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HomeGauge 5 is the most advanced home inspection software on the market. HomeGauge is built for your style, either on a desktop, laptop, a tablet, or a phone. HomeGauge runs on your Windows computer, with Companion apps that run on both Android and iOS.


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HomeGauge has many features to reduce your time in front of your computer!

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The HomeGauge Companion is now available on Android and iOS.

The HomeGauge Companion will save you time. How can this little device possibly make you more efficient? The biggest answer is photos. Save up to an hour per inspection by taking photos directly on your device, in their intended location in the report. Couple that with your own custom comment library, report auto-fills, downloading appointments directly from the cloud, and you have a killer app for your home inspection business.


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Inspection Software for Android and iOS

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Why Use HomeGauge Home Inspection Software Over All The Others?

HomeGauge works great with Windows 7, 8 and 10! The HomeGauge Companion runs on Android and Apple iOS. Note: HomeGauge does not run on Windows RT.

HomeGauge home inspection software uses templates to produce reports for Residential, Commercial, Multi-family, Safety, State Pest Forms, Wind Mitigation Forms, HUD Forms, Warranty Qualifier inspections, Contractor Bid/Proposal and Work Write-ups for bidding. You can also create your own templates and custom inspection checklists! Many of the templates mentioned above are free and included in the purchase of the software. Some examples of included templates are:

Residential Home Inspections

Templates included in the purchase for Residential comply with Standards of Practice for states and organizations like ASHI, InterNACHI, NAHI and others:

  1. Residential by System: This template can create a single summary or multiple summary defined by the inspector. System by System have no "room" sections. Inspect the home "room by room," but record the deficiencies at the item or component and describe the location. This template is the most popular. Watch the brief video for a better understanding.
  2. Residential by Room: This template has rooms so you record the deficiency in the room where you found it. This template is easy to create and the user can duplicate and rename rooms on the fly making this template more specific to the home but can also be a longer report (more pages).
  3. Compact: This template is the shortest report and utilizes the "Itemization" feature to separate multiple defects that must be recorded on the same item but perhaps are different problems in different locations. This template is not as informative to the new inspector and requires the inspector to know what items or components he must report on. It is recommended for the experienced inspector who wants a shorter report.
  4. Condo: This template is designed for condominiums laid out in a Room By Room style and the ability to Exclude Exterior sections when it is not part of the inspection!
  5. Multi-Family: This template can be copied and certain items can be deleted before duplicating the units to eliminate tedious exclusion of components that may not be in the units. It also allows you to exclude the Electrical section if the electrical panels are at each unit rather than all in one place depending upon the age and design of the building.
  6. State Specific and ORG Templates: Some states like Texas and North Carolina require certain wording or a required format in order to be in compliance. Also included is the InterNACHI template.
  7. New Construction Phases: This template allows the user to start inspecting at any phase of progress and continue the phases until a full home inspection is performed at the completion of the home by the builder.
  8. Mold Template: This template is designed to be used as a full inspection of the property in an attempt to discover and record test locations. It also can easily exclude areas to create a location specific test.
  9. 4 Point Template: Easily perform 4 point inspections for banks and insurance companies. This template can be easily modified to add/rename inspection items as desired. Note: Some states or insurance companies may want an approved "Form" which would require you to use our "Form Feature" instead of the 4 point template.
  10. Forms Feature: Forms designed for 4 point with signature capability, Wind Mitigation forms, Roof and HUD forms, Pest Control forms and Custom forms that the user needs for localized business to business.

Commercial Templates

  1. Generic Commercial Inspection: This template is designed for use on Restaurants, Office Buildings, Retail Outlets, Store Front and Strip Malls.
  2. INACHI Commercial Template: Includes multiple features such as the main commercial template designed for use on Restaurants, Office Buildings, Retail Outlets, Store Front and Strip Malls. It also includes AIR (Accessibility Inspection Report) for Handicap requirements. Another report the INACHI Template includes is an extensive Stairways Inspection.
  3. ASTM: This template is an ASTM style. ASTM qualified inspectors can use this template to perform a Property Condition Report (PCR) using the ASTM E2018 guideline. It includes the ADA template (Americans with Disabilities Act). Note: It is up to the user to determine if he is qualified, prepared, approved or capable of using this template.

Other Templates

  1. General Contracting/Bid Template: This template is great for producing an illustrated bid/quote and a work write up for repairs, remodeling and small or large projects.
  2. Custom Made Inspection Templates for any industry using HomeGauge or InspectGauge*: See how easy it is to customize your own template from home inspections, pest control inspections, chimney inspections to completely different industries such as Towers, Rigs, Structures, Cranes, Sprinkler Systems, mission critical checklists etc.

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Competitor upgrade! If you are looking to move from Porter Valley, 3D Software, or Home Inspector Pro to HomeGauge home inspection software, it is now easier than ever with our new Migration Assistant. This will convert your Porter Valley, 3D, or Home Inspector Pro templates into HomeGauge templates. Try it out on your HomeGauge trial version. Download and install HG software and then click Download template migration tool! (make sure you have PV, 3D, or HIP on the same computer as the HG trial) Making the switch

HomeGauge comes with FREE support via the online HG Support Center, email, and phone.

Sample Home Inspection Reports

We have sample reports, shown in some different available printing formats. The same inspection report with the same data is used, but different formats and styles demonstrate a different layout (the printing style can be chosen when printing or uploading a report, or by going to "File - Printing Options"). The format of the report is chosen in the HomeGauge home inspection software after you have completed the inspection and go to print the report. There are many more color options and styles available in the software than are shown.

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The download is a full version, but only valid for 30 days. While in the trial period, it will also print at the bottom of the report that it was created with a trial version. Once you see how easy it is to use, you can begin changing the questions for your area and to fit your style.

HomeGauge runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. The HomeGauge Companion runs on Android and Apple iOS. Note: HomeGauge does not run on Windows RT.

Apple Mac Notes: HomeGauge Home Inspection Software does not run as a native application on Mac OS computers. However we have several users that have reported no issues with using the technology that allows you to use a Mac, but also run Windows applications. You can use Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare Fusion or Bootcamp.

See what our customers are saying:

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I love the HomeGauge products and support, especially the home inspection software. I just recently purchased it and after setting it up for my business I will be using it today. I say a big thank you to the staff who have all been so helpful. I am starting to understand the software to where I am now solving my own issues. My only regret is that I did not find it sooner. HomeGauge is a quality company and a Home Inspector's dream. Thank you for all you and your team have done, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with HomeGauge. Take care and keep up the great work!!

John Shaffer, Cascade Home Inspections LLC Seattle Washington

I love the home inspection software, flexibility, customization, and tech support, coupled with all the positive feedback from customers and realtors alike. Even though many inspectors use HomeGauge, I have customized my reports to stand out and use more features that are available than most. Readability is of the utmost importance with an unbiased condition of the home. The quality and ease of use with HomeGauge is in line with my business practices. Innovation and constant upgrades are a way of life and learning.

Jim Hawk, Hawkeye Residential Inspections, LLC

Intuitive home inspection software, great looking reports, and excellent support services.

Joe Skrypka, The Home Inspection Guy Inc.

Best customer service around, and everyone is approachable there.

Charles Harper, Inspection Connection, LLC

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