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Dwight Miller

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call AQI Inspection Services. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 205 970 6883 Mobile Phone: 205 542 4548 Fax Number: 205 413 8947

About AQI Inspection Services

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Birmingham and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Alabama License #HI-2096; Home Inspection Institute Graduate; ASHI Certified Inspector #252310


Our goal is to provide honest dependable home inspection services using the latest technology and training available. Dwight Miller has been a Home Inspector for over six years.


I would highly recommend Dwight to anyone for any home inspection. Dwight was extremely professional and thorough. After the inspection he walked me through the entire home and explained each thing to where I was able to adequately understand and evaluate the issue. I could not be happier with the service received.
- H.F., June 2020
Dwight did an excellent job of providing a thorough and efficient inspection. He was very helpful during a stressful process and brought a lot of peace of mind to our first home purchase!
- D.S., April 2020
Easy to work with! Very detailed and thorough. Went through every repair that needed to be made, discussing options for the repair in understandable terms. Will use again!
- A.M., March 2020
Extremely thorough inspection from roof to foundation. Mr. Miller found "hidden" problems we would never have known about.
- M.W., December 2019
Dwight was great. I really appreciated how thorough he was. He spent a lot of time explaining things in person and included great pictures and explanations in the report also. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends for their home inspection. Thanks Dwight!
- P.S., July 2019
Excellent and very thorough inspection which is very important to the home buyer.
- K.F., June 2019
Dwight did an excellent job of inspecting our future home. He was diligent and thorough, explaining his findings as he moved through the home. We would highly recommend his services!
- A.E., June 2019
He did a great job. Gave great info the day of the inspection and very detailed report within 24 hours. Thanks!
- J.G., May 2019
I greatly appreciate Dwight Miller's professionalism and quality, and we will be requesting his services again in the future.
- D.I., May 2019
I truly appreciate the thoroughness, detail and honesty you displayed during the inspection. I would definitely recommend you.
- V.T., April 2019
Dwight was a wonderful inspector. I felt like he did an incredibly thorough job in the upmost professional manner. I felt like every square inch of the house had been looked over and I trusted his knowledgeable views on everything. He was so patient with my questions and lack of knowledge & had my and my childrens? safety as priority. I would highly recommend him & AQI!
- M.G., April 2019
Mr. Miller was extremely knowledgeable and kind. His work is thorough and precise. I will definitely recommend Mr. Miller in the future... he's now my go-to guy for home inspections! Thank you!!
- J.S., March 2019
Thank you so much for your inspection. I appreciate how thorough it was. I also love that it arrived super fast and is easily accessible for future reference. Thanks for sending it to my realtor for me and for answering all my questions. Your customer service is super refreshing in this day and time. We will definitely use AQI again!
- D.T., March 2019
Extremely professional. Timely. Reliable. Willing to answer follow up questions. We used Dwight for a home that we didn't end up purchasing and immediately called him when we got another house under contract. Both inspections were top notch.
- M.L., March 2019
Dwight, I appreciate your thoroughness and I really appreciate the things you pointed out to me as far as where things were located. Thank you!
- G.L., February 2019
AQI has inspected two homes for me and done an outstanding job on both. Thorough, professional and punctual. Highly recommend!
- F.A., December 2018
Dwight was very thorough and knowledgeable. His attention to detail was very insightful and much appreciated. I would use Dwight again without hesitation.
- J.S., November 2018
Dwight was very through with my home inspection. He had photos and easy to understand descriptions of all areas of the house. If I had any questions he was available to talk to. Not only was he very professional, he was able to work with very hetic schedule. I would recommend him to anyone!
- D.P., November 2018
Dwight has inspected 4 houses for us to date. I have attended all the inspections and he always takes time to explain what he is looking for and why it is important. The reports he creates are comprehensive and easy to understand.
- J.P., May 2018
Dwight is a first class inspector. This was my first time home buying process and Dwight was very helpful in walking me through everything he did and explaining things in great detail to help me understand everything. He was very thorough on his inspection and provided a detailed report at the end of the day. It was very easy to follow and understand. I really enjoyed having Dwight as my home inspector and would definitely suggest him to other people!
- H.T., April 2018
Dwight was recommended to me by my aunt after he performed her home inspection. Over the years, he has inspected two homes for me, one built in 1915 and one built in 1990. With both of these inspections, I was impressed by his thoroughness and quick turnaround time for the reports. On the 1915 house, his observations allowed me to make negotiations which saved me over $10,000. With the 1990 house, his report gave me the peace of mind to move forward with my purchase. Highly recommend!
- C.L., February 2018
Thorough inspection and great report
- G.R., October 2017
I am extremely pleased with home inspector, Dwight Miller. Mr. Miller was very thorough and was not rushed during the inspection process, which allowed him to perform an excellent evaluation of the home. He also explained the inspection to me very well and in a way I could understand. I would have no hesitations in referring him to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- L.J., May 2017
Dwight did a very thorough job on my home inspection and went above and beyond what I expected. Being a first time homebuyer, Dwight did a great job explaining any issues to me and what those meant in layman's terms. I really appreciated his insight and the information provided.
- J.B., March 2017
Dwight was very thorough and professional. He sent pictures with his explanations and was available for follow up questions from me as well as from my realtor. He was also courteous and kind which always goes a long way when inviting someone into your home. I would definitely recommend Dwight Miller for your home inspection.
- E.R., March 2017
Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Did a very thorough and complete inspection with a very quick turn-around of his report. Excellent work.
- J.P., February 2017
Mr. Miller was very professional, efficient, and thorough. He offered clear explanations for his observations and answered questions that I had to the best of his knowledge. If there were things that were beyond the scope of the inspection or his knowledge, he indicated such and suggested different sources for answers.
- D.J., November 2016
I have bought 2 homes in the past and never had this type of detail or exceptional customer service in a home inspection. Dwight Miller walked me through the inspection step by step. During my survey Dwight noted major issues with the retaining wall. Instead of just noting retaining wall issue Dwight took the time called a certified contractor to meet me. The certified contractor met me at the home and discussed the potential cost for a new wall. In the long run this has saved me around 8K as the seller is now replacing the wall. Great job Dwight and I will defiantly use you guys on my future home purchases.
- C.R., October 2016
We were very pleased with the work completed on our home inspection. Dwight was very thorough and attentive to the small details. The inspection report was neat and in an "easy to read" outline. He took the time to explain verbally anything he saw to be of concern. We would highly recommend him to our friends.
- J.S., September 2016
Very professional, thorough, efficient and friendly!
- M.M., August 2016
I was very impressed with the inspection process and effort Dwight displayed for us. We are purchasing a new home, and my concern was this inspection would be too quick/simple due to the fact this is new construction - but Dwight spent time on everything from the basement to the attic, inside & out, thoroughly looking into each aspect of the house & related systems. He provided explanations of technical aspects, gave context where needed and responded to our questions. Very pleased, and happy to recommend his service.
- T.G., August 2016
Very efficient and thorough!
- R.P., June 2016
He is lovely to work with and did a fantastic job! He was punctual, polite, and thorough.
- M.B., Homewood AL, May 2016
Dwight did an extremely thorough job. He discovered several issues on a house that made me re-think my offer entirely. Highly recommended. I've hired Dwight for two properties now, and would recommend this company to anyone.
- S.G., April 2016
It was a pleasure having Dwight Miller inspect this home. He was very thorough, explained a lot, and was enjoyable to talk to. He really knows what he is doing and has an eye for detail. He was transparent throughout and made sure that I knew as much as possible about the house. The inspection report was extremely detailed and contained photos of items both good and bad. I feel confident in my decisions regarding this home purchase after this inspection.
- M.L., March 2016
Dwight was very thorough and conducted a very professional home inspection for me.
- S.D., February 2016
I have used Dwight on several properties now. He is amazingly thorough, and very knowledgeable. This is what you want in a home inspector.!
- M.M., January 2016
I've used both Derl Nelson and Dwight Miller and would recommend their inspection services to anyone. They provide detailed, thorough reports and are easily reached when you have questions. As a potential homebuyer, the peace of mind they provide for the reasonable price cannot be beat.
- E.C., July 2015
Dwight inspected a house for us in July 2015. He was very professional and helpful with our questions. We appreciated his courtesy and detailed explanations. We were very pleased with his speedy and detailed report.
- R.P., July 2015
The inspection that I have gotten was incredibly thorough and helpful! I will be definitely recommending you! Great Work!!!
- C.E., June 2015
Dwight was extremely thorough and took the time to explain any questions we had. He showed up to the appointment early, and was very professional. The report we received was well written and equally thorough, with pictures and explanations of all findings.
- J.M., June 2015
I'm very pleased with Mr. Miller and AQI. Mr. Miller was on time, courteous and very helpful. The inspection report was easy to understand and delivered in a timely manner.
- G.C., May 2015
Very thorough. Report was easy to read.
- A.B., April 2015
I am very pleased with Mr. Miller's work. It is obvious that he put a great deal of time and effort not only in the inspection, but also in the report. EXTREMELY helpful!
- J.E., April 2015
He was very thorough and did a great job recommending what I should do to help maintain the house.
- L.B., April 2015
The inspection report was very thorough, easy to understand (even if you know nothing about house construction) and well documented with pictures. Dwight took many pictures and pointed out many very useful thing (not only defects or issues). We are very happy with the service we were provided and will definitively recommend Dwight.
- S.K., March 2015
Timely, thorough. Identified many problems I did not see. Thanks
- J.M., March 2015
Stellar work. Provided clear answers on site. The report was very detailed and well illustrated. Overall, I am very pleased.
- J.B., February 2015
Dwight conducted a wonderful inspection. The inspection was very thorough and detailed. He provided explanations to go with his pictures and observations. Dwight was easy to communicate with. I was able to schedule my appointment within days and I received my report the same day as the inspection.
- B.C., January 2015
I was impressed by the quickness of the inspection and the details on every single area of the house who in future will need some attention. Nothing to complain about. Very good job and thank you for your prompt and positive response.
- J.B., January 2015
Dwight was great. Came right out and gave a easy to read report. Thanks again, Brenda
- B.T., December 2014
Dwight was professional, courteous, and extremely thorough. I would absolutely use him again in the future!
- M.L., December 2014
I had the pleasure of working with Dwight Miller on two home inspections within a week's time, one of which Dwight agreed to schedule the day after Thanksgiving, which was a huge help! I was extremely impressed with Dwight's attention to detail and the quality of the inspection report I received. With this being my first home purchase, I cannot say enough about Dwight's experience and professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend Dwight to anyone looking for a quality home inspection in the future.
- J.G., December 2014
Thank you very much, Dwight! Your work was comprehensive and very professional. And quality of report was impressive. Sergiy.
- S.K., October 2014
I am completely satisfied with Dwight's performance. This was money well spent and I intend to use his services in the future.
- R.J., October 2014
Excellent attention to detail. Consummate inspector focused on the intricacies of both static and dynamic home systems. Very thorough inspection. I am thrilled w/ Dwight's findings and recommendations, and will pursue the current homeowners' addressing them.
- T.B., August 2014
Dwight you always a professional and complete inspection. I appreciate the work you do.
- D.T., August 2014
Dwight, Thanks for the great job. We really appreciated your extensive knowledge and professionalism throughout the inspection.
- J.G., August 2014
Dwight was great. He was very thorough with the inspection and provided a very professional and detailed report. I will definitely recommend Dwight for anyone who needs a home inspection.
- R.G., August 2014
Dwight was very professional and thorough in his work. I would recommend him if you want the job done right.
- J.P., June 2014
Mr Miller was most professional, completed the inspection in a timely manner, and submitted his report in an easy to read format.
- J.R., May 2014
Dwight did a fantastic job inspecting my home! He is very thorough and explained everything that I needed to know. He even came out two times when I needed him to! I highly recommend Dwight to all!
- M.S., May 2014
Dwight was on time and a very nice guy. He did a thorough, professional job on the inspection and even offered to come back later in the day to meet with my wife and I to answer any questions we had in person. I would highly recommend him for your home inspection.
- S.Y., May 2014
So very thorough. Fully available for questions and explanations.
- B.F., April 2014
Dwight was thorough and took time to explain many things to me. He inspected a new construction home for me and found several issues that are minor now, but if left alone would probably cause problems a few years down the road (when my warranty was over). I appreciate his work and highly recommend using him.
- R.H., April 2014
Dwight was very professional and thorough. He did a great job and I would highly recommend him to others.
- J.D., April 2014
Mr. Miller was helpful and explained in terms I could understand what needed to be repaired and the basic condition of the home. He inspected the home carefully and was honest and courteous.
- K.H., April 2014
very thorough inspection and very easy to work with.
- M.H., February 2014
Dwight was very professional and did an excellent job with explaining his findings to me. I would definitely recommend his services and if I ever need any future inspections I will give him a call.
- A.C., January 2014
Dwight was very thorough and informative in both house inspections he as performed for me. I would ask for him again and would recommend his services.
- W.S., December 2013
Great job -very thorough!
- J.H., December 2013
Thanks for providing a prompt professional home inspection on a very short notice. I would be glad to refer and recommend you to any prospect.
- K.G., October 2013
Dwight was incredibly thorough. He took his time, knew his stuff, and in our opinion, was the best inspector we've ever used. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- K.F., October 2013
Mr Miller is a great inspector.
- C.J., October 2013
He was very thorough and helpful about pointing out defects. He took extra time to show us how the furnace, fireplace etc worked. He was very prompt and had the report to us the same day.
- S.K., July 2013
Great Job! Very thorough!
- A.F., June 2013
The inspection provided by Dwight Miller was professional and extremely thorough. The report was easy to follow and well organized. We will absolutely use him again in the future.
- M.L., June 2013
Thank you for your communication throughout the pre-and post-inspection process. I am very pleased with the quality of the report and attached images for documentation. I will definitely recommend AQI in the future.
- M.G., May 2013
Great to work with and very thorough.
- A.W., May 2013
Very thorough! Went through every nook and crany on an 84 yer old house! Great report!
- H.A., May 2013
Mr. Miller was very helpful in educating me throughout the inspection and not hesitating to answer any questions or concerns I had. He did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- R.P., April 2013
Great experience! Thorough, professional job from start to finish. Mr. Miller noticed things we had not (and would not have known to look for). Nothing that would keep us from purchasing the house, but all things that needed to be addressed by professionals for safety reasons. Thank you for a job well done.
- J.M., April 2013
Dwight is very professional, courteous, and pleasant to work with. I evaluate his work with the highest level of satisfaction. I would recommend him as an exellent home inspector.
- X.L., March 2013
You did a great job. Thanks again.
- J.H., March 2013
Thank you so much for the thorough inspection and the great report. I really appreciate it. I've looked over all the notes and recommendations and everything is clear and concise. I was worried that this wouldn't be a straightforward process but you have made it a breeze. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know in need of a home inspection.
- D.G., February 2013
Dwight did an outstanding job on our inspection. He was very professional and thorough. He arrived early, worked diligently for several hours, and delivered the report to us later that evening. I would happily recommend Dwight an AQI Inspections to anyone looking for a quality inspection. -Robert
- R.H., February 2013
Dwight was early for the appointment and very thorough with the inspection. The report was also very easy to read. I highly recommend him for anyone needing a complete home inspection. Vincent
- V.P., February 2013
Thanks for an excellent inspection. Very complete and well documented. I will recommend you to all my clients without hesitation. Dave Taylor. Re/Max Southern Homes 01/2013
- D.T., January 2013
Straightforward pricing. Excellent work and the report was delivered on time. They also worked with me on the issue of being out of their area. Very pleased.
- R.B., December 2012
Dwight has completed two inspections for my family now. The first inspection revealed enough that we decided the house really wasn't what we were looking for. Having attended both inspections, I am confident in Dwight's abilities to identify any and all house defects. He took time to explain what he was looking for at every turn, which will have lasting value for me as a home owner. Having a 2-year-old son, I particularly appreciated him directing my attention to problems that might be harmful to children. The report included pictures and detailed notes that described the issues that were found and what actions might need to be taken to resolve them. My wife and I will be closing on the second house Dwight inspected for us soon and we take comfort in the fact that the house has been thoroughly looked over.
- J.P., November 2012
Great job!!! Awesome inspection. Would highly recommend you to anyone considering purchasing a home or evaluating their existing home.
- R.C., October 2012
Dwight was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was present for the entire inspection and Dwight explained what he was doing and the implications of the results at every turn. After the inspection was completed, my wife and I decided that the house really wasn't for us after all. We're very glad that we hired Dwight and will be seeking his services again soon.
- J.P., October 2012
Excellent attention to detail and outstanding customer service. I would strongly recommend Dwight. I greatly appreciated his willingness and ability to explain the issues he found during and after the inspection.
- N.G., September 2012
Good job ! Thank You
- J.M., September 2012
Mr. Miller was such a pleasure to work with, was very accessible and took extra time to fully explain to me the results of my inspection. I would without a doubt recommend his services as well as use him again! Thanks so much!
- T.W., August 2012
We were very pleased with how thorough of an inspection Dwight performed and his willingness to work with us on a Saturday. I would suggest to him to anyone looking to purchase a home.
- N.S., August 2012