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The HomeGauge Companion will save you time. How can this little device possibly make you more efficient? The biggest answer is photos. Save up to an hour per inspection by taking photos directly on your device, in their intended location in the report. Couple that with your own custom comment library, report auto-fills, downloading appointments directly from the cloud, and you have a killer app for your home inspection business.


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How to inspect on site with the HG Companion

See what our customers are saying:

I am continually and thoroughly amazed and impressed with the level of support I get from HomeGauge every time I call for help. I always get a real person that can always solve my problem. I just talked to Kristin and she knew immediately what I needed and assisted me quickly. You have really put together a great team and the concept of immediate help is outstanding. I wish you would sell it to Charter Communications and several other companies that don't have a clue.

Oh, by the way, your products also work great. I recently bought the HG Companion and it was easy to get started and I use it all the time. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Doug Mickle, ASHI Certified Inspector, HouseChek Inspections

Being a long time user of the desktop version, I have been carrying a laptop for years and taking pictures with a camera or my phone. I knew about HG Companion, but I was afraid to try it. Well no more! In the past it would take me almost two hours to finalize a report, with downloading the pictures, scrolling and posting, it was a daunting task. Today I used HG Companion for two inspections, I uploaded them during travel from one inspection to the next and during my drive home. When I got home I completed and uploaded both in less than twenty minutes! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

Michael Donitzen, InterNACHI Certified Inspector, Aztec Home Services LLC

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Note: The HG Companion for Android and HG Companion for iOS require the HomeGauge Version 5 desktop software. The HG Companion for Android/iOS is not supported in HomeGauge 4. It is also highly recommended to use a HomeGauge Subscription for report and template transfer.

The HG Companion runs on Android smart phones and tablets, as well as the Apple iPhone and iPad. The HomeGauge Companion allows you to collect data using a mobile device and then transfer the report to a laptop or desktop to finish the report. Download it from the Google Play or iTunes store for free and purchase a license key to use it with the HomeGauge desktop here. HomeGauge Companion users will enjoy shaving tens of minutes off their inspection reporting time using unique time saving features such as:

Automatic picture placement at the inspection item. Simply go to the item on your phone or tablet and use the built in camera to take a picture. The picture is automatically placed at the item in the report.

Finger friendly reporting to quickly check off items and drop in auto-comments.

Record audio bytes at each item for those wanting to finish up at the office or have someone else complete the report.

Record video clips: Dishwasher noisy? Bees or pests at the home? Active leaks? Got video? Add some visual impact and turn your report into a presentation!

Use the HG Cloud feature to send your report wirelessly and effortlessly to your HG Subscription account. Use your main computer to retrieve the report, complete it, and send to your customers and agents. Note: Reports can be transferred manually (free, but requires steps not supported by HG) or with ease using your HomeGauge Subscription.

Which device should I use?

Phone or tablet? Android or iOS?

Read our advice on hardware.

Installing HG Companion


Look on your Android device for "Google Play". Search the store for "HomeGauge".

Android app on Google Play

iPhone / iPad

Search the iTunes App Store for "HomeGauge" to install.

iOS app available on iTunes

Setting up your software

Use the HG Cloud to move your templates over.

  1. From the HG Desktop version, use the menu "HG Services -> Upload Cloud Templates and Settings". Select the template you would like to move.
  2. From the HG Companion home screen, select the menu button " HG Services -> Download Templates and Settings".

Hints and Tips for using the HG Companion

  • The orange toolbar at the bottom of the screen is for navigating through the report on Android. This menu appears at the top on the iPhone / iPad.
  • If there is not a navigation button at the bottom of a screen on the Android, then use the Android Back button.
  • If you cannot figure out how to do an action like exclude a Style and Material, try to use the Android menu button or long press on the item.
  • You will need to use similar menus used to move the templates over and to move the reports back and forth. From the HG Companion Home screen, select Menu -> HG Services -> Send Report To Cloud. Then download it to the desktop using the menu HG Services -> Get Report from Cloud. The Cloud transfer for reports is a temporary holding place to move your reports around. This is not permanent storage. Your report is permanently stored after finishing it on the desktop and uploading it.
  • You can move reports over manually with an Android device, but this method is not recommended or supported. Here is the info on manually moving reports. On the iPhone/iPad manually moving reports is not supported.

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