HomeGauge — PDF vs. HTML

Why send a PDF attachment when you can get more marketing power by sending it through HomeGauge as an Interactive Report or Web Presentation?

Why deliver your report with HomeGauge as a Web presentation

  1. Your customer gets a better experience, with features such as expanding pictures and video.
  2. Most of your competitors have no choice because their software only creates PDF reports. Be different because you can and they can't.
  3. Video in your report works great with HomeGauge, but it is terrible in a PDF. More than 3 buyers of every 10 will sign in to view their report on their phone. You cannot view a video clip in a pdf on your phone, but you can with HomeGauge's web presentation. A video in a pdf is even more illusive because every browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) has their own pdf viewer and they cannot display the videos, only Acrobat Reader can. This is made worse in that browsers will typically open the pdf, and not Acrobat. HomeGauge was the first to have video and our video works because it is NOT a PDF.
  4. Have buyers and agents come to YOUR website to pick up their report. That is branding your company. Also, we store all your reports for your agents so when they sign in at your website to pick up their report, they will see the old reports you have done for them as well. It will add more loyalty to you.
  5. Social networking made easy. Look at this sample report. At the top left you will see Google Recommend and Facebook Recommend. When your buyer clicks on that icon we send that to their Facebook timeline for their friends. This means that every inspection could be worth a hundred impressions (SEO help), if some of their friends click on your website link. Maybe some of them even live nearby and may want to use you for ancillary services you provide? That is more marketing that you can't get from a PDF.
  6. Floating contents bar. Looking back at the sample report above you will see the content bar neatly tucked away waiting on your customer and their agent to go over the report. A PDF has a large content bar that obstructs the report view.
  7. An email link to a report is lightweight where a PDF attachment can be very large.
  8. The customer and agent can come back and view their report anytime. They never lose it or need another copy sent while you are out in the field, like happens with a pdf attachment.
  9. The sample report again will show you that we still provide the customer or agent access to save the report as a PDF. They get to view it as an interactive report and save it offline as a pdf for storage if desired. HomeGauge gives you the best of both worlds.
  10. The Summary is also pulled out as a direct access for the agent when viewing the report. The sample report at the top right gives the agent access to the Summary.

There are so many benefits! You can give your customers and agents more value and more marketing power when you deliver your report as an interactive web presentation and not a pdf.

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