Good News! A New Scheduler & Postponed Pricing Changes

We’re excited to share some good news with you! First, we want you to know that our Inspectors are our main priority, and we’ve talked with many of you about the hardships you’re going through because of COVID-19. These conversations have hit home and helped us understand the stress everyone is already enduring, so in that light, we’re going to postpone our price increases and package changes for our products now. We will send more information on this in the future, but for now, we hope this can provide some relief to our inspectors.

Additionally, and possibly even more exciting, is the launch of our highly awaited, FREE scheduling feature, ScheduleNow. This functionality is live, making HomeGauge the leading choice for our services at affordable rates. Starting this week, our Product team will be rolling this functionality out in waves to existing customers. For new HomeGauge Inspectors, ScheduleNow functionality will be included in HomeGauge Services in late April.

Let’s dive into the important details about this new functionality, partly created with your feedback!

Now is a great time to switch if you don’t have all your tools under one roof. A few benefits of utilizing the ScheduleNow function:

    • It allows your real estate agents and buyers to book appointments with single inspectors online 24 hours a day.
    • From appointment details, agreements, and the inspection report itself, all your inspection details are in one place, and you’re no longer synchronizing appointments between tools.
    • It saves you money since ScheduleNow is already included with your HomeGauge Services.
    • It’s simple to use; all you need to do is plug in your work hours and start taking appointments, which minimizes calls and administration needs.
    • You can even boost traffic to your website with increased functionality.
    • It’s also mobile-friendly and now integrates with Google Calendar.

If you’re currently using our existing appointment functionality, don’t worry; this will remain the same. If you or your customers currently utilize the request function, it is still fully accessible in addition to the new ScheduleNow functionality.

For right now, ScheduleNow is focused on single inspectors. Still, we’re already far into developing multi-inspector functionality and will launch an open Beta for multi-inspectors simultaneously.

As a reminder, we’ll be rolling out ScheduleNow in waves to our customers starting this week, so look out for an email providing instructions when your wave is ready. For support questions related to this new functionality, please see our Support Center Article for ScheduleNow.

We hope these announcements help keep a positive outlook during these challenging times.

Stay safe and healthy.

-The HomeGauge Product Team

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