Web Writer Webinar Recording & FAQ Now Available

Web-Report Writer Webinar (Feb 8, 2021) Q&A:


Thank you to all of you who joined the webinar. We have received over 100 questions live and summarized the most common topics here. You can follow this link for the progress of WRW.

Is Desktop Writer / Companion going away?

We have no immediate plans to sunset our desktop or companion software products.   You can choose to use the Desktop Writer as you currently do.  You will have access to the WRW (web report writer) in your same existing subscription.

Will I have to move to WRW from the desktop?

Web Writer use is not mandatory.  You can choose to use the Desktop Writer as you currently do.  That said, we aim to make the Web Writer the fastest and most efficient report writer available, so much so that you will want to move over.  Your voice and expertise are vital in making that happen, and we encourage you to provide feedback, take part in beta programs, etc..

How will access to WRW be charged?

The Web Report Writer will be available to all HomeGauge software subscribers at no additional cost once the rollout is complete by the end of March 2021. 

What is the current status of WRW?

We consider the current version to be an advanced beta. The platform’s core exists, as do many of the requested features. We have an aggressive development schedule for 2021, and so many of the other requested features will be incorporated, too.

Will I be able to import my comments?

Yes, we are currently working on import tools to bring your comments across from our Desktop software and a host of other providers.

Will I be able to migrate my templates?

Web Writer will provide the ability to customize the layout and appearance of your templates. Once customization features are available, we will support anyone wanting to replicate their existing templates more closely.

Will past reports from the desktop be migrated?

As a subscriber, all your reports are stored within the inspector dashboard regardless of whether you created them via the Desktop or Web Writer.

Will this work offline?

This version of WRW currently requires an active connection, but we know how important this feature is. Our Engineering Team is working on a Mobile App Beta for you, which will be announced once it’s ready. 

What’s the next feature coming?

In the next few weeks, we’ll add a library function allowing you to manage and add custom comments and disclaimers. This is the first step required for allowing comment import and migration.

Will this support Florida and Texas template requirements?

Yes, we are already underway developing a report layout specifically for Texas. Expect our first version in late spring, followed by Florida templates and more customization.

Can I customize the workflow?

Yes — We are adding the ability for you to decide what systems are visible and in what order based on the type of inspection. We will host various focus groups this quarter to get feedback on the latest proposals. If you would like to volunteer for any of our beta programs or focus groups, please email your area of interest to productfeedback@homegauge.com.


Web Report Writer Roadmap

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