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Thomas Myers

My commitment to you is total satisfaction with the Inspection I perform."
A visual examination of the following systems will be conducted and a detailed analysis of those components that are deficient will be presented:
  • Structure
  • Exterior/Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Interior/Basement/Crawl Space
  • Kitchen/Bath/Laundry
  • Detached Garage
The inspection will help you understand the features and flaws of the home so you can make an informed decision about the property purchase.
You will also receive one of the most detailed and comprehensive inspection reports in the industry; it will be customized to your home and includes a service and maintenance manual as well as a Life Cycle Cost guide.


ILL License 450.000221 Certified ASHI Inspector Cretified Real Estate Inspector NAHI


Providing quality Home Inspections and Energy Audits throughout the Chicagoland area. "My commitment to you is total satisfaction with the Inspection I perform."


Completely thorough and extremely instructional on their approach to showing me what and why something needs attention and the best way to remedy a possible problem in the future. Reminding me on what should be done on an annual basis. I actually enjoyed being there with them to see their work and to see their approach and to meet Mike and Tom. Thank you!
- T.N., August 2018
Tom Myers was very thorough and informative.
- E.A., March 2018
Tom and Mike were great to work with. They explained the process, what they were looking for, and any issues identified while they were inspecting. I am so happy Tom was referred to us for our home inspection- we got the real deal when we decided to work with him. The icing on the cake was that our report was provided within 1 day of our inspection, and was very easy to interpret. Thanks again for a great experience!
- A.N., November 2017
Extremely thorough and very professional.
- J.M., Bloomingdale IL, January 2017
Thank you for your thorough inspections!
- T.C., August 2016
Thank you for providing your time and a very thorough inspection!
- D.F., Buffalo Grove IL, July 2016
He was wonderful! Super informative. He made great recommendations and was very forthcoming with deficiencies. Very thorough.
- K.S., June 2016
Thomas was very friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needed a home inspection and will hopefully get to work with him again the future.
- L.M., Buffalo Grove IL, March 2016
Thomas was great. Very informative and took his time to answer questions. Report was very thorough and response time was very prompt.
- L.P., Des Plaines IL, February 2016
I really enjoyed the learning experience Tom Myers made this home inspection. He is a highly detailed and extremely knowledgeable inspector. Highly recommended!
- D.F., Streamwood IL, May 2015
Tom it was a pleasure to meet you. The inspection was educational and very informative.
- V.P., Fox River Grove IL, May 2015
Tom, thank you so much for coming and performing the inspection today, its an excellent job. We highly appreciate your help with decades of experience, and your time and willing in educating me and showing me all the details you noticed, that's very helpful and informative. The home owner handbook is also a great resource for future reference. Again, thanks for your help, we really appreciate your insight in finding all those different issues with the house. Best regards, Yilei
- Y.X., Palatine IL, April 2015
Thorough, professional and knowledgeable. Tom took his time to ensure that every part of his inspection was complete. I was very pleases with every aspect of the inspection. Tom was wonderful to work with.
- J.M., Arlington Heights IL, April 2015
My fiancée and I cannot express enough how great it was to work with Tom. He was extremely profession and left no stone unturned. He showed up on time and didn’t rush thru the inspection. He made sure that we understood what he was going to look at and explained why he was doing so. There was so much to cover it could have been overwhelming, but Tom was able to break it down to make everyone feel at ease. He treated the home he was inspecting for us as it was his own. He came with indoor / outdoor shoes as well as additional clothing as to not bring into the home any dirt as he needed to enter into very small crawl space. The 2 inspection results (a complete full report with pictures as well a summary report) came the next day and where complete without any issues. There are very easy to understand! Thanks again Tom!
- T.B., Palatine IL, January 2015
Tom is thorough and efficient. The inspection went smoothly and Tom had a great deal of knowledge of the systems and the area. Highly recommend Tom for any home inspection. I would recommend him and use him again.
- J.A., December 2014
Tom, Thank you for the fantastic, thorough inspection of my new home. I appreciate the time you spent checking the entire home, the detailed explanations, advice and tips you provided to keep the home safe and in top shape. Job well done. Thanks again, -Irfan Aasi
- I.A., Lake Bluff IL, December 2014
Tom was very thorough and knowledgeable as we moved throughout the house. He pointed out all areas of concern and provided detailed and understandable explanations. He took his time to answer all of my questions and to be sure that I understood how all of the systems in the house work. For items which required repair, he detailed not only the work involved for the repair, but also what should be done to prevent the issue from recurring. I highly recommend Tom Myers as a qualified home inspector.
- D.P., Mundelein IL, October 2014
Keep up the good work! Thanks for explaining everything in detail and taking your time to look at everything in the condo. Learned a lot from you.
- J.S., Chicago IL, October 2014
Tom does a great inspection overall. He answers all questions and is very thorough
- J.M., July 2014
Was very happy that Tom took the time to educate me along the way. Very very happy with the inspection and Tom.
- T.B., Bensenville IL, July 2014
Tom went above and beyond our expectations. His level of professionalism and depth of knowledge was truly appreciated. He took the time to walk me very thoroughly throughout the entire house showing all possible issues and sharing great general maintenance items to keep on top of. His report is an excellent tool that I will keep on hand for years to insure all items are maintained to recommended standards. I would not buy another house without Tom being the home inspector.
- B.S., Des Plaines IL, July 2014
Compared to the other home inspections in the past, this is the most thorough in terms of due diligence, coverage, insight and recommendations. The supporting pictures provide a context of the inspection findings (since I could not be there) with arrows to highlight the issues (I'm sure Tom had to put some time into this task). The inspection gives me an assurance that Tom has uncovered most (if not all) major issues and I could make the purchase with full knowledge of the home's condidtion and as an added bonus the inpection is a good list of repairs catagorized by importance. I will make sure to use him in the future and highly recommend him to my friends.
- J.C., Elgin IL, May 2014
Thomas your report was extremely thorough and detailed. My brother purchased a house about 6 months ago and was floored by your report and the effort put into it. My father was also very impressed with your work.
- M.V., March 2014
Hi Tom, thanks for the thorough inspection.
- V.L., March 2014
Real thorough on his inspection. Provided insightful information going into the purchase and what to look out for in the future. Overall an outstanding service provided!
- D.F., January 2014
We too, enjoyed working with you, Tom, and found you to be very competent and thorough , we appreciate your help,, and all the time you spent with us. Donna and Jim
- D.R., October 2013
So happy that we found Tom Myers and contracted with him to do our inspection. He is knowledgeable, patient, beyond thorough and obviously very passionate about and committed to his work. Thank you, Tom!
- M.S., September 2013
Tom arrived the site before I did and started inspecting the exterior of the home. When I arrived, he had asked if I had any major concerns and he did an excellent job inspecting them. During inspection, whenever he sees a concern, he explained the problem to us. I feel confident that he did not miss a step. When it came to answering our questions, Tom had the most through and confident answers. Tom is such a nice person and explained everything he was doing. He takes time and goes extra mile to walk us through the details of each and every corner of the house, which was reassuring for us as first time buyers. The report arrived next day afternoon. It was very extensive and detailed, exactly what I was looking for. Very pleased. Tom, Thanks for being so professional and doing such a wonderful job.
- A.D., July 2013
Mr. Myers is a very thorough inspector who is also polite and personable. It was a pleasure working with him. He educated us novice homebuyers about anything we needed and wanted to know, in layman's terms. We will recommend him to anyone. Go Blackhawks!
- D.T., June 2013
Tom is absolutely great. I hope we don't need to buy another house. But if we do, we will be using him again for our inspection.
- J.E., May 2013
I enjoyed shadowing Tom during the house inspection. He was very thorough and informative. I learned so much about the house and even some general house maintenance information. He easily surpassed my expectations!
- A.K., April 2013
Tom inspected our home on behalf of a potential buyer. I was so impressed with his professionalism, thoroughness and responsiveness that I engaged him to complete the inspection of the condo we are looking to purchase. I was not disappointed! Warren R.
- W.R., April 2013
You made this aspect of my firt home purchase very comfortable. You explained everything in terms that I understood. Thanks again
- D.K., April 2013
Thomas the only thing I can say is don't be so nice and good at what you do.I thank you so much for your service.
- B.M., February 2013
- S.J., December 2012
I am an investor I have been buying lot of property. Since last year I started using Tom Myers I could not be more satisfied. He has been doing very detailed inspection of house. I know almost everything about house from roof to basement. Because of his deep knowledge I have walkout of deal where house needed to be gutted. I was sure happy that I knew what I needed to know ahead off time it save me bundle.Bottom line I would not buy any property without his inspection. He has saved me thousands Thanks Tom
- P.U., October 2012
Took time and did a meticulous inspection.
- R.M., September 2012
Tom explained everything about his service. He showed me all the important shut-offs and repair issues. I felt very comfortable with our choice to purchase this condo.
- T.P., Prospect Heights IL, June 2012
Far and away the best home inspection ever! I would recommend Thomas even to my best friends. The reporting and documentation he provides is as detailed as any I have seen. You will understand when Thomas takes his time and points out 100 things you glanced over but are very important to be aware of. This is topped by throwing in a 90-Day Promise policy and the education of a lifetime about your new property! Price was way low for the level of service provided. You will never use another home inspector again.
- S.B., April 2012
Tom did a great job at explaining everything we would need to know about the home. His attention to detail was just what we were looking for. I will absolutely refer him to friends and family.
- T.H., March 2012
Thomas did a great job on my home inspection. He is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.
- M.S., December 2011
Tom is the best ever! You pretty much receive an instruction manual for your new house with the inspection!
- J.R., November 2011
We just want to thank Tom for his time and how thorough he was with our inspection. He really took his time and informed us and provided a detailed report that is really helpful for us as we buy our new home. We would recommend Tom to our friends and family and use his for any future inspections we may need!
- A.C., November 2011
Thank you Tom for your work on our home inspection. I appreciate the thoroughness of your investigation and for the insight you gave me regarding what you found.
- A.H., September 2011
Excellent inspector, he allowed us to tag along for every part of the inspection, even in the crawl space (once he made sure it was safe) and took the time to explain every detail (very helpful if its your first home), not only of the problems but also of the important things to consider for future renovations a spots to keep an eye on. if that wasn't enough he gave us a book with a wealth of information about every aspect of the house (from the theory, common problems and repairs) Overall an excellent inspector, who I would not hesitate to recommend
- R.L., September 2011
Tom explains everything in great detail and to the understanding of a "regular" person. His attention to detail is top notch. He takes the time to go over the home with a fine-toothed comb. He provides written and photographic details of the inspection. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other home buyers.
- M.K., May 2011