Just Released: Latest Updates to ScheduleNow

ScheduleNow is a modern, flexible scheduling solution for our Inspectors that can seamlessly embed into their website. ScheduleNow is also FREE to those Inspectors with HomeGauge Services or a HomeGauge Subscription.

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We’ve recently launched our latest update to ScheduleNow, which enables Inspectors to decide if a public appointment request will block a spot in their online calendar. This update essentially adds our previous ‘Request Appointment’ functionality to this new, modern scheduler. So now Inspectors can enable or disable customers’ ability to request an appointment without blocking the spot on their calendar.

  • Enabling this feature provides an accurate view of an Inspector’s confirmed availability in a more modern user interface than our previous scheduler functionality. It also helps to avoid double booking or missed appointment requests.
  • Disabling this feature allows Inspectors to choose their appointments. It means their customers and real estate professionals can request a specific date and time without blocking other appointments from coming in before you confirm them. 

If you’re not already using ScheduleNow, start now. It takes just a few simple steps to enable, configure, and get started!

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