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Jim Root

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InterNACHI Certified


I've done home inspections for over eight years and I've been in the construction industry for over forty years. I have repairied many homes that have failed various inspections. I do a thorough inspection in a proffesional manner.


These folks are excellent! They respond quickly and are on time. They pay attention to every detail and give very specific reports. They're professional and very nice. Reasonably priced. We've used them twice and will always use them again in the future. Thank you WSC!
- C.E., April 2021
Great guys, very detailed and professional!
- J.S., March 2021
Very informative, and detailed. Thank you !
- M.F., March 2021
Very friendly and informative. Thank you so much.
- S.T., March 2021
Jim was recommended to me by my real estate agent. He was professional, courteous and thorough. He took the time to explain and discuss things inside and outside the scope of this inspection. He found things that were missed on two previous inspections of house we were buying. A couple of the things were major enough for us to reconsider the deal and walk away. I highly recommend Jim. We like him so much, we used him for the next house we found as well!
- J.R., August 2020
Jim and Ian were very personable, thorough and informative. They went above and beyond in their attention to detail . They were also sure to sanitize surfaces they had touched when done. I would recommend them to all potential home buyers!
- A.S., July 2020
Thorough, personable, kind, and knowledgeable. Feedback was very helpful
- K.L., April 2020
He was really great to talk through each issue and walk through the house to show us
- R.L., January 2020
very thorough and made sure everything was addressed.
- K.T., December 2019
Jim was very professional and also very personable. He inspected my condo and also made sure I knew every detail that was wrong, and even suggested ways to fix it for cheap. Great guy.
- I.J., October 2019
Great service!!
- D.O., October 2019
Thank you! We appreciated how thorough you were with everything and how it was explained to us. The report was pretty easy to understand and to use it to ask the sellers to make some of the improvements mentioned. I would definitely recommend others to use your business!
- C.A., July 2019
Thanks again for assisting us with our inspection. Great job and have a blessed weekend!
- R.T., July 2019
Jim did a very meticulous job. His inspection and report were spot on. His knowledge of current and past codes is very evident. He simply knows what he is doing. He is open and honest about things that absolutely need to be fixed/replaced and the issues that are optional for negotiation. He is prompt and very professional. I highly recommend Jim Root! Thank you Jim.
- M.Y., July 2019
Jim was very thorough and took time to explain all of the issues and potential issues he found in the home. We would use Jim Root again if we needed an inspection.
- K.Y., June 2019
Prompt scheduling, good communication, addressed all concerns.
- K.B., June 2019
Jim was really nice and friendly! He was very thorough and explained everything. We definitely recommend him. He is GREAT!
- N.H., May 2019
Thank you for taking the time to show me what you found during my home inspection, explaining what you found, and answering all my questions.
- S.J., May 2019
You where very thorough and I am extremely appreciative of the time you took to show me all the problems with the house and give me suggestions for how to fix the problems and which should be done by the seller.
- S.S., April 2019
He was very good and paid very close attention to details which i appreciated and was honest and i felt like he was very knowledgeable and informative
- L.C., February 2019
Very detailed inspector. He explains things that made it easy for me to understand what I was going into buying a home. He?s comfortable to be around. Well worth money!
- C.N., January 2019
Thanks for being so thorough and helpful Jim - - made the process quick painless.... keep up the good work!! Jeremy Hunt
- J.H., October 2018
Jim you're very thorough and professional. Thank you, for your expediency. I come from an area where it would take up to 2 weeks to get an inspection report. I will certainly recommend your service to anyone.
- C.M., September 2018
Jim just did an inspection for us. He is very courteous, professional and his inspection was very thorough. Jim walked us through every detail with straightforward recommendations. I highly recommend him for your next home inspection.
- J.K., July 2018
Very thorough. Gave honest recommendations and a well-informed opinion. Will definitely use him again.
- S.H., July 2018
Thank you jim for taking the time to come inspect this house for us. We appreciate the fact you paid close attention to detail. Love the fact you respected the sellers home enough to even take your shoes off at the door. Thank you.
- S.R., July 2018
Jim was very easy going, went through the report thoroughly and gave us insights.
- K.M., June 2018
I really appreciate how thorough Jim was during the inspection process. Thank you!
- V.W., June 2018
Jim did an awesome job for our home, at a reasonable price. There was a little bit of water damage in the laundry room that we wish we would have seen before hand, but everything else was very thorough and honest. Thanks Jim!
- T.H., January 2018
Very friendly guy and very thorough, it was great working with jim
- S.M., January 2018
Jim, you were great. We felt you took the time we needed to explain the report. You were thorough and on top of things. I honestly can not think of anything you could have done differently to make our experience more enjoyable.
- B.B., December 2017
Jim was very informative and answered all our questions thoroughly. He was very attentive to detail and we were pleased with his detailed report and willingness to be contacted further with any additional questions.
- Z.V., December 2017
This is the third time Jim and I have worked with each other. His attention to detail is great and he always explains everything so that I can understand it.
- K.C., November 2017
Jim was very professional and knowledgeable. He also had a good way of imparting his knowledge. Very good inspector.
- L.L., November 2017
We didn't have the opportunity to meet Jim, since we live in a different state. We did however have a family member meet with him for our home inspection. Jim was professional and genuinely kind. The inspection was done in a timely matter with a non biased attitude. We would highly recommend Jim to any and all who need a home inspection.
- M.P., October 2017
Very knowledgeable and easy to understand and very thorough.
- J.W., August 2017
I am not familiar with what an inspector is required to do but based upon Jim's descriptions and images it appears to me he was very thorough with his inspection. He explained in detail what was done and what couldn't be done, and why. He is very personable and he was easy to talk with, didn't talk down to me but realised I didn't know anything about what he did and carefully explained all to me. The realtor, Joel Carlson, has a very good relationship with Jim and they work well together. I highly recommend the both of them.
- K.C., June 2017
Thanks Jim! I had a great time with you today looking at the house. We appreciate all your insight!
- T.R., April 2017
We are so glad that we used Jim for our home inspection. He was so thorough and explained everything so well. He did 2 home inspections for us. He answered all of our questions in detail and made sure we understood what we would need to do to keep the home in tip-top shape. The best part is that when we were talking with Jim, he was so personable that it felt like we were just talking to a friend. I definitely will recommend him to all of my friends and family the next time they need to get a home inspection done!
- J.D., March 2017
Thanks Jim for taking the time to explain the inspection process to me and walking me through the house to show me what you found. I also wanted to say thanks for hanging out with my realtor and I as we tried to get the keys out of my locked truck.
- J.H., October 2016
Thanks for everything. Definitely the great work of a Bear!!! Would expect nothing less.
- B.J., September 2016
Thanks Jim making me a priority and fitting me into your tight schedule. You where awesome to work with and great at telling me all the littlest details that you found.
- C.S., June 2016
I wasn't sure that I even wanted a home inspection, but after we did, I was very happy. Jim was great
- B.L., June 2016
Very kind and thorough. Thank you Jim!
- J.U., May 2016
Was able to be out to the inspection immediately. Very prompt and thorough on the inspection. I appreciate the time and attention to detail. This home is for my family so thank you!
- R.C., April 2016
You did a great job. You worked around our schedule and even rescheduled for us when the house wasn't quite ready. You spent time and answered all of my questions. I am very pleased. Thank you.
- L.C., March 2016
Jim is as thorough as they come. Definitely the inspector you want to inspect the home you plan to buy.
- J.S., December 2015
Great work! A combination of strong technical competence, thoroughness and common sense made me very happy.
- S.C., November 2015
Gave us tips on how to fix what needed to be fixed and was very friendly and awesome.
- J.T., October 2015
We thought you did a thorough job, and appreciate you responding to all my questions and going back to do the meth test. Thanks very much!
- M.F., October 2015
Thank you for being thorough and taking great care of me!
- ..J., October 2015
I appreciate the detail and diligence Jim provided. He made sure I was understanding each issue and how to remedy them to prevent any future repairs/issues. I would highly recommend using Jim Root!
- T.K., September 2015
You were great Jim, thanks! Very thorough and flexible, I'll recommend you to anyone!
- A.R., August 2015
You were great Jim, thanks! Very thorough and flexible, I'll recommend you to anyone!
- A.R., August 2015
He was excellent to work with. He answered any questions that I had concerns about and he did a great job.
- M.S., June 2015
Highly recommended! Jim helped us to feel knowledgeable about the inspection process and safe with our home purchase.
- C.F., June 2015
Great service...thank you for being thorough and giving me all the useful information.
- J.B., May 2015
Jim was a fabulous inspector! He was prompt! He explained everything in detail! He answered all of my questions! He gave me a detailed report with photos. I would definitely use Jim again...and I would definitely refer him to others!
- S.V., Salt Lake City UT, April 2015
I appreciate Jim's initiative to walk me through the property to designate the property defects that he noted in his report. He is not only apt in his field, but also demonstrated technical knowledge pertinent to my questions. Jim was punctual and preempted my need for a hard copy of the inspection; he came prepared with a color printer. I received a digital, online version of the inspection within an hour of departing! Jim is professional and friendly. I will recommend him every chance I get. Thank you, Jim!
- D.M., December 2014