The New Web Writer App for Android

After lots of beta testing, Inspector feedback, and other essential refinements, we have officially released our Web Writer Android application. It is now available for download in the Google Play store!

Web Writer Android Inspection Overview
Web Writer Android Syncing Data
Web Writer Android Photo Gallery

Web Writer Is Now On More Devices

We know it’s important to run your business how you want, and we’ve been working hard to ensure you can use all devices to manage your business, no matter the operating system.

How does this affect inspectors?

HomeGauge Inspectors can now use Web Writer on your Android device, with its full range of functionality found on other operating systems. The mobile app works offline, perfect for those remote places with limited networks.

How does this affect homebuyers?

There is no impact on Homebuyers; they will see your reports and other items the same as if using any other operating system with Web Writer.

How does this affect real estate agents?
There is no direct impact on realtors.