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Whether you’re new to the industry, or an experienced inspector looking to make a switch, HomeGauge has everything you need, all under one roof.

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Industry-Leading Report Writers

Web Writer

All the essentials needed to get started fast. Suited for single residential inspectors.

  • Efficient, simple to use interface
  • Plug and play functionality
  • Cloud based platform
  • Access anywhere, on any device

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Are you new to HomeGauge and want to try our web-based report writer and all our business management tools?

Web Writer Special: $1 for 1 Year

Desktop Writer

Advanced configuration and customization. Suited for residential inspectors, multi-inspector firms, and commercial inspectors who need advanced features and flexibility.

  • Detailed configuration and setup
  • Workflow flexibility
  • Additional forms and tools for commercial and multi-inspector firms
  • Companion app to assist with on-site reports

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Are you new to HomeGauge and want to try our legacy desktop report writer and all our business management tools?

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HomeGauge isn’t just a report writer… it’s a whole business suite!

Connected Business Tools
Both report writers come with our connected business dashboard, an all-in-one hub for payments, agreements, forms, scheduling, automated messaging, repair list feature (CRL), and more. Your Buyers even get their own dashboard too!
Unmatched Support

However you need it, we’re there to support you. Call in to a real live team member, chat live in the Support Center, read articles, watch videos, join webinars, or collaborate in our community forums.

Support Options

Web Solutions

All businesses need a quality website. Our Web Solutions team has many options, whether you need to get started fast, or scale to meet your needs.

HomeGauge Websites

Your Choice of Report Writer

HomeGauge as the right options to make your business successful, no matter how experienced you might be! If you’re new to the industry, try our web writer. If you’re a seasoned inspector needing lots of customization, try our desktop writer. Either way, we have you covered.

Great Deals

InterNACHI and HomeGauge have partnered to provide some of the best deals in the industry to help inspectors succeed and grow, without the need to juggle multiple service providers. Take advantage of these deals before time runs out!

Web Writer Special

$1 for 1 year


New to HomeGauge and need to get started quickly?

Get our Web Writer Special.

Access to Web Writer + Dashboard + Business Management Tools

HomeGauge 30-Day Trial

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Are you a residential inspector, multi-inspector firm, or commercial inspector?

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Access to Desktop Writer + Web Writer + Dashboard + Business Management Tools

Existing HomeGauge Inspectors

CCPIA + CMI Discounts


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