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Create Request List™ (CRL)

Our game-changing tool allows real estate agents and buyers to create a Repair/Request list directly from a HomeGauge inspection report and attach it to their repair addendum form!

This feature saves time, eliminates extra steps, and is included as part of our HomeGauge ONE subscription for HomeGauge inspectors.

Convenience is key

Why Use Our CRL™ Tool?

This valuable tool is FREE and HomeGauge inspectors can provide homebuyers and real estate professionals with access through their inspection report and dashboard.

With our CRL™ tool, you will:


Save time, accessing the tool right from the Buyer/Agent dashboard.


Avoid the agent-to-agent egos with creating a repair list.

Have a standardized process for creating CRLs or repair lists.
Be able to collaborate on the same repair list between Agent/Buyer.
Reduce liability for everyone by establishing an ID and history in the creation of the document.

You’ll no longer need to:


Type up and fax repair requests.

Include pages of the inspection report as part of the repair request.

Scan or photocopy hard to read documents.

Consolidate and send multiple documents within multiple platforms.
Struggle to time stamp and verify documentation along the way.

With the HomeGauge CRL™ tool, you can use the HomeGauge inspection report to easily create a Repair Request List for the Addendum, or create a Project List, which can simply be added as an attachment to any Real Estate Agent’s preferred standard form.

New Home Buyers

Learning About CRL™

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the buyer and agent work on the Request List simultaneously?

Yes. CRL™ will record who adds which items and also if someone removes or makes an edit to an item.

In my state, the agent has to use a specific form for their Addendum. What do I do?
There are different forms for all states, and we are not replacing them. On every form, there is usually limited space for a list, so most agents type “See Attached list”. Our feature creates the insert for them to include with their Addendum.
Is the inspector involved in the request list?
No. You can share it with your inspector if you want to, but otherwise they do not see it.
Can I save the results or share it with the seller or seller's agent?
Yes, at the end of the process you can send the list by email to anyone you like.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying


“Just had my first face to face contact with a Realtor who has used the Create Repair/Request List: She told me that she loved it! She was able to use it as an attachment to the California C.A.R. form. She said it made that part of the transaction very easy. She’s happy that she can only look through the summary if need be and not the entire report!”



“Me and my buyer loved this feature!! Thank you so much. We hate creating addendums and this feature is so nice. (Inspector): By the way… she told me the seller’s agent was so impressed he is going to use me because of this feature!!! Thanks HG for marketing for me!”



“The secret weapon got me a new agent this week! One of my client’s agents used this feature to negotiate with the seller/seller’s agent. A couple days later, the seller’s agent called and said she had recommended me to her sellers to inspect the new house they are buying. She loved the request list feature, and told them that mine was the most professional software she had ever seen! Thanks HomeGauge Team!”


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