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Founded by a home inspector over 20 years ago, HomeGauge provides the highest-rated home inspection report software on the market, making the inspection process simple and convenient for everyone involved.


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How Does the Home Inspection Report Software by HomeGauge Work?


Home Inspection Software for Home Inspectors

HomeGauge helps streamline your business so you can focus on your customers. You’ll get the tools to succeed, including inspection report writing software, connected business tools, dashboards, and more!

We also provide industry-leading support, whether you’re starting a new business, scaling an existing one, or looking to add value outside of the inspection. View some sample home inspection reports or start by learning about our home inspection software.


HomeGauge Dashboard for Home Buyers

HomeGauge inspection software connects inspectors with plenty of tools to give their customers the best experience! There are also many buyer resources to make the journey from inspection to purchase effortless.


HomeGauge Dashboard for Real Estate Professionals

HomeGauge bridges gaps that may exist between the agent, inspector, and buyer during a transaction. Added value for the buyer includes resources, support, online collaboration, report delivery, and even a Create Request List™ for repairs, making this journey more simple and efficient than ever before.

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What customers are saying about our home inspection software


“Every time I have ever spoken with HomeGauge Support I have hung up the phone thinking this is a software company I like doing business with.”

Dan J from MA


“I started with this home inspection software in 2003 when we established our business. It has had so many upgrades along the way. I have had so many colleagues use other software over the years and had to switch because of lack of support, no upgrades and software companies going out of business. I’m glad I made the right choice initially with Homegauge. I’ve had a lot of colleagues switch to it.”

Bill S.


“The inspection report is easily customized by the user, HomeGauge customer service has been outstanding over the years and the software is always been improving and upgradeable.”

Capterra Review


“5-star experience. Pure and simple. Home Inspectors want support when they need it, but even more than that, they want to spend MORE time doing inspections instead of writing reports! With the Desktop HG app AND my mobile app with dictating capability. I have 90% of my report writing DONE while I am in the field doing the inspection. Bottom line: HG inspection software and their professional reports get me more business and make me more money!”

Robert A

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