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Christopher Ulrich

The purchase of a home is a major investment. For most people it will be the biggest investment of their lives, it is an investment that should be made with confidence. This is why USA Home Inspections should be your first call when you find your dream home or investment property. Our professional team of inspectors is committed to providing you with an unbiased, in-depth and detailed inspection report on all the components of your home, as well as maintenance tips that will help add value and longevity to your investment. After USA Home Inspections has completed your home inspection we will educate you to make sure you have the knowledge necessary to make a confident decision on purchasing such a major investment.


Fl Certified Home Inspector HI481 Fl Certified Mold Assessor MRSA475 Fl Certified Contractor CRC1326520 ASHI # 252278


USA Home Inspections should be your first call when you find your dream home. Our professional team of inspectors is committed to providing you with an unbiased, in-depth and detailed inspection report on all the components of your home.


Chris was very knowledgeable, honest, friendly and funny. Made the experience very welcoming and positive. Highly recommend him in the future!
- E.A., November 2020
Luis Mendez inspected our property . He was very pleasant ,efficient and professional. Luis took time to answer all our questions during the inspection as well as offering future services . My husband and I were very please to receive a full report in less than 24 hours. Way to go USA Home Inspections Thank you for your service. Brenda
- B.P., October 2020
Thanks for providing us with a thorough inspection! I have and will continue to recommend your company to all my friends, family and clients!
- K.L., Ocala FL, June 2020
Chris was the nicest inspector I've ever worked with. He was very friendly and able to share inspection progress as it happened. He clearly explained everything to me and was very thorough. He did not downplay anything negative in his report and was totally professional. He also has a super smile!
- R.M., November 2019
Chris has always been thorough with all of the inspections he's done for my clients. He's great to work with!
- M.T., August 2019
Very thorough and professional.
- L.B., August 2019
Explained in a matter that was easy to understand, without talking down to me. Was punctual, friendly, professional, and report was ready same day! Thanks so much!
- N.C., June 2019
This is the second inspection we have had done by USA Home Inspections within one month. The first saved us from a disastrous purchase. The home was "For Sale by Owner" and the roof was in total disrepair. It turns out the owner knew that, but was trying to sell his home without fixing the problem. Christian was our inspector that day, and his sharp eye and clear comments guided us to renege our offer to purchase. He walked the entire property, including the roof, and was extremely throrough. This turned out to be a huge gift - get a qualified home inspection before you buy anything!!! We had one of the owners, Christopher Ulrich, for our second inspection, on a totally different home. Chris has a likable personality and is obviously well-informed. A great communicator, Chris walked us through every aspect of our inspection, showed us pictures of the issues he found, and followed through with his promise to give us everything in writing by the end of the day. Since my husband has COPD, mold is a grave concern for us, and USA Home Inspections did the requested mold test. There is an additional cost for this test, but knowledge is power and we gladly paid for the service. It takes a little longer to get the results (one or two days at the most) but the peace of mind for me, is priceless. At this time I await the results, hopeful they will come back with excellent results. I would not hesitate to highly recommend USA Home Inspections to anyone purchasing a home in central Florida. They saved our bacon, and they could save yours!!
- B.H., January 2019
Timely, courteous, professional, efficient, thorough, sharp, alert, respectful and kind. I would recommend Christopher L. Ulrich as an inspector anywhere, anytime. Thank you!
- B.M., December 2018
Very squared away and professional
- D.P., November 2018
I was not able to be present during the inspection but based on the report I received, I felt the inspection was very thorough and was worth every penny. Chris did an excellent job of explaining items needing repair or replacement.
- B.D., October 2018
Christopher L. Ulrich is dependable. Top notch Inspector and USA Home Inspections is a top notch Inspection company. SAYS ME!!!
- L.A., September 2018
Thank you for an outstanding inspection experience, Chris! I knew I was going to have an excellent inspection after having our lengthy phone conversation during which you covered many areas and provided a lot of information that other inspectors had not when I had spoken to them. During the course of the inspection you were able to bring up my knowledge base of the home and my general understanding of what's involved in evaluating the mechanics, construction and build of a house. I now know quite a few things about the subject I was not able to learn by scouring the internet. Yours is a first rate service at a most reasonable cost and well worth the modest investment. I wholeheartedly give you a total thumbs up!
- D.T., August 2018
This very professional gentleman was prompt and thorough. I would hire him again for any of my home inspections. Thank you!
- Z.V., July 2018
Chris was excellent my concern was the roof and the previous plumbing leak and he was very through walked the entire roof which I appreciated because I've had inspectors in the past just fly a drone over the roof taking pictures. Once inside he inspected everything and the report he sent was excellent
- P.K., June 2018
Chris was excellent my concern was the roof and the previous plumbing leak and he was very through walked the entire roof which I appreciated because I've had inspectors in the past just fly a drone over the roof taking pictures. Once inside he inspected everything and the report he sent was excellent
- P.K., June 2018
I Wasnt Able To Be Present For the Inspection, But the Report I Received Was So Detailed It Made me Feel Like I Was There.
- J.J., May 2018
Chris, you are always very professional and prompt with your inspections. It is a pleasure to work with your company. The reports are thorough and helpful to homeowners. Thank you for being a home inspection company we can rely on.
- R.R., Lady Lake FL, May 2018
Very professional and down to earth. Great attitude and a willingness to help and answer any questions about the home inspection.
- G.S., May 2018
He was very knowledgeable and friendly! Made the inspection process less frightening.
- M.S., May 2018
Thorough job as always
- D.T., Ocala FL, April 2018
There were many positives while working with Christohper. 1. He was not only on time, but early. Inspection was scheduled for 9 am, we arrived at 845 am, and he was already in full swing inspection mode. 2. He was super informative. He stopped and answered any and every question presented, and there were a lot. He gave suggestions based off of his professional experiences with home inspections. He even shared a story about how he bought his home without an inspection and how he wished he would have had one of his peers inspect the home. 3. He was nice and respectful. I know nothing about home buying, nor looking to see if there were any issues. He never made me feel like I was stupid for not knowing something. He took the time to explain the topics further and made sure I had a full understanding before moving on. When he would find an issue, he made sure to get my attention so that I would know what to look for in the future. 4. He was efficient. He took his time, educated me on all things inspection, but was done within an hour of my arrival to the home. There was absolutely no wasted time, but I had no feelings of being rushed either. All in all, Christopher is a nice guy that really cares about the homes he inspects. I would recommend him to anyone at anytime!
- S.S., February 2018
I think you did a very through job! Thank You . Wilbur Vincent
- W.V., January 2018
Chris did a super job of identifying issues. Mr. Brizie did have a choice as to what he wished to repair and what he did not. I was told he put in six new window panes and took care of plumbing issues. I ask to purchase a new water saver toilet and have his plumber install. They waited until after the closing to install and we were told the seal on the toilet was broken. The automatic sprinkler system plug was not replaced. So, I did this after I moved in. The part was only $16 at Lowes and took only 15 minutes for the handyman to install. I am gradually replacing the window screens. The ones in the living room windows were sealed and painted over when the exterior of the home was painted in 2015. The handyman said he could remove the screens but it would require cutting and destroy the smooth look. I was able to remove the garage and master bedroom screens. At this time my largest problem is the exterior yard street light which is at the entrance to driveway. It has not worked since I moved in. I installed a new bulb and sensor. The first night the light went on and off but light did not burn steadily as the other lights in the neighborhood do. I had the handyman look at it. He made some adjustments but it still has not gone on. I will call the handyman and ask if he wants to look again or should I call an electrician. Oak Run Home Owners Association told me the light is my responsibility. HOA did not give guidance as to how to proceed with a non working light. Also I have been unable to get the ice maker in the freezer section of the refrigerator to work. I called Maytag but have not been able to reconnect. I also called an appliance dealer that advertises they work with Maytag products. They were out and I was out when they returned my call. I returned their call. They have not called back a second time. Chris did find things that should have been repaired but Mr. Brizie selected what he wanted to do. I do love my home and I think it requires less work than many other homes I looked at in the Ocala area. I do appreciate the work Christ did.
- R.P., September 2017
Chris is always very professional yet is able to adapt to the needs of a buyer when needed. Very thorough and follows up his inspections with a summary of the points that should be paid attention to. I love USA Home Inspections!!!
- T.S., September 2017
Thanks for a job well done! Chris did a very thorough inspection of the home. I really liked how the report was done with all the pictures of the house and the comments. Thanks Chris
- S.T., Williston FL, August 2017
Chris was very pleasant to work with. Certainly knowledgeable and willing to share insight during the home inspection.
- C.C., Summerfield FL, July 2017
Chris seemed very comprehensive with the inspection. He answered all of the many questions I asked him. His relaxed personality makes the inspection a good experience.
- G.R., July 2017
Chris was personal, expedient, and did a great job!
- S.M., July 2017
I would definately recommend Chris to my customers. They always do a complete and thorough job, usually beat me to the property and are always pleasant. A joy to work with!
- J.D., Gainesville FL, June 2017
Thanks for such a thorough inspection. Lots of pictures and explanations.
- D.P., June 2017
Chris was very thorough and pleasant to deal with.
- W.D., May 2017
Christopher was a delight to work with. My Buyer specifically asked for Christopher to do her inspection because she had hired him previously and was so satisfied with his excellent work! He performed an extensive inspection for my Buyer and took the time to walk through the home and discuss the issues in detail so that the Buyer fully understood his findings, which enabled her to make a sound decision on her purchase. Thank you, Christopher!
- M.C., May 2017
Thrilled with the degree of thoroughness of Chris. Really helped me to decide whether or not to continue with the purchase of the house which was a very important decision.
- L.R., May 2017
Chris did a great job. He was quick and thorough. We were amazed at the amount of information we gained from the inspection!
- L.S., April 2017
Chris was awesome. He was clean, courteous and accommodating. He explained where he was going and what he was doing. Very friendly and respectful of the owners time. He was very professional during the inspection. Would highly recommend Chris. We had an inspection that needed to be completed quickly and he added it to his schedule staying later and making for a long day for him. He accommodated and did not complain and treated us as if we were the first inspection of the day. I can't thank USA Home Inspections enough for coming through for us in a timely manner.
- K.R., April 2017
It was a pleasure working with Chris. He provided an excellent service. Chris is very professional and thorough, he explained everything in detail, answered all my questions and concerns, and made very useful recommendations. I already received the report in 6 hours after the inspection, and he addressed each problem in detail. I can highly recommend Chris. I am very pleased with his service, it couldn't get any better. Thank you very much, Chris!
- A.G., April 2017
Chris was wonderful. He arrived on time, was friendly and professional and did a completely thorough inspection on the large old home that I am purchasing. He explained everything to me when he was done and showed me areas of concern. I had his written inspection report the same evening. Great service!
- J.R., April 2017
Hi Chris Thanks for your thoroughness throughout the inspection and your willingness to discuss areas of concern. After your inspection, even with the few areas of repair, we have confidence that our new home serve us well. Thanks again Sincerely George and CJ
- G.H., Fort White FL, April 2017
Chris, Thank you for taking care of the home inspection yesterday. You did a great job. I have 1 question that is bothering us and that is the ceiling in the Leni as you did not call it structural damage. What was the material (plastic or metal) as I do not know much about that area of the house, but are you sure that is just a matter of couple of nails? Please let me know. C# (734) 391-9880 Thank you
- M.F., Summerfield FL, April 2017
Thanks Chris. Still good service after years of doing this.
- G.T., Summerfield FL, April 2017
Chris, thanks for a thorough inspection. Your expertise was extremely helpful.
- R.H., Altamonte Springs FL, March 2017
Very pleasant and did a fine job. Enjoyed talking with him and was happy to answer any questions we had.
- D.R., Lady Lake FL, March 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to commend Chris for the outstanding service he provided. Chris was prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. In addition, he was extremely courteous in answering questions and concerns while conscientiously staying on task. What a pleasure it was! I will highly recommend Chris.
- V.J., Ocala FL, March 2017
Outstanding report, professionalism, and detailed inspection. Many thanks!
- D.B., The Villages FL, March 2017
Chris provided us with an extremely thorough and very detailed inspection report. He was also very friendly and very patient in answering the laundry list of questions that we had for him. Being a state certified contractor myself, I felt very confident in Chris and his abilities after seeing the job he did in person. I highly recommend Chris and his company!
- M.C., Ocala FL, March 2017
Chris was awesome I would recommend him highly thanks Chris
- N.E., Ocala FL, February 2017
What a great job he did - my client is from out of town and was glad to see the attention to all the detail that was done. Thanks to the team for a job well to get the items fixed! Ann Van De Veer, ERA Grizzard Real Estate
- A.V., February 2017
Chris inspected a commercial building for me in 2016 and a home in 2017. He doesn't waste time on the job, but his reports are very thorough. I presume it is his experience and his structured process that allow him to do such a good job, so quickly. My report was detailed enough to note a torn screen hidden behind shrubs, as well as a number of other minor items. His report also provides info about the impact an issue might have or how common it is to find a specific problem. Very helpful information. Chris is prompt and professional and communicates effectively. I believe an inspection before purchasing property is one of the best investments you can make. A friend is buying a home and, based on my recommendation, he called Chris this morning to schedule an inspection of the home.
- R.M., January 2017
Chris was great with our commercial building inspection. He was punctual, courteous and informative on site as well as with his report. I would highly recommend him for future jobs!
- K.W., December 2016
Thank you!!
- S.M., The Villages FL, December 2016
Very thorough and professional.
- R.S., Ocala FL, November 2016
We appreciate how thorough your inspection is and the time you spent to answer all of our questions!
- A.S., Ocala FL, November 2016
Thank you, you did a great job.
- D.M., Ocala FL, October 2016
We used Chris for pre-drywall, post dry-wall and final one year inspection. He did a great job and we appreciate him taking the time to explain things about the house to us.
- K.W., Summerfield FL, August 2016
I'm very satisfied with the home inspection Chris Ulrich did for me. He was punctual (he even beat me there), thorough, paid attention to detail, took time to point out and explain the important items he found that needed to be addressed, and the report I received was just as thorough and detailed as his inspection was. He was friendly, courteous, and professional in every way. It is my pleasure to give him the highest recommendation. Thanks Chris!
- M.T., Gainesville FL, July 2016
Thanks Chris. My customers and I were very impressed with your work and professionalism. We will be sure to recommend you to other customers.
- , June 2016
Love using your company, professional w/quick, turnaround and customers like detailed report with pictures thanks
- D.F., Ocala FL, June 2016
We were very please with the detail that was in the report. Little notes & suggestions on the report made it easy to read and understand.
- J.D., Anthony FL, May 2016
Very thorough and knowledgeable! Great job, would highly recommend!
- L.S., May 2016
Fabulous to have Chris on site today, he is so thorough and his attention to detail pays off in the end. Thanks Chris.
- D.S., April 2016
Thank you for your thorough and complete report for my customer. You also impressed the listing agent from Lake City. I hope he sends You some business
- J.D., Gainesville FL, April 2016
- P.H., Beverly Hills FL, April 2016
I strongly recommend Chris. I called with short notice needing an appointment and Chris made the arrangements for the inspection to be completed. Very satisfied.
- C.F., Oxford FL, March 2016
Thank you for being on time. I appreciate the thorough job you did inspecting the property and promptness with providing the report.
- N.D., March 2016
My wife and I were amazed by the level of detail Chris went into during our recent inspection. Not only was the inspection and subsequent report extremely thorough, we found it very reassuring that he highlighted any issues and solutions to us throughout the inspection. Great job.
- A.T., Gainesville FL, March 2016
Excellent job as always with USA Home Inspections. First time working with you Chris as Mark has done my past ones in the Kissimmee/Davenport/Clermont areas. Thorough job and reassured my clients they are getting a good home, but of course pointing out the issues with the property. Will certainly continue to recommend to all of my clients.
- B.S., Orlando FL, February 2016
Chris was knowledgeable and showed me everything he saw as he was doing the inspection. I would definitely recommend him to others!
- L.G., February 2016
Totally satisfied with my home inspection. Specially being so far away during the inspection an still getting all the information right away. Thank you very much
- N.P., February 2016
Chris, Your meticulous inspection of the house, availability on short notice, friendliness, professionalism and compassion in your work provided Yvonne and I a very secure feeling of confidence. Confidence that we were working with someone who cares about his work and us. You were and still are always available to answer all our questions. We are 900 miles away from Ocala but feel we are only down the street. This is a big purchase for us and we have gotten the best inspection service in Florida. Thank you so very much sir. Ocala is very fortunate to have you and your company. Larry and Yvonne Diamond Canton, MI
- L.D., January 2016
Chris was thorough and documented even the smallest of items. He explained everything very well. I appreciate the help.
- R.M., December 2015
Chris was very thorough. He was friendly and professional, and I would highly recommend him.
- S.M., December 2015
Another great job! Thanks Chris!
- N.P., December 2015
Im 66 years old, and have bought many homes over the years, the inspection done on my first fla, home was done by Chris at USA Home Insp,.....never have I had an inspection done so thoroughly... and the extra suggestions, as to who in the area may be of assistance to fix things went above and beyond, much so that my second house just purchased I insisted on Chris...A quality guy... thank you. Dale E.
- D.E., December 2014
We were completely satisfied with the work Chris did for us. In my opinion he went above the call of duty for us with all the issues we had with the builder. We highly recommend Chris and his company for any inspection work.
- D.W., November 2014
Very professional and knowledgeable. Arrived early to the set appointment time. Will use again.
- K.A., November 2014
The inspection was very well done. They were extremely polite, took the time to explain to me their findings and how to remedy the issues. It was a pleasure to do business with this company and will definitely be calling them for further inspections.
- D.G., August 2014
thanks for your personal attention! best of luck in growing your company.
- N.K., August 2014
The two inspectors were very personable and ready to answer any questions during the inspection. The report was reviewed with me, page by page. The inspection was thorough and I was impressed that the printed report was completed and in my possession before they left. Very professional. Thanks.
- C.B., July 2014
Chris was very pleasant and personable - while also very professional and thorough. The customers all had good things to say about him.
- A.W., July 2014
Very personable and professional!
- A.N., July 2014
Chris is great and very reliable ! He has always accomodated me with short notice requests also ...
- J.H., July 2014
Chris did a very thorough job and explained the important items clearly.
- R.R., June 2014
The most professional inspection company we have ever worked with. Prompt service, did what they said and when they said they would do it. Extremely easy to access reports and they came in quickly. Great company. I worked in the pest control industry for 30 years so I have worked with inspection companies all over the country. Exceptional! Ken Kebrdle
- K.K., June 2014
I can always count on Chris and the USA team to be punctual ,thorough and professional. Their inspection reports are prompt and well documented.
- D.M., May 2014
It looks to me like Christopher did a very good inspection on the house. My only issue is I was told he would put the end caps on the roof while he was up there, but it does not appear that was done. I hope he does come back and take care of that. The pictures and details were a big help. Thank you.
- L.D., February 2014
Christopher, As always, you did an excellent job. I don't like the new sign in though, I had trouble sending it to the listing agent. Nancy Pokrywki GRI, Foxfire Realty
- N.N., Summerfield FL, February 2014
This inspection was wonderful! The inspectors were extremely thorough and we are very thankful for their help!
- N.P., December 2013
Mr. Ulrich with USA Home Inspections did a fantastic job inspecting our new home. He arrived on time, in fact was early, conducted a thorough inspection and a provided a prompt report. I would whole-heartedly recommend his services. -Meredith Ashley
- J.A., December 2013
Inspector was timely, professional, and friendly. He and his assistant performed a through inspection of our home and discussed all areas of concern with detail. Inspection was requested for the home in order to get it ready for resell, and Mr. Ulrich greatly assisted this process. Thanks again! J Kim
- J.K., November 2013
Chris is always the consummate professional - knows his stuff, knows what is a contractual issue and what is cosmetic, and never tries to "scare" a buyer with non-critical issues, but will also provide a very thorough inspection - from top to bottom. We have been recommending Chris to our customers from the time that he started the business, and we will continue to do so.
- D.P., Ocala FL, November 2013
Very thorough! They explained everything they found and why. We were very impressed!!
- D.B., November 2013
USA is the ONLY Inspection Team I trust to work with my buyers. Kathy Prater/Showcase Properties
- K.P., October 2013
- I.M., September 2013
Great work!
- Z.H., September 2013
You did an amazing job Chris and I look forward to working with you again!
- S.G., Winter Park FL, September 2013
Chris and his scheduler have always a quick response time,friendly, great reports and willing to discuss the findings. That is what make a difference from your company, I really appreciate your great service. Thank you Angel Benabe-Realtor
- A.B., August 2013
Mr. ULrich knew exactly what he was doing and really paid attention to the detail in our prospective home. We highly recommend him, he's very friendly and this was a pleasant experience!
- R.M., August 2013
Just open all the windows CHRIS. Thanks for all you and your teams do your the best.
- D.L., Ocala FL, August 2013
We believe you did a very thorough inspection and a well put together report and we thank you
- P.P., August 2013