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HomeGauge gives you the tools you need to build your business efficiently and profitably, from scheduling clients to marketing your services. Our industry-leading reports are easy to create, simple to upload, and give your clients an interactive experience only HomeGauge can provide. You'll get all of this for a flat monthly fee that doesn't increase as your business grows. Check out all the features that set us apart below.

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Manage and Grow Your Business

  • Manage Your Appointments and Calendar. Never double book or miss an appointment again by allowing your customers to book appointments online through ScheduleNow. Track your schedule and synchronize it with your Google Calendar.
  • Get Agreements Signed with Ease. Protect yourself by getting agreements signed online prior to the inspection or at least before your client views the report.
  • Ensure Payment and Accept Credit Cards. Allow clients to pay by credit card, check or cash — and you can ensure payment for your inspection by preventing access to the report until your client has paid.

Ensure Business Continuity

  • Access to Live Phone Support. When you just need to speak to a human being, HomeGauge has support representatives available from 9am to 8pm ET.
  • Software Upgrades Included. We are committed to regularly updating HomeGauge and with your HomeGauge Subscription you can benefit from these updates at no extra cost.
  • Backup and Restore Your Templates. In the unfortunate event that you lose your computer or it crashes, your templates and reports are all available to restore on your new or repaired computer.

Deliver an Impressive Report

  • Bring Your Report to Life with Video and 360° Images. Why create a plain inspection report when you can make it an interactive presentation? With just a single photo, you can include a 360° view of the property, similar to Google Street View. These panoramic images, along with expandable photos and a live table of contents tab, all add up to a report that will wow your homebuyers and set you apart.

Reduce Report Writing Time

  • Upload from HomeGauge Companion. Take pictures and record comments on your mobile device, saving report writing time after the inspection. Transfer your findings to your desktop to complete your report.

HomeGauge Extra Care Service

Help your buyers get a homeowners insurance quote!

Extra Care gives you the opportunity to connect your buyers with a personalized homeowners insurance quote (it is not a home warranty). As an inspector, we know you're always looking to make the home buying process easier for your clients — now you can help!

A Quick Overview

See what our customers are saying:

HomeGauge is very service focused and is always willing to help.

Larry Brown, The Inspection Protection Company

THANK YOU!!!! HomeGauge has been one of the lights in this difficult business. It is a rare thing these days to find customer service anywhere. HG is one of the best customer service companies I know. The efforts that are made to make your software and services the best in the industry shows. It takes time, money and passion. I just want you to know that I see what you do and appreciate you all very much. Your software and services are the cornerstone of my business. Without HG I would be just another inspector. I cannot tell you how many times I get the credit for your work with comments like "your report rocks". Continue in your efforts with passion. You are all making us out here in the trenches look better and better... And that is saying something for someone who crawls on all fours all the time!

Troy Walton, Certified Master Inspector, Superior Home Inspection, LLC

I am happy to say, now three months into my business, that I made the right decision with HomeGauge. In fact, I can honestly say that what I thought I was purchasing from HomeGauge was reporting software. Little did I know that what I actually purchased was an entire system for success in the home inspection business. The software is only the beginning of what HomeGauge has provided to me.

During the last several months, I have found myself greatly enjoying the software and its ability to be customized to meet my specific needs. But, in addition, I now have a professional looking website, the ability to accept credit cards, an internet driven distribution system for my reports, and an entire network of home inspection professionals that are very willing to share ideas with me and other home inspectors. The list goes on and I continue to find new things daily that I can use to help grow my business.

Thanks again for exceeding my expectations and helping me establish a successful home inspection business.

Keith Hutcheson, Coastal Home Inspection Services, LLC

HomeGauge Features to Help You Grow Your Business

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HomeGauge lets you upload and store your reports to our site for online delivery. Once you upload using our one button upload feature, you can send an email link to the client and agent using our automated process. The Internet delivery system makes a great marketing tool because every report you send to that agent gets stored in their secure, password protected vault! This saves time you would have spent digging up a 6 month old report and the agent loves the immediate access. Now you can call up your agents and tell them they will never have to fax or overnight a report again! You can even send it to the Listing Agent when permitted by your client, which creates another business lead for you. Whether you use HomeGauge, 3D, Porter Valley, Home Inspector Pro, or any other software (even your own Word or Excel form), as long as you can turn it into a PDF file, you can use all the benefits of the upload service.
Why create a plain inspection report when you can make it an interactive presentation? Give your homebuyers and agents a tour of the property with video, panoramic 360° images, expandable photos, and a live table of contents tab—all within the report. See a sample
Your real estate agents and customers can create a Repair/Request list (or project list) directly from the inspection report and attach it to their repair addendum form! This is a unique feature that only HomeGauge offers and can make you stand out from your competition. Read More
HomeGauge makes it easy to do some social networking, right from your report upload. When someone is happily viewing their home inspection report, they can click on one of these buttons. If they do, all their facebook or Google+ friends will see that they're recommending your inspection company on their newsfeed.
Extra Care gives you the opportunity to connect your buyers with a personalized homeowners insurance quote (it is not a home warranty). As an inspector, you expertly collect the information insurance carriers need — why not use that information to help your home buyers and agents?
When you upload a report, a "Time Stamp" is created and posted on your behalf documenting when the report was uploaded. When you send the link to your customer and agent, you get a time stamp showing when the report delivery notification was sent. When they sign in to view the report you also get a time stamp which validates the report was delivered. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing when they viewed it, or if they didn't.
It's now easier than ever to transfer your reports from device to device! Move reports from your Android or iOS device to a tablet, from your tablet to your Windows computer, or from your Windows computer to another Windows computer, all wirelessly through the HG Cloud, a part of the HG Subscription. This is a great service as well for multiple inspector firms that need to pass reports around, or if an office person starts up a report, an inspector in the field can download directly to his/her phone to start up the report.
With your HG Subscription you can backup your software settings (templates, user data, logos, etc.) directly to the cloud with a simple click. This makes it easier than ever to restore your HomeGauge software on a new computer when your computer crashes or you purchase a new computer.
With our " History" feature, you can view all activity on a report, including report views, report forwarding, and views by 3rd parties (when the customer forwards their report). Best of all, you can see a history of all these occurrences, so you know exactly what is going on with your uploaded report.
HomeGauge Software enables you to upload your reports to our site where they will be stored in your password protected vault for up to 5 years, as long as you have a HomeGauge Subscription. Just think, all of your reports at your fingertips, and the peace of mind of an off-site secondary backup. The backup can also be used to restore your report templates and database of real estate professionals.**
Use TRM (Time Release Messaging) to schedule email messages based on the inspection report. You can schedule a simple thank you letter after the inspection or marketing messages to help promote your other services. Emails can be scheduled up to a year after the inspection.
Need to send a report link to someone while on the road? Our mobile ready website makes that easy. You can do what you need to do on your mobile device. Nothing special needed. Also, HomeGauge inspection reports work great on mobile devices and videos work too!
You can now manage your appointments online. The HomeGauge Appointment Manager & Calendar integrates with Google Maps and Google Calendar. If you are using HomeGauge Software, the report information can be downloaded into your software. This eliminates double entry and ensures accuracy.
Real estate agents and home buyers can book appointments with you entirely online, 24 hours a day. It can be embedded in your website and is designed to be mobile friendly.
You can have your customers "Click to Agree" to your inspection agreement online. Most licensed states require the agreement to be signed before you perform the inspection. Now you can give the buyer or customer easy access to agree to your agreement online before you arrive at the inspection address.
We have two call centers that can book your appointments directly into your HomeGauge Appointment Manager, so you can download your booked appointments directly into your HomeGauge Software and see them with your integrated Google Calendar. Check out Personalized Answering & Scheduling Service (PASS) and Simple Solutions Call Center for your call center needs.
Each time a customer comes to view their inspection report, they have an opportunity to fill out a survey on your services. They can check whether or not you can use their comments for your own marketing purposes, such as on your website. These are maintained with your HomeGauge account and can be a great source for testimonials. They can also help you get other useful feedback from your customers to help you improve your services. This option can be disabled if you already provide questionnaires to your customers. More info can be found by logging into your HomeGauge account and clicking on "My Ratings" found under "Contacts".
HomeGauge makes it possible for you to setup a merchant account so you can accept credit cards online. We provide a secure online payment interface, which makes it easy for you to block viewing of your online reports until they've been paid for — additionally, a report can be immediately unlocked by the customer when they pay with a credit card online. Virtually eliminate collections by forcing payment before your clients can view the report.
These HomeGauge features can make your website even better.
Use BuildFax to run a property background check that can give you information on the construction history of a property. You can find out about permitted remodels, new construction, pools, demolition, roofs — it covers all the trades, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. These reports can help you prepare before the inspection, and you can share them with your customer or resell them for a profit. You can also just use the BuildFax reports for your own knowledge to help you with inspections (without sharing them with the home buyers).
With our partner, Air Chek, radon test results will be delivered automatically to your "My Reports" area on your HomeGauge Dashboard. The client will also automatically receive an email notification when the radon report is online and ready to be viewed. Not only does this save you from entering in the same information again for the radon test, but also saves you from having to check on the status of your radon reports.
Download ISN appointments directly into HomeGauge Software as part of your HomeGauge Subscription. This is a great timesaver for ISN users.
All home inspection software upgrades are included while users maintains their HomeGauge Subscription.
Enjoy the web presence and authority position HomeGauge has with search engines when it comes to finding an inspector. Many inspectors say that they get enough inspections a year from their listing to pay for their HomeGauge Subscription and more. We are listed in many search engines and we get many visitors each day. Your listing will be viewable when the prospective buyer comes to HomeGauge.com and searches by zip code — or sometimes the search engine will point to your page directly from the search engine results.
Use the HomeGauge Support Center to find software tutorials and answers to your HomeGauge questions.
Any paying HomeGauge Subscription users are eligible for a coupon for $100 off the price of your first year of InterNACHI Membership. This coupon only applies to first time InterNACHI members and does not apply to current or past InterNACHI members.

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