The Benefits of Accepting Online Payments for Home Inspectors

August 19, 2022 | 
Inspector accepting credit card online

Home Inspectors, along with other small business owners, have a direct impact on their business’ success with every decision they make. Whether the business owner looks at their customers’ happiness or their business’ bank statements to determine their level of success, there are a few things that every small business needs to succeed.

Many would argue that the most important thing a small business needs is a professional-looking website or even an active social media presence to connect with its customers, and while those are very important, not all small businesses adopt this practice that is just as important — online payments.

Online Payments Benefit Both the Customer and the Inspector

Accepting online payments is a fundamental strategy all small businesses today should be adopting, and Home Inspectors are no exception. While some Home Inspectors are unsure about implementing this method of getting paid, looking at the benefits for both the customer and the business owner may shed light on why accepting online payments is necessary for a Home Inspector.

Customer Benefits — Convenience & Trust


Consumers today rarely carry cash or checks anymore, and they expect to have the option to pay for their goods and services electronically. If a customer is told they cannot pay with their credit or debit card, it becomes a hassle for them. But when customers can pay online, everything is done instantly and conveniently — no more waiting for a check to clear or needing to drive to the ATM.


Additionally, if a customer hasn’t worked with a particular business before, they are more likely to trust it when they accept online payments because it shows that the business is credible and up to date. When a customer, as well as the business owner, can find and access a clear record of the transaction, there is an extra layer of comfort, which makes online payments a favorite among most in today’s world.

Inspector Benefits — Saves Time & Provides Security

Save Time, Make Money

Small business owners, especially Home Inspectors, typically have little time and even fewer resources to accelerate the growth of their business. Making money 24/7, even while you’re not working or on vacation, is what accepting online payments allows Home Inspectors to do with their business. This payment method saves the business owners time because they don’t have to invoice customers, sometimes multiple times, with the worry that they may not pay them for their time.

Create Security

Another option that is created for the Home Inspector is the ability to decide if they are going to wait to send their home inspection report until after payment is received, which reduces the need to worry about being paid for their time.

What To Look For When Choosing A Payment Processor

Accepting online payments has always been a requirement for e-commerce businesses, but that has now spread to all businesses and industries. Knowing what to look for when choosing which processor to sign up with will help guarantee that all the business’ online transactions will be simplified, convenient, and secure. HomeGauge provides this service with extremely low rates and fees and full transparency, while other processors often quote rates that do not include all of the fees you must pay, such as card brand assessment fees, network fees, and minimum monthly fees. Home Inspectors who want to keep everything “under one roof” and choose HomeGauge to process their online payments will be provided with the following benefits:

  • Credit card security
  • Ease of use
  • No monthly gateway costs
  • Very competitive rates
  • Charges for only what is used
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate the feature into their Inspector Dashboard

Some Inspectors who sign up with this HomeGauge feature are ready to start accepting payments in under 20 minutes and even save over $100/month. To learn more about HomeGauge Payments, click here.

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