HomeGauge Advisory Council 2023 Q1 Recap

Advisory Council 2023

HomeGauge was built for inspectors, with a home inspector’s passion and vision over 20 years ago — and we remain dedicated to our inspectors, who continually help us improve our products, programs, and services. For that reason, the HomeGauge Advisory Council was created in 2022.

The HomeGauge Advisory Council helps us hold honest and open conversations about topics that matter to inspectors and our company vision. The group is made up of 16 inspectors from the HomeGauge community who come from different backgrounds and levels of expertise, which helps us create an accurate representation of the inspection industry for our discussions.

Led by the HomeGauge Community Team, the Advisory Council met on March 14, 2023, to talk about inspector industry trends, how HomeGauge can further support inspectors, and what future benefits might become a reality.

At this meeting, HomeGauge gathered our Product, Marketing, and Leadership Teams to talk about how we can continue to make a difference in the lives of inspectors. Our conversation was packed with valuable insight and covered many topics. Some of these topics included offering potential products that will benefit inspectors at any stage of their journey, such as marketing bundles, as well as how we can create security for both inspectors and customers. We even explored what new approaches there may be to help educate homeowners on different topics, giving home inspectors even more added value beyond their inspection reports!

Gathering a diverse group of inspectors for these meetings always brings wisdom and knowledge that is highly appreciated by our HomeGauge team. After every Advisory Council meeting, we leave feeling enlightened and eager to come up with innovative solutions that will further empower inspectors. We can’t thank our Council members enough for their time and invaluable input, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with them all year round!

The HomeGauge Advisory Council has a dedicated space for ongoing discussion that will keep us in touch throughout the year.

We’re listening! And we’re looking forward to more chances to listen, improve, and grow with you all.

Your Team @ HomeGauge

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