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James Clark

The strength of our home inspection comes from our wide variety of specialty inspections which broaden our scope of expertise. We bring an arsenal of tools to aid in the analysis of any number of problems that may be discovered.

We try to find the truth from anyone who has it. We begin that process the minute you confirm our appointment.

We will bring-up the municipal permits issued for the address with our BuildFax subscription. It is a great advantage to know what you're walking into.

For The First-Time Buyer, I walk you through your new home and demonstrate some of the features of the home while we also test the basic systems. I  show you the shut-offs for your main appliances and offer suggestions for upgrades or maintenance issues. Our detailed report will include photos of all major defects or specialty items. We leave you with a home owners manual as a gift.

For The Condo Buyer, our price and inspection tour also includes any of the common elements of the property that you would care for me to see or that we may access to (roof, central heat, etc.) You are buying a piece of this building; you should know a little about it.

For The Single Family Home Buyer, we conduct a typically thorough inspection and testing of all accessible systems and components. We will access roofs safely and as needed. We make note of landscaping and garages and other exterior systems. We do not test low-voltage lighting.

For The Small Commercial or Investment Property Buyer, I bring all of my single-unit experience with me to examine in detail the building you're investing in. I can work quickly in rental units and gather the data I need for an opinion on its general condition. I include plenty of photos and videos for absent partners and the digital reports forward easily to your entire team.

For The Mold Testing Owner, I am a Certified Technician for taking samples of mold, lead, asbestos, and allergens via bulk, tape, swab, wall-chek, cannister and vacuum. I provide reports from ProLab within 3 days with my additional analysis of their findings.  The important thing is: I find the water!

Please call us so we can be of help to you.


Illinois licensed inspector, #450000378 / ASHI member since 2003, ACI / Certified BPI Building Analyst


We offer services for real estate buyers, sellers, and owners who need unbiased information about the home they wish to improve. We carry a wide range of tools. We can also inspect small commercial spaces of 2 stories and 4,000 sf or less.


Thank you, James! It was a pleasure working with you!
- A.N., June 2022
very helpful, and organized , knowledgeable
- B.D., May 2022
We were extremely satisfied with the service we received today for our 1st-time home inspection. The home inspection would have been the most stressful part of our home buying process as a 1st time home buyer without Jim's guidance & explanation. We would definitely recommend him to our friends & families without hesitation.
- T.C., May 2022
Detailed and Great job. Complete explanations through the entire process. He provides helpful suggestions. Highly satisfied.
- O.A., Chicago IL, June 2021
Jim was very thorough with his inspection and a pleasure to work with! He did a great job of making sure my client was aware of all aspects of his inspection. I will recommend him for future clients of mine.
- L.P., April 2021
Jim was very thorough, accommodating and easy to talk to! Would definitely use again and highly recommend.
- L.U., October 2020
Jim is very thorough and does a great job explaining any necessary repairs or upgrades that should be considered. Will definitely use if we buy another home in the future!
- C.P., February 2020
James was amazing. He took his time with the inspection and paid attention to most things I would not expect any inspector to do so. I would definitely use him again!
- K.S., November 2019
Jim did a great job with my condo inspection. He found a few safety-related issues I would have not discovered on my own. Also, really appreciate the report list download of items to follow up on after I move in. I would definitely recommend Jim to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- R.W., November 2019
Jim, It truly was a pleasure and it would be foolish of me not to recommend you to anyone in need of a home inspector. In my opinion you went above and beyond from general comments regarding the home as well as suggestions for upkeep and "watch outs" in the future. Thanks again. Nate
- N.Z., November 2019
Jim - It was great meeting you and I appreciate your thorough inspection of our soon-to-be home! We are hoping to have many of the items addressed by the sellers, but if we are tasked with repairing some of these items, we'd love to utilize your handyman services as well. Thanks again!
- G.K., November 2019
Jim did a great job with recommendations and suggestions. He thoroughly completed the inspection even going through common areas of the condominium. I would highly recommend him!
- L.B., October 2019
We loved working with Jim. Words we used to describe him during and after the inspection were: thoughtful, a delight, insightful, knowledgable. He had a perfect balance of the information he covered, providing a lot of helpful tips for first-time home owners and how to properly maintain our new home. He was thorough and provided context and treated us with respect.
- B.H., October 2019
James answered all of our questions, and took his time. We felt that we had his complete attention during our inspection.
- J.L., October 2019
This is our second time working with Jim and would do a third on a dime. Jim is knowledgeably good at his craft, courteous, respectful and in turn commands every respect from us.
- R.S., July 2019
James is great. Thorough in the inspection, responsive in communications, and happy to educational/take time with experienced and new buyers alike. Highly recommend.
- L.O., July 2019
Jim was very thorough and an absolute pleasure to work with.
- R.G., June 2019
Thorough, organized and lots of pictures which make report easy to understand.
- K.S., May 2019
I was more than satisfied with the level of curtesy and professionalism displayed by Mr. Clark. Not only did he thoroughly examine and test every single amenity and feature of the property, but took time to explain the many ways simple hacks and repairs can extend life and functionality. The detailed output of this particular inspector boosted the level of comfort and confidence motivating me to pursue the purchase even more. I am grateful for his work, and look forward to reaching out to him in the near future.
- E.P., April 2019
Jim was wonderful!! He was prompt and very attentive to every detail of the home I was looking to purchase. Very friendly as well. I don't think I would have been able to get certain issues rectified before closing without his help! So grateful to have chosen him to complete my inspection. Totally satisfied customer! :-)
- A.M., April 2019
Jim was absolutely amazing. He was extremely professional and very informative and kind. His work was fast but accurate and any questions we had he answered and went above and beyond what we expected. We are very pleased with his service and will certainly continue to use his services.
- K.L., March 2019
First time home buyer so I was so nervous I will not understand the whole process. But James Clark made it so easy. While doing the inspection he was explaining everything to us. And the report was so detailed. Highly recommened
- S.R., March 2019
Jim Clark is the man! He made the inspection process very easy by being prompt, organized, observant, thorough, articulate and friendly! An inspector always finds different sized problems with any property - Jim helped me prioritize the most important ones and suggested fixes for the minor ones.
- J.A., February 2019
Jim did a great job -- very complete and informative, on time and neat.
- C.D., January 2019
Knows the biz!
- R.R., December 2018
Jim did a really thorough job of inspecting the property!
- D.D., August 2018
Very knowledgeable, kind and punctual. Better yet, he loves dogs!
- A.W., August 2018
Jim was amazing! He spent the time with me going over every single detail of the home and stopped to explain anything I was confused about being a first time home buyer. I will be referring him to anyone I know that will need a home inspection
- C.C., May 2018
Great job explaining everything to me as a first time homebuyer and going through the place thoroughly so that I understand exactly what components of a home's foundation are important.
- K.S., April 2018
I have had several home inspections in the past, but Jim showed me what a true home inspection and follow up should be. He was incredible, made very logical suggestions, and completely involved me in the entire inspection. Truly grateful for Jim. He did a remarkable job. thank you!
- G.D., April 2018
Jim was great! Particularly thorough and taught me a lot about my new place.
- E.O., March 2018
Jim was thorough, pleasant, and informative. I learned all about my future house while Jim methodically checked every detail. I feel much better about moving into my older home now. Thanks Jim!
- M.P., February 2018
Jim was very professional and patient the entire time while we followed him around the house. He was very courteous and respectful to the home owner who was with us during the inspection. Jim's thoroughness and honesty made us feel good about buying the home. I would highly recommend Jim for a home inspection.
- J.J., January 2018
Mr Clark thank you for making the home inspection process an enjoyable one! You are extremely thorough, and clearly an expert in your field. We sincerely appreciate the time you took going through our new home at the level of detail you did, and also appreciate you informing us about different types of breakers and best ways to fix certain things in the home. We now have a sense of peace that our new home is in good condition and can't wait to close.
- J.P., January 2018
Incredibly thorough, punctual and professional! He does excellent work.
- J.S., January 2018
Jim was very thorough and I felt confident that he addressed all aspects of the property. He also too the time to answer every one of our questions and he was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Jim!
- L.S., November 2017
Thanks for a thorough inspection!
- L.N., October 2017
Jim was recommended by my realtor and by my son, who engaged Jim for a similar inspection last year. Jim arrived early to survey the exterior of the property - a six-story condo bldg. Inside, he was very thorough and talked me through every point of inspection. He clearly identified points of major concern to be addressed by the seller, as well as minor issues we, as buyers, might want to remedy upon possession. He also made us aware of a potential issue, based on equipment age, that me may have to address within the next 12-18 months. Jim is personable, yet very professional, and delivered a detailed inspection report before the end of the day. The report clearly identified every item discussed during the inspection.
- M.D., August 2017
Very thorough and able to translate information into understandable terminology. I would absolutely hire Jim again.
- K.R., July 2017
James is very respectful of home as he is inspecting it. He does a very thorough job and provides good tips and suggestions in regards to things he finds during the inspection.
- R.Z., June 2017
Jim is very thorough and detailed. The home inspection report came back without delay.
- S.E., June 2017
Very detailed and explained everything. Made us feel like we know what we are getting!
- S.B., June 2017
Jim was incredibly thorough and helpful. My realtor said that many inspectors won't climb up into the attic through the little opening in a bedroom closet ceiling, but Jim did and came back with photos and some important suggestions. He helped to sort out the really important issues from the smaller ones, and is totally honest. Definitely a great inspector!
- E.M., May 2017
- J.M., May 2017
Having had the pleasure of working with Jim extensively in the past, we already knew how thorough, professional, and knowledgeable he is. So we were really pleased that he was available to conduct the inspection of our new home recently. Jim took the time not only to thoroughly investigate each aspect of the home's various appliances and systems but also to explain them and their current condition to us in terms we could easily understand as laypeople. Once again, we appreciated his ability to give us perspective on what might need to be repaired now or in the near future, and help us understand how to maintain the new home's appliances and systems going forward. I would give anyone my enthusiastic recommendation to hire Jim Clark and TrueBlue Inspections. His expertise and insights are top-notch.
- J.M., May 2017
Jim was absolutely fabulous! He was professional and courteous, yet personal and vested in doing a good job for me. I felt very comfortable with his methods and really appreciated being walked thru everything after his inspection was complete. He gave me the confidence to know I was investing in a property that was well maintained! His report was thorough and easy to understand. Very, very, very happy customer!
- L.S., April 2017
Jim was great! Thorough, pleasant, and took the time to explain things like how to replace the furnace filter & where the shut-off valve/kill switch are located, which is valuable knowledge for a first-time home-buyer like me. Additionally, he was happy to look at common elements & turned the report around in an exceptionally fast period of time, which allowed me to keep the process going with my attorney.
- R.P., March 2017
Jim was very friendly, thorough, and prompt. He took time to explain his comments and recommendations as well as the basics of home maintenance (we're first time buyers). Small details, like offering his tape measure and dancing along with our daughter made what could be a potentially anxious situation very comfortable. I was extremely impressed that he got our report to us same day, considering the inspection itself was scheduled for late in the day. I definitely recommend Jim and plan to use him again!
- K.F., March 2017
Jim: I appreciate your insight and the time you took to explain all aspects of the inspection. Marc
- M.D., February 2017
Jim was very thorough with his inspection. He explained every problem he saw and recommended how to fix it. Being a first-time home buyer, it was very helpful to have him point out where all the shut off valves for water and gas were as well. I learned a lot about the house because of Jim!
- J.D., February 2017
James Clark was very friendly and professional throughout the inspection process. He took the time to explain everything and answer our questions. This was so important, especially as first time home buyers. We feel confident that we know what to plan for as we move forward in the home buying process. Thanks, Jim!
- K.B., January 2017
Very thorough, honest and knowledgeable. This was my second time using Jim's services and wouldn't dare use anyone else.
- A.G., January 2017
Jim was very thorough and professional. He spent 3 hours with us showing us everything about the home and sent us a detailed report the same day. I would recommend Jim in a heartbeat.
- Z.T., January 2017
Very thorough. Takes his work seriously!
- R.C., November 2016
Very thorough and extremely polite. Great work, thank you!
- K.C., November 2016
If anyone ever ask for an inspector, I only recommend Jim!!
- T.D., July 2016
Jim Clark was prompt. He was the first one to call me back when I went to the internet. Jim was punctual. He arrived early to get a jump start on the inspection, and made the most of the daylight we had left to inspect the outside. Jim was patient & polite. He patiently explained everything he found and answered all of my questions. He also treated everyone at the property with the utmost in politeness. Jim was precise. He was methodical and addressed every issue room by room. He provided a very high quality report with all the clearly illustrated details the very next day.
- J.H., July 2016
One of the most thorough and professional inspectors we have ever dealt with. We have already recommended him to a friend, who is currently looking for an inspector.
- T.G., June 2016
Jame Clark was on time and did a very thorough inspection of the property. He explained the process and the issues in a very user friendly fashion.
- S.M., May 2016
Jim was the first to arrive for the inspection, a smile on his face and ready to work! Thoroughly professional, he is also able to make the nervous home buyer feel relaxed and comfortable. Jim is very efficient and very thorough in his examination of the property. His explanations are clear and constructive. The inspection report is quite detailed, including photos which are most helpful. The report itself arrived very quickly. I would definitely recommend Jim Clark to anyone looking for a great home inspector!!
- J.A., May 2016
Pleasure to work with you. I enjoyed how you explained everything to my fiancé and I so that we fully understood the property.
- A.C., May 2016
Thorough and extremely professional!
- M.H., May 2016
You are very good house inspector and we are glad you helped us!
- T.H., May 2016
Jim was pleasant to deal with and very thorough in the inspection. Throughout the process, he offered recommendations and his report was very detailed with photos highlighted to show areas of concern. Final report was issued promptly within a few hours of inspection completion. Would recommend Jim to any buyer or seller in need of an inspection.
- R.D., May 2016
Jim, we were extremely pleased with you as our inspector and will be referring you to our friends and relatives. Thank you for taking all of the time you did with us and for explaining your thoughts and process. You exceeded our expectations!
- W.S., May 2016
Very knowledgeable and aware of his surroundings and things needed to look at.
- M.K., May 2016
Well prepared, experienced, very thorough, prompt and takes the time to explain things.
- B.V., May 2016
James Is through and listens with out dismissing the clients questions as too petty or insubstantial. He bundles services and is able to provide convenience if a buyer also wants radon, mold, or other inspection services. I love his software program complete with photos that address all issues and can be adjusted to make a clear concise "punch" list for the attorney to negotiate on behalf of the client. Expert service with straight forward reporting of facts. Kelley-Real Estate Agent-Coldwell Banker
- K.H., Evanston IL, May 2016
Excelent job!! Very professional & thorough. Would highly recommend James anytime
- S.L., April 2016
James did an amazing job with our home inspection. He was very prompt in responding to my questions. Additionally, James' inspection of our property was very thorough. He brought to light some serious issues with the property that other inspectors might have overlooked. James produced the final inspection report within hours of completing the inspection. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend James, nor would I hesitate to work with him again. He's an inspector that you want on your side when making a purchase, but he's bad news for sellers because, he finds everything!
- , April 2016
James did an amazing job with our home inspection. He was very prompt in responding to my questions. Additionally, James' inspection of our property was very thorough. He brought to light some serious issues with the property that other inspectors might have overlooked. James produced the final inspection report within hours of completing the inspection. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend James, nor would I hesitate to work with him again. He's an inspector that you want on your side when making a purchase, but he's bad news for sellers because, he finds everything!
- K.M., April 2016
James was thorough and can be and very patient with the full commentary from my husband and father-in-law, even appreciated the extra eyes! He was friendly and kind and we would definitely use him again. We also called around and he was competitive.
- R.S., April 2016
Very detailed and thorough while providing explanation to questions that I had
- M.B., April 2016
It was a thorough inspection and I found the suggestions for fixing small problems (like condensation on the window sills) very helpful.
- D.K., April 2016
Jim did a thorough inspection of the property my client in hoping to purchase and found items in need of repair that most would have overlooked. Definitely will be using Jim in the future.
- L.S., April 2016
Jim was extremely thorough and very professional. Great job Jim!!
- M.B., April 2016
Very professional and friendly. Would absolutely recommend Jim to anyone needing an inspection.
- P.K., April 2016
Thanks for everything!
- H.S., March 2016
James Clark is very professional and conducts a through inspection of the entire home.
- A.R., Chicago IL, March 2016
How to describe Jim Clark ! Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, pleasant and always on time!! Someone you will want on your team of professionals!
- S.K., March 2016
Jim was great. On time and very thorough. Walked my client and I through everything. Pointed out what he thought might be critical and what wasn't. Had the report the same day. Great turn around and will absolutely recommend.
- J.S., March 2016
Jim was available to come on very short notice. He's an extremely nice man, but more importantly incredibly efficient. He provided my report within 4 hours of completing the inspection. I highly recommend him!
- L.G., March 2016
Jim has been great and has been available for questions even after he completed our inspection. He was professional and readily available to assist us and made sure we understood what was going on.
- S.C., February 2016
He is very professional and awesome guy. He is very flexible in terms of scheduling. Highly recommended.
- R.K., January 2015
Hi Jim Thank you for such excellent detail and professionalism with inspection. We really appreciate you taking the time to go through all our concerns and explaining the findings. Thanks Jackie & Andrew
- J.J., November 2014
Mr. Clark went above and beyond to inspect the property. Will definitely use again for clients homes including my purchase in 30days. Martin
- M.A., July 2014
Thank you. You gave me an education and the comfort that everything has been check throughly. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who would need your service.
- D.W., April 2014
Thanks for taking the time to do a thorough inspection of my condo. You showed great patience and good communication skills in teaching and informing me how things work and things to look for in the future. Great job.
- J.S., November 2013
Jim wasted no time & had already inspected the perimeter by the time I arrived...and the inspection still lasted 2 hours for a pretty small house! Not only did he do a thorough job inspecting the property, but he also taught me how things worked in the house in a clear & concise manner...valuable info for a first-time buyer like myself. Bottom line: he gave me the confidence to go through with my purchase, which, at the end of the day, is what I needed the most!
- J.W., April 2013
Jim was GREAT - very thorough, thoughtful and FUN! We would recommend him highly and will use him again if needed.
- M.K., January 2013
As always, thank you for your great service, educating my client, and a very thorough inspection. My client was very happy with your service!
- J.B., hiago IL, May 2012
I really appreciated the thoroughness and detail Jim provided in our home inspection.
- B.O., Chicago IL, May 2011
Jim did a wonderful and thorough job inspecting our property. Very friendly and explains things well!
- J.S., April 2011
Jim Clark was extremely thorough and thoughtful throughout the inspection. When he found problems he also offered practical and affordable solutions. The format of his report uses state of the art technology and is clear, concise and informative. The inspection was professional, detailed and expert and Jim clearly loves his job and exhibits the utmost care in his work coupled with genuine concern for his clients.
- M.F., March 2011
Jim is the KING. Easy to understand what he is saying and easy to read and understand the report. Pictures and explanations are thorough and clearly stated.
- M.H., Chicago IL, July 2010
Jim was very professional and thorough. I feel more comfortable knowing that he as inspected the unit I am purchasing.
- J.M., May 2010
Jim was excellent for our inspection. He was professional and explained everything in lay person's terms so that it was all understandable. We can't recomend Jim at True Blue highly enough! Nancy Floy Heartwood Center Inc.
- N.F., April 2010
James, You are the MAN!!!!!!! Here's why.... You make sense when explaining issues. You have solutions for issues that do arise. You follow up. Your web reports are awesome and super easy to understand. Also easy to forward web inspection reports to other parties involved in the transaction. True Blue, I depend on YOU! Thanks, Matt.
- M.H., Chicago IL, February 2010
One of the best inspectors I have witnessed. Very thorough, attentive to detail, with just the right "bedside manner" explaining things calmly and clearly!
- J.B., hiago IL, November 2009