Announcement: Temporary impacts from platform updates

Platform Updates

HomeGauge Inspectors — We’re about to make some updates on the back end of our platform that may temporarily impact the functionality of the inspector dashboard:

What are we doing?
We are migrating some of our back-end functions to a new platform to allow continued support and superior functionality and reliability for users.

Why are we doing it?
Some elements of the systems that run the back end of the HomeGauge Dashboard need to be upgraded to function properly.

How does it impact Home Inspectors?
The inspector dashboard may be temporarily compromised during the migration. We are actively monitoring and resolving any issues as they arise.

How does it impact Homebuyers/Customers?
There is no impact on Homebuyers. This change does not impact the Homebuyer experience, including report viewing and making appointments.

How long will it take?
This project will span over the next two weeks.

Who can you contact with an issue?
You can give our stellar Customer Support Team a call at (828) 254-2030.

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