M., December 2016
You are very professional.Thanks for being so great to work with!!!
- J.B., December 2016
Tracy was a consummate professional. He completed a thorough survey while taking the time to explain his findings in detail, teach me about needed ongoing home maintenance and explain to me all of the features provided by his organization to keep me up to date on any recalls or product issues with the mechanical systems within our new home.
- J.J., November 2016
Best report I ever seen even show the temperature of the water and AC unit
- S.T., November 2016
We are very pleased with our first-ever home inspection. Mr. Echols was friendly, efficient, and his inspection report was thorough and easy for us to understand. We really appreciated the clear photos and explanations of defects found. We would highly recommend Tracy Echols to anyone in need of a home inspection!
- B.K., October 2016
Thank you very much Mr. Echols. I appreciate your assistance throughout this process. You were excellent in your customer service, expertise, and explanation of your findings. I have already recommended you to my co-workers. You rock! To be honest, I did not expect anything less than the service you provided me with the home inspection, because you took the time out of your busy schedule several times over the last few months just to answer my questions along the way. I was sold on using your company to inspect my future MS home when I saw you on the top of someone's roof March/April 2016, while actually inspecting a home. I was very impressed when you stood there and talked to me, for at least 30 minutes, about the pros of a home inspection. I knew at that moment that you were the best home inspector in the world. I appreciate you more than you could ever imagine. You are totally AWESOME!You ROCK! EmmaP.
- E.P., October 2016
Thank you for a thorough inspection of property. You were very professional and explained the items you found very well.
- R.B., October 2016
Tracy, as usual, we are very pleased with your services and your personality. Enjoy you explaining things as you go and never seem frustrated with all my questions and curiosity. You are an inspector that works for your customers. Thank you
- C.P., October 2016
One of the most patient respectful and helpful inspector I've ever dealt with in my entire life
- A.L., October 2016
Mr. Echols seemed very knowledgeable and explained everything in great detail. Aside from everything he knows about the inspection process, he also pointed out some apps and modern technology that he uses in his work. I was impressed by the speed, efficiency, and people skills as well. Great guy!
- W.K., October 2016
Tracy was very professional and I was very comfortable and confident that he knew his job and would do it well. I would recommend him to anyone. The report was available immediately after I paid like he said it would be. The report was easy to read and very useful.
- M.F., September 2016
Tracy was AMAZING! He made me feel confident in his work from our first phone call to set up the inspection. He got us scheduled quickly and his price was affordable. He took his time after the inspection to explain everything to us and help us understand what we really should have fixed for the sake of our families safety. Thank you Tracy for putting our minds at ease! - Matt and Connie Chrietzberg
- M.C., September 2016
Tracy did a very good job and was very detailed with his inspection. Very professional. Danny R.
- D.R., August 2016
Tracy did a "for sale by owner"inspection for me when others told me no. Great guy, great company.
- T.W., August 2016
Great service!
- C.L., August 2016
Hey Tracy, thanks again for your work on our prospective house. We passed along the information to the seller, and it sounds as if they are going to fix everything we requested. Outstanding job of pointing out the issues and helping me keep the communication to the seller simple. Really appreciate it.
- M.M., August 2016
We were very please with the inspection.
- D.G., July 2016
Tracy was very friendly and gave great explanations on all that he found wrong in the home - and even gave suggestions on how to fix! He was available super quickly and did a great job with the inspection! We are so pleased and will recommend him to everyone!
- J.B., June 2016
Tracy is thorough and easy to work with. I bought my home knowing that it was in excellent condition thanks to Tracy's thorough and complete inspection.
- S.J., June 2016
Thanks for the superior service, I will definitely refer you, your price included more benefits than any other inspection company in the surrounding area. I love how you recommend suggestions for even the smallest issues that could turn into a potential hazard later.
- G.L., June 2016
Great inspection report! Very professional and a pleasure to work with.
- A.B., June 2016