The Benefits of HomeGauge Protect: Give Your Customers Peace of Mind and Guarantee Your Inspections

benefits of homegauge protect

Home warranties often disappoint homeowners due to various shortcomings, including slow claims processing, limited contractor options, and aggressive marketing tactics. Our new solution, HomeGauge Protect, addresses these problems by providing home inspectors with a better way to give their customers peace of mind. Read on to learn about the benefits of HomeGauge Protect.

What is HomeGauge Protect?

With HomeGauge Protect, homebuyers get extended coverage for repairs on items that were working during the inspection, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, mold remediation, structural issues (including the roof), and appliances.

Home inspectors can easily enroll in HomeGauge Protect, and the process of filing a claim is straightforward for homebuyers. Claims are usually approved within 48 hours, and homeowners receive reimbursement in about five business days.

By offering HomeGauge Protect for just $22 per inspection, you’ll distinguish yourself from competitors and provide your clients with peace of mind.

Benefits of HomeGauge Protect for Home Inspectors

Simple Enrollment Process

Enrolling in HomeGauge Protect as a home inspector is as straightforward as filling out this online form. Once the form is submitted, inspectors quickly receive enrollment confirmation and HomeGauge Protect will be included for their customers moving forward.

Low Cost

HomeGauge Protect is a cost-effective solution for home inspectors, costing only $22 per inspection. Most inspectors include this minimal fee in their inspection pricing, giving clients added security without substantially increasing their service charges. By covering the cost, home inspectors can confidently provide exceptional service without reducing their earnings.

Reduce Dependence on E&O

Enrolling in HomeGauge Protect reduces your dependence on E&O insurance. With HomeGauge Protect, homebuyers can file claims directly with the protection program, relieving the inspector of the full liability burden.

Avoid Post-Inspection Problems

Avoid customer complaints with HomeGauge Protect. By offering a direct avenue for resolution, HomeGauge Protect enhances customer satisfaction and boosts confidence in both homebuyers and inspectors. As a result, inspectors can focus on delivering top-notch inspections without the hassle of dealing with their E&O insurance.

Market Your Business

Offering HomeGauge Protect as part of your home inspection services is a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients. By providing comprehensive coverage, potential clients can trust that they won’t be left stranded if issues arise after the inspection.

HomeGauge even provides marketing materials for inspectors to share with clients, showcasing the benefits of the protection program. These materials highlight your commitment to reliable services, setting you apart from competitors and reinforcing your professionalism.

Moreover, displaying a HomeGauge Protect badge on your website with a direct link to the claims portal makes it convenient for clients to file a claim.

Incorporating HomeGauge Protect into your marketing strategy attracts clients who value transparency, accountability, and thoroughness in their home inspection process. This unique offering strengthens your brand reputation, increases referrals, and fosters long-term customer loyalty, ultimately helping your home inspection business grow and thrive.

Benefits of HomeGauge Protect for Homebuyers

Generous Coverage Period

HomeGauge Protect provides extensive coverage for homebuyers for either 100 days after the inspection or 30 days after closing, whichever is longer. This extended coverage safeguards homebuyers from unexpected costs that may arise even after the closing process is complete.

No Waiting Period

Homeowners using HomeGauge Protect enjoy a hassle-free claims process with no waiting period. When a claim is filed on the online portal, it is usually approved within 48 hours. Once approved, reimbursements of up to $2,500 are made within five business days. This swift and smooth claims experience demonstrates HomeGauge Protect’s dedication to exceptional customer service, providing homeowners with peace of mind when they need it most.

Choose Any Contractor

Homeowners have the freedom to select their own contractors when using HomeGauge Protect. Unlike other protection programs that limit choices, HomeGauge Protect has no restrictions. This flexibility enables homeowners to hire contractors they trust or have worked with before, enhancing their comfort and satisfaction.

Unlimited Number of Claims

HomeGauge Protect allows homeowners to file an unlimited number of claims within the coverage period (up to $2,500). Whether it’s for minor repairs or more significant issues, they can depend on the protection program for multiple claims.

How to Reap the Benefits of HomeGauge Protect

Take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your services and offer peace of mind to your clients. Enroll easily and seamlessly to provide this valuable benefit right away.

Visit our website to learn more and secure your spot as a trusted and reliable home inspector with HomeGauge Protect. Your clients will thank you for the added protection, and you’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with being part of this industry-leading program.

Don’t wait – sign up for HomeGauge Protect and take your home inspection business to new heights!

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