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Troy Hicks

M&T Inspection Services is located in central Indiana and serves most areas within 1 driving hour of Indianapolis. We enjoy meeting people and working our hardest to evaluate the clients home as fully as possible to help them to make an educated decision about the property whether that is to: list it for sale, to buy the property, or to ensure that improvements which have been made are up to par. We also provide consultation services and extend ongoing support services.

Indiana Home Inspectors are professionally licensed by the State which requires many hours of regular continuing education, and M&T Inspection Services is additionally voluntarily certified and holds membership in related orginazations including MIBOR, InterNACHI, ASHI, and NADRA. We love to learn and to share learned knowledge!

We offer the full range of home inspection services to include: existing and new construction home inspections, termite and wood destroying insect inspections, radon, mold, asbestos testing services, well water quality and septic testing, repair verification service.

We offer discounts to Veterens, Police, First Responders, Nurses, members of the Ministry, and Angie's List members.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and to help others in any way we can. Visit our website at, check our reviews on Angie's List, and give us a call if you are looking for the best in the area!



IN #HI00700014 IN Pest#F219469 ASHI and InterNACHI Certified, ASHI, InterNACHI, MIBOR member. Angies List preferred.


I strive to be the most thorough home inspector in my market, and will do my best to evaluate what is most likely a buyers largest single investment. I enjoy meeting people and sharing knowledge about houses and defects that can occur.


Great Service. Troy went above and beyond to explain the pros and cons of the house. He taught us about how to maintain our property equipment in good condition. We highly recommend him.
- R.T., May 2022
Mr.Hicks was so nice and explained everything thru the inspection that I could understand. He respected the present owners property. Lovely man who knows his work
- J.M., May 2022
Troy is awesome to work with! He is very thorough and took the time to explain every aspect of the inspection to me.
- R.J., November 2021
He was great. Very informative. This is our first home, so he showed us everything we needed to look for to keep our home working safely. Very nice man. I will recommend him to everyone I know needing a home inspection. Thank you for your great service.
- B.R., October 2021
Troy was very professional during the inspection. I would highly recommend him to any one interested in buying a new home. Thank you Troy much appreciated.
- J.S., September 2021
Troy was awesome. Had a fun time on the inspection and learned a lot. Very thorough in his job and incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommend him for any inspection.
- D.P., August 2021
I have bought and sold over 10 houses in my life time and I can truly state that Troy Hicks, my Inspector, was THE best I've ever used. He was prompt, friendly, but most of all knowledgeable of how to inspect a house. After the inspection, Troy took me around and educated me on the faults he found. I have already referred him to my Realtor and will refer him to my friends.
- N.D., August 2021
We could not have ask for a better experience with M&T Inspection Services and our inspector, Troy. He was on time, friendly, informative and keep us informed about everything he was doing during the inspection. Our inspection was completed and made available to us in less than 24hrs. which totally surprised us because of how thorough Troy was. The inspection report we received was so easy to read and understand. The information included in the report will be easily passed on to others, which was also a great surprise. Again I cannot emphasize enough how thorough Troy was and would not hesitate at all recommending M&T Inspection Service to anyone. Thank you for the great experience during the stressful time of buying a house.
- T.S., July 2021
Troy Hicks was an excellent home inspector and gave us a very thorough report complete with suggestions for repairs. He is extremely knowledgable and professional. We were very pleased with his work and found his fees to be very reasonable. In addition he was a pleasant person to meet!
- E.J., Bloomfield NJ, July 2021
Troy was very easy to work with. He did a great job of pointing out things in the inspection that truly matter. I learned a lot during the inspection about my condo, and I feel more confident going into my first time being a homeowner.
- A.H., July 2021
Did a great job identifying issues that would have cost me big time. Peggy was nice and they made things easy for a 1st time buyer.
- A.R., July 2021
Highly recommend Troy to do an inspection. Very thorough, explains everything, answers every question with an honest answer. Great experience!
- E.J., Cloverdale IN, July 2021
Troy is thorough and very informative. He works well with prospective buyers and keeps the realtor in the loop as well. I recommend him to anyone that is making the large investment in a home.
- R.B., June 2021
Troy was very thorough and let me know exactly what I should worry about and what shouldn’t be a big deal. Always keeping my best interest in mind!!!!
- R.M., May 2021
Troy was great! Easy scheduling. Very thorough inspection. He took his time to explain everything he was doing. Quick, detailed report. Would definitely use for all future home inspections.
- T.S., March 2021
Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me. I really do appreciate it and I know the information you gave me will be helpful as I learn my way around my new home.
- J.W., March 2021
Troy inspected a home I'm purchasing, and I can't imagine the process going any smoother. I live across the country from the home I'm buying and couldn't be there for the inspection, and that didn't cause any issues whatsoever. Troy and Peggy were both super fast and incredibly helpful. Troy provided my parents, who attended the inspection in my place, with tons of great tips for the house, and his report was concise, easy to understand and easy to make a list to discuss with my realtor. He also explained more details to my realtor to help us make more informed decisions on an item that we were completely unfamiliar with. I definitely recommend M&T for your home inspection needs.
- K.F., January 2021
Troy was a great knowledgeable inspector. He was very detailed at checking the whole house as well as trying to teach me a few things I needed to know when living in the house. His inspection report was very detailed with pictures that makes it easy to understand. Above all, a very nice guy. I highly recommend him for anyone needing a home inspection.
- S.I., January 2021
Very good and very helpful in terms of his work ethic and throw inspection.
- D.S., November 2020
Troy was very thorough and engaging. He took the time to go over all the details of the inspection in person before he finished and didn't just leave it up to me and my wife to read the report. He also summarized all the issues and potential problems at the end of his written report. We highly recommend his services!
- G.K., November 2020
Troy was very thorough on the inspection of our new home. I am a contractor by trade for over 40 years and he pointed out things that required attention which I would have not noticed. It brings peace of mind to us as we move forward with the purchase of our new home. Very professional. Thanks Troy, great job DF 10/07/20
- D.F., October 2020
Troy is very thorough and knowledgeable. He doesn't get too worked up over things and therefore helps keep buyers in a more constructive state of mind. He states the facts without being inflammatory about things but doesn't shy away from letting you know of potential issues. Highly recommend
- L.J., September 2020
I have had a few homes inspected over the years and Troy Hicks is the best inspector I've ever had. He was very thorough, took his time, explained issues and explain the working parts of the home such as the furnace and how the filter should go in oh, all the details needed to maintain the home equipment properly. When you want everything checked out thoroughly I highly recommend Troy.
- M.B., July 2020
I was very satisfied with Troy’s inspection. As a first time homebuyer, I always take all the information I can get; Troy not only inspected my soon to be house but also gave me a lot of tips on how to maintain the house once we start living in it. He was very informative and educative and I will definitely recommend him to family and friends.
- J.A., June 2020
Love Troy's work. He is very thorough and takes the time to educate the buyer on the different aspects of the home, the appliances and HVAC.
- B.L., May 2020
Troy Hicks is amazing! So super knowledgeable and thorough! I highly recommend
- S.D., May 2020
Very well prep, and very knowledgeable.
- D.L., May 2020
I'm a first time home buyer and upon receiving alot of opinions and suggestions of finding a good inspector I'm so glad Troy was nothing short of that. He was very through in his inspection, knowledgeable, and kind enough to go over specific recomendations and other options available for me when I was questioning findings in the house. He took his time with the inspection, going over every nook and cranny! He was diligent in his work and quick to send me his inspection report within less than 24 hrs! Highly recommend him! Looking forward to work with him again if a second/ final inspection is needed.
- L.J., May 2020
Extremely thorough and professional. Took the time to explain everything and answer all our questions. Would recommend to everyone!
- J.S., February 2020
Troy was wonderful to work with! Very informative and knowledgable. He made sure we knew things that would help us take care of or new home in the future!
- J.R., January 2020
Thoughtful, knowledgeable and thorough. All I could have asked for!
- J.C., November 2019
Very personable, professional, and thorough.
- T.M., November 2019
Troy was very polite and thorough. I appreciated his help on the inspection. I would recommend him for anyone looking for an inspector.
- J.W., November 2019
Troy was very thorough and was able to point out several problems that would have cost us thousands of dollars.
- D.R., November 2019
Troy really knows his stuff! He gave us a lot of great info and turned the inspection around really quickly.
- J.H., October 2019
Troy Hickman was prompt, thorough, professional, and just an all-around nice person to do business with. I will recommend him whenever I am asked for a home inspection referral.
- F.N., October 2019
Thank you for doing such a thorough job, and for allowing us to observe and ask questions. We appreciated your expertise and willingness to share your findings during the process. The report was in our hands by the next day, which was necessary in our case. Thank you again!
- C.O., Indianapolis IN, September 2019
This is the second home inspection I’ve relied on Troy for and would recommend him to anyone needing a great honest home inspection done!
- R.H., September 2019
You're the best! Thanks for all the advice and insight.
- A.J., August 2019
You did an amazing job. Very thorough & explained everything very well. Completed inspection in a timely manner. Well organized & friendly. Thank you
- S.J., August 2019
Great job as usual!
- M.S., August 2019
I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge that Troy provides. One extra step he took in talking to the neighbor to get additional information about the home was a nice touch. Scott
- S.M., August 2019
Troy was incredibly professional, informative, thorough, and punctual. My wife and I both attended the inspection, and were able to learn many things about the home we were purchasing. Troy took the time to point issues out to us (as well as putting them in the report), show us how to use various appliances, and answer any questions with a clear depth of experience. He was even kind enough to fit us in on an already busy day, but was still able to provide a complete and understandable inspection. I cannot recommend his services enough!
- K.R., Westfield IN, August 2019
Excellent work for the second time. Very informative and thorough.
- F.M., August 2019
Being new to Indiana, Troy not only checked the house for repairs and to make sure every thing worked. But also updated me on several other items about Indiana like the hard water and being a very high concentrated state for hail damage. This is good news for anyone that new for several reasons. One being able to find the right insurance and two finding a good water softner for the home. Thanks again Troy for doing what you do and helping people like me when it comes to my family moving to Indiana and finding a well build home.
- M.N., August 2019
Troy did an awesome job inspecting our two houses. He answered all of our questions and explained everything really well. I will definitely recommend him to other home buyers.
- D.S., August 2019
Troy completed an incredible, detailed inspection while also explaining the process thoroughly for a first time home buyer to understand.
- M.F., August 2019
Troy is an experienced guy and was very patient in explaining stuff around the house. He advised what we should be looking for and how to fix things in case they go bad. A guy who knows what he did and is resonantly priced for his work. I would definitely recommend using Troy's inspection services. Especially first time home buyers. Thanks for your service Troy. Much appreciated.
- S.R., August 2019
Troy, We appreciate the inspection and radon tests you performed on our home. The sellers were cooperative in performing the requested repairs found in your inspection. It is always a pleasure working with a true professional who shows up on time and does a thorough job. We will recommend you and your company to anyone buying a home in the area. Thank you sir!
- T.M., August 2019
Troy was on time, and came fully prepared. He was a wealth of knowledge and answered all of my questions, as well as gave me lots of additional information about the "whys"...why we check this, why this needs to be fixed to be up to code, etc. I learned so much about my future home, like where all the water shut off valves are, etc. He was very thorough and I appreciate that. I will absolutely recommend Troy to anyone I know who will be buying a new home! He's wonderful, and I can't thank him enough for his help and knowledge!
- L.H., July 2019
Friendly very professional
- D.M., July 2019
Great inspector. Personable and very informative.
- F.M., July 2019
Very friendly, honest, knowledgeable. I would highly recommend. I'm so glad I was referred to him by a friend. Vety trustworthy.
- M.M., July 2019
Very thorough. Pointed out things that I wouldn't have known-water shutoffs, how long the mechanicals should last, how the water should drain out of my yard, and the list goes on. Punctual. Honest. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection!
- P.S., June 2019
This past Wednesday we had the experience of having Troy Hicks perform our home inspection. There was no question we had that went unanswered, he has an absolute wealth of information and was very willing to share it with us regardless of how limited our knowledge base was. We had never had a well or water softener and by the time the inspection was over my husband and I both felt more comfortable with these elements because of the explanations given by Troy. When we told him of our doubts of certain areas which we thought were possibly faulty, he either agreed and told us why or advised there was nothing to worry about and whatever was occurring was normal. You don't have to speak with him very long to know you are dealing with a very ethical and honest professional. If we should move again (please no) neither my husband or I would want anyone but Troy doing the home inspection, termite inspection, well/septic inspection. Oh, I almost forgot, he also gives a very generous military discount. You are getting your monies worth and more with Troy with M & T.
- R.S., June 2019
Troy is very knowledgeable and was very patient with my lack of knowledge and questions. He didn't just show me the things he was required to show; he also told me tips about how to handle my new home, and why something was important, and even some of the ways some unscrupulous businesses might try to take advantage. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- J.M., June 2019
Great inspector! Explains everything as he goes through the home. After walking with him I felt more informed about the house than I would have if I just walked around myself. I have used him before and will continue to any time I would require an inspector.
- H.M., June 2019
Troy was very informative.
- S.S., June 2019
Troy was on time, and prepared with all the right equipment. Troy did a thorough inspection of our future home. He took his time checking every detail. He explained everything to us very well. He's a very nice guy.
- D.H., June 2019
I had such a great experience working with Troy. He was very professional and thorough. I learned a lot during the inspection and Troy answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Troy to anyone needing a home inspection.
- Q.E., June 2019
Very friendly and patient to communicate effectively any concerns or questions I had - would and already have recommended to personal friends because of the level of expertise and experience Troy delivers.
- K.W., June 2019
Troy did a fantastic job and was very polite and professional. We are very happy with the job he did and how he took the time to really explain everything about the home's mechanical systems to us. Thank you Troy for a great experience. Chris and Christine Cicchetti
- C.C., Fishers IN, May 2019
Troy was extremely thorough and took the time to explain pretty much everything, and even was nice enough to answer questions about future upgrade ideas and issues with our old house. Highly recommended.
- M.A., May 2019
Very prompt and efficient!!! Courteous and clean, would definitely recommend
- L.K., Indianapolis IN, May 2019
Experienced,m Honest and true Report
- R.P., May 2019
Troy was very thorough in his inspection and we appreciated him informing us about the different ways to keep our home running efficiently. Thank you, Troy.
- K.T., May 2019
Troy was very thorough, helpful, and good at explaining everything as he went through the inspection.
- M.B., May 2019
Very thorough home inspector that took his time and answered all of my questions. This is the third home Troy has inspected for us and I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Troy!
- N.M., May 2019
Troy was great! Walked through everything with great detail and made sure all questions were answered. Definitely the guy I will recommend to friends!
- T.B., May 2019
Troy did a wonderful job, he is very thorough and was wonderful to work. I would highly recommend him.
- D.S., May 2019
Troy was extremely thorough. Took the time to explain why things looked unsafe or not right. Very knowledgeable and his job. If I ever need home inspection services again I will definitely be calling him.
- L.B., May 2019
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain things to me. I will absolutely recommend you!
- M.S., April 2019
Great job!
- N.B., Nineveh IN, April 2019
Troy did an amazing and thorough job with the inspection. His attention to detail was wonderful. He also took the time to educate us on home maintenance and made sure that we understood basic upkeep and the functions of our home. The insights that he presented were priceless.
- L.W., April 2019
Very professional and thorough. Troy took the time to explain everything and answer questions. He obviously has a lot of experience and knows what he's doing.
- J.N., April 2019
Thank you Troy, not only for your expertise, but also for the time that you took to explain how things should operate and what things needed attention. I feel that a very thorough inspection was done, and am therefore much more equipped to make informed decisions concerning my new home . I will definitely recommend you & your company to anyone needing an inspection. Thank you again!
- L.C., March 2019
I immediately felt comfortable in your ability to make the inspection. Now, I know I have more expense to get thingsfixed as the seller refuses to accept any responsibility. Closing is the 21st, Will be sending you a check....I like friendly people like you.
- P.S., March 2019
Troy was helpful, knowledgable, and able to share that information in a way that made sense to me without any expertise. I would highly recommend Troy moving forward.
- E.M., March 2019
We have already recommended to our friends buying houses! He was very thorough and gave us great insight on how to take care of our house!
- A.R., March 2019
Thank you, Troy, for your professionalism and the time you took to explain what you were doing, why you were doing it, what you were looking for, and why things have to be the way they should be. You went out of your way to be sure everything was perfect and fit our inspection time into your already busy schedule. I will recommend you and your company to everyone I know who needs an inspection. Thank you again. --Brenda Wade
- B.W., January 2019
Mr. Hicks was very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. I believe he went above and beyond on the inspection he did for the property I am purchasing. I will most definitely recommend him to my friends, family or anyone who needs a property inspection.
- D.M., Indianapolis IN, January 2019
Thanks again for all the info and help Troy! -Brandon
- B.A., Whiteland IN, January 2019
Troy was great in his full inspection of this larger home. He walked me through each item and explained how certain things operate and how they should be fixed. This is my 2nd home done by Troy and I wouldn't pick anyone else. Highly recommend!
- M.E., January 2019
Very professional. Personable and took the time to explain.
- T.P., January 2019
I was pleasantly pleased with the thorough inspection that Troy did. This is the first time i am buying a house, and i would highly recommend a hoyse to be inspected, and in doing so, Troy should be your inspector!!! Sincerely, Robert A. Keithley
- R.K., Greenwood IN, December 2018
I was pleasantly pleased with the thorough inspection that Troy did. This is the first time i am buying a house, and i would highly recommend a hoyse to be inspected, and in doing so, Troy should be your inspector!!! Sincerely, Robert A. Keithley
- R.K., Greenwood IN, December 2018
I was pleasantly pleased with the thorough inspection that Troy did. This is the first time i am buying a house, and i would highly recommend a hoyse to be inspected, and in doing so, Troy should be your inspector!!! Sincerely, Robert A. Keithley
- R.K., Greenwood IN, December 2018
Troy was very polite and very thorough in his inspection. His experience in homes shows and he was able to clearly explain any issues as well as point out areas prone to problems in some houses. I would definitely hire him again and recommend his services.
- M.S., December 2018
Troy is the best! He went above and beyond. He explained everything to me so that I would understand it. Was very kind, patient, and thorough. Thank you so much!
- M.S., Greenwood IN, December 2018
He is terrific! Explained everything to me in a way which I could understand. Went above and beyond for me. Thank you so much!
- M.S., Greenwood IN, December 2018
very professional very knowledgeable
- S.T., December 2018
Troy was very thorough & helpful in answering all my questions during & even after the inspection. I would highly recommend Troy & M&T Inspections!
- L.C., December 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
- W.J., Indianapolis IN, November 2018
Troy was very professional, knowledgable, and thorough. He explained every single item/discrepancy and answered every question my wife and I had during the inspection. I highly recommend him!
- D.G., November 2018
Troy was very knowledgeable about the home inspection process and other aspects of the home. He explained everything to us up front and communicated well during the entire inspection. Troy was professional and thorough. We would definitely recommend him!
- L.S., November 2018
Troy did such an awesome job explaining every little detail , very knowledgeable in everything from top to bottom of the house . made us feel very comfortable about the house and we learned so much , best experience ever would highly recommend his service to anyone .
- J.T., November 2018
I was pleased with the thoroughness of Troy's approach. Troy took the time to explain things the whole way through it made me feel better about the property and I learned a lot. I would recommend Troy to people needing a property inspected.
- R.B., November 2018
Nice person. Explain all the details during the whole process. Inspected in order. Checked very detail for furnace, AC system, and heater system. Captured several safety issues. Easy to communicate. Able to re-run your report if you find something is missing.
- Y.Z., November 2018
Felt very comfortable with Mr Hicks inspection. Expect the best from him cause he gives u his best. He answered all the questions I had, very knowledgeable. Thanks again Mr Hicks
- R.B., November 2018
This is the second time I have used Troy and again, he came thru. Very thorough and takes time to explain his findings. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an inspection on any property.
- B.D., November 2018