Announcing the HomeGauge Community Forum!

Community Forum

Looking for additional ways to connect with HomeGauge and with other HomeGauge users? Check out our new HomeGauge Community Forum! The Community Forum provides our team a more direct line of communication with our Inspectors outside of software support, allowing us to update you on our software timelines, upcoming features, and where HomeGauge products are headed. Aside from making it possible for us to communicate with HomeGauge users, our Community Forum will also allow for our users to provide each other with community support or tips and tricks for our software and the inspection industry at large.

At launch we have a number of useful topics already, including Tips and Tricks, Product Feedback, Release Notes, Popular Resources, and Community Support. As conversations grow within the Forum, we plan to add new topics to continue to add value to our users. Creating your own post within topics and responding to other posts is incredibly intuitive, making it simple to engage with either the HomeGauge Community Team, or other Home Inspectors. You are also able to “follow” topics or posts, allowing you to be notified of new posts or replies. Additionally, you can vote on topics you find helpful, or feature requests you would like to see in our products. Learn how to use the HG Community Forum and get started by reading the Code of Conduct.

We hope you enjoy the new HomeGauge Community Forum, and we encourage you to check it out!

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