BuildFax Now Available for Canadian Inspectors


Canadian HomeGauge Inspectors can now take advantage of BuildFax reports!

BuildFax utilizes over 84 billion figures and measurements on residential and commercial buildings, allowing your customers to understand the home they are considering investing in. Providing your clients with a complete construction history of a property will set your brand apart from the rest of the competition because of the value and peace of mind a Verisk report brings.

BuildFax reports include documentation of the construction activity recorded by local permitting authorities and can consist of information on contractors, potential risk factors, and more!

BuildFax reports were previously available for all U.S. Inspectors and are now available in Canada. Canadian Inspectors who want to purchase a BuildFax report for a property can visit the Inspector Dashboard. Each report is only $5 USD, and you will only be billed once each month for that month’s report purchases.

To learn more, read our Support Center article.

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