A Message from HomeGauge’s President, Paul McIntyre

It has been a busy month at HomeGauge, with many announcements and news to share. In hindsight, our approach to these communications could have been better — both in the number of things we announced and how we delivered the news.

We apologize for the frustration this has caused and are here to clear up any confusion. We could have done this better. That’s on us.

We have been releasing FAQs on several of our most significant initiatives, which we will provide links to below. We’ve compiled this list to answer your questions over several days.

Some of the most significant concerns are about data privacy. We have heard claims that HomeGauge will be “hijacking” your clients’ data. This is false. We will NEVER contact your clients or sell their information to a third party unless they express their interest by giving their explicit consent to do so.

Several of our initiatives instead strengthen our security standards. For instance, we better protect a homebuyer’s credit card information with our new enhanced, integrated payment option. We have been able to do this while also providing more competitive rates than before.

In this same spirit, HomeGauge has chosen to comply with very strict privacy policy laws and we will not share any contact information with a 3rd party without the homebuyer’s consent. This is clearly stated in HomeGauge’s privacy policy, which is legally binding.

Our goal is to remain ahead of the curve by protecting this data, giving your customers the ability to confirm it, and giving them the right to access or delete their personal information. Doing so demonstrates our commitment to privacy and security, and these guidelines are already a requirement in some states.

We are also consulting with Nick Gromicko to make sure everything we are doing is transparent and aligns with InterNACHI’s code of ethics.

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