Maintenance Matters: The Key to Extending Appliances’ Lifespans

August 28, 2023 | 
extending appliances' lifespans
Household appliances bring convenience and efficiency to our daily routines. Like many home components, appliances require regular care to continue running optimally. A little attention makes all the difference when it comes to appliance maintenance. Here are some crucial tips for extending appliances’ lifespans.

Proactive Care for Extending Appliances’ Lifespans: Set a Maintenance Schedule

Appliances need periodic cleaning and care to maintain their peak performance. Neglecting maintenance tasks reduces efficiency, increases energy consumption, and may cause costly breakdowns. By adopting a proactive approach to maintenance, you’ll enhance the lifespans of your appliances and prevent malfunctions.

It’s challenging to remember when to do what with several different appliances in a house. Add appliance maintenance tasks to your calendar so you’ll always stay on schedule.

Extending Appliances’ Lifespans: A Guide to Longevity

A Fresh and Functioning Washer/Dryer

Laundry machines develop unpleasant smells and pose health and safety hazards when neglected. Over 3,000 house fires happen yearly in the United States due to lint buildup in the dryer vent. Regularly clean the lint filter for safe and efficient drying. While cleaning out the filter after each use helps prevent lint from accumulating, clean out the dryer vent annually to ensure safety.

Mold is another household risk associated with laundry machines. Leave the washer door open between cycles to deter mold growth. Clean the drum and door seal of the washer once a month to eliminate mold and bacteria.

Water Heater Maintenance

On average, you can expect a water heater to last between 8-12 years. Extending these appliances’ lifespans to 2 decades is possible with regular maintenance.

Regularly draining tank water heaters twice a year prevents sediment buildup, which hinders performance. Tankless water heaters require descaling and flushing at least annually.

When performing maintenance on your own, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, many homeowners hire a plumber to service their tank or tankless water heaters.

Extending Appliances’ Lifespans in the Kitchen

Keeping the Refrigerator Reliable

A refrigerator is essential for keeping perishable food fresh, and a breakdown can spoil an entire grocery haul. Regular cleaning of the interior and condenser coils helps it run efficiently. Dust buildup on the condenser coils impacts cooling performance, so vacuum them at least annually. Adjust the temperature settings based on usage to avoid overworking the compressor, extending its life. A well-maintained refrigerator lasts longer and requires less energy to operate.

Sparkling Clean Dishes

The dishwasher simplifies our lives, but it requires thoughtful use and routine care to keep the dishes coming out spotless. Scrape off dishes before loading them neatly into the machine to prevent clogging the filter. Regularly clean the filter and check spray arms for blockages.

Deep cleaning the dishwasher is easy. Once a month, empty the dishwasher and place a bowl of white distilled vinegar on the top rack. Run a hot water wash cycle with the drying feature turned off. Then, sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the floor of the dishwasher and rerun the hot water cycle.

Proper maintenance extends the dishwasher’s life and helps clean dishes more efficiently and effectively.

Garbage Disposal: Efficient and Odor-Free

A well-functioning garbage disposal prevents clogs and unpleasant odors. Running cold water while grinding food helps prevent grease buildup. Grind citrus peels and ice cubes to sharpen the blades and keep the disposal smelling fresh. Check for moisture and water stains under the sink to ensure no leaks.

Clean the Stove and Oven After Every Use

The stove and oven are used often, so they require attention almost daily. Regularly clean burners, oven interiors, and range hoods to prevent grease buildup and ensure even cooking. Adjust gas burner flames for efficient heating and check electric heating elements for signs of damage. Proper maintenance not only improves cooking results but extends your stove’s life.

Microwave: Quick and Efficient Heating

The microwave speeds up meal preparation, but keeping it clean is essential. Wipe down the interior regularly to prevent food residue buildup. Check the door seals for any damage to ensure efficient heating and safety. With this essential maintenance, you can expect your microwave to work well for up to a decade.

Appliances are the backbone of modern living, simplifying our lives in countless ways. You invest in their long-term functionality and efficiency by spending some time on regular maintenance. Regular upkeep prevents inconvenient breakdowns, making it worth your time. Extending appliances’ lifespans saves money and reduces your environmental impact.

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