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LaVerne Spencer

It is my responsibility to give each customer as much information about the property to make an educated decision as buying a home is the largest purchase a family makes. 

L L Spencer Inspections provides home inspections that deliver security and peace of mind.
We use the best technology and provide a detailed, easy-to-read report with digital color photos 24 to 48 hours after the inspector has left the property. The inspector will completely inspect the following: Structure, Foundation, Exterior, Roof, Attic, Electrical System, Plumbing System, A/C System and Interior to include checking the appliances and windows. Your home inspection comes with a free Mold Screening and a scan of the home with an Infrared Camera to help detect issues such as insulation deficiencies, water leaks and/or overheating electrical. Other services we also offer include Insurance Inspections(4 Point & Wind Mitigation), Mold & Air Quality Testing and Energy inspections. 

We welcome the opportunity to do everything possible to make certain you are pleased with your choice. 
Please give us a call if you have any questions!   
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HI581, MRSA 1247, R2306, IAC2 01-8641, NACHI 10011502


It is my personal responsibility to give each customer as much information about the property they are about to purchase as to make an educated decision. If you want to know what the integrity of the home you are purchasing, call me!

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Being someone who works on houses we had already noted the cosmetics details, but you have greatly helped on the details like the roof, stucco, and AC findings. Things that even if we looked through the area we did not take any notice. I appreciate your service and experience.
- B.S., January 2021
Very detail report will definitely refer you to another buyer.
- G.U., August 2020
Very thorough inspection. Worth every penny!
- S.H., Jacksonville FL, April 2020
Very professional. Didn't seem to be in a hurry. Took time with us during the inspection.
- D.B., April 2020
Completely satisfied!!!! LaVerne is extremely professional, thorough and knowledgeable, not to mention coming with an unmatched listing of qualifications. I would rehire without question and highly recommend to anyone considering a home purchase.
- S.C., March 2020
I want to thank Mr Spencer for his extremely thorough home inspection, with lightening fast turnaround time. It was truly impressive!!! I absolutely recommend him, without hesitation. I will definitely be calling him for future transactions !!!
- J.B., March 2020
He did an amazing job and so did his daughter. They made a good team and the reports were done flawlessly and in a short time period. I loved the amount of detail provided on the inspection reports.
- T.A., November 2019
This father daughter duo is so knowledgeable and equally as personable! I opted to stay for the entire inspection, and I felt like they actively involved me every step of the way. This was my first home inspection for the purchase of my first home. I walked in there not knowing A THING about what was going to be inspected or what the outcome would be, but I left feeling confident in what I had learned and observed to be able to use that and know what to look for in future properties. Not just what to look for but tips and trips on how to maintain a home so that it continues to look and operate at its' best for a long time. While this turned out not be the home for me, I am calling them back for my next home inspection as soon as I am under contract!
- S.G., August 2019
LaVerne was very thorough in his inspection. He took the time to ask if we had any concerns about specific areas and explained his process and the report we would be getting. We received the full report much quicker than I expected and his comments, pictures and suggestions were clear, concise and easy to understand. Would not hesitate to use him in the future and recommend to anyone who needs a home inspector.
- C.S., July 2019
Been an Engineer for 25 years and I was impressed with their detail the report. Excellent work, very detail and more then willing to work through the report and explain in detail any concerns. Definitely would recommend them. Very knowledgeable and friendly.
- R.F., June 2019
Very professional and precise
- R.D., March 2019
What a pleasure to work with ... highly professional and they do a thorough inspection after which a detailed Report is provided. The Report plainly addresses issues and the comments/recommendations are easy to follow and understand. Well worth the price!
- T.M., Orange Park FL, November 2018
Outstanding work! A very detailed and consistent report. Thank you!
- K.J., October 2018
Outstanding service!
- K.C., Fleming Island FL, July 2018
I just wanted to thank LaVerne and his team for their prompt, professional and courteous service.
- G.C., April 2018
Timely, thorough service!
- G.J., February 2018
Mr. LaVerne and his daughter do a great job! They are a real team! As a Realtor, I have used their services 3 times in a row and I really appreciate their professionalism and dedication.
- E.F., November 2017
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection on the property! The explanation and pictures helped to identify all the concerns with the home. Terrific job!!
- M.M., November 2017
LaVerne is extremely thorough and essentially a walking encyclopedia. He takes the time to explain everything he sees and breaks things down so that you can understand the concept regardless of prior knowledge. You can tell he really loves his job. Top notch home inspector and overall cool dude. Thanks LaVerne!
- M.M., November 2017
Very detailed list and pictures of the home is quite helpful to asses condition of home
- W.K., November 2017
WOW, you did an amazing job all the way through. Although I wasn't there, I can tell you took your time and thoroughly looked at everything. I will certainly recommend your services and I appreciate your hard work in making sure nothing went unnoticed!
- L.M., November 2017
Excellent job, very thorough
- K.T., September 2017
We've purchased several homes and have never had a more thorough home inspection. The Spencer Team went through our new home with a fine tooth comb. They not only provide us with an detailed report, including lots of photos, they also spent time sharing home ownership tips and tools. We just can't say enough about how pleased we were with their service. We would highly recommend this team!!!
- P.N., September 2017
Excellent service, very detailed and professional.
- E.M., September 2017
I appreciate the level of honesty LaVerne used with myself and my buyer. He also took his time thoroughly explaining things in great detail so we could grasp the process and better prepare for future complications or preventing safety hazards as well as upkeep of a home. Aside from being certified in many aspects and overly qualified in his profession, he also went above and beyond to accommodate my buyers' short notice and limited timing coming out on a Saturday and promptly getting the inspection report completed and back for me to work on! Certainly referring more people to your company! Thank you!
- A.D., August 2017
I am very impressed with the quality of the work LaVerne did for us. Punctual, professional, and extremely thorough. The report was very detailed, with great pictures illustrating each point, and very useful in estimating cost of repairs and also negotiating a cash settlement with the seller. THANK YOU, LaVerne for a great job - I will recommend you to everyone I know!
- A.C., July 2017
Thank you for being so thorough and taking the time to explain your findings. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone needing inspection services.
- A.C., July 2017
This is the fourth home inspection I have gone through. Mr.Spencer and his team are by far the best I have seen. He is very friendly and takes the time to explain and teach the home owner about potential issues. It is obvious he cares that his customers not only understand what they are potentially buying but also understand how to properly maintain it. I don't think you can find a better home inspector. I will recommend him to anyone I know looking to buy a house. Martin G Maher 912-674-9123
- M.M., June 2017
LaVerne never disappoints. I just enjoy his care not just for the house but for the person.
- C.T., May 2017
Mr. Spencer was very thorough and patiently answered all of the questions I had on-site after he and his associate finished the inspection. The inspection report was similarly comprehensive and provided easy-to-follow recommendations. The report definitely helped inform my decision about whether to purchase the property. Well worth the money!
- R.R., April 2017
Thank you the inspection was very thorough highly detailed. The inspection report was able to lower our insurance premium. I recommend to anyone to order the WDO, 4 point and wind migration the level of detail educated me in many area of the house which needed attention.
- W.R., April 2017
Very detailed and observant!
- A.B., April 2017
He was very thorough. Well worth the price.
- C.K., Jacksonville FL, March 2017
I thought LaVerne was very thorough, professional, curtious, and just plain likeable!
- C.T., March 2017
Mr. LaVerne Spencer is a Best Inspector. I would recommend him to all of my best Friends.
- F.M., March 2017
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Appreciate his attentiveness to details. Although a homeowner, I still was not aware of many of the items that he evaluated. Thanks LaVerne!
- J.H., February 2017
Very helpful, gave lots of good recommendations on the spot and my Home Inspection report was processed and sent to me quickly.
- E.V., February 2017
I had Mr. Spencer do two inspections for me. Very thorough inspections and detailed report. They were very helpful in my buying decisions. He was able to schedule the inspections quickly and I had the reports within 24 hours. I highly recommend his services
- A.P., Portland ME, February 2017
Very thorough report. Inspectors arrived on time and were very courteous. The inspection revealed issues with the structure that were unknown to us and will be addressed. Their time and attention to detail is much appreciated.
- M.C., January 2017
I don't know other home inspectors but if I did it would not matter, You would still get a call from me. You and your team are the best! Thanks Much!
- G.W., January 2017
Thank you again for help me trough this process of buying a house. Your advice save me from a bad deal and help me to wait for the right house. Excellent job, knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant.
- J.S., January 2017
Extremely pleased with this service!
- D.S., January 2017
LaVerne was a wealth of knowledge and had a unique way of describing what he was thinking. Very simple and very descriptive. He allowed me to walk with him the entire time and he took the time to tell me what he was looking at and how significant it was. He had a great attention to detail and was extremely thorough. Will definitely utilize his expertise again. Highly recommend!
- M.M., December 2016
Very thorough and detailed inspection! Will definitely recommend!
- A.W., December 2016
You really do great work. I appreciate all of the detail you put into the report, and I strongly recommend you to my friends and family! That is coming from a Chemist and Aerospace engineer too, by the way. Nice touch on including a picture of the neighbors dog too! V/R, Jason E. Garner
- J.G., December 2016
Very detailed and thorough report. Thank you very much!
- S.F., November 2016
Laverne, I think you did great. The inspection was very through. The report was very specific and contained a lot of helpful ideas and hints. You are a courteous person. I have no complaints.
- E.m., Jacksonville FL, November 2016
The quality of Mr. Spencer's inspection are superb in all categories! From his responsiveness to a short notice requirement to the level his attention to details while not missing out on the "big picture" to the quality and timeliness of his inspection report, Mr. Spencer maintained the highest level of professionalism and consideration for all concerned. I most highly recommend that anyone looking for an honest, non-partisan, inspection of any property have Mr. LaVerne Spencer do the job for them.
- D.S., November 2016
LaVerne was absolutely awesome!! From the level of detail on his report to his professionalism it was by far the most enjoyable part of my home buying experience. I just wish I bought a home more often so I could use his service again. Thank you very much.
- S.T., October 2016
I would like to thank Mr. Spencer for a wonderful, but very thoroughly. My family and I truly appreciated the services provided.
- T.B., October 2016
Outstanding inspection.good work
- N.E., Venice FL, September 2016
The best in town
- A.J., September 2016
I can always count on a complete and accurate inspection from Mr. Spencer. I have used his services at three different locations. I would recommend Mr. Spencer to anyone seeking a home inspection. Very professional, quality inspections, and inspection reports are delivered quickly. Office staff is great.
- G.P., September 2016
Thank you for everything! You and your team were fantastic.
- R.W., July 2016
This was the second home we had LaVerne do a home inspection for us. He saved us from buying a bad house the first time and confirmed we were getting a good on this time. He was very thorough and found things we would never even think of looking for. He is honest and fair, and will not sell you something that you do not need. I would highly recommend LaVerne to anyone.
- G.W., July 2016
The inspection was booked last minute. Three inspectors came out and did a thorough inspection of a 4 unit apartment in a timely professional manner. I would definitely recommend them.
- E.E., Jacksonville FL, June 2016
Great experience. The inspection was meticulous!!
- R.G., June 2016
LaVerne did a WONDERFUL job of explaining everything! If I had a question about anything, he was right there to answer it...if I didn't understand something, he broke it down so I could understand. We had a great experience with him and his company!
- M.B., May 2016
Great guy, very knowledgeable about everything. 3 people on site inspecting at the same site saved a bunch of our time. Thanks, Edis Omerovic
- E.O., May 2016
This is the second time I used LaVerne and I will use him for the next home as well! He is the best!
- R.M., May 2016
Thanks for you expert assessment of our future home.
- O.S., May 2016
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection and giving me the peace of mind to allow me to confidently go ahead with the purchase of my home. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question and explain things to me. As a first time home buyer that is very comforting.
- K.O., May 2016
Thank you for being thorough and being very professional and honest!!
- D.W., May 2016
Thank you for being thorough and being very professional and honest!!
- D.W., May 2016
Very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough I would recommend his services to all home buyers
- K.R., April 2016
Thank you very much for helping us with such short notice and even being there earlier than you said you could make it. I really am happy with your service and quality.
- L.S., April 2016
What a great team!
- L.B., Jacksonville FL, March 2016
LaVerne Spencer and his team were very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. When I arrived, LaVerne and his team were already at work. LaVerne was very helpful in addressing our concerns, explaining what he was doing, offering recommendations, tips, and advice. Leading up to our inspection, LaVerne's assistant, Angela, was very friendly and helpful while setting up our appointment over the phone. She shared with me her practical advice, wisdom, and experience. I felt like we've known each other for years. LaVerne's schedule was very flexible. I was able to have my inspections completed within 24 hours of scheduling, and received a 13 page report in my hands a few hours after the inspection. I would highly recommend LL Spencer Inspections to my friends and anyone who needs a home inspection or multiple inspections performed on a home. Great job!!!
- V.S., March 2016
LaVerne Spencer and his team were very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. When I arrived, LaVerne and his team were already at work. LaVerne was very helpful in addressing our concerns and explaining what he was doing, offering tips, recommendations, and advice. Leading up to the inspection, LaVerne's assistant, Angela, was very knowledgable and helpful, sharing with me her advise and wisdom that is so needed in day and age. LaVerne's schedule was very flexible. I was able to have my inspection done within 24 hours, and also have the report in my hands a few hours later that same day. I would highly recommend LL Spencer Inspections to my friends and anyone who needs a home inspection, and/or multiple inspections perform on a home!
- , March 2016
Thank you!
- C.H., March 2016
We really appreciated how much time you took in explaining the details of the inspection and answering any questions we had.
- G.A., February 2016
This is the second time I have used LL Spencer Inspections and I highly recommend them. LaVerne was very professional and extremely thorough. The home inspection report was delivered promptly and was very detailed. It its always a pleasure working with LaVerne.
- T.J., Jacksonville FL, February 2016
Very professional and took the time to explain the process. This was very helpful since I am a new agent and this was my first inspection.
- P.H., February 2016
Great Job!
- J.B., February 2016
Extremely helpful and friendly. Prompt and courteous towards others I will be recommending this company to friends
- S.L., January 2016
Extremely helpful and friendly. Prompt and courteous towards others I will be recommending this company to friends
- S.L., January 2016
Mr. Spencer is the best, for a first time home buyer I was skeptical about going with an inspector that my Realtor suggested, however he was great and provided me with a run down on his findings
- A.H., January 2016
LaVerne was very detailed in his home inspection report for me! He was on time, friendly to work with and I would use him again in a heart beat! Thank you again LaVerne
- D.G., January 2016
Excellent through inspection !! Professionalism all the way !! highly recommend Mr. Spencer
- J.T., December 2015
Excellent Service! Highly recommended
- N.A., December 2015
Thanks for all your advice and input. It definitely helps when buying a house for the first time.
- J.B., November 2015
Very through job. Showed up on time. He seemed to know what he was doing. Looked and dressed professional. He was more educated on mold issues than the last inspector I used. Had better diagnostic equipment for checking systems. I will use again if needed.
- S.S., August 2015